NC DOT can't find own ass with both hands....

In the event you have an Auto registration renewal due, count on taking the inspection to a local DMV office to get your new required sticker. Why? Because the DOT "upgraded" their system...and guess what? It's isn't...and hasn't been working for awhile.

Weeks past, I didn't notice, nor did my inspector tell me, that at the bottom of my inspection receipt was a note telling me I'd have to take care of this myself because the NC DOT computer didn't recognize my vehicle. Naturally, they did charge the $6.25 for the e-file portion of the $30 fee. So, I've asked for my $6.25 to be refunded. Ha :) When pigs fly.

You've been warned....your government at work.



Look for Tony the Tiger to fix everything, just like he fixed the school bus problems in Wake County.

I sent a comment to the DOT this AM...and they called me at 6:45

this evening. They are aware of the problem and think they have it fixed. Credit where credit is due. They are listening.

Stan Bozarth