SEANC Leaders Undermine Diversity, Schools

Last week the NAACP celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Saturday the NAACP of NC and partners led thousands in the 3rd annual “Historic Thousands on Jones Street”, the HKonJ rally in Raleigh to support a 14 point People’s Agenda for better schools and health care, equal justice, affordable housing, worker fairness, voting rights, environmental justice, and more. Point #1 advocates that “All Children Need High Quality, Well Funded, Diverse Schools”. Point #11 calls for “Collective Bargaining for Public Employees and Support Smithfield Workers Right to Unionize.”

The NAACP of NC and 12 local branches have signed on to support the NC Hope Coalition in calling for the repeal of the ban in GS 95-98 on collective bargaining by public employees. The Coalition has a core of 11 labor groups including the SEANC, SEIU and NCAE and was an important element of the HKonJ rally. Some marchers wore yellow gags with the words “Repeal 95-98”. Just Monday the NAACP again showed its support for NC unions by awarding Richard Burr, Howard Coble and Americans for Prosperity a “Hypocrisy Award” for the misleading "Defense of the American Worker" campaign which opposes the "card check" bill. Just yesterday the NAACP of NC again expressed support for the “Employee Free Choice Act” even as conservative patron Art Pope stood with Richard Burr to oppose it.

So it comes as some surprise that the Executive Director of SEANC, Dana Cope, and the Legislative Director of SEANC, Ardis Watkins, have together taken steps to undermine the school diversity policy in effect in Wake County and to give succor to opponents of public education and in some cases, collective bargaining.


The Dome is reporting that an NC State economist doesn't think the stimulus plan will deliver the goods for North Carolina. The economist happens to be one of the NC State faculty who regularly support the agenda of the market extremists at the John Locke Foundation. The article says it all depends on what multiplier you use on spending. Ya think?

Womble Carlyle Gains Direct Access to Governor's Mansion

Governor Beverly Perdue's son, Garrett, has landed a plumb job lobbying for Womble Carlyle. Yes, that Womble Carlyle. They, of course, act like there's nothing to see here and we should just move along.

"While he'll have an office in Raleigh and will be working with Gov. Hunt, he won't be doing any lobbying in Raleigh," said Russell Thomas, a spokesman for the law firm.

Yeah, well, I have a question for you, Russell. How many (almost) fresh out of law school lobbyists do you hire? Since graduating law school at UNC in 2004 Garrett has worked briefly as an associate at Womble Carlyle, for two years with a commercial real estate firm and then full time campaigning for dear old mum. He also did a stint as a defendant in a law suit. I'll give it to the guy. He sure does know how to pack a lot of "experience" into a few short years.

Rowan County Democrats vs. Wyoming Republicans

Quick, which is more cowardly and bigoted? Democratic Rowan County Commissioners or Republicans in the Wyoming House of Representatives?

If you thought blue state North Carolina Democrats had one up on Dick Cheney's home state Wyoming red-red-red Republicans, you'd be wrong.

Last night, the Rowan County Commission voted for a meaningless resolution concerning writing discrimination into the state constitution via a so-called marriage amendment.

Reading the link, you'll note that the cowardly Democrats on the county commission voted for this toothless nonsense. You might ask where was the resolution about divorce, or funding for marriage counseling, or myriad other questions.

I'm asking why North Carolina Democratic County Commissioners don't have the same level of sense as Wyoming Republicans.

Congressional Delegation Activity 2/09 - 2/13/09

U.S. House

Our members of congress were busy with a rush of committee meetings and the push to begin repairing the damage to our economy wrought by the years of Republican mismanagement. They are working in-district this week, so there will not be a roundup this weekend.

Rep. G.K. Butterfield, NC-01

Cosponsored - H.R.985 : To maintain the free flow of information to the public by providing conditions for the federally compelled disclosure of information by certain persons connected with the news media.
Cosponsored - H.R.1002 : To adjust the boundaries of Pisgah National Forest in McDowell County, North Carolina.

Can We Wait Until 2026?

As I sit here putting together information for this piece, I am dressed in layers of clothing and blankets while my feet rest on a hot water bottle to insulate me from the chill in my 63 degree home. After moving to Wilson from Charlotte six years ago and reeling from the sticker shock of that first electric bill, I accepted that cold winters—indoors—were going to be a way of life if I wanted my electric bill to remain remotely close to where it was when I was a Duke Power customer. You cannot pay a reasonable rate in this town to stay reasonably warm. The opposite is true in the hot months—somehow we adjust to the balmy 79-80 degree thermostat setting. Thus began my intense curiosity and crusade to understand what went so terribly wrong to drive our electric rates into the stratosphere.

YDNC Stands Up for Workers

This Tuesday Senator Richard Burr and the business front group "Americans for Prosperity" are kicking off a campaign against workers' rights. They are hosting a rally at 10:30 on the Bicentennial Mall across from the North Carolina Legislature.

The supposed purpose of this effort is to protect the so-called "secret ballot" in union elections. In reality this is an effort to continue the roadblocks that have been placed in front of workers who wish to unionize by lying about the Employee Free Choice Act and keeping the ban on collective bargaining.


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