Mr. President

Generals are for firing. And wars are for ending. By continuing to keep the US engaged in Afghanistan, you are following in the footsteps of the Worst President Ever. Your plan is unraveling because it was never very tightly woven in the first place. It's time to go.


How much are we spending on this Gawd-awful war?

I bet it's enough to hire teachers back.....

In my mind this war is a re-enactment of Vietnam

in the sense that (certainly some, perhaps not all) Military officers go there to simply get their ticket punched on their desired path of ascendency to higher rank. What we hear from these folks is likely bullshit and so far from the truth that it's ridiculous. But that's the way they cover their ass and keep the flow of bodies and material coming so they can get their medals (for doing nothing) and claim to have served in Iraq or Afghanistan...probably with lots of stories about their combat experiences.

In Vietnam the 0-6's and above (non combat arms or staff) stayed in the Rex hotel...which was nothing more than a country club. I, as a junior officer, went there for supper having been named pay officer for the month and having driven into Saigon from north of Bien Hoa to spend the night and pick up the pay the next day and head back. The top floor was an open deck with a band and bbq grills with steaks and lobsters and lots of lovely Vietnamese girls hanging around the bar...

From the roof tops I could see the flares & tracer fire and artillery flashes in the distance from where I had come. These starched-combat-fatigued-gleaming boots assholes had no interest. Me, I was worried about whose fat was in the fire and wanted to get back. I'm pretty damn sure it's the same way in the "Green Zone."

The visiting politicians were the worst. In the field we could not get boots or fatigues...but they would show up on a helicopter and jump out looking like joe combat in their NEW stuff. Of course the Army brass filled hem with bs about how we were winning.

We need to get out now. Stop the flow of blood and money.

Stan Bozarth

Finally Some Common Ground

Now we just need to start booting out those who think that Afghanistan is the "good war". Why can't we have a serious contender ACTUALLY be anti-war? What is it with these people that makes them hang on to all of these wars even after having the power to change it? Why won't people realize that being over there just exacerbates the problem?

Whatever you think of Ron Paul, please watch this short video. It has to be one of the best speeches I've ever seen on the House floor:

And specifically on Afghanistan, Alan Grayson had a great speech as well: