NC-05: Roger Sharpe - the 1% Candidate

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FireDogLake called the Sharpe campaign the "longest shot" of all the Congressional races for 2006 and yet, Sharpe has done well. So well, what was considered a lost cause district, is now a district that is now in play. Letters to the Editor of the Winston-Salem Journal, a red-leaning newspaper, runs about 10 to 1 positive for Roger Sharpe. The letters that appear from Foxx supporters all have that boilerplate blandness of a contrived press release - I should know, I run an ad agency.


The outpouring of support for Sharpe has been huge when compared where the campaign was at the primaries.

Even the Winston-Salem Journal endorsed Roger Sharpe this past weekend.

The sad thing about Virginia Foxx's performance as the 5th District congressional representative is that it did not have to be this way. She had no need to be such a hard-right Republican marching in lockstep with the Bush administration and the House Republican leadership. The Journal endorses Roger Sharpe, her Democratic challenger, for the 5th District seat in the belief that he would do more to try to bring about badly needed change in the Republican-dominated Congress.

With my personal canvassing I have only met 2 staunch Foxx supporters, one of which is family (hey, you can't help who you are related to) and even he was astounded when he learned of Foxx's stance against the people of New Orleans... I consider him a work in progress. But at that, Sharpe is doing amazing work when all the money is against him. And I mean a wall of cash is piled up and ready to attack with a fury the likes of which only Vernon Robinson can dream of.

In the most recent quarterly reports, Virginia Foxx has close to $800,000 cash on hand and Roger Sharpe, the man with the morals and respect for other people, has a tad over $8000. That is it - eight grand. Roger Sharpe has 1% of the cash Virginia Foxx has.

The honorable ethics of Roger Sharpe means he is keeping his word and not accepting corporate donations. That leaves it up to folks like you and me.

Today is $10 Tuesday, the day of the week we ask everyone for just $10. If we can get 10% of all of today's DKos users, we would match Virginia Foxx's cash on hand.

Now, it is in your hands.



Please help make this happen!

"A vote for Roger Sharpe, a former state senator and educator and an author, would be a vote for change. Sharpe is a well-educated, thoughtful man who has devoted much of his life to public service. A native of western North Carolina, he knows the 5th District and its needs, and would be more likely to put the best interests of the district ahead of the wishes of his party's leaders. … [H]e has run a competent, thoughtful, clean campaign and is well informed on a broad range of issues. Thoughtfulness, integrity, civility and independence are qualities that are sorely needed in Congress."

Winston-Salem Journal
, October 15, 2006

Makin it happen indeed!

you've got more than my support. we'll make this happen! C'mon Roger! Good work again stormbear!

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.


If you can help Roger get on the air, please visit his website. Hes awesome.

We can win.

Act Blue

For those who are technology challenged and can't figure out how to get through to Roger's web=page for contributions, you can also go here and give till your heart's content.

I just know this will be....

...the best $10 I'll spend all week. :-)

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