The myth of corporate personhood destroyed such an elegant and hilarious way.

Something you can do about it:


Such a resolution

passed in Chapel Hill recently, is being considered soon in Carrboro if it hasn't already, and I'm sure other towns & cities around the state will start doing so soon. I think we've seen through today's debate that big money in politics has big effects. We've got to do something big about it. This is a way we in North Carolina can address a national issue that has huge local and statewide ramifications. The anniversary of Citizens United is coming up this weekend. The best chance to organize against it is now.

On corporate personhood

I like this line I heard last year ....

"I won't believe corporations are people until Texas executes one."

Thank you for posting this. Not sure why anyone ever thought giving noncorporeal business entities human rights was a good idea. Language using apes aren't given any rights, and our DNA is 95% - 98% identical.

Seems that in the human world money means more than intelligence.