UPDATE: Moore's effective ad against Perdue (Thoughts about Chapel Hill Buses)

So much for Local. I just got an RSS update that Richard Moore had a new web commercial about transportation. I thought that sounded interesting. This is, very, very negative. Right down to the old film of Perdue with a questionable haircut. However, I don't think it is dirty. When people say that negative commercials win, I think this is what they are talking about. It points out a very bad decision and places it in the worst possible light.

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Dick Cheney is having a meeting in my District right now!

Dick Cheney is in my district having a private meeting with the Board of Directors of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. I hope he's here to do something good like bring back some of our jobs he has sent overseas, but I doubt it is that happy of an occasion. You know today is actually an important day that I doubt he is taking the trouble to celebrate. History tells us that President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act of 1935 on August 14, but I'm of the opinion that is not the birth of our commitment to our seniors.


It was actually today's date, January 31, 1940, that our commitment was fully realized in the form of Check #00-000-001 to Ms. Ida May Fuller of Vermont in the amount of $22.54 - bringing life to law, and politics to people, which is what it should all be about.

Open Thread - Indulge Me Edition

I will be out for much of the day, so thought I'd leave a clean, fresh open thread for everyone. We will have a debate open thread set up tonight and I'll tend it while I'm watching Carolina and Boston College go at it. Speaking of Carolina.....did anyone read the piece in the Charlotte Observer titled, " Hard foul not easy to forget"? (paper edition)

Sock Puppets and Astroturfing at BlueNC

BlueNC is a community blog. As such, we appreciate the participation and input of everyone. We have intentionally limited rules and guidelines to better promote an open forum. Until recently, the only way to get your account blocked and your IP banned was to expose the true identity of a member who had made reasonable attempts to secure their anonymity.

Unfortunately, our size and traffic have opened us up to folks who want to use this community instead of joining this community.

Coble votes against helping low and middle income America.

Mark Binker did the legwork, so I might as well just steal his blockquote. Follow the link for the whole thing.

Even though it was endorsed by a Republican president, along with Democratic and GOP leadership in the House, U.S. Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC) today voted against a $150 billion economic stimulus package calling it "deficit spending at its worst."

Marshall Adame Meets Mother Jones

Mother Jones this week features a story following-up coverage here and at the Dome earlier this month. When Blackwater's EVP for Stupidity tried to intimidate Marshall Adame, it looks like he bit off more than he can chew. Of course, the EVP has its own private bulldog working to stomp out dissent and drive up profits, so it's shaping up to be an epic battle.

Adame's comments about the company have enraged Blackwater employees, including executive vice president Bill Mathews. In an internal corporate email, Mathews encouraged his colleagues to barrage Adame with mail ("he was too cowardly to put a phone number on the web," Mathews noted in the message). "[H]e wants this company and all of us to cease to exist," Mathews wrote in the email, which was obtained by the Raleigh News & Observer and posted to the newspaper's web site. "Do you like your jobs? Are you sick and tired of the slanderous bullshit going on in DC? If so, would you all mind joining me in reminding Mr. Adame that he is running for office in our backyard…. Let's run this goof out of Dodge...!"


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