Desperate for Dollars, the RNC Hangs State Parties Out to Dry

First it was the NRSC sending out a fundraiser last year that had the potential to scam those easily intimidated. Now the RNC appears to be hanging the NCGOP and other local GOP organizations out to dry.

The latest fundraiser? It's the mass distribution of "limited edition" photographs of Dubya and the wife. Yes, I'm a proud owner of one of these unique "limited edition" photographs of George and Laura Bush.

I'm sure it is quite valuable. It's a limited edition.....and it's signed.


Brad Miller on WRAL's Headline Saturday

Rep. Brad Miller was just on Headline Saturday, follow this link to watch.

What did Shuler get at Civitas?

Smacked around by Grover Norquist.

North Carolina Republicans Roundtable.

As Grover said about Heath's so-called conservatism, "He voted for the budget which raises taxes, but... he's a Blue Dog, he goes to church occasionally, he likes his mother, and he doesn't like naughty language. So that should make up for it."

Was it worth it, Congressman Shuler?

Rep. Jim Clyburn's World Famous Fish Fry

Here's a little taste of Jim Clyburn's world famous fish fry, which I had the pleasure of attending last night. Free candidates, free fish, and free drinks, all in the comfort of a parking deck in Columbia, SC.

Morning Ex

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The key thing to remember about Michael Decker selling his vote is that it wasn't just a vote for a bill, but a vote that determined control of the House and the upper hand in redistricting. It makes the actions yesterday of Judge Dever a little more clear.

Meanwhile, let's think happy thoughts:


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From a comment on another thread:

At a 2006 Civitas workshop, subjects included how to recruit Republican candidates, how to run Republican campaigns, as well as talking points against the current North Carolina Democratic administration. Civitas President Jack Hawke said he hoped the training would give Republicans "a better understanding of what we're up against." He then joked, "But, of course, we're a nonpartisan organization. Wink. Wink."

What's a little partisan hackery among tax-exempt friends? Happy Conservative Leadership Conference Weekend, everyone. Watch out for thunder and lightning over Raleigh tomorrow.


The debate sucked.

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