The N&O writes about Elizabeth Edwards' "catfight"

And I write back.

I had a beeee-ooo--tiful rant all ready to go last night when this site's inexplicable inability to coexist with Internet Explorer caused it to go bye bye.

But the article in the Sunday paper was SO bad that I have to point it out again, and let you know what I wrote to Peder Zane.

Put it this way, when the N&O cites Carter "White Hands Ad" Wrenn and Professor Andrew "511,500 Pope Dollars" Taylor on the subject of political comity, well, we got a problem...


This week's column (sorry again for the late posting here) is about the state's backsliding on health issues and a little recap of the Merritt story.

World over, if there is any consistent symptom of a sick society, it’s the infant mortality rate.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what state health director Dr. Leah Devlin said when she announced a rise in the numbers a couple years back:

Random Ramblings

As most of you know, we've been through a bit of a roller-coaster recently. My blogging has been sporadic and/or erratic and I've been trying to get back into it. My problem is that I feel like I'm ready to jump into....something.

John Edwards, I could blog about him all the time, but I'm sick to death of Daily Kos and most people here keep up to date. I posted something a moment ago on Facebook and I'm thinking THAT might be where I keep my Presidential Politics...mostly.

Elizabeth Dole. With Miller out of the race, I guess this is a wait and see.

Larry Kissell, well, there are just so many people in better positions than I am to post about Larry. I'll throw in an occasional post now and again, but probably not my focus.

Weekend Wound Up: Nickname edition

I love nicknames, and tend to use them voraciously. Not in the George Bush sort of way, which I find condescending and obnoxious. More in the "awww shucks" kind of way, with nothing but good intentions. (Unless of course you're a rabid Republican, in which case my nicknames for you will be anything but flattering.)

Got a nickname . . . either now or from the past? Do tell!

Mother Hubbard goes to Jones Street

A quick personal adventure story ...

On June 19th the Democratic Women of NC had our Legislative day. That was also a big push day for H91, the same day voter registration bill. Before the speakers started for the gathering of Democratic women, I went to see if I could drop in on our Johnston County legislators. It was my first ever time on Jones street (well, since my 8th grade field trip anyway) and I was excited and nervous and wondering what the heck I thought I was doing and determined to have my average voice heard ... and ALL that stuff.

It was a very busy day for Legislators and I was only able to speak with James Langdon, R-House District 28.

fp by gf

It's time to tax growth?

UPDATE: I'm not in complete agreement with this advice from an elected official, but I'm passing it along straight up . . . you can decide for yourself what makes sense.


I've received lots of response from Representatives who have taken notice of your emails. One veteran legislator, in particular, encouraged us to step up our focus on the Senate in relation to the transfer tax issue.

Here are the points he suggested you use in your correspondence:

1. Make it clear that the local option land transfer tax is a "tax on growth"
2. Focus on Senators, especially those from progressive districts. They have not been vocal and need to step up.
3. Send email only to your senators and representatives this time, as well as those in nearby districts.

North Carolina same day Voter Registration

The North Carolina Senate has passed the same day voter registration that will allow state residents to register to vote and cast a ballot immediately before an election. By actually casting their votes to enfranchise voters, the NC Senate members show some actual bi-partisan ability to do what is right for the people of our state. Not that it was very bi-partisan, but four Republicans joined in on agreeing that this is the right thing to do.

According to


Last week, US Senator Mitch McConnell successfully killed a 15% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in the Energy Bill by arguing that an RPS would disadvantage southern states, who have thus far avoided RPS's due to cost. Those of us that study the cost of new baseload coal and nuclear plants vs. clean alternative energy were nauseated. Energy efficiency and renewables are cheaper than new nuclear and coal plants. The cost of climate change was not discussed. We can't wait for Congress. It's time for NC to adopt a Renewable and Efficiency Portfolio Standard. This session.


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