Campbell Law moves ( hard right?) into Raleigh

As y'all may or may not have heard, the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, Campbell University, has decided to move to Raleigh. I don't really think it's a good idea for many reasons, but regardless, one item about the move jumped out at me when I read this morning's article in the FayOb:

"The Associated Press reported late Wednesday that a letter from a real estate agent
showed the law school intends to move into a downtown Raleigh building, owned by a company held by former state legislator Art Pope."

Come on, Bob. Spill the beans.

My new friend Bob Orr is out on the campaign trail, laying out his two priorities:

Orr attended the Davidson County Republican Party's monthly meeting at Skipper's Seafood on Tuesday night. He's the second candidate to visit the county, after Salisbury attorney Bill Graham. N.C. Sen. Fred Smith, who serves Johnston and Wayne counties, is scheduled to come to Davidson County on Friday.

"I just felt like if the citizens of this state were going to have a vigorous debate about the direction of state government, I needed to get into it," Orr said.

A couple of the issues important to Orr are public education and economic development policy.

Roy Carter (NC-5) - Fighting Fifth Fires Foxx

Plain and simple, Virginia Foxx is a disaster for our district. Her voting record is embarrassing, seen most recently in her vote against the child health insurance program. Because, however, her work ethic and name recognition are formidable, especially in a gerrymandered Republican district, it will take a lot to unseat her. Yet, a campaign gaining traction and momentum before the Democratic primary has a chance to capitalize on the widespread discontent within this district. Currently, only one man has stepped up to the plate: Roy Carter.

Meet Max

I was reading a new post at Progressive Pulse this morning, where I learned that one of the regular commenters there is being paid to blog by the Puppetmaster. His name is Max Borders (no, it's not a joke) and he is a self-avowed soldier in the so called freedom movement.

I've seen Max's name many times, but always assumed he was an honest broker, another run-of-the-mill free-market fundamentalist without a real job. When I discovered he's actually a shill for the Civitas Circus, I wrote this:

I appreciate the background on Max. Even though I’ve seen scores of comments from him here, I never realized he’s a paid shill for the Puppetmaster. Thanks for saving me the trouble of reading his future commentary.

Note to Civitas: If you’re going to spend a boatload of Art’s money upgrading to a fancy new website, why on earth would you plaster the incoherent ramblings of Jack Hawke on your welcoming video? Just sayin’.

Thank you for your service . . .

... oh, by the way, we're deporting your wife while you're away.

That's what the government is telling Navy helicopter repairman Eduardo Gonzalez might happen while he is in Iraq. Worse? Eduardo, Jr., Gonzalez's son, is a citizen. Nobody knows what will happen to him if his non-citizen mother is deported while Daddy is getting shot at in Iraq.

More reasons to get pissed off, and a modest proposal, below the fold.


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