BREAKING: Beverly Earle to run for Mayor of Charlotte

This has been embargoed until the filing today, but NC State Rep. Beverly Earle (D-NC-101) just filed the papers necessary to run for Mayor of Charlotte. She is in her seventh term as a state representative and has served as the Democratic Whip and Caucus Chair.

From the Observer:

Earle, who is in her seventh term, was the first black woman elected to the N.C. House from Mecklenburg County. She has been an advocate for women, children and mental health reform. She has been a leader in the N.C. Legislative Black Caucus and is past president of the Carolinas Association of Black Women Entrepreneurs.

Did you get my letter?

Dear Governor Easley.

Earlier this week, I wrote you a letter asking you to take a leadership role in jump-starting a new approach to Health Care for All in North Carolina. Your automated website responded immediately, thanking me for my interest, followed by an email from a staffer saying she would pass my message along. With all due respect, I'm looking for something a bit more definitive.

When your campaign asked me more than a decade ago to host a fundraiser for you at my home in Chapel Hill, my administrative assistant didn't send you a note saying "thanks for your interest." Not at all. I personally took charge and made the event happen. And I'm glad I did.

But now, "making it happen" is what North Carolina needs from you. People are literally dying because our health care system is so screwed up. And our economy is straining under the burden of exponential growth in health care costs. If you want to do ONE thing to make North Carolina the most competitive state in the Union for business, get Health Care for All moving. You don't have much time left.

Good morning, Tom Jensen

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Good morning, Tom Jensen. Thanks for joining us for live-blogging this morning.

As many of you know, Tom writes a weekly column about state and local politics for the Chapel Hill Herald. Last fall, he started working as the head of the 'Cool Cities' campaign for the North Carolina Sierra Club. When he began work in November there were 5 Cool Cities in North Carolina. Now there are 19. Tom also instituted the Sierra Club blog.

Got questions?

Blast Highlights Aging Infrastructure

An Associated Press story about this week's Manhattan explosion highlights the dangers of aging infrastructure. Just this Wednesday a large sinkhole caused by a 12-inch water main break in a Greensboro street swallowed a car and caused traffic headaches. Last week a sinkhole opened up in the middle of a Charlotte road. This follows another road closure in Charlotte the previous week due to a sinkhole caused by a water main break. While in June a parked SUV fell into a sinkhole in Shelby caused by a water main break.

It's a critical issue for North Carolina explored here: Report Paints Dark Picture of State's Infrastructure and here: Reality Check


In honor of blogosphere day

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Today is National Blogosphere Day, and the official honoree of the good people who started this tradition is the website ActBlue. I've used ActBlue a lot, and am very impressed with the organization and how it's operated.

To celebrate this day and take a tentative first step into the 2008 fire fight we're facing here in North Carolina, I've created an official ActBlueNC fundraising page to serve as a clearinghouse for worthy federal and state candidates in North Carolina. I've included Marshall Adame, Larry Kissell, Brad Miller and David Price on my inaugural list, but plan to add others as the various fields become clear. For example, the minute Grier Martin declares for Senate, I'll add him to our ActBlueNC page.

I'm not asking for contributions at this stage, I'm just letting you know the plan. In the months ahead, we'll want to expand our list with worthy progressives, and then we'll want to spread the word about this convenient way individual citizens can make a difference for North Carolina.


Could Dole be ready to break from Bush on Iraq?

PPP Blog.

Republicans in the US Senate continue to block attempts to establish any sort of timetable for withdrawal from the War in Iraq. North Carolina’s Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr were among the obstructionist Republicans. According to the latest Civitas Poll, they don’t have the support of North Carolina voters behind them. From the Civitas Poll:

Do you support or oppose Congress passing legislation that would set a timetable for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq within the next year and also provide full funding for the troops presently fighting in Iraq?

Support 57%
Oppose 33%
Not sure 10%

Cindy Sheehan visit

Sorry to hog the page today.
Got a couple of posts up at The Mill (one of The Carrboro Citizen's sites) about Cindy Sheehan's visit to Carrboro for lunch with the mayor and members of the Grass Roots Impeachment Movement.
She says she'll run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if the Speaker doesn't put "impeachment on the table" by Monday. Audio clip on The Mill.


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