Saturday News: Driving the bus on the sidewalk


WOODHOUSE WANTS WAKE ELECTIONS BOARD TO MAKE HIS COUSIN CHAIRMAN (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Dallas Woodhouse, leader of the N.C. Republican Party, urged a Wake County Board of Elections member to appoint his cousin as chairman of the board, according to emails released this week. Even though Boyle is a Republican, he “generally has been unresponsive to any thoughts from the party,” Dallas added. “The party’s position was that there needed to be new blood in the chair’s seat.”

Judge tells UNC not to enforce HB2


The pillars of state-sponsored discrimination are crumbling:

While legal challenge to HB2 proceeds, judge prohibits UNC from enforcing the discriminatory provision targeting transgender people in facilities operated by the University.

"Today's decision is an important step towards rectifying the harm HB2 has done to North Carolina -- specifically the LGBTQ people that call North Carolina home,” said Equality NC Director of Advancement Matt Hirschy. “Judge Schroeder's decision confirms that HB2 is a blatant attack on the transgender community. The preliminary injunction will provide much-needed relief to the brave plaintiffs, and we are confident that this is just the beginning in an unfortunately long journey towards a full repeal of the worst anti-LGBTQ law in the nation."

While this injunction only applies to the plaintiffs in the suit, it does imply that Judge Schroeder is leaning in the direction that HB2 violates Title IX protections. Fingers crossed.

Friday News: Not even the same hemisphere...

BURR USES STOCK VIDEO FROM AFRICA SCHOOL TO LOOK LIKE N.C. SCHOOLS (I AGREE TO SEE) – Sen. Richard Burr may have won the biggest stock video fail of 2016. In an effort to reach out to African American voters in his state, his latest ad “Kirby” features stock images from a school in Africa – not North Carolina.

BURR’S AD TARGETING AFRICAN AMERICANS REMINDER OF PERILS OF STOCK FOOTAGE (Washington Post) -- Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) is yet another reminder of the perils of stock footage

McCrory's incompetence on display over Jaguar gaffe

Talk about a short attention span:

Gov. Pat McCrory tells the crowd about a secret meeting he had in England a year and a half ago with auto execs from Jaguar and Land Rover, where they took him to a pub in Stratford to “not talk business.”

“I don’t really drink at all, but I was taking a few sips and they were just downing it,” he says to laughter. And after several hours, they wanted to talk business – asking him why they shouldn’t move their jobs to Mexico. He realized the competition was no longer just Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee. North Carolina is competing against the rest of the world, he says. And we ultimately lost that bid to Poland, he says.

The reason they were "just downing it" is because they were never really serious about building an auto manufacturing plant in North America. As usual, McCrory was just being used by more powerful people to help them get what they want. And if our Governor had been that interested in their final decision, he would know that Poland ended up losing the deal to Slovakia:

On the grid vs off the grid: A successful Solar revolution includes both

In the last few years, I've had numerous conversations with various people on renewable energy generation. And most of them, even those with much more technical savvy than I have, were missing some critical pieces of the puzzle in their understanding of the rapid growth of Solar in North Carolina and elsewhere. In example, here's a paraphrased conversation from a few months ago:

Thursday News: Betting on a losing horse


HB2 IS MCCRORY'S ALBATROSS WHILE OBAMA'S JOB APPROVAL SEES AN UPTICK (Capitol Broadcasting Company) -- Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016: A diverse set of North Carolinians don't like HB2 and even more say it hurts the state. At the same time, President Obama's sees an improvement in his job approval. The Monmouth University Poll revealed that nearly across the board – independents, men, women, whites, non-whites, college degree, no-college degree, lower, moderate and upper income – disapprove of HB2. Only those who identify as Republicans and conservatives have majorities backing the legislation.

Wednesday News: The Duke Energy bully steps forward


DUKE ASKS FEDERAL JUDGE TO DETERMINE AP REPORTER'S SOURCE (WBTV) - Attorneys for Duke Energy have asked a federal judge to hold a hearing to determine who provided an Associated Press reporter with the deposition transcript for Dr. Ken Rudo. Rudo is a toxicologist with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services at the center of a debate over the state’s standard for hexavalent chromium in well water near Duke coal ash ponds.

The media's hit-and-miss coverage of GOP voter suppression

False equivalencies and fear of conspiracy theories:

For corporate media, it’s safer to stay within the comfy template of false balance: Trump and the R’s say voter fraud is rampant; the D’s say it’s not. It is an improvement that some journalists are stating the obvious fact that voter fraud is a myth. But the debate seldom digs deeper. Doing so would require dealing with thorny issues that Americans tend to avoid in most public settings, namely the racism and inequality wrapped up in voter suppression. The “voter fraud—yes or no” conflict papers over all that.

While media outlets do (usually) acknowledge that voter fraud is a rare occurrence, they rarely point out the obvious follow-up point: That Republicans are using the myth to enact unnecessary laws that are targeted at minorities and college students. Read the whole thing. It's a harsh analysis, but it does provide some insight into the public's apparent lack of understanding on this important issue.


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