Captiongate Ends - McCrory Blinks, Captions Ads

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Thanks to a bad back sprain and a sinus infection (a combination from Hell) I've been out of commission for the past month. I've not been able to keep up with politics and had given up on any answer from Pat McCrory regarding the lack of closed captioning of his TV ads. One can imagine my surprise this morning when I saw McCrory's TV ad with closed captioning. At first, I wondered if I was seeing things, perhaps a left over hallucination from 3 weeks on pain pills and sundry medications. Upon doing a double take, yes indeedy, Pat has finally closed captioned his TV ads after nearly a year of neglect now that election day is one week away. I'm still waiting for the Earth to freeze on its axis and careen out of orbit. Surely Judgment Trump will blow.

Junior Johnson endorses Obama

Richard Petty is not going to like this:

Join me in supporting Barack, My family and I have given this election a lot of thought.

Our country is in a rough spot, and we're going to need some serious change. There's only one candidate ready to deliver it -- and that's Barack Obama.

Every day I talk to someone else who's never voted for a Democrat, but now they're voting for Barack Obama. They realize that Barack understands what we're going through here in North Carolina. And they're ready for change.

So I've made up my mind, and I'm ready to get involved. I know that I could never have won a race without my pit crew, and I know Barack can't win this one without us.

Can you sign up to volunteer this last crucial week?

Kay Hagan: Ready to Lead on Day One

I want to go to Washington not for gridlock, but to work with Democrats and Republicans to move forward legislation that helps turn this country around. I've been talking about the fact that Washington is broken whether it is from an energy standpoint, healthcare, the economy and the war - we have got to come together in this country.

Kay Hagan sat down with me yesterday in Charlotte for a few minutes to chat about the campaign and her thoughts and feelings as she gets closer and closer to serving the people of North Carolina as our United States Senator.

Nine days and counting

Hello Blue. Thought I'd make a cameo for the countdown.
Plenty out there to latch on ta.
Palin keeps the wardrobe ball in the air
• TPM reader has an excellent point about Alaska and gifting
Awful campaign or just bum luck?
• A chopped up 2001 interview dominates the universe — not (go look at Drudge if ya want, I'm not linking from here)
• Beer me some poll analysis, Nate

I took some first time voters to the polls today

One of our intiatives during early voting is called "Souls to the Polls" where we get houses of faith and other faith based orgs to get their people out to vote on the Sunday during the early voting period. I volunteered to ferry people from one of our transitional housing projects to the nearest early voting sites.

These are people who are trying to get off the streets and just need some help. Most are chemical dependent but they have to be clean to stay in the housing. We had a voter registration drive at these projects last month and now we were getting them to vote. I took several people to vote for the first time today. You could see the pride in their faces when they walked out with their early voting stickers on. It brought tears to my eyes.

Beyond Cliffside: Bev Perdue's Vision For A Greener North Carolina

I know many of my fellow environmentalists are weary of this election season, as they are finding less and less evidence of real concern for the environment in the tone and stance of candidates from both major parties. While this is discouraging, it is (still) important to keep our focus on what the candidates' positions on the environment are. In that respect, Beverly Perdue is so far ahead of her opponent they're not even in the same league.

McCrory the Snake Charmer

If you haven't heard by now, you should know that Myers Park Pat is racking up the newspaper endorsements like nobody's business. O-No! today, in the finest McClatchy tradition, weighed in with its own faint praise:

He's loaded with energy and fresh ideas. On several levels, he could be just what this state needs.

I challenge Mr. Steve Ford and the editorial board at O-No! to name ONE fresh idea offered by Mr. McCrory. Just one.


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