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I am SO getting tired of this steady stream of happy horse shit. It's bad enough that the N&O falls all over itself parroting right-wing talking points at the drop of a hat. But to have Gary Robertson of the Associated Press continuing to do the same thing is flat-out pathetic. This story was in the Winston-Salem Journal, but it ran on the wires, which means the so-called librul media will be spewing the same crap all over North Carolina for the next couple of days.

Diversity and Blogs

Several weeks ago I started actively searching for blogs written by women and minorities to help bring more diversity to the BlueNC blogosphere. This weekend Chris Bowers at MyDD wrote a couple of posts picking up on the diversity and blogs issue. This isn't new for Chris, but I'm glad to see him shed some light on the issue again.

One of the tactics I had planned to use to bring a greater variety of voices to BlueNC was to simply quote and link to blogs written by a diverse group of writers when I was actually writing my own blog posts. If I was writing about free trade, I planned to make an effort to find what other bloggers have to say. I planned to look beyond MyDD, Atrios, DKos and FireDogLake. This has been a lot tougher than you might think.

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No OLF Fever Heads West

I am having fun watching the No OLF fever spread. The corporate media has finally picked up on the missing bumblebee story literally months after I first saw it discussed at DailyKos. Now, the battle between NC farmers and the US Navy has made the LA Times years after the story first had its beginning and months after it was hot news in NC.

I was a bit surprised to see that the writer emphasized the property rights side of the story, but after reading the entire piece I realized something. It really is, and should be, about the people of Washington County and the rest of North Carolina. David Zucchino starts the piece this way:

PIKE ROAD, N.C. — The Navy wants every last one of Gerald Allen's 1,168 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat along the T.G. "Sonnyboy" Joyner Highway.

Prom night down East

Don't you just love this story?

Rolling up in a Ford, date by your side on prom night. Family and friends are taking pictures of the big night. But for Brandon Barnes and Nicole Critcher the Ford wasn't their real mode of transportation to the prom.
Brandon says, “You know, I love the John Deere tractor. I didn't want to ride a limousine. Everyone's going to be shocked.” See, Brandon's a farmer at heart. So, he knew the tractor was going to grab a lot of attention. But, Brandon also wanted to support his family, about a big issue.
The signs are all over the tractor, Class of 2007 and NO OLF. Brandon's family hopes people will listen, especially those around him.

Interesting Polling Title and Results

If you look over at the headlines in the Premium Blogad section you will notice the headine: "New Poll: Obama Crushes Giuliani". I was interested, I clicked. The page goes on to describe the poll results this way:

May 6, 2007, 12:10AM EDT UPDATE:
GOP death march..... If new polling is accurate, it may not matter who the Republicans nominate.... For the first time this year, Rudy Giuliani trails all three Democratic frontrunners, according to a poll released today.... Newsweek reports that Barack Obama leads Giuliani 50%-43%; Hillary Clinton leads Giuliani 49-46%; and John Edwards leads Giuliani 50%-44%....

First, I like the idea that all of our candidates are kicking the collective butts of all of their candidates. I find it interesting that a seven point lead would be called crushing, and that Obama gets all the love when Edwards also leads by 6 points. There is something else that comes up in this poll, which I have seen over and over again, and which I cannot explain at all.

Big "report" due out this week!

If you're like me, you get pretty darned excited when you hear that the Art Pope Puppetshow is getting ready to release one of its new "reports." So hold on to your hats, buckaroos, because this one promises to be a doozie!

A new study comparing faculty compensation in the University of North Carolina system with peer institutions around the country will be released on Wednesday, May 9, at 11:00 a.m. at a press conference in the Legislative Press Room. The study is published by the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy and written by Jon Sanders, a policy analyst and research editor with the John Locke Foundation. Senate Republican Leader Phil Berger (R-District 26) will host the press conference.

Whooooeeee, this is gonna be a good one, 'specially since it was written by none other than Jon Sanders, one of the Puppetshow's many experts on higher education. In fact, a quick Googly search shows that Jon Boy is actually an expert on just about everything!


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