Lately, I've mostly ignored John Hood, Stagemanager at the Art Pope Puppetshow. Hood is a hard-core proponent of free-market extremism, whose disdain for government knows no bounds. So why am I acknowledging Hood's unfortunate existence today? Because I want you to understand the utter lack of integrity with which the Puppetshow operates.

As prelude, there is one thing you should know. The Stagemanager and his not-for-profit minions are part of a political operation dedicated to helping the Republican Party grow in North Carolina. Each and every action and "report" produced by the Puppetshow is designed to prepare the ground for Republican electoral victories. Which brings me to John Hood's sad little column today. Here's the teaser:

By blithely ignoring common sense and essentially accusing the majority of North Carolinians of bigotry, immigration-rights advocates are doing their charges no favors.

Ah yes, the magical sleight of hand made possible only through the use of the word "essentially." Without a shred of evidence to support his assertion, Hood drives the latest Republican wedge, pushing it deep into the heart of North Carolina's electorate. In doing so, he accuses both Erskine Bowles and Mike Easley of calling their opponents bigots. That opening insult is but one among many misrepresentations of truth in Hood's column today. None of us should be surprised. Mr. Hood is, after all, essentially a liar. To my knowledge.


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This was one crazy and exciting day. Jane, my usual partner in partying, was stuck in Miami, so I had to be Mr. Sociable all by my lonesome at our fundraiser for Jim Neal. But I'll tell you what, it was a good one.

Here's a quick report:

I got the chance to finally meet Marshall Adame, and I already owe him a big apology. I forgot to introduce him as an honored guest when I was welcoming everyone to the event. I'm sorry Marshall. But just so everyone doesn't think I'm a total schmuck, I suspect Marshall met everyone anyway. He definitely knows how work the crowd.

Jim Neal gave a rousing speech and won over a number of folks who came to size him up. This guy is great at retail politics. Good solid answers to good questions on energy, immigration, and Bush's War, in particular.

A big highlight for me was the significant blogger turn-out, not just BlueNC regulars. Brian, Brunette, Chun Yang (thanks for the banana nut bread!), Graig, Lanya, Lee, Molly, MojoMom, Ruby , Steve, and Will.


Please be sure to read Gordon Smith's write-up from Jim's visit to Asheville. Gordon did a much better job than I in covering comments Jim made.

Muddy Water Watch ... Pencil it in.

Tuesday, Dec. 18, Orientation/Training:

Dean Naujoks, Upper Neuse Riverkeeper, will be conducting [the second] information orientation on the Muddy Water Watch Citizen Monitoring Project on December 18, 2007 from 6:45-9:00 pm.

If you're a sportsman/woman, a birder, a paddler, a lover of seafood, or a busy regular working citizen who likes clean drinking water, this is the action group for you. It's totally non-partisan, totally bi-partisan, totally poly-partisan and totally cool. :)

Sediment carried by stormwater runoff from construction sites in North Carolina has been documented as the leading source of pollution to rivers and lakes throughout our state. ...

Mackey Vote Protested, Will be Reviewed

The election of the new sheriff in Mecklenburg County just took another turn. It could get ugly. Most of us knew this was coming. There had been rumors, some substantiated, that the precincts newly organized by Nick Mackey had not been organized following party protocol. Jane Whitley, former secretary for the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party plans to file a formal protest with the state party.

Weekend Woundup 12/6

If you have spare change or spare time this weekend you can take part in one of two - probably more - rewarding events.

First, in response to Ruby's call to counter hate by raising money for a good candidate, Mark Kleinschmidt, Mark has in turn enouraged us to raise money for a good cause. It's simple. The more they hate, they more money we raise for the greater good.

Second, Anglico and Jane are hosting a fundraiser for senate candidate Jim Neal at their beautiful home in Chapel Hill. Suggested donation of $50 is not required. Take this opportunity to learn more about Jim.

What's on your plate this weekend?

50 State Blog Network Roundup - 12/7/2007

Today's 50-state blog roundup is brought to you by the letters B, N, and C - BlueNC. Major, major hat-tip to Betsy, who really did all the work. If you aren't reading your state's blog, you should be, because "all politics is local" should be more than a motto. This is an interesting week, the Presidential Primary is heating up in the early states (see below), while Virginia holds a special election next Tuesday. At the same time state legislatures seem to be trying and sneak in some iffy legislation before the holiday season. Enjoy!

p.s. It's my birthday this weekend, I'll keep celebrating until I turn 40.

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