Charter martyrs

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It must be frustrating to be a Puppet these days. Because aside from the nearly Pyrrhic victory of sentencing poor workers to death, I can't think of anything of significance the the Puppetshow has actually accomplished over the past year. Unless, of course, you consider getting Hairdresser Boylan installed in the General Assembly, or perhaps the anointing of Sponge Bob Orr as Art Pope's candidate for governor.

Sure they're spending a boatload of the Puppetmaster's family fortune to buy influence with the media, but in terms of actual impact on public policy, I don't see it. For example, despite all their free-market property-rights baloney, they sat on the sidelines for years and watched the biggest federal land-grab in decades go unchallenged. It took progressive activism to help get that deal stopped, not right-wing "reports" and hand-wringing about the mean old government. And all their whining about the need to end the so-called "temporary" tax was, well, completely ineffective.

Who gives a damn what Americans for Prosperity thinks?

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I am SO getting tired of this steady stream of happy horse shit. It's bad enough that the N&O falls all over itself parroting right-wing talking points at the drop of a hat. But to have Gary Robertson of the Associated Press continuing to do the same thing is flat-out pathetic. This story was in the Winston-Salem Journal, but it ran on the wires, which means the so-called librul media will be spewing the same crap all over North Carolina for the next couple of days.

Diversity and Blogs

Several weeks ago I started actively searching for blogs written by women and minorities to help bring more diversity to the BlueNC blogosphere. This weekend Chris Bowers at MyDD wrote a couple of posts picking up on the diversity and blogs issue. This isn't new for Chris, but I'm glad to see him shed some light on the issue again.

One of the tactics I had planned to use to bring a greater variety of voices to BlueNC was to simply quote and link to blogs written by a diverse group of writers when I was actually writing my own blog posts. If I was writing about free trade, I planned to make an effort to find what other bloggers have to say. I planned to look beyond MyDD, Atrios, DKos and FireDogLake. This has been a lot tougher than you might think.

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No OLF Fever Heads West

I am having fun watching the No OLF fever spread. The corporate media has finally picked up on the missing bumblebee story literally months after I first saw it discussed at DailyKos. Now, the battle between NC farmers and the US Navy has made the LA Times years after the story first had its beginning and months after it was hot news in NC.

I was a bit surprised to see that the writer emphasized the property rights side of the story, but after reading the entire piece I realized something. It really is, and should be, about the people of Washington County and the rest of North Carolina. David Zucchino starts the piece this way:

PIKE ROAD, N.C. — The Navy wants every last one of Gerald Allen's 1,168 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat along the T.G. "Sonnyboy" Joyner Highway.


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