Marshall Adame, NC-03 Hopeful, is endorsing Barack Obama; and here's why

Running for Federal or Statewide office is a consuming experience for the candidate. I have been running full time, full speed and dragging anyone willing to help, for over a year in my quest for North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District seat in Congress. I have learned so much about lots of things, but mostly about people. I could go on and on about the different types of people; caring, concerned, aggressive, timid, politically consumed, apolitical and indifferent. So many backgrounds and life experiences, but all, to some degree, products of our environment.

I have loved meeting all of the people along the campaign trail and I look forward to the many I have yet to meet. I love to hear the life stories of struggle, overcoming, heartbreaks and blessings. Without trying, they have taught me lot. There is something though that I have noted; a sort of string woven into the being, culture and fabric of North Carolinians and all Americans for that matter. People want their leaders to say what they mean and mean what they say. People in America need and want Hope.

Michelle Obama at NCSU April 8

Michelle Obama spoke for over an hour to a crowd of 5,700 at NCSU's Reynolds Coliseum on Tuesday night. There's been plenty of local media coverage of the event including a full length video of the speech at WRAL's website. Also a healthy portion of new media coverage for those seeking it out. Here's an eyewitness account in video and pictures. Let me know if you recognize anyone.

Open thread

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Best quote of the bunch from yesterday's letter to the good people of the 10th District:

What we have in Rep. McHenry is a mongrel cross between a lap dog and a pit bull who appears bred for personal gain and political advancement.

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Help College Dems Come up with Questions for Their Next LG Debate

I received an email from Doug Massengill, President of NCFCD (North Carolina Federation of College Democrats) asking if BlueNC could once again contribute questions for the debate between the four candidates for Lt. Governor. Here's his message.

The NCFCD is now accepting questions for the Lt. Governor's Debates in Charlotte at UNC Charlotte in the Cone Center. Questions are welcome from all interested persons, including non-college students. Questions should not be addressed to a particular candidate; however you may mention a candidate's position on an issue. The deadline for submitting questions for the April 12th debate in Winston Salem, North Carolina is 12:00pm on April 11th.

What Geraldo Rivera and Patrick McHenry have in common: Stupid

It seems like Patrick McHenry has had the worst week in his entire life. Not only did he experience opponent Lance Sigmon's wrath with his "two bit" comment at a GOP dinner, but he also faced the wrath of web-savvy Veterans as they locked into his "Response" video to the "two bit" comment, showing how Patrick McHenry's publicity stunt video attempt to gain voter sympathy ended up endangering lives in Iraq. Even Keith Olbermann has had a field day, "Bush"ing McHenry not once, but TWICE in a single week. However, there seems to be some confusion as to what the true nature of McHenry's blunder is- everyone knows he screwed up, just not exactly why. And I can tell you what that is in one word:



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