NC Institute for Constitutional Law stands behind the GOTP assault

"I don't see a constitutional violation, I think that there's a lot of disappointment from those who opposed the bill last night, but disappointment doesn't equal unconstitutionality,” said Jeanette Doran with the NCICL.

With Art Pope's hand firmly on her fancy leash, Ms. Doran is paid not to see a constitutional violation when it serves the Puppymaster's agenda. How could it be otherwise?

The Puppymaster's Operating Model in a Nutshell

  • Buy the state legislature
  • Set up a think tank
  • Hire a slew of lapdogs to say what you want
  • Break the law
  • Get your lapdogs to say "no problem"
  • Wash and repeat

What a sad state of affairs. It's time for North Carolina citizens to go postal on these assholes.

To my knowledge.


Looks like Bob Orr

made like a banana and split from the NCICL. And good for him. Getting out of the Show before all this happened was a smart move. The Institute's magnificent benefactor has crapped all over the constitution Orr took an oath to uphold. What a legacy to take to your grave.

Unconstitutional or illegal

I was involved in a long discussion over the past two days as to whether the Tillis maneuver was (1) legal, (2) breaking the law, or (3) violating the constitution.

So far, no one has said it could possibly be legal. The action violated the General Assembly's own requirements for legislative action. To my way of thinking, purposefully violating the law this way can't be anything other than "unconstitutional" because elected representatives themselves are sworn to defend the constitution.

What a sham organization

They spent months poring over documents they secured in their obsession with UNC sports issues before proceeding with legal challenges, yet they make this pronouncement less than 24 hours after the incident in question?

They're not Constitutional scholars, they're merely a public relations firm for GOP mismanagers.