Ain't Got Gas

Just thought I'd let the rest of the state know that there's no gasoline in the mountains. No really. You can read about the gas panic here, here, here, here. The few stations that got fuel delivered had lines of an hour or more with gas between $4 and $4.50 a gallon. Most limited each sale to $30-$50 in order to prevent hoarding. Folks are filling up every receptacle they can find.

A combination of disrupted supply from Texas refineries and pipeline problems has left the Asheville area without any reliable sources of gasoline for almost a week. Schools are canceling classes and teams are canceling games.

It's supposed to be another 5-10 days before the gas is flowing normally. I've seen more bicycles and full buses today than I've ever seen in Asheville.

When do we get to have accessible alternatives? Yesterday would have been great.

Dole Sighting! Dole Sighting!

Bob Dole. Sorry. Still no sign of Liddy.

In true Dole fashion, Bob is reaching out to all of Liddy's constituents the handful of Republicans who can fit into the NC Victory HQ. Not the Dole Victory HQ, the McCain Palin Victory know, the ones they opened when PappyMac decided he indeed could lose NC if he wasn't careful.

Bob will be at the Mecklenburg County office followed by a visit to the Cornelius office which is open a whopping two days a week. They obviously have important work to do, right?

Gee, hope old Bob lets them know he's coming for a visit on one of the five days of the week they aren't open.

h/t to a dear friend

Jack Betts on the Pacman

I like much of what Betts writes. He's been around a long time and knows how to cut through the bull. Which is why it is disappointing to see him write something this dumb about Pac McCrory.

These are two seasoned campaigners and experienced public officials who have differing ideas about how to do things – though they apparently agree on things, too, such as keeping illegal immigrants out of community colleges, drilling somewhere offshore and finding more money for schools. Perdue has moved to the right in hopes of attracting conservative votes, though her opposition to illegal immigrants in community colleges risks losing some Democrats she was counting on to help her.

Dole comes out of hiding and starts lying right off the bat - media turns a blind eye.

The media has given Elizabeth Dole a pass. She has been hidden from the voters of North Carolina. Her campaign site - still no list of events. Her Senate site - no updated events since July. Why is Elizabeth Dole, who is losing to Kay Hagan, hiding from the voters?

Google searches reveal that Bob Dole has been campaigning all over North Carolina for his wife, but that she has been largely cloistered.

Two political observations

First: Did anyone notice a certain NC congressman who is in the fight for his political survival showed up as the fifth richest member in Congress? Not that there's anything wrong with being rich (sorry, folks, it's true). But I think it is fair to say that if you have increased your wealth as much as he has between 2006 and 2008 (even thru inheritance), and your district has lost massive wealth also between 2006 and 2008, it shows that A) you may be out of touch with your constituents and B) your individual success seems more important than your district's success.

Advice from John Hood?

Late though it may be, Mr. Hood appears to be coming to an awareness of the stunning and gross incompetence of the Republican Party. His party. The party that has given us over the course of seven short years: immoral war, a second great Depression, sanctioned torture, dangerous infringement of personal freedom, and worse. Hood doesn't come out and say it straight - he's not honest enough to do that - but it's all right there between the lines.

Today we are witnessing Bush-by-the-book: screw things up, party like there's no tomorrow, and leave all the problems to someone else. In this case, the disaster will fall into the hands of Democrats in Congress and a very likely Democratic president.

Rachel Hunter [Madame Justice] Judical State Wide Picks


Dear Friends and Voters:

I have taken the summer off and my partner, better known as “Max the Dog” has recovered from his first surgery on one leg and is gearing up for surgery on the other. I will not have much time after the next surgery and so much has been happening that I thought I would comment briefly on it.


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