NC-05: Photographic Proof Virginia Foxx (R) is For Sale!

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Republicans For Sale

Taken this past weekend in Wilkes County, North Carolina, this photo sums up the Republican Party. I'll agree the for sale sign in the window is probably for the building itself, but the fact that the GOPers of Wilkes County never gave it a second glance is evidence that they just don't get it.

This past weekend the red-leaning Winston Salem Journal, printed a scathing piece on Virginia Foxx and her deceitful fund raising tactics. At the same time, the paper praised Democrat hopeful Roger Sharpe for his honesty and integrity.

From the Journal:

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx issued a mass e-mail two weeks ago pleading for money for her re-election in the 5th Congressional District. "Some people say I'm in a "safe" district but the Democrats knock off one "safe" person each year - And they have their sights set on the 5th District. Although this promises to be a difficult few weeks of the campaign, with your help I know that we will win," Foxx said in the e-mail.

It goes on to say that she also must run against the liberal bias of certain media organizations: "The Democrats, New York Times and Winston-Salem Journals of the world want to distort my record of conservative and responsive service."

Yes, she claims the Jesse Helms adoring, big tobacco sycophant Winston Salem Journal is liberally biased. This is the same newspaper that BANNED the cartoon strip Kudzu because of a few anti-big tobacco strips. They also killed the strip Doonesbury because of cartoon character Mr. Butts. At least no tobacco barns were burned to the ground in protest.

Liberal my ass!

With Roger Sharpe, the Democratic candidate, running with cash on hand of around $8,000 and Foxx having more than 100 times that much, one must wonder what is she doing with all of that cash?

The Journal tracks it down:

Documents that Foxx's campaign committee filed with the Federal Election Commission paint a different -and rosier - picture than the one that her e-mail suggests.

Although Foxx suggests in her Internet appeal that she needs money for a difficult campaign against her Democratic opponent, Roger Sharpe, she has been sending large amounts of money to Republican congressional candidates nationwide, according to her campaign filings.

Foxx has given nearly $35,000 to 30 Republican congressional candidates in 20 states, according to the Sept. 30 FEC filing. In addition, the Foxx for Congress committee has contributed $81,000 to two key GOP organizations - $76,000 to the Republican National Congressional Committee and $5,000 to the N.C. Republican Executive Committee, according to the FEC documents.

Looks to me like she is buying Congressional support. And who is she sucking up to? Fellow N.C. GOP Reps. Robin Hayes and Charles Taylor got $2,000 apiece from Foxx for Congress.

This must be backscratching 101.

It is crunch time this week and Roger Sharpe needs your help. We are in despirate need of funds to keep up the fight. Roger has moved this contest from the "longest shot election" to "in play." We need your help go finish the job.

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I like the "CLOSED" sign, too.

This is hilarious

I'm with A - I like the closed sign as well. That's a nice touch.

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