The cure for PWS

Hey Charlotte!

Can anyone fill us in on how the world will be shaping up post-McCrory? The city will no doubt slide into PWS (Pat Withdrawal Syndrome), and I wouldn't be surprised of Mr. McCrory is angling toward a coronation of some hand-picked successor.

The main name I've heard tossed on the Democratic side is current city council member Anthony Foxx.

Who's got the inside scoop?

Bev, the blogging Governor

Governor Bev Perdue set out to change the way many things are done in North Carolina and she's changing the way we will communicate with the Governor's office. Bev started a blog.

Most of you here probably received the email from the Governor's office yesterday. If not, here's the juicy part outlining what she did on her first day as Governor:

1. Set up a Governor’s Task Force for the Development of an Endowment for Positive Gubernatorial Campaigns

2008 NC Election Results Refute Old Ideas About Politics and LGBT Equality

There was a time not so long ago (say, last year) that some Democratic party consultants and “leaders” still clung to the belief that gay issues were too toxic for the Democratic party to touch in The Old North State.

While this myth has been crumbling for years, the 2008 elections finally swept away any remaining shred of this falsehood.

Richard Brrrrrrrr not lookin' so good

From the polling guys at Daily Kos:

Our most recent poll from Research 2000 pits Democrats Roy Cooper, the current Attorney General of North Carolina, and Richard Moore, the state's former Treasurer, against the state's senior Senator Richard Burr. As expected, Burr is going to have a tough race on his hands if Moore or Cooper runs, a scenario which would present yet another major headache for newly minted NRSC chair John Cornyn.

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 1/5-7. Likely voters. MoE 4% (No trend lines).

Burr (R) 45
Cooper (D) 43

Burr (R) 46
Moore (D) 40

Very nice-looking numbers for the two Democrats.

High expectations

The pundit pages are filled these days with advice and good wishes to our new Governor. From my career in business, it feels like a serious case of pent-up demand. Expectations are running higher than is healthy, in my opinion. But so far it looks the Governor is striking the right balance in terms of sanity and reasonableness.

DAs Drive Up Death Penalty Costs

Indigent Defense Services, which oversees legal representation for all indigent defendants in North Carolina, has released a study about the cost of the death penalty at the trial level. The study is available online here.

The primary revelation of the study is that the cost of the death penalty has been exploded by DA charging decisions.

How to Change North Carolina

This Diary is meant as a how to guide on making North Carolina more progressive within the state legislature. As we have seen, even with large Democratic majorities, it is often not enough to just get more Democrats elected to office in Raleigh. We also need to make sure that we are pushing for different Democrats, real progressives who put people first. But, how do we do that on an individual basis?

NC Congressional Delegation Activity January 6-9

It is impossible to cover every meeting, phone call, hearing and interview our members of congress participate in and I'll do my best to give you a weekly rundown each weekend following the weeks they are in session. I'm covering Democrats. I'll let someone else take care of the Republicans.

Where to put the new 14th District? (and other redistricting thoughts)

(cross-posted at dKos)

All available analysis suggests that North Carolina will pick up a 14th district after the 2010 census. The question now is, where to put it? And another question--how to further shore up the map for the Dems?


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