Moved to act

They are arresting students instead of educating them. Something is wrong with this picture. One of the arrested students said that her arrest is worthwhile if it moves even one person to act. Will you be that person?

You can read more about the arrests on Monday here, and the arrests on Wednesday here.


Video of the protests in the streets of Raleigh


What's the best way to keep abreast of planned actions in Raleigh? I've heard from people who want to participate but they don't know what's happening and when.

That's a good question

There are a lot of groups involved in these actions so it's hard to know where to watch. I know the NAACP and Democracy NC have done some e-mail blasts about these kind of events. And Student Power Union posts a lot of their stuff on facebook. So my suggestions are:

1) Join the NAACP listserv

2) Join the Democracy NC listserv (bottom right to sign up for e-mail alerts)

3) Join the NC Student Power Union facebook page

And of course just keeping an eye on Blue NC. I'll try to post here about what's going as much as I can. When direct action tactics are involved often time full details may not get released that much in advance.

But the next time to keep in mind would tentatively be Tuesday May 7 at 3pm outside the General Assembly.