NC Policy Watch Calls Out NC Senate

The NC Senate will vote in its budget today to bar new children from enrolling in NC’s affordable health insurance program for working families, Health Choice. The freeze would start September 1, 2008 and extend at least seven months. (A possible amendment today may, if passed, reduce that by a month or two.) Just as many families, suffering from high gas prices, high food prices, job loss, and all the other hardships of a worsening economy need affordable health coverage the most, the NC Senate is voting to take that coverage away.

The only reason given by the Senate leadership who cooked up this idea? “Uncertainty” about federal funding for the Health Choice program. We’d hate to enroll kids and then ask them to leave later seems to be the line.

Only problem with this argument? It’s completely wrong.

Go read the whole story.

Roy Carter at Canyons

Canyons restaurant in Blowing Rock stands perched among the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by North Carolina’s beautiful Globe Forest. Other than delicious quesadillas and breathtaking views, yesterday Canyons played host to a meeting of the conservation group WildSouth for a discussion of the dangers facing the mountain environment. For years, the trees of Pisgah National Forest have been left untouched, but recently, this status has become jeopardized.

Dear Senator Hagan.

I don't want to like you. You defeated my candidate, but that isn't why. I don't want to like you because of what you did several budget cycles ago, penning a secret Senate budget that came out with cuts in Medicaid for old, blind, disabled people so that wealthy people could get a tax cut.

It was immoral, and that is why I don't want to like you.

But, you're just making it too not like you.

Ronnie Ansley hits the campaign trail

As many of you who I’ve had the chance to meet over the last year know, my campaign for lieutenant governor took me to every corner of the state. Making good friends across North Carolina was one of the most rewarding aspects of my run. Fortunately, those friendships didn’t end on Primary Day.

I’ve stayed in close contact with my fellow “down ballot” Democrats, including Ronnie Ansley, who’s running for Commissioner of Agriculture. Ronnie recently visited us at our home on Mama’s Mountain.

Kissell Leads Hayes in Newest 8th District Poll

The most recent poll is out for North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District race and it shows Larry Kissell leading Robin Hayes in a pure unadulterated head-to-head match up. The poll, conducted by Anzalone Liszt, shows Kissell at 45% and Hayes at 43%.

Kissell's National Media Director, Ben Chao, of FRCR, Inc. told a large group of Kissell supporters this morning that when looking at congressional races:

Larry Kissell is the only challenger in America who is leading the incumbent.

After dark

Old Blackwater, keep on killing, no bid contracts, gonna make millions
Old Blackwater, keep on killing, innocent civilians, but we’re making millions
Old Blackwater, keep on killing, we’re above the law and we keep making millions

The only thing surprising is that it took so long.

When I first heard that McClatchy was going to own both the Charlotte Observer and the News and Observer, my enthusiasm was muted. That was almost two years ago, and most of the impacts predicted have come true. Here's a memo from the Big Cheeses to employees of the N&O and the Charlotte Observer on the heels of McClatchy's recenty announced layoffs.

To: Employees, the Charlotte Observer and the News & Observer of Raleigh
Subj: New areas of collaboration
Date: June 16, 2008

The newsrooms of the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer have worked well together during the two years since the Observer became part of the McClatchy Company. That collaboration clearly has benefited readers of both newspapers.

Republican polling firm--Obama in a statistical dead heat!

Kos just reported some absolutely delightful news--Tel Opinion Research, a Republican polling firm, has released a new poll showing Obama only down four points, right at the margin of error. It's 45 percent for McCain to 41 percent for Obama. It's official, folks--our state is in play.


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