Open thread: Watch what you say

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Jim Morrill at the Charlotte Observer called me for a quote about presidential politics because I was a donor to John Edwards' campaign. Then Laura Leslie reported that Jim Morrill reported what I said. Yikes! I guess we all need to be careful what we say. Except here, of course. We can say any darn thing we want at BlueNC and no more than 5000 people will ever see it. Unless it gets linked to a dozen other blogs, in which case our geese are cooked.

Billions Squandered on Abstinence in Africa

In addition to its catastrophically mishandled Global War on Terror, and the possibly even more worrisome campaign to erode our civil liberties, this administration should also be remembered for its inability to recognize the failure of government-mandated morality, and the human costs this ignorance brings about.

Numerous studies have shown the dismal failure of abstinence-only programs to curb teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases here in the U.S. While abstinence-plus programs have fared slightly better, it is plain to anybody whose judgment is not clouded by unrealistic faith-based expectations that stopping people from having sex is about as effective as blocking a flood with a couple of sandbags placed end-to-end.


I'm in love with my basic cable. It costs about $12 bucks a month, but it's not the cost that is most impressive. Nope, the best part is not having to watch CNN and Fox tell me how to think. That has spared me from viewing the creepy cult meme in all its glory. Via Will Bunch:

My faith's better than your faith

Coming to grips with the influence of religion in secular affairs is not a uniquely American issue. As this story in The Economist points out, the rise of Islam in Europe is upending long-standing privileges enjoyed by Christians.

What has upset the old equilibrium, say law pundits in several countries, is the emergence all over the world of Muslim minorities who, regardless of what they actually want, are suspected by the rest of society of preparing to establish a “state within a state” in which the writ of secular legislation hardly runs at all. The very word sharia—which at its broadest can imply a sort of divine ideal about how society should be organised, but can also refer to specific forms of corporal and capital punishment—is now political dynamite.

Fantastic Forum - Feb. 25 at RBC Center

I just received this in email, and though I'd pass it on here. The focus of this forum will be candidates for governor (Democratic and Republican) and Lt. Governor (Democratic) focusing on issues of relevance to people with developmental disabilities, mental health issues, and "sas" issues, which I am assuming are substance abuse issues, but it's not my field, so I'm sure Gordon can correct me if I'm wrong. Anyhow - the really cool thing about this is that we've been asking for these issues to be addressed, and now a whole day will be spent addressing them. Another cool thing - I have that day off. So I'm going, and will either live blog, or write and post later. Anyone care to join me for all or part of the day?


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