Elizabeth Dole's Alchemy: Turning Decades of Failure Into Gold

It should come as no surprise that Liddy Dole has supported the failed policies of President Bush ever since we made the huge mistake of sending her to the Senate six years ago. She'd been doing the same for three decades since Nixon appointed her to the Federal Trade Commission back in 1973, and she's made an art of ignoring learned opinion and common sense in favor of blind allegiance to whoever her current master is at the time.

The Crypt at Politico proves Robin Hayes Lied about Liberal Hate remarks

Yesterday, many of us pounced on the report by New York Observer that Robin Hayes, NC-08 claimed Liberals hate real Americans during a warmup act before a McCain rally in front of a home town crowd in Concord, NC. Once Ryan Grim from Politico picked it up and the story looked like it had legs, Hayes' spokeswoman from his congressional office, Amanda Little, made the claim that Hayes absolutely denied saying that about Liberals.

OLF may have been a tipping point for Dole

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One journalist who focused early and often on the Outlying Landing Field issue was Jack Betts. Today he points to Liddy Dole's miserable posturing on the issue as a critical moment that sent her political fortunes into a tail spin.

Dole missed a prime opportunity early on, when strong local oppositions developed in rural northeastern North Carolina to the Navy's proposed jet landing field near the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. It was a classic confrontation between ordinary citizens and a powerful government.

Many mistook it as a local dispute, nothing more than a NIMBY reaction. But national environmental groups, as well as farmland preservation advocates, saw it as an important test of whether the nation's environmental laws and property rights mean anything. It was the perfect chance for a politician to stand up for powerless people.

Presidential Ballot

A couple of posts have made the national blogs today about this. On the North Carolina ballot, voters have the option of voting a "straight party ticket." Note that if you choose to vote a straight party ticket, that does NOT count as a vote for President, which is above the straight party vote, or for judges, who are on the back of the ballot.
---edited to add the Obama Straight Flip video, RP----

North Carolina: A Snapshot of Modern Day Race Relations?

Does anyone know what is going on in North Carolina? It seems that each day I'm shocked more than I was the previous day. First there was Barack Obama's stop at Fayetteville's Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken on Sunday. Let's just say it didn't exactly provide an image of racial equality and fellow Americans living as one in hopes of furthering the common good. Here's how the Politico describes the scene when Obama arrived:

It's Christian Against Christian in my inbox

Do the people who write these "prayer warrior" emails ever stop to consider that for THEIR prayers to be "answered," other people, other good Christians, have to have their prayers "denied"? What kind of a religious view is that, anyway?

Are we really lining up red and blue "prayer warriors" like a gigantic game of Rock-em Sock-em Robots?

They want war

We have all witnessed the disgusting charade that is the John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign - a frenzy of racist hate and brown-shirt activism that would shame any decent human being. Today that campaign reached a new low right here in North Carolina.

A dead bear was found dumped this morning on the Western Carolina University campus, draped with a pair of Obama campaign signs, university police said.

Open Thread: Miss Arnold would have voted early.

Miss Virginia Arnold, of North Carolina, is one of the organizers for the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage.
Virginia Arnold, of North Carolina, was a student at George Washington and Columbia Univs. She was a school teacher, later organizer and executive secretary of the N.W.P. in Washington, D.C. Served three days June, 1917, with first pickets of White House sentenced to jail terms.

Robin Hayes at McCain Rally in NC: Liberals aren't real Americans

It's the new theme of the campaign, but it really isnt' a new theme at all. The whole liberals are un-American buzz is just getting new life by the likes of Michele Bachmann and Robin Hayes. By now most are familiar with Michele Bachmann's McCarthy-like charge that members of congress should be investigated for un-American activities. With the response from the netroots after that fiasco you would think that other Republicans, especially those who aren't in safe districts, would stay away from making similar charges.

Elizabeth Dole Suffers Ultimate Humiliation

Elizabeth Dole - the woman who would be First Lady and then President, the woman who is a scion of Washington's social elite, the very same woman who says her ancestors spent plenty of time in North Carolina even if she has not - this woman, Elizabeth Dole, has been reduced to a warmup act for Sarah Palin, the upstart from a tiny town in Alaska. It wasn't supposed to be that way. Not only was Elizabeth Dole supposed to be headlining important speeches, she was supposed to be leading in the polls. Now, poor Liddy finds herself being bested by two women - Kay Hagan is leading Dole in the polls and Sarah Palin is headlining GOP events.


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