My 2nd campaign donation

Just donated to Linda Coleman for Lt Governor. Hers is the only campaign I've donated to during the General Election cycle other than President Obama's re-election campaign if that says anything.

While I'm supporting many good candidates, this is a place where a donation can make an important difference. All 4 polls have been tied so any support could be the tipping point. And in a statewide race a donation is much more meaningful than in a national race. So I figured if I donated to the President, I should donate here too.

She's our strongest chance of having a progressive leader's voice in our state government. I gave 10 bucks. If you want to donate too, check out her website, the contribute button is near the top right. Do it this weekend before the final statewide campaign reporting deadline.


Glad to see Coleman stuff represented at the state fair!

Other state fair photos

Complete with Donkeys & other campaign stickers!

A distinct choice indeed!

"Lt. Gov. candidates offer voters distinct choices"

Forest, who lives in Raleigh, is making his first run for office and is a tea party favorite who had former presidential candidate and Fox television show host Mike Huckabee appear for him at a fundraiser.

Forest, 45, sits on the board of Faith Driven Consumer, which has a website discouraging purchases from companies that support “the homosexual lifestyle” or give to charities that in turn give money to Planned Parenthood for cancer screening.

It goes on to talk about how Linda Coleman vocally opposed amendment one and supports restoring funding to public education. The N&O article out today is worth a read in full. This is one of the clearest choices in this election season.