Pricey Harrison vlog mutual-interview from the DNC

After this morning's North Carolina Delegation breakfast, I caught up with NC Rep. Pricey Harrison. Pricey has been a great ally on two issues that are important to me: engaging young people and immigration. I started out by asking her about those issues.

This was the first vlog I taped. The audio quality is pretty poor because of the location. But it's going to be tough to find quiet spots this week!

Live-Blog from Denver - Unconventional Women Symposium - Nancy Pelosi

Hi everyone and welcome to a surprise live-blog from Denver. I am happy to find that the wifi is working in the Buell Theater here at Denver's Performing Arts Center. Please stay tuned for what I hope will be an interesting session on electing women.

Our first speaker is a daughter of an immigrant and first generation voter. Leader of Women's Campaign Forum.

Need information on a great woman running for office, training women to run for office then the Women's Campaign Forum is the place to look.

Six part plan for "she should run world domination." She should run got started b/c we were pissed. There weren't enough women in politics. 15% Congress, 18% Governors, 25% state legislatures.

Dole, best in Congress?

When I saw Elizabeth Dole's ad touting her "Best in Congress" award, I sort of wondered why there was no assocation listed. Like, USA Today's Best in Congress, or The Hill's Best in Congress. So, i went Googling. The first thing I found was this Kay Hagan ad. It's really poorly done for such a good setup from Dole, they could have knocked it out of the park. Still, it makes the point, Best in Congress...for whom?

More after the break.

What on earth can the Democrats be Thinking?

I may have missed it, but don't think anyone over here has picked up on the boat bill issue.

I don't know whether they figure as many Republicans as Dems have something to lose by making a campaign issue of it, but my god, whatever they stand to gain has to be awfully damned substantial to risk what seems to me a horrific stench that once again is coming from the Democratic side of the aisle.


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