Electoral College Meets Today

The time has finally come today, ladies and gentlemen.

Today at noon, at the historic Capitol in Raleigh, North Carolina's 15 Democratic electors will meet to formally cast our state's votes for president and vice president. I encourage everyone to come, either in person or virtually. If you can't make it to the Capitol, there will be televised proceedings at the Museum of Natural Science. For those who aren't near the area at noon, you can view the proceedings on the Secretary of State's website. I believe there is also a reception at 2pm at the Party HQ.

I'm privileged to have two friends who are electors. They are both young Democrats (like me) who began to get involved and have succeeded in reaching these positions. They show how young people can enter Democratic leadership through sheer merit and dedication. Our own BlueNCer Sam Spencer will be an elector, and anyone who has read this blog knows his passion and dedication to the presumptive vice president-elect Joe Biden. I believe he will be giving one of the vice presidential nominating speeches, so I look forward to what he will say. Another young lady I want to recognize was featured in today's Fayetteville Observer (http://www.fayobserver.com/article?id=313154). Kara Hollingsworth has been a Democratic activist on the local and state level while balancing raising two young daughters with an Army husband who has been on multiple deployments. She's also my partner-in-political-crime here in Cumberland County...so this is a proud time for both us, personally to see where we started in 2006 and where we are now in 2008. Folks, we will both tell you that anything is possible if you try.

I look forward to both Sam and Kara representing the Young Democrats in North Carolina this moment in our state's history. This is a wonderful time.

Today North Carolina formally casts its fifteen electoral votes to Barack Obama for President of the United States and to Joe Biden for Vice President of the United States.

Let us celebrate today, and plan for tomorrow!


Streaming now

The Electoral College proceedings are now being streamed

WRAL has the video


Kara is at 35 minutes, Sam at 49 minutes.

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We should be proud of all three

Knowing all three personally - Phillip, Kerra, and Sam - I am very proud of their fantastic accomplishments for both the Young Democrats of North Carolina and our State's political system in such a short period of time!

For example:

Phillip has become a national leader by his recent election to the DNC, and has developed a reputation for articulating in print and by word why we need progressive governance.

And, in addition to their other activities, Kerra and Sam made phenomenal speeches today during the Electoral College proceedings! As a witness to history, I heard a number of fellow attendees at the State Capitol commenting on the inspiration that Sam and Kerra provided.

The campaign for change continues, and it has three leaders we all can be proud of.