Nanny state? No way. Welcome to "Daddy state."

Gene Nichol nails it.

Meanwhile, your tax dollars will be spent defending Republican over-reach.

If the pregnant woman objects, the physician is required to proceed with the government-mandated instruction. Thankfully perhaps, the law doesn't demand that the patient be restrained from closing her eyes or covering her ears. But if she chooses to do so, her doctor, against his own preference and considered medical determination, must continue to show the images and repeat the state's command.

I'm not kidding. This isn't some odd addendum to George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four." It is the law of North Carolina.

Of course, the Woman's Right to Know Act doesn't have much to do with medicine. Our legislators have decreed that state government will impose a one-sided, ideological "conversation" upon women in one of their most intimate, exposed and frightening moments.


The boldness, the arrogance, the paternalism, the condescension, the imperiousness and the censure of N.C. 90-21.85 are breathtaking. The only thing that might be said to surpass them is the amazement one registers in recalling that the same crew that believes a health care mandate lays low our liberties has inflicted this forced march.


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