“Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?”

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I got to thinking about that famous quote this week as I read about the fawning reception for Rudy Giuliani at the Civitas Institute and about George Tenet’s 4 million dollar book advance. Here’s what I wonder about. Since when is it OK for a public official to preside over a disaster and then be paid millions of dollars to tell us about it? Giuliani received 8 million dollars in speaking fees in 2002 after 9/11.

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NC News Roundup

Research and work on other posts is not going well, so I thought I'd take a break and see what is going on around the state.

Charlotte Observer:
VA Hospital Officials (In area hospitals) continued to get nice bonuses, while providing poor service to local service men and women.

Oyster lovers everywhere will not like reading this one. Parasite without a name threatens eastern oysters.

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Whitewashing the NC Job Outlook

I came across an interesting article in Industry Week written by North Carolina's Commerce Secretary, Jim Fain. I understand Fain's desire to make North Carolina look like it is bouncing back from the beating our textile workers have taken, but some of the article just didn't ring true.

In his opening, Fain described how the shift to a worldwide market had created a "perfect economic storm" in North Carolina. He followed with this:

Considering the magnitude of the "storm" -- a recession, 9/11 and trade policy changes that had a disproportionate impact on our industrial state -- our recovery has been nothing short of remarkable. North Carolina has seen a 29.2% decrease in the number of unemployed workers in the state over the past five years compared with 14.2% nationally.

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