Not so fast, Liddy

Now that the wheels have been completely blown off Republicans' Insane War in Iraq, and now that public opinion has pegged the bottom of the barrel in judging this administration and it's chickenhawk cheerleaders, guess who's all of a sudden trying to distance herself from the Bushbatros hanging around her neck?

Why Liddy Dole, of course

Even Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.), a mainstream conservative who has never publicly strayed from the administration's position on Iraq, made it clear that she would now support "what some have called action-forcing measures."

Truth and Consequences

This week's EJS column from the delightful Carrboro Citizen:

Truth & consequences
As promised, there’s been a step-up of immigration raids. This at a time when our junior senator is making the rounds of local law enforcement encouraging the deportation of those apprehended and found to not be here legally.

On the surface it all kind of makes sense – an easy sale of nativist talking points. Break the law – get tossed out.

Except that the border is as porous as a colander and the laws of economics are in direct conflict with those in the general statutes. Then there’s the not-so-perfect federal I.D. system that’s already sent actual U.S. citizens out of the country.

Grier Martin vs. Liddy Dole in 2008?

In the week since Bob Geary of the Independent Weekly reported on a possible Grier Martin vs. Elizabeth Dole Senate race, a few bloggers have started to pick up the buzz. Notably, Senate 2008 Guru and liberal pontificator Daily Kos have weighed in on the possibility that Grier might jump in.

Senate 2008 Guru points out a few things which highlight Liddy's vulnerability:

Voting Vendor Lacks Paper Trail

[Edit notes removed from front page teaser, retained in full post, Greg]

When Diebold declined to share proprietary software with NC elections officials in 2005, Electronic Systems and Software (ES&S), through Printelect, became the only approved vendor of election equipment in North Carolina. Printelect is a North Carolina company with offices in New Bern and printing operations in Fayetteville. Printelect is the authorized dealer for ES&S in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and the only ES&S certified printing vendor in these states. Printelect specializes in printed optical scan ballots which it supplies nationwide as well as providing other election related products.

Printelect is presented on company websites as "Printelect, Inc.," and as the "Owen G. Dunn Company" doing business as "Printelect". The NC Secretary of State's Office has no record of a corporate filing for "Printelect, Inc.," either as a new company, name change or merger. The last Annual Report filed by the Owen G. Dunn Company was for the fiscal year ending 12/31/2004. The company also operates "Dunn's Office Solutions" in New Bern.

Searches of the records of the Registers of Deeds in Cumberland County, Craven County and Wake County do not indicate the filing of any Assumed Name Forms for an entity named Printelect. The only related filing was in 1998 in Cumberland County for the "Owen G. Dunn Company" DBA "Fayetteville Printing and Office Supply Company".


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