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Big day tomorrow. Governor Kathleen Sebelius will be coming to town to speak at a fundraiser for Senator Obama! Of course, Mr. Obama himself will also be in the Triangle, which has plenty of people torn about whom to go see: the next president of the United States or a most impressive woman who could have a shot at vice president. What a dilemma!

Why we must Unite - the real danger

Now that we have a nominee in Barack Obama, it would seem that nothing can stop him from sweeping into the Oval office this fall. Curiously, however, some people seemed to be concerned that Obama can't win because he can't get white voters or can't keep the dissapointed Clinton supporters in his camp.
While some stories like this NPR story are fairly benign,
there are other stories documenting the growing number of Clinton for McCain supporters
and even a website boasting of 15,000 supporters and threatening the following

Our Plans

It is our mission to raise money, promote John McCain. We will set up a "527" to raise money, run TV and radio ads against Obama. The Democrat party has left us out in the cold, so we are going to build a fire that they cannot put out


Really? how did the "democrat" party leave anyone out in the cold? More on these McCan'ts...

By when?

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Over the years, I've taken more than a few workshops from an organization called Landmark Education. What I learned there has had a big influence on my life. It led to my running for local office - and winning. It got me involved in partnership with my wife to help candidates and causes with fundraising. It transformed my ability to be effective in business development. And it gave me an awareness that I am fully responsible for the world around me.

In most of the courses, the subject of "upsets" is usually front-and-center. Upsets are the currency of life for human beings, so figuring out how to handle them is important. Especially how to end them.

Ending Domestic Violence. One Family at a Time.

Dispatch called earlier so I was expecting them. It was after midnight when they knocked on the door. The seven of them, standing there with nothing except a small suitcase between them. The youngest, leaning into mom, clearly just awakened from his sleep in the patrol car. The oldest boys were bickering and the little girl was barefooted. They were dirty and tired and scared but I could see relief in mom’s face. This was at least a break for her, a chance to breathe and make a plan. I brought them in, offered them food, drinks, and helped mom get her children all tucked into bed before I started the paperwork that would tell me how we ended up together on this hot, hot night in July. The officer left, promising to keep a watchful eye.

Hey DPI - Your Algebra 1 EOC is still (mostly) worthless as a math test.

Our Dept. of Public Instruction latest version of the Algebra 1 End of Course Test, much like past versions, involves the reading of over 2500 words just to read the questions. That is the equivalent of reading Poe's Cask of Amontillado. Only about 18-20 of the 80 questions were true math questions; those would be questions that have instructions like solve, evaluate, and factor. The rest of the questions are either a paragraph with numbers and formulas scattered therein or a large matrix that takes up most of a page.


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If there's one truth about professional punditry in the Obama era, it is this: punditry is a crap shoot at best. Rarely have so many been been paid so much to be so wrong about almost everything. From Joe Scarborough's infamous attempt to crown Senator Clinton, to the in-play-not-in-play pendulums swinging at Talking About Politics, the business of punditry is steadily making its way toward the Comedy Channel, where it belongs.

And who could expect more? It is the natural consequence of a profession where manufacturing opinions is just another link in the global supply chain that drives the political money machine. When your livelihood depends on an ability to convince others that your opinions count, opinions become a means to a mercenary end.


Wonder if the Obama folks were kidding about NC possibly being in play.
Hmm, maybe this email I just got from 'em offers a clue.

CHICAGO, IL-The Obama campaign announced today that Senator Obama will launch a two-week economic swing-the "Change that Works for You" tour-on Monday, June 9. Obama will travel across the country, talking to Americans about how the economy affects their everyday lives. He'll hold events with voters where they work and where they live, discussing the challenges we face and his plans to turn the economy around.

The tour will kick off on Monday with an economic speech in Raleigh, North Carolina.

hmm. indeed.


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