Myers Park Pat now endorses fishing expeditions

McCrory preaches what he doesn't practice:

"We're going to have ethical government and transparent government, which we also have not had in the Easley and Perdue administrations. That's the two most important parts, because if you're not willing to make the tough decisions and if you aren't ethical, then the trust of the people will not be there."

And yet, when legitimate questions arose about McCrory's Mayoral dealings with his other employer (Duke Energy) and BofA, here's what he had to say about that public records request:

The Republican gubernatorial nominee said today that the N.C. Democratic Party has filed a public records request for correspondence between the mayor, the city manager and his staff and three Charlotte businesses for the past 12 years.

In a press release sent out shortly before 5 p.m., the McCrory campaign says that City Attorney Mac McCarley estimated the request would cost "more than $100,000" and take "up to a thousand hours" of work to complete.

"I am disgusted by this fishing expedition being conducted by the North Carolina Democratic Party with the blessing of Beverly Perdue," McCrory said in a statement, calling it "dirty tricks."

Just out of curiosity, what ever happened with this? Did McCrory comply, and, if so, is that information available online? My Google skills seem to wanting today.


Going viral on Twitter

I'd love it if all those readers were NC voters, but apparently the "fishing expedition" title triggered a response from sport fishermen Tweeters. And then an Internet-savvy bluefin stumbled across it, and now it's going viral on the Fishternet.


McCrory hiking the Appalachian Trail?

Fly fishing with Mark Sanford?

Nah. He'd have to clear that particular expedition with Jim Rogers at Duke Energy. If Rogers doesn't want it, McCrory doesn't do it.


“Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.”
― Joe Biden

I actually used that line recently,

flirting with a grocery store cashier. She asked me how my day was going, and I said something along the lines of, "I'd rather be hiking the Appalachian Trail", and then she mumbled something about how her feet were hurting bad enough as it is. ;/

I hate when that happens.