First Home Ticks, Now Sand Fleas

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It's bad enough that the Home Ticks are getting their claws into the transfer tax issue, which they have no business being involved with. But now their cousins, the Sand Fleas, are pushing to change years of effective public policy. Coast developers are leaning on the legislature to pass legislation that will allow hardened structures on beaches and inlets - the first step toward building sea walls in front of luxury beachfront properties.

And in case you're not aware, hardened structures on one part of a beach cause accelerated erosion on other parts of the beach. In other words, they're destructive and stupid. The NC Conservation Network is asking sane people like us to contact our representatives to stop Senate Bill 599.

The work shenanigans of the sprawl lobby NC Senate have reached an all time low this year. It's hard to imagine, but it looks like things could get even worse.

Open Thread: Organize!

Here's an Open Thread and few links on organizing and Party infrastructure to get you started!

The Democrats' Fifty-State Strategy Stokes North Carolina's Grassroots by Bob Moser of The Nation

NC-11 Has convened a Council of Elders, but will there be room for Progressives at the table?

A Fantastic Progressive is running for Asheville City Council - Elaine Lite.

Farewell to Francis

I just got an email from the fearless leader of the North Carolina chapter of Americans for Prosperity. Francis Deluca, who has accomplished next to nothing that I can see, has decided to go find "another challenge." Maybe he's looking for something a little easier than the selling of Puppetshow lies and snake-oil.


It has been a great experience to head up AFPNC - but the time has come for me to find another challenge. my last day as State Director will be August 3, 2007.

I feel good about what we have accomplished and I am especially proud of the people and chapters we have added that will put AFPNC in an even better position to positively influence policy and policy debates in the future. I also feel good that Dallas Woodhouse and Chris Farr will continue to grow AFPNC and help activists become a positive influence pursuing the conservative agenda and in improving government at all levels.

"Improving government at all levels????" Holy hypocrisy, Francis, you've got to be kidding. The so-called "conservative agenda" has one mission and mission only: to crush government by cutting off the tax revenues that fund it.

Realtor UpTick

There's been a marked uptick in NC Realtor and Homebuilder attempts to derail the local transfer tax option as they make a final attempt to secure the low ground. Attacking Chris Fitzsimon in radio ads yesterday, a new round of melodramatic TV ads and a full page ad in today's paper attacking everybody who is not feeding at the bottom with them.

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