Kudos to the N&O for beating the NO OLF drum

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There's a great column in the News and Observer today by Laura Marciniak about the Navy's insane plan to build an outlying landing field in Washington County.

All that nice open land probably looks good from 10,000 feet in the air. The northeastern section of North Carolina is some of the last undeveloped land on the Eastern seaboard. You can see it yourself from Google Earth. But what you can't see from a plane or a satellite is what's taking place on the ground.

The family farmers and the birds of the wildlife refuges have a symbiotic relationship. The birds do more than eat the farmers' leavings of grain and corn. They also leave nitrogen for the next crop and they dine on insects and weeds. Good land stewardship should be rewarded, not betrayed.

Southern Surrender versus Southern Strategy: Debate Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, March 20 at 7p.m., at Wake Forest University Tom Schaller will debate Bob Moser on the question of the Democratic Party's strategy towards the South. The debate will be held in Room 1312 of the Worrell Professional Center and respondents include yours truly and Delmas Parker, second vice chair of the NC Democratic Party, along with David Coates, politics professor at Wake Forest.

This debate's genesis was a work of BlueNC and the blogosphere in more ways than one. Read the rest for more on the debate and on the blogosphere's role.

One hot place to blog...

This is just a personal observation, but BlueNC is one hot place to blog. If you check here often you will ALWAYS see fresh,breaking news items and comments.

The site has new items posted throughout the day and most, if not all, are right on top of breaking news. Many are tied to breaking news from state newspapers but often you will see news here not yet available covered by the media!


bumped, because, well, he's right!!! (Robert P.)

Also, we haven't had a Frappr drive in awhile, so this gives me an excuse. I hate their new maps, so if anyone has a suggestion for another functionality let me know.

Politics in Education - trying selective pay once again

North Carolina is again discussing the idea of using higher pay to attract good teachers. Since Math and Science teachers are such a hot item the legislature is considering increasing pay for these teachers in three school districts by $15,000 per year.

Three years ago in 2001 the state's experiment of offering an extra $1,800 a year to math, science and special education teachers at high-poverty schools or those where student performance lagged ended in disappointment. The N.C. Association of Educators says "differential pay kills teacher morale". Representative Ray Rapp, a Mars Hill Democrat who will help assemble the state education budget, doesn't think it is right to build a pay scale based on teacher specialty, when a school's English teacher may be working just as hard as the math teacher. "It has the potential to create a situation that is terribly demoralizing and destabilizing."

Read the article...

News and Observers
March 19, 2007
Lynn Bonner, Ataff Writer

More pay weighed for some teachers
Lawmakers are talking about raises for math and science instructors, or those at high-poverty schools

Math and science teachers are such hot commodities these days, legislators are considering offering them extra pay to fill North Carolina's classrooms.

The state has a spotty history with offering extra money to teachers-in-demand, but influential supporters want to try again.

NC Republicans still running against Black

The Rocky Mount Telegram has been doing a great job lately shilling for the North Carolina Party of Greed. This weekend's story about Bill Daughtridge lays the news propaganda out for all to see:

NASHVILLE – When N.C. Rep. Bill Daughtridge took the podium to address the Nash County Republican Party at its convention Thursday night, he had plenty to say about his party's goals, prospects and ideals.

But before he got into any of that, Daughtridge – who is trying to become the first Republican state treasurer since 1876 – wanted to draw attention to a certain Democrat.

Holding up a newspaper plastered with the face of former N.C. House Speaker Jim Black, who recently pleaded guilty to bribery charges, Daughtridge spoke about the N.C. General Assembly's several new ethics laws, and the concern he's seen from some of his Democratic colleagues.

Twofer: Young Dems Convention & Reception for Larry Kissell on Saturday 3/24

Don't miss two important events this coming Saturday. The Young Democrats of North Carolina will be holding their 2007 Spring Convention in Greensboro with Artur Davis (remember him?) giving the keynote address.

Congressman Brad Miller and Congressman David Price with Larry Kissell

At noon on Saturday there will be a reception fundraiser for Larry Kissell. Tickets are $100 per couple or $50 per person. It will be held in the Kouri Center, so will be convenient for conference attendees. I haven't confirmed if you must pay for the convention if you are just going to attend the Kissell reception, but I will check on this. If you can't attend, but would like to offer Larry early support, please visit his web site or go to Act Blue. This is my current page with Larry's new ActBlue account for '07/'08.

Find out more on the flip...

Edwards speaks in NC, at Bennett College

For all the insanity that is the early run for 2008, one thing that surprises me is the disappearance of the candidates. From what I've read online, I would guess that is because this is a frantic fundraising period, where $$$ and donors are the major focus. As such, there aren't as many public forums happening. That will change soon enough, as the first debate is less than a month away. But, for your viewing pleasure, one of the rare videos that the John Edwards campaign has released lately.

Shotgun blast to the head

Stagemanager Hood is in rare form this morning. He's still beating the free-market drum claiming that North Carolina has a crappy business environment, of course. But he has also discovered a new and charming way with words. This from today's column.

Last year, I used the term “metaphorical zombie” to describe the idea that North Carolina has an attractive business-tax climate. So, once again, let’s try a shotgun blast to its head.

A shotgun blast to the head?

My father killed himself with a gun fifteen years ago. Representing countless others who have lost loved ones to suicide, I have two words for John Hood. And they aren't "drop dead."

The myth of putting corn in your tank.

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This past February the world community of scientists published a report on global warming under the umbrella of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). That report concluded that global warming is “unequivocal” and human activity is the main driver, “very likely” causing most of the rise in temperatures since 1950.

While the rest of the world moves on and is rapidly trying to find solutions for this global environmental crisis, a few republicans pretend nothing is going on. One of them, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), even thinks global warming is caused by farting.

So with most people being worried about global warming, except for a few republicans who also still believe that Earth is flat, folks are looking for solutions to be a little more earth and climate friendly. A lot of them seem to think that one solution for environmentally friendly fuel is corn. They couldn't be more wrong.

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