UPDATE: Tax and spend Republican hypocrite


Wonder of wonders! Guess who good ol' Larry Brown of "I-aint-votin-fer-no-tax-and-spend-budget" fame is married to? Well, her name is Martha Vance Brown, and she's the Executive Director of the Richmond County Partnership for Children . . . an agency that is almost completely funded with (gasp) taxpayer money!

So Larry Brown, just how much of a Republican hypocrite are you? Are you going to vote for a budget that continues to pay the salary of YOU AND YOUR WIFE?


North Carolina Beaches: Going, Going, Gone

The erosion problems at North Carolina's beaches have been a topic of conversation since I was a little girl. A study released back in March paints a very gloomy future for many of our beautiful southern NC beaches and its all related to climate change. This time the concern isn't traditional beach erosion, its the possibility the sea will swallow the beaches whole - much of it disappearing in my/our lifetime.

This makes it all the more surprising that the North Carolina legislature has so far failed to address renewable energy in a truly meaningful fashion. I'm not an expert in the field and I don't expect our legislators to be experts either, but I do expect them to listen to the experts.

Rep. Grier Martin asked for our help earlierin determining what the next step is. He pointed us to this article in the N&O that outlined where the legislation stood at the time. This study has been out for a few months and apparently hasn't caused much of a stir among our state's leaders.

1000 emails. Today.

This is an action item, which I hope you will take seriously.

Below is a sample letter, which I have toned way down from my original rant, which I am sending to every member of the House of Representatives in Raleigh. I'm asking you to do the same.

More importantly, I hope you'll send this posting, or your own version of it, to every blog you can find and all of your personal email lists. The goal is to deliver 1000 emails to every House member today.

If this is true . . .

The Dome is reporting that the sales tax will stay intact and that a quarter-percentage point temporary income tax on high earners will come off as scheduled on Jan. 1. If this is true, I will have two words and two words only for the North Carolina Democratic Party. You can guess what they are.

Unprecedented Ad Buy From DCCC Targets Robin Hayes on Independence Day

Holy cow! With about 500 days before the election the DCCC is taking serious aim at Robin Hayes and 13 other incumbent Republicans.

Do you remember last year when Hayes hefted himself up in the back of a pickup and threw candy at little kids during parades in the district?

I know what he's going to be doing this Independence Day. He'll be listening to commercials outline just how little he and his fellow Republicans have done for those serving this nation in the different arms of the military.

Can the Winston Salem Journal really be this dumb?

In a breathtakingly naive editorial today, the Winston-Salem Journal praises Dick Burr for his skill in pretending like he's doing something when he's just playing politics as usual. Go read the sorry piece for yourself. Here's the closing paragraph:

North Carolinians should not be fooled. Immigration is a hot political issue and, therefore, a valuable commodity for 2008 political candidates. Burr voted to put the Senate to work looking for a solution. Dole voted to keep the issue hot so that she can use it in her re-election campaign.

Pardon my French, but there's no word for this whole editorial other than "bullsh*t."

I have a Job

Well, it looks like I will be on BlueNC a lot less soon.

On July 11th I am on my way to New Hampshire to work for John Edwards. I will be doing field work for the campaign.

Because of it, I doubt I will be doing much blogging, but I will stay in touch. I am incredibly excited, as you can all imagine. 12-16 hour days in the cold of New Hampshire isnt ideal (I hate cold) but its for a man and a movement that I believe in, and I am going to work my butt off to try and make him the next President.


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