NC teacher exodus documented

Pam Tilley is an NC educator, and she's well informed. Recently she wrote an open letter to Jerry Tillman, education committee chair.

As a citizen and mother in North Carolina, I am gravely concerned about the rapid exodus of teachers leaving North Carolina for higher pay in other states. While I recognize that there are highly qualified teachers such as myself (all “accomplished/distinguished” per this year’s evaluation) who consider North Carolina their home and teaching their calling and refuse to wave the white flag, I completely understand why teachers are leaving at higher rates. Last summer, in my frustration with the legislation that was passed removing teacher tenure and once again denying teachers a cost-of-living adjustment or step increase, I started a blog to archive teacher resignation letters:

Yes, that's right. Ms. Tilley started the resignnc blog, a compilation of resignation letters from teachers, and wow, that was brilliant and the letters there are powerful.

[from Aimi]: We borrow from our elementary aged children’s birthday stash to fill our gas tanks.

[from Anonymous]: I was a teacher in Florida for ten years. My teaching career in North Carolina barely lasted a month. ... I resigned because I could not afford to be a teacher in North Carolina and recent laws passed by the Legislature made it clear that I would never be able to afford to be a teacher in this state.

[from Melissa]: I had no choice but to search for a job that will allow me to provide for my family and to pay back the thousands of dollars in college loans that I took to be a teacher

There are quite a few more at resignnc.

Thank you Pam Tilley for bringing to light the plight of our teachers in their, and your own words. We really hope that Jerry Tillman is listening, but we're not counting on it. He and his cohorts thus far have continued to make Art Pope's tax cut a higher priority than increasing teacher pay.


Teachers leaving in droves

will get Tillman's, McCrory's and the Tillisberger's attention won't it?

Doubtful, so long as there is no accountability or consequences for their actions. Most GOP legislators have a virtually guaranteed re-election and there's no reason to believe that they will change their priorities -- pleasing Art Pope will remain a higher priority than pleasing teachers.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis


They're talking about maybe doing something because, you know, elections.

Talking indeed

and there will be some very tiny actions clothed in much bluster and propaganda.

But they've painted themselves into a corner. Art Pope's tax cut leaves no money for teachers (yeah, we know, DAG McCrony blames it on Medicaid, but he blames his bad golf swing on Medicaid, and many people, especially teachers, are smart enough to know he's lying).

They simply can not fund adequate teacher raises with their self-imposed revenue shortfalls.

One upside: popcorn sales are likely to increase, as this should be some great political theater.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis