Free-market extremists bribing students?

The Pope Center for Whatever is soliciting students to rate classes so they can weed out mean old faculty members who have political opinions.

If you're a student, or even if you play one on television, please take the survey and report your wild enthusiasm for the mos liberal course you can think of. If the Puppetshow is going to give away $250, let's at least make sure that someone who can actually think wins the prize.

Please forward this to any students you know at Chapel Hill.

On Bond Insurance, Or, The Ongoing Train Wreck You Barely Knew Existed

It’s time that you and I had a little talk, my dear reader, about a subject your Mom and Dad never really explained that well. It’s gotten to a point where it is affecting your daily life, and you probably don’t even know why.

They didn’t cover it well in school, either, and if they had it likely would have just been one of those things you make jokes about later in the locker room.

That’s right…it’s time we discussed bond insurance, collateralized debt obligations…and how all of this is hitting you right in the wallet—and some comments about what’s coming next.

In other words, complicated economics, simply explained.

Puppetshow news

A couple of items of interest today.

First off, Chris Fitzsimon at NC Policy Watch smacks Rick Martinez (News Puppet at WPTF-AM) upside his wooden head with a great column on public education.

The market fundamentalists are relentless in their crusade to privatize public schools and don’t mind ignoring facts and social science if they have to. They are even willing to temporarily put aside their normal demonization of the poor.

Ignore the Media. Democrats are United

One of the first headlines I was greeted with this morning on CNN was something to the tune of, "Democrats are Divided". I'm sorry. We're what?

This year Democrats who vote after traditional super Tuesday states will have a say in which candidate represents us in our bid for the White House. We're excited. We're energized. We're motivated. We most certainly are not divided.

As nasty as primary season gets, I've never felt my party more involvede in the process of selecting our nominee, even if we don't agree on which candidate will do the best job.

Vanity press

From a press release I received from Blackwater Watch:

Regnery Publishing today announced that it has signed a contract with Erik
Prince, Chairman and CEO of Blackwater Worldwide. Prince’s book, tentatively
titled We Are Blackwater, will be released this summer. It is the only
insider’s account of the controversial company that has supplied bodyguards
and support-and-rescue personnel to hot spots around the world, including
the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hillary's Negative Coattails in NC

Here's what scares me most about Hillary Clinton.

Let's say she wins the Democratic nomination. Let's even assume that she could win the general election (probably by carrying my home state of Ohio.)

What is her impact on our elections in North Carolina?

I'm afraid that she would have negative coattails that could have disastrous results for down-ticket races in our great state.


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