Open Thread - 5/3/08

I bet we have a lot of bloggers out canvassing, putting up signs, making phone calls and standing the last day of early voting at the polls. Last night sounds like it was a rousing success. I wish I could have been there.

You Tube is down, so I'm not able to get anymore of the videos loaded. I'll keep trying and will move the diaries back to the front page to give our speakers some face time.

Here's a nice clean open thread.

The Univer$ity of North Carolina

From time to time, Art Pope has been known to throw his money in the direction of UNC campuses in hopes of bringing a free-market bent to their programs. It's part of a larger pattern - the corporatization of higher education in North Carolina - and it's disturbing. Drive around the Chapel Hill campus and you'll see first hand the big bucks spent by big companies to get their names in front of students, faculty and staff around the clock. There's the FedEx Global Education Center, the GlaxoSmithKline Morehead Planetarium and Science Center, just to name a couple.

And then there's this news about the Hamner Institute, which has recently generated a flurry of concerns about the Selling of UNC. This came by email.

Your petition on the NCGOP's race-baiting ad is delivered to Elizabeth Dole

This morning I delivered a petition to Senator Elizabeth Dole's Raleigh office. It was signed by 1,265 concerned citizens -- including more than 300 North Carolinians -- all requesting that Senator Elizabeth Dole use her considerable clout in her party to tell the North Carolina Republican Party's Linda Daves to stop running the race-baiting anti-Obama ad called "Extreme."

The bottom-feeding ad is currently running on four TV stations in the state (New Bern, Asheville, Winston-Salem and Wilmington). It attempts to draw a tenuous-at-best connection between Dem gubernatorial candidates Bev Perdue and Richard Moore (both endorsed Obama) and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. It's crude and reflects the pathetic state of the GOP here, a party in embarrassing decline, longing for the days where everyone knew their place.

The reason Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake, the crew at BlueNC and I wanted to do this is because John McCain doesn't have the cojones to go toe-to-toe with the apparently omnipotent Linda Daves. He denounced the ad from afar but couldn't even pick up the phone to express his dismay directly.

We figured that perhaps Elizabeth Dole, with all her party connections here, would have the gravitas necessary to take on the likes of Linda Daves. Surely she must care that fossilized Republican party in North Carolina is running racist dog whistle ads is not what he approves of. Unfortunately, her initial response wasn't very encouraging.

"I am concentrating on getting my work done here in the Senate, and I'm just not going to get into refereeing a third party political ad that has nothing to do with my race," she said.

So that's where the petition effort came in.

Well, here's something interesting...

§ 163-165.2. Sample ballots.

(b) Document Resembling an Official Ballot to Contain
Disclaimer. - No person other than a board of elections shall
produce or disseminate a document substantially resembling an
official ballot unless the document contains on its face a
prominent statement that the document was not produced by a board
of elections and is not an official ballot.
(2001-460, s. 3, effective January 1, 2002)

I'm Voting for Kay Hagan and this is Why

A couple of days before the BlueNC blogger bash I decided to vote for and volunteer for Kay Hagan. While I don’t see eye to eye with her on some issues, she has the experience, the passion and the integrity that I look for in a candidate. She also has the commitment to fundraising and the ability to appeal to a very diverse array of voters and that is what it will take to beat Elizabeth Dole.


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