Rep. Shuler Doesn't Think Escalation is The Answer

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Shuler said he didn’t think escalation was “the solution” but would consider it if “that’s what our military leaders said.”

President Bush is busily stacking the deck with military leaders who will advocate for more troops. This Scrutiny Hooligan hopes that Heath Shuler will heed the advice of outgoing Iraq Commander General Casey, who said he'd ask for more troops if he needed them. He didn't ask.

How many more mistakes does the Bush administration have to make in order to lose the support of thoughtful people? I would argue that we crossed that threshold about 4 years ago.

Anyone who votes to authorize more funding for the McCain/Bush Iraq surge is an advocate of that strategy and will have to take responsibility for its success or failure. Just as those who authorized Bush to invade Iraq now have that millstone of poor decision-making around their necks, so too will those who pour more money into more troops in the biggest foreign policy mistake of my lifetime.

Follow your gut, Heath. It's right. Escalation is a prescription for more death and continued instability, for more terrorist recruitment and enemy-making on the Arab Street.

David Price in Critical New Congressional Role

Speaker Pelosi has just made Rep. David Price the most powerful member of North Carolina's congressional delegation. He will now be serving as chair of the House Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee. This is a position that puts him at the forefront of one of the top agenda items that House Democrats ran on during the last election. His role will be critical to enacting the full menu of recommendations outlined by the 9/11 committee in their landmark report.

Price's subcommittee will oversee the funding of the sprawling Homeland Security department, and he says that his primary objectives will be disaster preparedness and making sure that first responders have all the resources they need to deal with a national emergency. He made it clear that he's not just talking about terrorism related events, and he also emphasized that he plans to hold significantly more hearings than have been held in the past. So it's fair to ask how much emphasis he will give to previously uninvestigated preparedness disasters like hurricane Katrina.

NC Republican Women: Law Not for Us

I knew that someone would work hard to find a loophole around our new ethics laws here in NC. I didn't think it would happen this quickly and would be this blatant.

David Ingram is reporting in The Charlotte Observer that a group of Republican women has lost no time in leaping through a loophole in the new law that allows lobbyists to continue giving to political groups or PACs.

From the Observer:

.....And that exception has not been lost on the leaders of the Committee to Elect Republican Women, a group of 14 female state officials.

The group sent a letter this week to lobbyists, inviting them to attend a breakfast Jan. 24 before the new session of the General Assembly and to contribute as much as $4,000. The invitation even mentions the new law and argues that the group is exempt.


Cherie Berry, founder of the Committee to Elect Republican Women, said it's doing only what it has done since its launch in 1999.

Please follow below the fold....

Hampton Dellinger for Lieutenant Governor

In response to Anglico’s 12/06/06 post (“Early birds”) and by way of introduction, my name is Hampton Dellinger. Just after the 2006 polls closed, I posted ads announcing my run for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor because for all the progress North Carolina has made over the past forty years – my lifetime – there is more, much more, we need to do.

Anglico thinks getting started early is generally a good idea. I hope so. In 2005 and 2006, I traveled the state supporting Democrats -- such as Anthony Foxx (Charlotte City Council), Lorrin Freeman (Wake Clerk of Court), Ty Harrell (State House) and Patricia Timmons-Goodson (Supreme Court) -- and discussing my interest in seeking an open statewide office in 2008. As it became clear which Democratic incumbents would seek re-election, I received tremendous encouragement for a particular post: Lieutenant Governor.


What a week!

Don't you love how George Pence writes? It's tempting to agree with him just because of his style. And Greg Flynn's weigh with words just knocks my socks off. Did you see what he wrote about the Army brass and the McCain Doctrine of Escalation? It's an all time best: Surging Generals Warning

Plus we had a great visit from Michael Munger, who's trying to get on the ballot for Governor as a third party candidate. (I'm for that. Sign his petition if you are too.) Mike is the closest thing to a sane Libertarian I've ever encountered. He seems like a really great guy.

And to top it all off, Kirk Ross takes us to our first committee meeting. You can get to it through Exile on Jones Street If you haven't listened, it is WAY worth the trip. The story that will rip your heart out. I'm serious.


McHenry's Latest Tantrum

Little Patty McHenry, the miniature pit bully of North Carolina is back in the news. He's mentioned prominently in today's New York Times Politics Blog under the heading "It's not Whining."

After a discussion of Steny Hoyer's move into the grander quarters of Tom Delay's former office, Kate Phillips, who hosts the The Times' blog, reports that there was a gathering of disaffected Republicans upstairs. She describes seeing our Rep. McHenry "waving his hands and stomping his feet" for the benefit of the press, and then he whined at the very highest register of his irritating little voice, "It is so hypocritical, just on its face!"

Public hearing on death penalty

An intense public hearing today before the House Select Committee on Capital Punishment. Mark Kleinschmidt has a rundown on his blog and over on Exile there's audio of a really incredible bit of testimony—in the truest sense of that word—by Shirley Burns. She's the mother of one son who is to be executed in 12 days and the grieving mother of another son who was murdered eight months ago.

Exile on Jones Street: Shirley Burns testimony

AP story on the hearing.

From Mark Kleinschmidt:

When the moon is in the 7th house

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Even the astrologers are getting in on the presidential prognostication act.

Transiting Pluto opposed Edwards's Sun back in 2003 and 2004 as he sought the Presidency and blocked (opposition) his reach for power (Sun/Pluto). Pluto is just beginning another cycle, this time opposing his Mars. Over the next year Edwards will face challenges to his ambitions as Pluto blocks his drive and ambition (Mars). However, other planetary influences are favorable for him, and perhaps this could be a time when he is able to achieve enough balance in his life to stabilize him and give him the persistence he will need to face another presidential campaign.

Rep. Brad Miller on PoliticsTV

Rep. Brad Miller talks about the focus of the 110th Congress.

I think what this Democratic Congress needs to do, is to be on the side of working and middle class Americans.

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