WNC: Don't miss out on a unique health care opportunity

Health Care for All NC has begun their "Reforming Health Care in North Carolina" series "Part One: Building Common Ground" with a community meeting in Greensboro. This series is hosted by Health Care for All North Carolina, NC Community Health Center Association, NC Nurses Association and NC Pediatric Society. From their announcement.

Health Care for All is coming. Polls show that the public is strongly in favor of systemic change. Currently, only the health insurance industry is well funded and focused on influencing the outcome. The rest of us need to identify our priorities and speak with a unified voice. The time to begin these efforts is now. The most effective time to affect change is between General Assembly Sessions.

The first meeting was a positive success, now it is the turn of you Western North Carolinians. Follow me after the break to hear a little bit about the first meeting and for information on the second meeting.

Dear NC Christian Coalition Chair: what are you and Pat hiding?

Hi, Jeff Lominac, Mr. NC Christian Coalition Chair. Thanks for writing me.

My name is Leslie. Leslie Bland. I put it in the first post on my blog but people like you kept calling me and sending me frightening emails so I removed it.

from jeff lominac
10:51 am (2½ hours ago)
to admin@patgobyebye.com
date Oct 31, 2007 10:51 AM

Why do you not say who you are and show your face ? It is like you are hiding behind this drama queen name and do not want anyone to know who you are . Are you ashamed to show your face and let people know who you are ? What are you hiding ? The Drama King

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What is the Democratic Party's responsibility? [Thread Closed]

After reading A's post on KOS and after reading Justing's post regarding Dole/Hagan/Neal...and more importantly, the comments, I started to wonder what it takes to get people upset enough to do something about the Democratic Party, it's leadership, and the Democrats we've elected who don't represent our interests.

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Act Now to Protect NC Classrooms

President Bush has a spending problem.

While proposing another $196 billion for an unpopular war, Bush wants to strip $8.4 million from North Carolina classrooms.

Bush threatened to veto the Labor-HHS-Education bill that the Senate approved last week.

Sign this petition to tell Bush you continue to stand with our children.

Bush and his Republican enablers Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr favor a draconian budget that would cut education funding for North Carolina and 43 other states.

These misguided cuts could force local communities to find local tax dollars to meet those needs or shortchange their schools.

Great But Not Good Enough: Hampton Dellinger on NC's New #1 Biz Ranking

For the sixth time in seven years, North Carolina has been named the "Top Business Climate" in the country by Site Selection magazine. North Carolinians should be proud of this achievement, but we should not be satisfied until our success as a business climate is matched in other areas.

This is why Edwards is right, and the others are wrong on health care.

I regularly receive the RWJF News Digest: Health Insurance Coverage from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation . Today I was sad to see the following title heading up their coverage:

Health Care Industry Gives More to Democrats Despite Fears of Their Proposals

But, as I read through this article, there was a glimmer of hope. That glimmer? John Edwards. More after the break.

Autism and Slavery

In his early years, it was difficult to find decent daycare for Alex. Before he was properly diagnosed with Autism, daycare centers and preschools would take him for a day, maybe a week before they would call my daughter and advise her that they couldn't handle him. Although they often were set up for disabled kids in wheel chairs or for those who were blind, they couldn't provide the one on one care that Alex so desperately needed.

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