Here come the Beltway Geniuses....

that brought us such hits as "1994" and "2004".

Focus on poor seen as risky
WASHINGTON, May 28 (UPI) -- The plight of the poor and working class has become the primary focus of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards of North Carolina.
"This is a huge moral issue facing the country," the former North Carolina senator told the Los Angeles Times as he began a Memorial Day swing through Iowa. "I don't see in polls that it is a driving issue (for voters), but it is for me."
"It is very brave to take on an issue that he himself says has no constituency that has power, but it's a tough road to be trodding to the White House," says Matt Bennett of the centrist Democratic research organization Third Way.
Analysts warn Edwards' populist strategy risks alienating middle-class swing voters and moderate Democrats who do not want the party to be viewed as catering only to the poor.

Can we please not give in to these "Third Way", centrists? Can we please stand up and fight for those who are most in need? Can we please fight for the common good? Can we please make universal health care a real issue? Can we please fight to end poverty in our lifetimes?
Support who you will, but will you PLEASE not let this race be about who you'd rather have a beer with, but instead poverty, health care, education, and running the government?

11th District Convention News: Luke Hyde Supports His Opponent's Ideas

The convention of North Carolina's 11th District Democrats on May 18th climaxed in a very close vote for Chair. A challenger rose up in the days before the convention, and he gave the Good Ol' Boy network that's run this district since WWII something to think about.

More importantly, the victor in the race, Luke Hyde, publicly supported his challenger's ideas. Follow me below the fold to see video of the speeches and to help hold Chairman Hyde's feet to the fire on moving our District Party into the 21st century.

Time travelers tell us how to win Iraq.

Unfortunately, they told us back in 2003, and were promptly ignored. If you listened to This American Life this weekend, then you know who Conrad Crane is. Many of you probably already know who he is, perhaps I have been lost in the weeds. If not, then perhaps you also would be surprised to learn that the military WANTED to prepare for the occupation.

In October 2002, the U.S. Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute, in coordination with the Office of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff/G-3, initiated a study to analyze how American and coalition forces can best address the requirements that will necessarily follow operational victory in a war with Iraq. The objectives of the project were to determine and analyze probable missions for military forces in a post-Saddam Iraq; examine associated challenges; and formulate strategic recommendations for transferring responsibilities to coalition partners or civilian organizations, mitigating local animosity, and facilitating overall mission accomplishment in the war against terrorism...If this nation and its coalition partners decide to undertake the mission to remove Saddam Hussein, they will also have to be prepared to dedicate considerable time, manpower, and money to the effort to reconstruct Iraq after the fighting is over. Otherwise, the success of military operations will be ephemeral, and the problems they were designed to eliminate could return or be replaced by new and more virulent difficulties.

Unfortunately, the Bush administration trashed this report and gave command and responsibility for the occupation to....Paul Wolfowitz.

Charlotte Observer and the OLF

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The Charlotte Observer editorial page is similar to the N&O - on-again, off-again - depending on the subject. They've been generally strong with regard to the OLF proposed by the Navy at Site C . . . but like most in the mainstream media, they're a whole bunch of steps behind the blogosphere and We the People.

In today's editorial, they do a decent job summarizing the state of affairs with regard to the OLF funding stop, on which David Price has been the leader. But unlike people who are really paying attention, the Charlotte Observer continues to miss one critical point: they still accept on face value the Navy's claim that any OLF is justified in the first place.


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