NC is an ALEC-tatorship

Wow. This is breathtaking. Yeah, we knew that ALEC pulls lots of strings in The Old Backward State, and that Tillis was "ALEC legislator of the year" and left a session early so he could instead attend an ALEC meeting.

But the sheer number of NC House members with ALEC ties takes one's breath away:

  • Rep. Marilyn Avila
  • Former Speaker James B. Black
  • Rep. Hugh Allen Blackwell
  • Rep. Jamie Boles
  • Rep. William Brawley
  • Rep. Bill Brisson
  • Rep. Rayne Brown
  • Rep. Justin P. Burr
  • Rep. George Cleveland
  • Rep. Jerry C. Dockham
  • Rep. Mike Hager
  • Rep. Kelly Hastings
  • Rep. Bryan R. Holloway
  • Rep. Craig Horn
  • Rep. Julia Howard
  • Rep. Linda P. Johnson
  • Rep. David Lewis
  • Rep. Chuck McGrady
  • Rep. Tim Moffitt
  • Rep. Tim K. Moore
  • Rep. Tom Murry
  • Rep. Ruth Samuelson
  • Rep. Paul B. Stam, Jr.
  • Rep. Sarah Stevens
  • Rep. Mike Stone
  • Speaker Thom Tillis (2011 ALEC State Legislator of the Year)
  • Rep. John Torbett
  • Rep. Harry Warren

Brisson and Black (not sure why Old Jim is on the list after all these years) are the only Democrats.

(notice also that this list could alternately be titled "NC Hall of Shame, House version" or "Extremist kooks of North Carolina").

A more accurate name for this dangerous organization would be the Anti-Liberty Extremists Cabal.


It explains a lot

Don't you think?

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Insider's Report

This is also fascinating ALEC commentary from someone who "wasn't supposed to be there".

ALEC brings together a whole galaxy of resources to persuade state legislators to enact a special interest and corporate agenda that includes privatizing everything that is public (including education) so that corporations can make more money, eliminating federal regulations that could interfere with corporations making as much money as possible and disabling the federal government so that it really can’t do much.

As keynote speaker Stephen Moore, founder of the Club for Growth and writer for the Wall Street Journal, stated, “What we really need is more rich people,” regardless of the cost to everyone else


"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Bought and paid for

I'd really like to see the NC Ethics Commission do a study on whether or not these ALEC meetings in other states violate our lobbying laws. My understanding is that corporate reps mingle with lawmakers continuously at these get-togethers, and there's bound to be something changing hands.

Well, it's not like they get free food & drink & stuff

Unless you count this excerpt from the previously cited article:

To cap off my bizarre first day, ALEC held its welcome reception at the Alder Planetarium, complete with unlimited food, drink and a trip through the universe.

I can't imagine that monied corporate bigwigs would try to ply legislators who can get them what they want with money or gifts. :roll:

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Like Hogs...

....Slopping at the trough.

Some further insights

Last year when the "elites" of the Democratic Party, mostly consultants and old guard types were trying to push David Parker, a highly capable and honest man, out the window (called defenestration) the replacement of choice was Don Vaughan, who was redistricted out of a seat (OMG, got to find Don a job). Now, Vaughan was a member of ALEC for some time. When confronted with this, he told me, in 2012, that ALEC did good work and he was proud of his role. Hmmmmm. Don did not seem to know that ALEC was at best a Koch funded criminal enterprise.

In 2009, I had followed ALEC for some years. I asked the one person in NC who controlled (1) nonprofits and (2) lobbying asking if that person knew about ALEC. At which point, she turned and asked, "Who is he". Anyone attentive to real politics, other than insular NC diddlings, should have known. That sort of qualifies as political malpractice. I have followed ALEC for nearly over 10 years.

So, here are two senior NC politicians who did not understand the legislative assault on NC by ALEC, both before and after the 2010 elections. Is it any wonder things are in the shape they are in and why NCDP had zero bench when Parker took over in 2011 - not to mention some of the folks who showed up late in 2012. I also had talks with various legislators and they did not know about ALEC. And, most of them, in 2012, thought that the Republican Teabilly White Peoples Party assault was only on NC at the state level, not the national strategy it really was.

Here are a couple reasons we need to totally rebuild NCDP, from the bottom up, now.



And even further insight

More inside story from someone who wasn't supposed to be inside, including clueless, frightening blathering from NC Rep. Bill "I can kiss up to ALEC and Tillis simultaneously" Brawley.

From Micah Uetricht at The Nation:

In the exhibition hall, I met Bill Brawley, an amiable, talkative Republican representing North Carolina’s 103rd district in his state legislature. The convention was the third for Brawley, who emphasized that he is a strong supporter of much of the right-wing legislation that has sparked North Carolina’s “Moral Mondays” protests. According to Brawley, he serves on ALEC’s international relations task force. He sees the growing pushback against ALEC as part of a larger trend of the “demonization of the opposition in American political discourse” and “a sign that [ALEC’s] ideas are good.”

Framing ALEC as merely one pole within a “healthy marketplace of ideas,” with the National Conference of State Legislators on the other, Brawley says “the reason you’re hearing all this [opposition to ALEC] is because ALEC is very successful in opposing traditional progressive ideals.” It isn’t that the ALEC’s corporate members enjoy an undue influence in politics; it’s that ALEC happens to be on the side of an agenda “which we were democratically elected to carry out.”

A more reality-based view comes from the same article. Brendan Fisher, general counsel for the Center for Media and Democracy, responds to Brawley's twisted assertions:

“It seems very unlikely that people elected their legislators to go on a corporate-funded trip for three days so they can be lobbied by special interests,” Fischer says.

If ALEC was indicative of a “healthy marketplace of ideas,” he asks, why is the group so secretive? “Why isn’t the public represented in these meetings? Why is it so difficult to access ALEC materials and model legislation?” Far from promoting a healthy level of ideological competition in the US, Fischer says, “ALEC exists almost exclusively to allow corporate interests to access legislators to push legislation that will support their very narrow agenda. There’s no discussion of what’s best for all people or a legislator’s constituents. ‘Both sides’ aren’t in the room at the ALEC conference—it’s

whoever can pay the most to sponsor a workshop or meeting. They get to call the shots.”

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

update list

That list is old, I wish someone would compile an updated version, which would be useful for upcoming elections. Both Tillis and Moffitt are now on ALEC's Board of Directors! All the reps involved in the most vile and Undemocratic actions are Alec players: Ruth Samuelson leading the charge to steal Charlotte's Airport, Moffitt stealing Asheville's water etc.