Doug Clark: Politics Trumps Morality

One could write volumes about the sad state of modern journalism. The collapse of quality and integrity are nothing short of mind-boggling. The collusion of reporters with right wing sources. The gushy pandering of small town newspapers to their hometown favorites. The wholesale swallowing of manufactured opinions by by once great newspapers.

But even against those sorry standards, Doug Clark at the Greensboro News-Record reaches a new low today in a comment he makes about the immigration issue.

Politics trumps whatever your idea of morality is on this issue, and many other issues for that matter.

Will Nick Mackey Serve a Day as Mecklenburg County Sheriff?

Here's your $25,000 question. Will Nick Mackey ever serve a day as Mecklenburg County Sheriff?

Chances are, if he does, it won't be without a battle and probably not the kind you're thinking. Before Mackey can serve as sheriff he has to qualify for a surety bond, probably a Public Official Bond. State law allows the county commission to set the amount of the bond, but it is not to exceed $25,000.

Poor Puppetmaster

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Of the many ironies swirling around the Art Pope Puppetshow, their non-profit (and presumably non-partisan) status is among the most amusing. For a bunch of guys who can't string ten words together without saying "free market," the organization is bereft of leaders who know anything about making business in general and making a profit in particular. The Patron Saint of the Puppetshow himself inherited all his money from his daddy, and he happily passes it along to the John Locke underlings, all relying on other people's money (OPM) to fuel their crusade.

So imagine my surprise today when John Hood, Stagemanager at the Puppetshow, gets all gushy and philosophical about fighting for freedom. Even more exciting, you too can fight for freedom right alongside the Puppets, simply by clicking on this page and contributing some of your hard-earned money to their cause.

Dole's Dumb Idea

Our Very Senior Senator Elizabeth Dole is weighing in on the issue of defense spending, as part of the most recent Republican surge in driving the deficit to ever-dizzying heights.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole wants to spend more on defense. Dole, a Salisbury Republican, has introduced a resolution calling on Congress to spend at least 4 percent of the country's gross domestic product on the defense budget.

Greensboro City Clerk Attempts to Thwart Minimum Wage Effort

On Monday, December 3, the Greensboro Minimum Wage Committee (of which I am a member) presented a petition to the Greensboro city clerk asking that, in accordance with the City Charter, the City Council adopt an ordinance raising the minimum wage for all employees in the city to $9.36 per hour or submit it to the voters in the next citywide election. $9.36 is the equivalent, in today's dollars, of the purchasing power of the federal minimum wage in 1968, which is the highest purchasing power the minimum wage has had in US history.


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