Collateral damage

There has been much written recently about the potential risks of over-heated primaries. In the face of increasingly sharp attacks in the presidential and gubernatorial races, Democratic party loyalists rightly cringe, calling on candidates to tone things down. Worried that all the name-calling will come back to haunt the eventual nominee, many activists decry attack advertising and blog wars as providing comfort (and fodder) for the enemy.

History shows, however, that the hot furnace of a primary contest can have positive effects as well. By running the gauntlet of a tough race, a candidate will theoretically be stronger and more thoroughly vetted for the general election in November.

But there is another consequence of over-heated primaries about which candidates seem largely oblivious.

So....I'm Going to Meet the President Today

I just got off the phone with my friend and we're set to meet Bill Clinton today. We'll meet the motorcade and get our pictures taken. I might even have a chance to ask a question.

Here's your chance to help me figure out what that question might be.

Pretend you are still undecided. What is the one thing you would want to know about a future Hillary Clinton presidency? What is the one question you want asked that would help you make your decision?

Want a Sneak Preview of Wayne Goodwin's Campaign Ad for Insurance Commissioner?

Want a Sneak Preview of Wayne Goodwin's Campaign Ad for Insurance Commissioner?

Then all you have to do is visit my website, and click on the link that says "Watch Wayne's New TV Ad!"

Afterward, let me know what you think about it.

And while you're there on the campaign website, be sure to read why I believe I'm your best choice for Insurance Commissioner in 2008 and how broad and deep my support is around the State.

"Moderating" the 6th District Debate

I don't know if I moderated or liberalized the debate in Asheboro tonight, but at least I can say I didn't 'conserve' it.

I bought a stopwatch at the mall and was at our new 2008 Randolph County Democratic Party HQ at 6:15. Our people already had the sound system set up, and the candidates all three arrived by 6:45 for a 7PM start. We 'drew straws' for the starting and ending statement order.

Da Bash!

A quick reminder that we're having the first ever North Carolina Bloggers Bash, sponsored by BlueNC, on Sunday, April 27th from 3-6 pm. If you've ever started a blog, posted on a blog, or even thought about it, this party's for you. More details later, but go ahead and save the date. Greg Flynn has promised to help with all things vegetarian, but for all you carnivores, we'll have barbecue, beans, push huppies. We'll also have beer and soft drinks. If you're in the mood for wine, please bring your own.

We're asking folks for ten bucks to cover some of the costs. Candidates of all stripes and persuasions are welcome to join, free of charge. Hope you can all come!

North Carolina Presidential Primary Primer

It looks like North Carolina will play a part in selecting the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. I realize I might be the only person at BlueNC excited about this, but I think it's good for the state and it's good for the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Head on below the fold for maps, charts and all sorts of information that may just turn out to be useless.

McCrory and Moore would have let this innocent man die

A bittersweet story today in the News and Observer is guaranteed to ratchet up debate in the gubernatorial race. Here's my take on where things stand.

McCrory: No moratorium.
In his continuing lurch toward the extremist right wing base of Jack Hawke's shrinking Republican Party in North Carolina, Myers Park Pat McCrory insists that there be no moratorium on the death penalty. Despite mountains of evidence that capital punishment is pretty much a stacked deck against poor people and blacks, McCrory stands with a straight face in front of his white Republican donors and says he will oppose ANY moratorium on the death penalty. It's all part of his plan for "safety and security," unless you happen to be a poor, black man like Glen Chapman.

Richard Moore: No moratorium.
His reasons may be different, but Richard Moore comes down in the same place as McCrory. Moore cites his time as a federal prosecutor, saying that he believes it is necessary for some crimes.

"I do believe in capital punishment," he said. "I do believe that there is biblical evil that lives among us and for some crimes you give up the right to be here on the Earth with the rest of us."


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