New twist in Internet gambling situation

Welcome to bizarro world:

Gov. Bev. Perdue announced on Thursday that she would like to see North Carolina tax online games. In doing so, Bev joins a bevy of politicians across the state, including our own local legislator Garland Pierce, who want to tap into the cash cow that sweepstakes gambling has become.

While you're at it, why don't you come up with a fee for pimps and coke dealers, too? That's not just a cash cow, it's a whole damned herd.

But the governor wants the lion’s share of any tax on gaming to go toward education. Perdue says she is vehemently opposed to sweepstakes gambling, but she will hold her nose and rake in the cash, if it will help schools.

“I don’t like sweepstakes. Everybody knows that,” Perdue told reporters on Thursday. “There are thousands and thousands and thousands of these machines all over the state of North Carolina. … As long as they’re here and until we can outlaw them – until somehow the courts allow them to be outlawed forever – we need to tax the heck out of them and regulate them.”

The law is pretty plain to me, but as long as local and state officials (including the Governor) want to "cash in" on something, blaming the courts seems pretty lame.


You can sell anything if you tell folks its for the chillun'....

And thanks to short memories, most folks have already forgotten how lottery money got diverted to something other than education.