NC-05: Foxx Gets a "D" From Vets

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Meet Roger Sharpe

According to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Virginia Foxx (R) received a D for her lack of support for active military and veterans. Her voting record shows great lapses in judgement with her votes against...

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Tierney of Massachusetts Amendment No. 2 - supplied additional funds for operation and maintenance of military hardware.

Obey of Wisconsin Amendment - increase outlays for veterans, education and healthcare.

Melancon of Louisiana Amendment; Military Quality of Life and VA Appropriations - sought to increase funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Capuano of Massachusetts Amendment - for peacekeeping and civilian protection in Darfur, Sudan.

Taylor of Mississippi Amendment - increases funding for the Military Construction, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

In these final days of the campaign, when you are out canvassing and you are cold and your feet are tired, remember all the things you are fighting for.



When she said that "everything was fine" in Iraq and that she saw no problems, she must not have talked to or seen any American soldiers? Curious.

Thank you Stormbear!


If you take her at her word...

... it would mean she really only met with the insurgents. Lord knows everything is going well with them.

NC-05 Is Now In PLAY! - Vote Sharpe For Congress

Josh Marshall

at Talking Points Memo is reporting that Foxx refused to debate Sharpe if Reporters were allowed, she's looking very desperate.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic, the ass you save may be your own.