More charter school nonsense from the NC GOP

I just caught this Tweet a few minutes ago:

SenatorBerger 11:34am via web
Parents have long been denied choices they need to make a better future for their kids #ncga is changing that #edreform

Let's see if this rebuttal sounds familiar: They haven't been denied choices! There are numerous private schools out there, and nobody is "denying" parents the right to place their children there. Choosing another school is a "lifestyle choice", and other people (like NC taxpayers) shouldn't have to pay for your chosen lifestyle!


Another step in destroying public schools

As the "leader" of the Senate, Sen. Berger has shown his true colors over the last year. His intended final outcome is to turn all schools in North Carolina into charter schools. He wants to remove oversight from the State Board of Education and turn it over to a Charter School Oversight Board run by his friends. That way he and his cronies can have the right wing teach that man existed alongside dinosaurs and that there is no such thing as climate change among other nonsense.

The intent of the Republicans is to return the state of North Carolina to the early 20th century. Remember it is always so much easier to control people when they are ignorant. This assault has to stop. I ask all readers of Blue NC to find out who is running against the tea party folks on Raleigh and help them out. We have to take back our state before we become the Mississippi of the 21st century.

Jack Flynn
Democratic Candidate for NC Senate District 39

One man with courage is a majority - Andrew Jackson