Okay, so, it's over. And, Barack Obama is our nominee for President. Just stop for a second. Barack Obama is our nominee for President of the United States. Folks, it's a new day. For awhile I was so anti-Obama, not just pro-Edwards but actively anti-Obama. Then, I seriously leaned towards Hillary Clinton. But, those days are gone.

Hey, Barack Obama is our nominee, did I mention that? Wow. Have you really taken a second to stop and think about what that means? This is a new era folks, we have to get Barack Obama elected because it will end an era in the United States and we can begin a new one.


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HB 2720 - Let Them Know You Like It

A lot of the vehicles in North Carolina's motor pool are diesel fueled. Also, NC will continue to purchase new vehicles as older ones head to the scrap heap. With gasoline prices at four dollars a gallon, wouldn't it make sense for North Carolina to move to alternative fuels and purchase only the most fuel efficient vehicles? It would save NC taxpayers untold amounts of money to have our motor fleet be as efficient as possible.

Grier Martin (D), Pricey Harrison (D), and Charles Thomas (R) have submitted legislation to do just that. HB 2720 - Energy‑Efficient State Motor Vehicle Fleets - has two components:

Coming soon to a state near you?

I'm not a gambling kind of guy, but if I were, I'd bet that the odds of North Carolina running into these kinds of problems are pretty darn good. If such a scenario had a fifty percent likelihood of unfolding in America's 50 year future, or more specifically, in North Carolina's fifty-year future, what actions would be appropriate for government to take? Cross your fingers and hope the free market will "eventually" succeed? Impose regulations that limit high-consumption uses of water? Pray for rain? Institute the North Carolina Water Lottery? I wonder what the Puppets would say?


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