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In a gala event attended by Washington's political elite the newest conservative debutant Monica Goodling was rewarded for being a loyal Bush administration aparachik. With the President and Republican luminaries in attendance Ms. Goodling received the Jane Curtin Memorial Ignorant Slut Award.

Winning the Jane Curtin Memorial Ignorant Slut Award will be the highlight of Ms. Goodlings short but distinguished political career. The Ignorant Slut Award is won by completely disregarding reality in the service of a lost cause. Past winners of the Jane Curtin Memorial Ignorant Slut Award include Ann Coulter, Elizabeth Dole, Lindsay Lohan and Ariana Huffington*.

Shallow indeed

Just watched Headline Saturday and I'm sorry to say that it had one of the more in-depth segments on the real estate transfer tax debate. Sorry because it was horribly shallow.

The real estate transfer tax debate is an example of inside baseball in Raleigh having a detrimental effect on the rest of us.

Nothing but a bunch of hyperbole and scare tactics and talking points and a truly flaccid press standing on the sidelines playing on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand.

The big money people are trying to make it seem like they're standing for the little folks -- that they're the only ones keeping big government from your wallet.

Here's a couple of facts I heard unchallenged:
• 81 percent of the public is opposed to a real estate transfer tax.

War without end

I can't wait until the Congressional races for 2008 start heating up, but I'm ready to light some matches right now. For example, please join me in contacting all North Carolina Congressmen and our two so-called Senators with this specific question:

Farm bill fight

Vastly different House and Senate versions of the reauthorization of the federal farm bill. The big issue is funding for conservation programs. Senate, yes. House, no. Via Medill:

WASHINGTON – The chairmen of the Senate and the House Agriculture Committees unveiled drastically different plans for funding farm conservation programs last week, setting the stage for a debate that may last well into September with billions of subsidy dollars for farmers at stake.

Adam Searing on Perdue

When it comes to covering health care issues in North Carolina, nobody does it with more passion than Adam Searing at the North Carolina Health Access Coalition, which is part of the NC Justice Center. I don't always agree with Adam, but he mostly gets it right. In one of his regular email updates this week, he had this to say about Beverly Perdue.

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR FOCUSES ON FUTURE: Eleven states have already taken action to move towards covering all children with sliding-scale affordable coverage. Last week, while the Senate dithered about covering kids, Lieutenant Governor Perdue acted.

Budget action: No . . . or veto

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Okay. It's crunch time. Last chance to do your duty.

I'm not usually an alarmist, so forgive me for raising holy hell this weekend about the complete and utter collapse of sanity in Raleigh with regard to the state budget. If you're not worried about the budget, you should be. And if you're not in action yet, it's time to get crackin'.

On Monday night, June 4th, the legislature will convene to consider the vast differences between the Senate's Republican budget and the slightly more progressive House budget. There will be a vote to determine whether the House concurs with the Senate.

Assuming the Republican government-haters hang together, which they will, only nine Democrats have to vote for the budget for it to be a done deal. I say again: Only nine Democrats have to sell out for this pathetic budget to move on to Governor Easley's desk.

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

The Mainstream Media absolutely loves the idea of ups and downs. Whether it is the N & O’s pretty arrows, the dunce hats and cowboy hats of the Indy, or the classic Cheers and Jeers; everyone loves to give accolades and hate.

Well, today I am going to try and do the same for North Carolina Politics.


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