The busy schedule of third place.

Jamess wrote an interesting diary over at Daily Kos about the delegate race, which we all understand is the center of attention in the Democratic race. This figure shows how many delegates have been seated/chosen and how many have yet to be filled.

Now, what this tells us is that Edwards has a decent number of delegates, a good percentage, and that it has remained steady through every race. We'll have a better idea how things shake out after Feb. 5th, but the worst case scenario for Edwards appears to be that of King-maker. It's possible that there will be big swing to either Obama or Clinton, but more likely that it will remain tight and that 10-15% from Edwards will swing it one way or the other.

If you think Edwards is giving up, check this out...

Profiting from death

It was many years ago when trial lawyer Dave Rudolf explained to me the importance of excellent representation for defendants charged with horrific crimes. Rudolf has taken on more than his share of those defendants, and the case he made for doing so is compelling. Not only is the right to defense clearly laid out in law, it is also morally correct. A happy coincidence.

Though I have big reservations about giving corporations the same rights we give individuals, I nonetheless accept that businesses charged with horrific crimes deserve representation too. It's the American way.

Which brings us to the relationships between two North Carolina companies, Reynolds American and Blackwater, and one of our state's leading law firms.

GOP Map Quest

This sleeper story has huge potential to disrupt the orderly progress of democracy in North Carolina. Keep an eye on it.

NEW BERN, N.C. — Elections must be delayed in North Carolina because boundaries for dozens of state House and Senate voting districts are unconstitutional, a lawyer representing a group of Republican voters told federal judges Friday. The voters' lawsuit accuses state lawmakers of intentionally using incorrect population figures when they redrew district lines in 2003, and asks that the maps be corrected before elections are held for the General Assembly this year.

South Carolina Primary Returns Open Thread

It's quiet around here today. I'm collecting some information from different sites on the primary in South Carolina. Some polls are quiet while others are seeing very high turnout. It's chilly and clear, so weather shouldn't be keeping folks at home.

It will be interesting to see just how accurate or inaccurate the polling numbers are in South Carolina.

Time will tell.

No sign of intelligence

For all the moral relativism of John McCain, the man has taken at least one clear and principled stand against torture. So it's rather remarkable that in his commentary about a possible McCain presidency, Rick Martinez, the resident Pope Puppet of the News and Observer editorial pages, takes issue with that particular point.

There is one McCain position, however, that does scare me. If he becomes president, McCain has promised to outlaw U.S. use of waterboarding, and, presumably, some other "enhanced interrogation techniques."

This isn't an empty promise. McCain would cite his personal history as a Vietnam POW and torture victim to claim the emotional high ground and short-circuit rational debate on the role and results of interrogation in the continuing war on terror. McCain is right when he claims torture doesn't work. But waterboarding and other enhanced techniques aren't torture, and they do work.

Sustainable Development Part Three: EPA's RTP Campus

(Photo above courtesy of the EPA)

In this installment of the series, I decided to follow up on the recommendations I received from at least five different people over the last few months to feature the EPA’s Campus located in the Research Triangle Park.

Being the intrepid Freelance Internet Journalist (Blogboy) that I am, I dutifully Googled their website to learn some background on this expansive project that was originally dreamed up back in 1984 and completed in 2001. As you can probably tell from the timeline, the years leading up to the completion of the project were filled with planning, research, budgetary headaches, as well as some strident opposition from a few of our less “visionary” North Carolina Senators. The fact that this project was finally approved and completed is a testament to those who do have a vision, and should be a lesson to us all.

Blue Century - Playing Offense

PhotobucketWhen it comes to becoming the media, a new group out of Asheville is taking the bull by the horns.

"Blue Century was founded by veteran Democratic campaign staff and volunteers. We believe the future of American politics lies in grassroots and netroots activism.

We're through playing defense. Through being defined by opponents. It's time we defined ourselves, not by what we're against, but by what we're for.

Creative, small-scale radio campaigns can - like Howard Dean's Internet campaign - make politics more accessible to ordinary people. Listen for Blue Century's messages on both progressive and conservative talk radio."

Their ads are already running on Asheville area radio, and they're looking forward to expanding via the internet and airwaves.

Follow this link to hear four of their ads.

After the jump - more about Blue Century.


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