Who hates gays the most?

Any article that starts with an invocation of Ronald Reagan is guaranteed to be pretty much worthless, but this post by Jim Kouri on The Common Voice, is at least amusing. (The Common Voice appears to be a mirror site to The Conservative Voice). It's a front-row seat into Republican whining about who hates gays the most . . . Walter Jones or Joe McLaughlin.

Special for BlueNC - Resolutions for the upcoming NC Democratic Party SEC meeting

Following up on my overview blog post about results from 11 Statewide Regional Town meetings of the NC Democratic Party, here is the package of resolutions to be considered at Saturday's (Aug 25, 2007) State Executive Committee meeting in Greensboro. Please see my prior BlueNC post for more information about what is on the minds of Democrats statewide.

Upset Special in NC-08

An Upset Bid Democrats Won’t Ignore This Time

Voters in the mostly working-class precincts of south-central North Carolina that connect Charlotte and Fayetteville were faced with a study in opposites in their candidates for Congress last year. The Democratic challenger was Larry Kissell, a social-studies teacher who also spent 27 years in midlevel jobs in a hosiery mill. The Republican incumbent was Robin Hayes, a millionaire hosiery mill owner and descendent of one of the region’s founding families. Despite being outspent 3-to-1 and being cut off from support from party headquarters in Washington, Kissell managed to come within 329 votes of one of the year’s biggest upsets — and created the second-closest House race in the country.

This time around, Democrats are betting heavy — and betting early — on Kissell.

50 State Blog Roundup 8/17/07

Hiya BlueNCers. This was our week to pitch in with the 50 state roundup. I volunteered. I hope you enjoy it over the weekend. We don't have anything fancy like ClemG's post last week, just a plain Jane A-Z roundup. Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions - especially to Mike Paulle for saving me with a nice long list of articles complete with links and written in way that made copy/pasting them a breeze. You're a gem, Mike!

  • Alabama's Left in Alabama features an excellent piece by Julie on her experiences with the National Healthcare System in England.
  • "What we've accomplished" in Iraq is the destruction of civilization.

    I'm in the middle of a bunch of work stuff, but someone just forwarded me this link to Ezra Klein. You can read the whole thing, but here is a taste of what we have accomplished in Iraq.

    Suha has three children. She's married; her husband thinks that she cleans houses.

    "I don't have money to take my kid to the doctor. I have to do anything that I can to preserve my child, because I am a mother," she says, explaining why she prostitutes herself.

    Arrested: Asheville Citizen with "Impeach Bush, Cheney" Sign, Cited With Blocking Sidewalk

    Asheville City Police Officer Russell Crisp and Sergeant Randy Riddle believe in your freedom of speech - if they like what you say.

    Asheville Police arrested a protestor for "impeach Bush, Cheney" sign - citing him with dubvious charge of "obstructing a sidewalk" this Wednesday. Since he wasn't actually blocking the sidewalk, they are looking for something else that could stick - and said Thursday "a N.C. Department of Transportation violation would be more fitting."

    Charges against ‘highway blogger’ will changeby Adam Behsudi, August 17, 2007

    ASHEVILLE — Police said Thursday that it would change charges against a man who held an “impeach Bush, Cheney” sign from a bridge over Interstate 240.

    Jonas Phillips, a 35-year-old West Asheville resident, said he had recently taken up “highway blogging,” a protest practice of displaying signs of political discontent from highway overpasses.

    Police cited him Wednesday for obstructing the sidewalk but said Thursday a N.C. Department of Transportation violation would be more fitting.

    In other words, as soon as they can trump up something that might stick.

    A message from Phillips was forwarded to the Veterans for Peace list serve:       (read more below the fold, fp by gf)

    How busy has John Edwards been, anyway?

    The John Edwards Mashup contains all YouTube videos, Flickr photos, campaign headquarters, and John Edwards is Good and Storyville shop addresses.

    How can you keep up with John Edwards as he criss-crosses Iowa on his Fighting for One America Tour? Use the John Edwards Mashup. Clicking on the picture above will take you to an Iowa-sized map with the latest YouTube and Flickr additions. The Mashup contains ~300 John Edwards-related items, and if Google ever gets off its ass and fixes the program you'll be able to see them all on one map. Until then, enjoy all three pages of STUFF.


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