Open Season: George Bush

So. The Preznit will be on the boob tube tonight telling more lies to the world. Why he's even bothering is beyond me. George Bush doesn't care what Congress has to say about his insane war in Iraq. He doesn't care what Walter Jones has to say. Or Howard Coble. Or any Democratic representative. Or the American people. The troop surge has already begun.

What an ass.

Introducing Public Policy Polling

Many of us remember Public Policy Polling as the group that provided some encouraging polls for both Larry Kissell and Heath Shuler. Today, PPP has released some early polls on the primary races for governor and president here in NC. We're so happy they've decided to share - at least I am.

The best news is that this isn't a one-time thing. According to their press release there's more in store for those of us who love real polls.

As we begin a new year, a new legislative session and a new campaign season, PPP is rededicating itself to tracking issue trends, campaign match-ups and approval ratings. you can expect more poll data and more expert analysis on all aspects of North Carolina politics and government.

What is Public Policy Polling? To find out more about Public Policy Polling and owner, Dean Debnam, just read this great piece from Bob Geary in The Independent Weekly.

The polls are below the fold...

Sectarian Prayer Alert in Thomasville

Rev. Donnie Lunsford, pastor of New Grace Baptist Church, and Thomasville City Councilman, Dwight Cornelison, want more Christian prayer at public meetings, and they’re all fired up, writes The Dispatch. More after the break.

Coble, Jones Against Escalation

The Charlotte Observer has a great piece today by Jim Morrill and David Perlmutt with feedback on "the surge" from most of North Carolina's elected officials in Washington. Surprisingly, Republicans Howard Coble and Walter Jones are consistent in their opposition to the war and have come out against the President's, as yet, unannounced plan.

Opposing the President on Iraq isn't new for Walter Jones or Howard Coble, though Jones has received more attention for his reversal. Mother Jones magazine ran a piece in Feb. '06 by Robert Dreyfuss outlining the events that brought about Jones' "conversion" from a pro-war to an anti-war Republican.

Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr - Against Surging Plan

Cross-posted from the Brock Log and the Onslow County Politics Web-log.

Last week I emailed Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr's office requesting his view of the President's plan to surge military forces into Iraq.

I wrote.

President Bush is rumored to enlarge the military presence in Iraq by sending between 20,000 and 40,000 additional troops. Military commanders have not requested the additional military support and have stated that such a large presence will cause more harm than good. In the past, President Bush has stated that troop levels are established by the military commanders not by political decision-making.

It is evident that the President has changed his process in deciding troop levels and has moved to replace Army Generals Abizaid and Casey (the senior military commanders in Iraq).

Does Congressman Jones agree with the President's political decision (made against recommendation of the military commanders) to enlarge the military presence in Iraq?

Morning Ex

Via the Ex Files

Eat a good lunch there's a busy night ahead all over.
The President announces his newish Iraq policy on teevee at 9 p.m., which, coincidentally is tip off time for the UNC-Virginia game. Meanwhile, there's a growing chorus saying don't expect the new congress to be able to really stop the madness. Center for American Progress briefing paper on the subject.
Today, the new House takes up the minimum wage as a part of it 100 Hours thing.
NYT: Keeping up with The Clock

Polls For Everybody!

So somebody's been stinking up the place with some defective third-party poll script (Sam, you know I love you baby), so I figured it's time to open up the in-house polling module to all users. From now on, when you click "create content" in the left sidebar, you'll have the option of creating a poll. Give it a shot!

Now, our poll module isn't perfect, but it does put your vote where you tell it to, and it doesn't allow the same user account to vote more than once. Here's one thing you're going to wish for: that you could put a poll in the middle of another post. You can't. Not right now, anyway. I've worked on making this happen in the past and just ended up crying into my keyboard.

Anyway, enjoy! (Sam!)

Democratic candidates for Governor: Which way do you lean?

We Deserve Better!!!

Duke Energy executives say all the right things in public and yet they are still pushing to build two massive coal-fired power plants just west of Charlotte that will emit over 10 million tons of carbon pollution in NC's air every year for the next 50 years and beyond.

Here are just a few great quotes from James Rogers, Duke Energy CEO, on Climate Change:

“I'm not a scientist. I only know what I read. But my understanding of where we are today is that the earth is getting warmer and that man-made emissions are contributing to it. There are differences of opinion about what the impact on the planet will be. But as I understand the scientific conclusions, and knowing that the power plant industry in this country produces 35 percent of all C[O.sub.2] emissions in the U.S., I think it's incumbent upon us to address the issue. I'm convinced that the sooner we go to work on it, the higher the probability that we can find new technologies to allow us to reduce emissions.”

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