Don't Forget Young Dems Convention & Kissell Reception Tomorrow

Don't forget the Young Dems convention tomorrow in Greensboro at the Koury Convention Center. It's located just off I-40 at the Sheraton Four Seasons. This is working out to be an excellent event. I'm sorry I will miss the morning session.

Matt Gross is no longer able to attend for what are probably obvious reasons, but Chris Bowers from MyDD will be filling his shoes. Bowers is an excellent addition to the convention in my opinion. I don't always agree with him, but over time have become very impressed with his work.

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Weekend Wound Up: Three-Way Edition

Should be an excitable day in the inner sanctum at the North Carolina Party of Greed. Fredly Smith, the asphalt king, will announce his plans to run for governor. Which is very good news. He'll further fracture the Republican base and force Art Pope to spend even more of his family fortune to prop up Bob Orr's regrettable candidacy.

I would normally encourage folks to start doing opposition research, but don't bother. This is going to be an intra-party blood bath. Bill Graham is already taking shots at Smith, and his trial-lawyer background will come in handy in digging up the considerable dirt that's apparently available on Smith.

It's crunch John and Elizabeth Edwards today!

Although I haven't actually met all the regulars here I've come to think of us as an extended family. We squabble occassionally but usually in a good natured way. And, we all have the common dream of living in a state and a nation governed by folks whose first priority is what's best for "we the people." There hasn't been much of that type of governance going on in America or North Carolina for a long time and we're each in our way, and collectively, fighting to take back our country. I want to talk with you about two members of our family who need your help. I'm going to ask you to put your money where your heart is, and and ask you to do all you can to help them help us take our country back. More below the fold.

Nice Elizabeth article today

in the San Francisco Chronicle. I mean 'nice' here in the sense that the writer took the time to listen to some critics,

"You have to look out for other people in this life,'' Guy Smith, a Chronicle reader from Alameda, told me. "If I were in his shoes, I would abandon the campaign and spend time with the woman I love.''

and then he took the time to go further, to look into the deeper dynamics of a life with chronic illness.

That was a lovely thought with all the right intentions. But according to the cancer survivors, counselors and therapists I spoke to, it has just one problem -- it is dead wrong.

Karl Rove WILL answer the subpoena!

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Open Thread: Sluggish

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe site performance has been spotty at best, and our crack team of interweb repair elves are climbing around the tubes trying to solve the riddle of the sluggish site. If you're seeing this post, and you can login, then let us know what's up in your world. Me? I'm headed out to Asheville's Drinking Liberally for icy cold pints of Asheville Brewing Company's famous Roland's Red Ale.


U.S. Attorney Scandal Revives Taylor Speculation

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Disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor just can't keep his scandals out of the news. Sure, he's been out of office for months now, but his 16 year record of deceit and criminality continues to pursue him. Recent revelations about the political manipulations of U.S. Attorneys led one enterprising reporter to take another look at one infamous instance of politics trumping justice:

McClatchy: "As Washington swirls with allegations that the Justice Department and White House intervened in federal prosecutions across the country, a review shows that U.S. attorneys in North Carolina have gone after a lot of Democrats - and a few Republicans, too - during the Bush administration.

AT the Edwards Press Conference

Dear Friends,
I am currently sitting at the Carolina Inn, located just about two blocks from where I work. Soon, we will have a press conference by Elizabeth and John Edwards. The back-story is, of course, that Senator Edwards recently had to cancel campaign appearances to be with his wife for a follow-up exam. Originally, it was nothing, the type of follow-up that had happened before and that preferred to be present at. But, now the follow-up exam is over and we're told to expect an announcement. Campaign staff are tight-lipped, although there is a "buzz" that the campaign is not over. We can only hope that means that whatever is happening is not too bad. I think we will have to assume it is something, but hopefully it is not everything. Updates after the break.

Survey Sez Senators Suck

Thislittle tidbit from Under the Dome today.

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A new ranking from has Sen. Richard Burr leapfrogging his senior colleague, Sen. Elizabeth Dole, in the power game in Washington. Still, both Republicans are ranked near the bottom of the Senate.

Burr, elected in 2002, ranked 86th of the 100 senators, according to's power rankings for the current Congress. The group listed Dole, who was elected in 2000, as 95th. Both senators' scores tumbled from last year, when the GOP was in power.

The rankings are conducted a few times a year by Knowlegis, a consulting firm that follows Congress. The company measures lawmakers' power by tallying their position, legislative successes and general influence among colleagues. It takes into account committee assignments, political party and fundraising prowess.

Perquimans County NO OLF public hearing

was held 21 March. We packed the high school auditorium and the cafiteria. I dont know the exact numbers of people, but alot of people where making verbal comments as well as a ton of written comments.

Many of the speakers talked about how this OLF is being built as a dumping ground for the people of VA. We had one farmer talk about the responsiblity of taking care of his cows, and how its the responsibility of the owning farmer to keep the cow on his own lands and its not the responsibility of his neighbor to accept the cow shit from his neighbors cow. That got a roar of applauses.

The Navy officer who was moderating this took some heat also from one of the speakers and this was commented on by alot of folks. This JAG Captain would call you to the mic, and then basically not look at you while you where speaking, and then when u where done, say "thank you for your comment, next speaker is xxx". that too, got a rise.

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