NC DOT can't find own ass with both hands....

In the event you have an Auto registration renewal due, count on taking the inspection to a local DMV office to get your new required sticker. Why? Because the DOT "upgraded" their system...and guess what? It's isn't...and hasn't been working for awhile.

Weeks past, I didn't notice, nor did my inspector tell me, that at the bottom of my inspection receipt was a note telling me I'd have to take care of this myself because the NC DOT computer didn't recognize my vehicle. Naturally, they did charge the $6.25 for the e-file portion of the $30 fee. So, I've asked for my $6.25 to be refunded. Ha :) When pigs fly.

You've been warned....your government at work.



Look for Tony the Tiger to fix everything, just like he fixed the school bus problems in Wake County.


We are not amused.

I sent a comment to the DOT this AM...and they called me at 6:45

this evening. They are aware of the problem and think they have it fixed. Credit where credit is due. They are listening.

Stan Bozarth