Liveblogging the Fayetteville Lt. Gov. Debate

I'm attending the debate this evening in Fayetteville and will, if I can get access, attempt to liveblog it to the best of my ability. I'm setting up this entry so I can just log on and update.

UPDATE: We're here. Hobnobbing in progress. Wayne Goodwin is studiously scribbling at the lectern. Game On.

See the flip for the play by play.

Jim Neal: the Queerty interview, campaign open house and NY forum

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There is a fantastic interview with openly gay U.S. Senate candidate Jim Neal up at Queerty today by editor Andrew Belonsky that you should click over to. It reveals the personal side of the candidate and what inspired him to get into politics, and what gives him the drive to unseat Elizabeth Dole here in NC. A snippet is below the fold. (Frontpaged by A.)

Tough tomatoes

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I had to laugh when I checked Bob Orr's blog today and found him whining about the mean old pollsters at Public Policy Polling. Orr thinks the fact that PPP is owned by a wealthy Democrat casts a shadow over the organization's credibility. He also points out that Carter Wrenn, a notorious right-wing hit-man, has questioned the reliability of PPP's polling. Then Orr goes on to complain that the corporate media lap it all up like it's nobody's business.

The irony of Orr's complaint is quite nearly breath-taking. This from a man who worked for years as one of Art Pope's henchmen, a wealthy Republican who spends upwards of $4 million a year sliming North Carolina new media with enough half-assed polling to gag a boa constrictor.

A different progressivism: Obama vs. Clinton and Edwards

This is a duplicate from a post I made in yesterday's open thread. I was replying to this comment from Blue South, and it got long. The short version: I'm starting to think the divide between Obama's supporters and Edwards's supporters is actually an indicator of a much deeper divide in how we see the future of progressivism.

Posting it here because I thought it was important enough to pull out separately.

Frontpaged for the same reasons. A.

Enjoy the cold weather while it lasts, nuclear power goes belly-up.

From the AP:

LAKE NORMAN, N.C. - Nuclear reactors across the Southeast could be forced to throttle back or temporarily shut down later this year because drought is drying up the rivers and lakes that supply power plants with the awesome amounts of cooling water they need to operate.

Utility officials say such shutdowns probably wouldn’t result in blackouts. But they could lead to shockingly higher electric bills for millions of Southerners, because the region’s utilities could be forced to buy expensive replacement power from other energy companies.

$1 Cigarette Tax in Wisconsin Leads to Record Number of Calls to "Quit-Line"

This is an interesting story about the success of a program in Wisconsin, where a $1 cigarette tax lead to more people trying to/actually quitting. But, before I get into that, I'd like to share my point of view on tobacco and taxes. I'm for taxes on tobacco as a way of diversifying the family farming industry in North Carolina. I'm also against growing tobacco because it is an immoral crop - a crop that leads to addiction, pain, agony, and finally death. It kills more people than drunk drivers, it kills more people than heroin, it kills more people than Osama bin Laden, it ruins more lives than gambling or fornication or adultery or taking the Lord's name in vain. It is immoral.

The only reason we allow its growth is to make rich, white men richer and because it is the only good, addictive drug that we grow here in the US. As Chris Rock says:

God forbid some brown people got wealthy... We can't have that! Because drugs come from brown countries. We can't have no wealthy brown people!
If drugs were legalized, there would be a drug spot in every corner. It wouldn't be a Starbucks. It'd be Weedbucks. McDonald's? McCokeald's. Krispy Kreme? Kracky Kreme.

Chris Rock is probably right, if rich, white men could grow poppy here or could take over a place where it was grown, say Afghanistan, and reap profits while killing off their customers. I'm sure they would.


Fred Smith, who many believe will take the cake in the Party of Greed gubernatorial primary, has been out on his Barbecue Express in Camden County. There the angry old man reached a new low in pandering.

CAMDEN — State Sen. Fred Smith, R-Johnston, believes given the right economic incentives, a Navy practice airfield could work in North Carolina. But from what he's seen of Camden County, it's not the place for an outlying landing field. Like many other state and local officials, Smith disagrees with locating the Navy's proposed OLF in an area that won't receive enough jobs and other economic benefits to compensate for the jet noise the airfield will generate.

The U.S. Navy Surrenders

Washington County, NC is finally safe. The migratory birds and Red Wolves are finally safe. The families and neighbors of Washington County are finally safe. They're all finally safe from the threat posed by the U.S. Navy. Safe from the threat of noise, the threat of pollution as well as the threat of loss of their property and their livelihoods. The United States Navy is finally giving up their plan to locate an outlying landing field in Washington County.


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