More posturing from DAG McCrory on teacher issues

The happy talk express is pulling into town:

Gov. Pat McCrory says his staff will consider making changes to a new law that offers raises to top teachers who give up tenure rights.

“I think it’s an example of passing a policy without clearly understanding the execution,” McCrory said.

McCrory says his staff will review the impact of the law between now and the short session in May. “I share some of the concerns expressed based on the implementation of the rule. The intent of the rule is very good -- the implementation process needs to be more clarified,” he said.

No, the intent of the rule is the root of the problem, not the implementation. The intent is to tear down the ranks of experienced teachers so they can be replaced by less-expensive and less-experienced rookies. And with those new teachers continuously worried about their short-term contracts, they're less likely to complain about having no new books or other needed materials. It's a policy of destruction, plain and simple, and it needs to be reversed.


What a tool

Imaging destroying an entire teaching infrastructure, and then getting credit for happy talk about how he's going to fix it.

You're right. This isn't about an execution problem, it's about the whole destructive strategy, which has no hope of being executed in any palatable way.

Having it both ways

McCrory's act is getting tiresome. On issue after issue, he tries to paint himself as the moderate "good guy", talking out of the side of his mouth in ways to appeal to the Republican Tea Bagger base while not trying to offend more sane voters.

He's just dredging up scum George W. Bush's whole "compassionate conservatism" bucket of lies. No matter how you try to frame it, the policies are extremist and wrong for North Carolina.

Also not sure what his "staff"

would be able to accomplish. Even if his education advisors aren't as useless as some of his other flunkies, all the Governor can do is recommend things for the NCGA to do before he scribbles his name on the legislation making it law. And with the Republicans' veto-proof majorities, that scribble isn't even necessary.


And don't forget, he DID scribble his name on these lunatic policies, without given a second thought to the consequences. I guess the devil (Art Pope) made him do it.

It really doesn't matter

what DAG McCrony thinks. He is just the NCGA's hired pen, and although he wants us to think that he's going to tweak this law (and the lazy and/or clueless media goes along with that story), he can't do squat. Tillisberger and Pope Art I decide what happens and what doesn't, not the VIP in the governor's mansion ("VIP" in this case = Very Impotent Person).

It is shocking, though, that DAG McCrony admitted that he might have been wrong, even in the smallest way. It's rare indeed for a sliver of reality to slip into his Alternate Realityville, where everything is just dandy. We wonder what caused him to admit this tiny little crack in the wall? Did Pope Art I see the teacher revolt and exodus as a big obstacle to his plans?

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Is that the look...

of a Stinky Sanchez on his face, whenever he makes a public comment, or, is he just as repulsed as the rest of us?


"Let's not be too rough on our own ignorance; it's what makes America great!" - Frank Zappa (6/29/1988)