NEW POLLS: Cumberland County districts are very competitive

According to new polls conducted by Public Policy Polling for Progress North Carolina, two Cumberland County legislative seats could be very competitive this fall. (These polls are part of a series of surveys designed to answer the question: “Can progressives retake the NC General Assembly?”)

In Senate District 19, incumbent Republican Sen. Wesley Meredith trails potential Democratic challenger and NC House Rep. Diane Parfitt, 37%-40%. Download the complete results for Senate District 19.

In House District 45, a potential matchup between former Republican county commissioner Diane Wheatley and Democratic school board member Kim Fisher is also close. Wheatley leads Fisher, 38%-36%. Download the complete results for House District 45.


Of course.. YOU could the challenger:

Don't let our hypothetical opponent choices stop you -- these polls are intended to show seats where incumbents may be vulnerable and the seat open to a progressive win. Maybe that progressive could be *you.*

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Especially if YOU are a ...


I'm still pushing for North Carolina to field 100 Great Women in 2012 races ... and we are well on the way. ("Great" is defined as pro-choice, pro-equality, pro-public-education.)

Come on down!

Do any of you know the

Do any of you know the likelihood of the chance of the courts changing the Republican drawn maps? Alot will depend on if that lawsuit succeeds.

It's in the courts

the likelihood of different outcomes depends on who you talk to. I'm an optimist on this and believe the courts will tell the GOTP to take a hike ... which might delay the primary. That's why I've been calling it the May(be) Primary.

Which maps

I thought Kim Fisher was drawn into 43 so she couldn't run in 45. She would be great in Senate 19. Is that Senator Lura Tally's old seat?