Blogging from the 2008 NC Democratic Party Convention

This is a cross-post from my blog, Pam's House Blend (which will be updated a bit more frequently), so I have to go into a bit more detail about things for my general audience.


At the New Bern Convention Center, as the festivities and business begin.

I'm in New Bern, NC for the North Carolina Democratic Party State Convention. Of course I know that most regular Blenders won't find this post exciting, since I usually blog about national politics, LGBT issues, race, the religious loonies, etc. I wanted to attend the NC state party convention because 1) it is a landmark presidential election; 2) it's a way to see democracy in action, as well as my state's inner party workings; and 3) it's a micro-version of what I and the rest of the baristas will experience covering the national convention in Denver.

Bob Hall on Obama opt out

Democracy NC sent this out on Sen. Obama's opt out of public financing:

Statement from Bob Hall, Executive Director of Democracy North Carolina, regarding Barack Obama’s decision to forego participation in presidential public financing program:

Senator Obama’s decision is predictable, given the shortcomings of the presidential public financing program and his capacity to raise money from private sources. The current program lacks the carrots and sticks – the incentives and penalties – to attract and sustain participation by major party candidates.

It's your nickle

Myers Park Pat will be having the time of his life today, hosting the Worst President Ever at a private (as in closed to the public) fundraiser in Raleigh. And if that weren't disgusting enough, George Bush is using the excuse of presenting a service award to a Clayton teenager to move the cost of this GOP frenzy from the Republican Party coffers to the United States Treasury.


Liddy Dole's campaign is unable to meet the logistical challenges presented by Pat McCrory's fundraiser in Raleigh with President Bush. No doubt Elizabeth Dole is deeply disappointed that her veteran campaign staff were unable to provide her with the opportunity to greet our president in "her" state.

From the N&O:

Dole spokesman Hogan Gidley said she would not attend today's fundraiser.

"Any presidential visit requires a ton of logistics, and we have a busy schedule mapped out for the summer and fall months," Gidley said.

What are the logistical challenges that prevent Senator Dole from showing up at Bush's fundraiser for McCrory? I've created a list of possibilities:

Robin Hayes Profits from Record Gas Prices

With up to $23 Million in Big Oil Stock, Robin Hayes Profits from North Carolinians Paying Record Prices at the Pump

Hardworking North Carolinians may question why Congressman Robin Hayes sides with Big Oil and against them as they struggling to pay record-high gas prices.

Financial reports released this week could explain why -- Robin Hayes owns up to $23 million in Big Oil stock, meaning that Hayes actually profits off of North Carolinians struggling with record prices at the pump.

While Hayes makes money on his millions in investments when Big Oil makes record profits, he also voted to give Big Oil $85 billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies. Big Oil has thanked him with nearly $175,000 in campaign contributions.

Reintroducing Recommended Diaries

Finally! We have our Recommended Diaries block back. We had some issues created by the new theme, but I think I've found a way to work around them for now. We used to have the block on the right sidebar. With all the ads and other lists, I thought we'd try our Rec list out in the top right box.

I have set the voting requirements very low so I could get a few diaries up with one vote. It is still set up to move a diary off the rec list if it is front paged.


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