The most important race in NC in 2012

Browsing through the right wing Rhinoceros tonight I came across an article that I agree with (unusual) but for the contrary reason.

if Newby is not reelected and Republicans lose their majority on the state Supreme Court, much of what the legislature will do could be overturned after lawsuits work their way up the judicial ladder.

We must take the judicial races very seriously this year. It's the only recourse if the worst happens and Republicans win all else.

We must back Sam J. Ervin, IV , Candidate for N.C. Court of Appeals and the entire slate of Judges who actually know justice when they see it. The non-partisan status of those running is no impediment to the PAC invasion. Tom Fetzer, former NC GOP chair, is doing the fund raising if that tells you anything.


If anyone can provide the entire list of candidates

I'd appreciate it if you would post it here. The google is not being helpful tonight.

Progressives are the true conservatives.

Candidate Filing List

Statewide Judicial endorsement list -- spread far and wide

Here are the statewide judicial candidates to vote for in Nov 2012.

NC Supreme Court:
Sam Ervin

NC Court of Appeals:
Wanda Bryant
Linda McGee
Cressie Thigpen

Remind folks that they must vote for judges separately. That is, make separate marks/actions for each judicial race.

Voting a straight party ticket for any party leaves the judicial races unvoted.
Voting for one judge doesn't mean you've voted for all judges.
They are all independent races.

I'd add to take the judicial races seriously EVERY year.


Endorsed by whom?

While I agree with the sentiment of these selections, I would be interested in who this endorsement is by.

Endorsed by persondem

And me.

And you?

Others care to join us?

Not sure if persondem agrees, but it was me initially

I proudly make these endorsements ;)


I don't endorse candidates.

That said, I endorse all these candidates.

Amen!! I gladly endorse these candidates.

But how were you so certain? Am I that obvious? :)

It's Marty McGee!!! Maybe

It's Marty McGee!!! Maybe you should do a little research before you craft your article.