NC GOP gets it wrong on Voter ID

As usual, Robin Hayes twists the truth to fit his anti-everything agenda:

“The reason why Republicans have fought to promote proper voter-identification laws is to prevent fraud like this from happening.”

Except, of course, that H351 wouldn’t have prevented "fraud like this" at all.

Apparently Laura's message isn't penetrating the depths of the Conservative communication network. This story hit the Tweetwaves last night, but stuff like this is still showing up:

karlahk 12:16pm via Echofon @underwoodchamp Voter fraud arrests PROVE that voters need to provide an ID. Fraud is happening. We can stop it with reqmt to show ID. #ncga

The root of this problem has been mentioned here before:

Voter fraud IS serious at any level - that's why it's a felony. If anything, this instance illustrates the need for better data management in NC elections.

I'll quickly rehash what happened to me back in 2008: When I went to early vote, I presented my driver's license and my voter registration card. The first search using my full name produced three incorrect listings. The second search using my voter registration number produced those same three incorrect listings. The lady was on the verge of having me fill out a provisional ballot when I suggested we try my birth date as a search term. It produced 11 listings (all of us born the same day), including my current/proper data. So I was able to vote.

I'm not an IT dude by any stretch of the imagination, but I know a messed up system when I see it.

So, Republicans use inappropriate evidence to justify a draconian attack on voters, while the real problem gets this treatment:

The budget also eliminates voter registration personnel and technology, which must make sense to folks trying to make it harder for people to register and to vote.


Flipper is a (expletive deleted) liar

which is the New Normal for GOP leaders.

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