Will the DCCC stand by Their Man?

Sigh. I guess I need to clarify some things.

Last week I claimed that people shouldn't assume that the DCCC is going to financially support Larry Kissell in a substantive way. One person wondered if this was hyperbole. An emailer asked me what I had against the DCCC. (Really, you have to ask?) Finally, I get a phone call with basically the same question.

Where's my proof?

NC-08: Pizza for Progressives, Kissell Edition

For those of you who haven't seen a Pizza for Progressives pitch before, let me repeat the idea behind it.

What do you do once a week that you could live without?
* that big espresso drink from your favorite coffee shop = $4.00
* stopping by the bar for a drink and some wings to watch Sportscenter = $15
* going out to eat with your wife and kids = $50
* Poker night with the crew = $100

If you can give up coffee for one day, go donate $5. If you can go home and crack a Schlitz and eat a hot dog instead of stopping at the bar for wings and a pint, donate $15. Go to Whole Foods and get one of their delicious frozen pizzas for you and the kids and donate $50. Take your significant other to a movie instead of playing poker and donate the extra $75 to your favorite candidate.

Edwards Supports Net Neutrality

While I work to fight HB1587 in the NC house I was wondering where our Presidential candidates might stand on this bill. HB1587 is ANTI-Net Neutrality on a very local level. Federal anti-net neutrality legislation isn't going fast enough for the telcos so they went to the state legislature. So today I found a letter John Edwards wrote to the FCC. (Hat tip to Micah Sifry on Tech Pres)

General Assembly Plays Chicken With People's Lives

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As usual, Chris Fitzsimon does some excellent work at NC Policy Watch. This is important.

Read the story . . . and then contact every Democratic representative you can find. Don't bother with Republicans like this jerk-off. They're not worth your trouble. And don't bother with the Senate either. From all I can tell, they're a sold-out bunch of Republicans in Democratic clothing.

NC Bar Finds Nifong Guilty of Violating Ethics Rules UPDATE

As found in the Charlotte Observer:

The North Carolina State Bar has charged Nifong with making misleading statements misleading and inflammatory comments about the three athletes, lying to both the court and bar investigators, and withholding critical DNA test results from the players' defense attorneys.

The DOJ's Zealous Attempt to Purge North Carolina's Voter Registration Rolls

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The Department of Justice and Les Merritt, State Auditor - want to purge North Carolina's voter rolls - by 10 Percent. The State Board of Elections disagrees. The Charlotte Observer broke the story first, then the News and Observer , then Facing South (very comprehensive) and then all over the internet:

The Charlotte Observer provides the unvarnished version, while the rest of the media has slanted the title of the story.

The story begins in earnest on April 18, 2007 with this memo from the Department of Justice to the North Carolina State elections officials. This DOJ memo serves in effect as "license to purge voters" if an election official were so inclined. This memo reads just like a form letter, citing no specific registration numbers and fails to provide the "official" report that it alludes to.

But the DOJ is wrong.

BlueNC Community Rules - Open Thread

In an effort to promote an open forum here at BlueNC, we haven't imposed a long list of rules or established a large number of offenses that would result in the deletion of content or IP banning of a registered user. However, certain rules are necessary to protect an open forum. For example, exposing someone's offline identity when they've taken precautions to protect it, threats and excessive "trollish behavior could all be considered reasons for banning a user.

We are currently working on the wording of these rules so that they can be added to the FAQ this weekend, however, I'd like to open this up for discussion. Are there other rules we need to discuss? Is there something you think we're missing? (OK...keep it within reason.)

I'll update this as the FAQ is updated.


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