Meet Pat's friend, Scott, who harasses women, bilks seniors

[This is the first in a series of posts about the people closest to NC Congressman Pat McHenry, (R-11). Logo by Zombie Birdhouse.]

The month before Pat McHenry and Scott G Stewart bought Capitol Hill digs together, three women filed charges of sexual harassment (and misappropriation of funds) against Scott, then-College Republican National Committee chair. But that isn't the big stuff.

As CRNC head, Stewart presided over the most despicable direct mail tactics against seniors (in their 80s and 90s) to raise money (at least $6.3 million). And the worst of it: the bulk (90 percent) of the bilked funds went to the vendor or CRNC expenses.

But don't believe me. Check out the links.

Word of the week: Competence

I confess. I don't much care anymore what candidates say they believe about god and freedom and responsibility and whatever. I want to know what they can actually do. Because for all the talking and pledging and swearing and such, wouldn't it be nice to have the focus be on competence for a change?

Talk about running government like a business? Ha. If government were being run like a business, George Bush and his entire leadership team would have been fired four years ago. And all their stock options would be underwater.

Unfortunately, it's not only Republicans who are fumble-footed here in North Carolina. Indeed, the Great Goodyear Giveaway will go down in history as a strategic blunder by Democratic leadership.

(In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Goodyear legislation challenged in court by Bob Orr. And he'll win this time. The current giveaway provides money to Bridgestone for improvements and investments they'd already decided to make without public money. The State will have a hard time making the compelling case that this money is serving a public good. Unless you want to call bribing companies not to get mad at you a public good.)

So yeah. I'd gladly settle for simple competence.

What happens when they poison our kids?

Do you care? Do we care that the Chinese government, our private corporations, and our government are knowingly poisoning our children? Obviously not. After all, George Bush allowed corporations to increase the amount of known toxins they can dump into our waters, the same waters that our kids drink. So, why should it surprise us that lead-based toys and jewelry are flooding our market?

See Brian Spin

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In response to a war-weary population and an imminent election cycle, Liddy Dole's mouthpiece is spinning like all get-out.

Brian C. Nick, chief of staff to Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., said she is looking at the proposal (to limit tours of duty) "very carefully" and has been influenced by a Marine helicopter pilot who told Bush that short stateside breaks are limiting training and wearing down families. "Nobody's in the same place they were a few years ago," Nick said.

NCGOP: Give us your extremists, your loud-of-mouth

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Rob Christensen gets around to writing something worth reading today, in a rambling review of the Wild and Wacky World of Walter Jones.

Jones says the GOP has drifted from the small government philosophy that characterized it in 1995 when Republicans took control of Congress. He said the views of the 3rd District on the Iraq war have been evolving, just as they have elsewhere in the country. He thinks he has built up a reservoir of good will through his constituent work and social conservatism that will see him through the 2008 election.

Jones says he views himself as more of a populist than a party-line guy. "On some issues my party's right, and on some issues it's wrong," he said. "I don't have blind allegiance. My only allegiance is to my Lord."

If that isn't reason enough to dump a Congressman from office, I don't know what is. Because unless I'm mistaken, Walter has just renounced his oath of office, while lying about all his other allegiances, including this one.

N&O finds its voice

The N&O finally gets its editorial head on straight when it comes to Bush's War. It's about damn time.

If Americans feel shell-shocked from the Iraq debate this week, they are to be excused. This anniversary week of 9/11 by coincidence was supposed to bring a reckoning of the war effort, and as the foggy reporting to Congress by Gen. David Petraeus was winding down, the nation was told that President Bush would make a prime time report of his own on Thursday night. After a flood of words and upbeat assessments, his speech no better informed Americans about what they might with any confidence expect as this nation's costly Iraq venture drags on.

Answer me this

In case you missed it, the Moore and Perdue campaigns spilled Under the Dome again today when Beckwith wrote that Moore had excerpted clips from an old Perdue interview as part of his ongoing attempt to challenge her pro-choice credentials. That dog might sniff around for awhile, but it ain't gonna hunt no matter how much Richard whips on it. In my opinion.

Another story also caught my eye. This one featured Treasurer Moore opining on the sad state of affairs involving Countrywide Financial.

Richard Moore took another swing at Countrywide Financial Tuesday. After attacking the troubled mortgage lender on CNBC last week, the state treasurer sent the company a letter accusing it of unethical and unsustainable business practices, the Triangle Business Journal reports. In the letter Moore, writes that the company rewarded employees who gave subprime mortgages to customers it knew could not afford them.

"As an owner of this company and a large institutional investor, I ask that you provide me with an explanation of why the company implemented and continued this business model in the face of mounting evidence that the product was unsustainable," he writes.

The state retirement system, which Moore oversees, owns about $12 million worth of shares in Countrywide.


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