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Update: Comments closed. As I said on another thread, take this circular firing squad crap somewhere else. I'd welcome a reasoned, fact-based conversation about such matters, but you folks are going off the deep end.

It's no wonder so many people check out of politics.


Just checking to see if

Just checking to see if comments were disabled or if Michael Carmichael is slipping on the job.

NCDP Grievance Against Chair

Montica Talmadge needs to worry about her own reputation and run-ins with the law before trying to bring down the Chair of the Party.

This is a frivolous grievance and those filing it are with the group of those on the Executive Council who didn't want Voller Chair in the first place. They are licking their wounds becuase their own agenda that was presented was struck down.

The Plan of Organization does NOT state how many co-chairs the Chair can appoint so he, essentially, can appoint as many as he wants.

The petitioners, and those vice chairs as well as the YDs that want Chairman Voller out need to get a life and stop hurting the Party and begin working with it and stop acting like spoiled brats. All of those mentioned were angry from the beginning that their "man" was not picked for Chair. Again, GET OVER IT!

It certainly looks like an attempt by Voller to stuff the EC

with his people. I cannot see any other reason to appoint 12 people. If people are gunning for Voller (Note: that is not the stated purpose of the petition) then the last thing he should do is give them some ammo.

I had really hoped that this kind of crap was over and done with for a while. I can already sense that John Hood is gleefully warming up his word processor. If there is an explanation, Voller needs to give it or else apologize, reverse course on the EC appointments and seek forgiveness.

What it appears

In politics perception is reality. It was perceived that Chairman Voller wanted to "pack the court" and that's what people believe to be true.

A long running attack on NCDP--by consultants-and their henchmen

Not mentioned in this conversation so far are the ever-present consultants, including the ones Parker dislodged from their constant bloodsucking on NCDP. Burns, Flynn, Talmadge and Johnson are disgruntled proxies for Schloszberg-Landis, Ball and Hawkins, who appear to have declared war in the Party. Their goal is: control the chair, and barring that run Voller out. What they really want is the "frat party", anything goes atmosphere, in Goodwin House as it was run by Brunner. Oh, by the way, many involved in this fiasco are the ones who tried to kick Parker out in 2012. Most likely, Voller's attempt to work on fundraising productively was also an attempt to recruit adults for the process.

What the Party needs are adults in leadership positions, which it currently, save Voller and Williams, does not have.

The rules were not put into place for a group of malcontents to attempt serial palace coups by any means possible. You people have put Art Pope out of work with your ongoing attacks on Voller and the Party. Congratulations. Grow up, all of you, including the officers, and get with the program, quit sulking and screwing around.

Oh, by the way, who is Carmichael? Must be a force for good if Flynn/Woods/ad nauseum felt need to mention him (or her).


Hallelujah! Can I get an Amen!?!