NC-05: Good Week For Sharpe

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Been a good week for Sharpe and a bad week for Foxx.

Sharpe got the endorsement of the Winston-Salem Journal. Foxx got called out by Josh Marshall for being a cheapskate. Voters come out of the woodwork for Sharpe.

And don't forget the Sharpe rally tomorrow in Winston-Salem! (hit the flip for details.)

From Anne:

Calling all Sharpe for Congress Supporters!

Thursday, October 19th

Come help us celebrate recent endorsements by the Journal and the NC Association of Educators and to once again show to the world (actually folks headed home from work) who we are supporting to represent us in Congress. Last week we had approximately 40 signs proudly being held, and this week let's make it 60! Folks, we can do it, so come on over to the 5 Points Intersection (Country Club, Miller, First, Stratford, etc.) just as we did last Thursday. Time: 4:30-6:00ish, and remember to park on Runnymeade, Thruway, or Whole Foods, but not in bank parking lots. Signs will be available, but do bring your brooms for a visual of sweeping/cleaning the House. Let's line the sidewalk on First and Stratford with our Sharpe signs! Remember, it's okay if you're late; there will be plenty of signs available for all.

This is a fun way to show support for Roger, and I'll do my best to have him there. He'll be speaking at the Women Dems meeting at Blessings at 6:00, along with our other strong Democrat candidates. I have permits for this event as well as the following two Thursdays, so please make plans to attend all three. Remember, it's fun, a way to see friends, a show of support for our next Congressman, and IT'S FREE publicity for Roger Sharpe! (Did you see yourself last week on WXII on the 11:00 news?)

Sooo, see you at 5 Points as well as on Sat. and Sun. for canvassing, meeting at Sharpe HQ at 1:30, and ending at 4:30. This is crunch time, and there is much yet to be done. Please know that I appreciate what each of you is doing to show your support. You're a wonderful group of volunteers, and I genuinely thank you.


P. S. I'll bring with me the good looking tan leather jacket someone left last week; it's safe and sound, and I promise I've only worn it a couple of times.



Your Character's Nightmare

Is our bliss!

hey, without your leadership we would still be wishing...

I am extremely picky about which campaign I trumpet. My selectivity stemmed from the hard lesson I learned when I discovered Reagan's trickle down was just a polite way of saying "look out below."

We can get this done.

Hang in there Drew, we got your back.

And Sharpe will win.

NC-05 Is Now In PLAY! - Vote Sharpe For Congress

Second that

still haven't met a Republican planning to vote for her.

And check this out...

Went there and Rec'd you


No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Winning this race

might be the upset of the year. I recd your diary. Thanks for all for your efforts on behalf of Roger Sharpe.

What fun it has been...

...watching the # of donors for Roger go up today. I was #101 at BlueAmerica earlier this afternoon and he's now had 193 total donors as of a minute ago. :-)

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