Our Crippling Lack of Science and Tech workers

So, how many of you fell for it ... the spin that there is a crippling lack of qualified science and technology workers coming out of American schools? Have you heard the clamoring of companies screaming for more H-1B visas to hire engineers, chemists, researchers and data base administrators from overseas?

Well, friends and neighbors, we've been had ... AGAIN!!

Turns out, the shortage of American workers for those jobs is pure. T. bull. hockey.

Republicans still don't get it

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Among my least favorite things in the world are troop-lovin' Republican hypocrites, and god knows we have more than a few of them representing North Carolina in Congress. But even I was surprised at their recent spate of mindless mumblings, as reported in today's Charlotte Observer.

While support for the war among Carolinas Republicans remains high, Myrick and two other lawmakers from the area voiced critical comments about Bush's ability to convey his message effectively. Though their criticism is mild, it echoes concerns among Republicans across the country about Bush.

U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick said Bush hasn't been able to effectively portray the enemy to the American people. "Iraq became the centerpiece," the Charlotte Republican said. "He has not, in my opinion, done a good job of talking about the big picture, the worldwide problem of the radicalization of the jihadists and what they intend to do."

Rep. Patrick McHenry, a Cherryville Republican, said the president should have characterized the challenge as a "war against Islamic extremists" instead of a war on terrorism. "Terrorism is merely a tactic. Islamic extremists are the ones actively targeting Americans because they loathe our culture, laws and freedoms," McHenry said.

Rep. Robin Hayes, R-Concord, said, "The administration's effort in communicating with the American people has not been very good."

DCCC: Kissell, Kissell He's Our Man!

Put a fork in Robin Hayes. He's done.

On a conference call with supporters and 8th District Dem party officials, Rep, Chris Van Hollen committed DCCC support to Larry Kissell and according to pollster Marc Silverman of Anzalone Liszt:

Hayes is facing an electorate that is as dangerous to his political career as it was in 2006, if not worse.

Got that fork ready?

Roll Call Paying Attention to Larry Kissell

Who here remembers the 2006 election cycle? Remember how we did everything humanly possible to get press attention for Larry Kissell? The campaign worked their hearts out, volunteers worked their hearts out and those of us on the web wrote our poor little fingers to the bone and all the corporate media could talk about was the damned goat.

Enter Roll Call.

In December 2006 they had this to say:

Open Source Ethics Complaint

Hi everyone.

I am slam-slam-slammed these days, but I want to see if we can get a project moving here on my lunch break. Specifically, I'm asking that we come together to consider filing a State Ethics Commission Complaint, using the form that was sent to me based on a request I made this morning to the North Carolina State Ethics Commission.

The form is straightforward and I'm happy to be the person who files (swears) if we believe a complaint is truly in order.


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