Optimism comes naturally to some people. Like my wonderful wife, for example. It runs in her veins like iron-rich blood.  But not in mine. I tilt the other way most of the time. Not necessarily pessimistic, more like skeptical.  It takes fully conscious effort and no small leaps of faith for me to see the glass half full.  But even the skeptic in me is looking up these days. Because we seem to be facing a new possibility of race in America. 

Inaugural Plans at BlueNC

You will notice some temporary changes at BlueNC over the next couple of days.  ABC 11's Ross Weidner out of Raleigh contacted us to let us know about his coverage of the inauguration and the events leading up to it.  You will see his Twitter Feed or Tweets in our left sidebar.  You can also find his news coverage, blog feed and videos at the News 11 web site.

We will have plenty of threads where you can help us remember all the horrors of the Bush administration and document them before the revisionist historians get their hands on them.

Right-to-life agenda setting

Knocked back on their heels by the sweeping victory of sanity last November, the shrinking radical right is regrouping, sizing up the enemy, picking and choosing their battles with the subtlety of a chain saw. Abortion rights will be one front on which we'll witness a full-fledged assault.  It has already begun.

Here's how it works.

  1. Assert that the evil majority wants nothing less than zero restrictions on abortion. Charge them with advocating infanticide.
  2. Link that charge directly to President Obama, and by extension, the people he'll nominate for the US Supreme Court

Bookmark this

With so much at stake in public policy over the next few years, we all need good sources of facts to inform our conversations.  When it comes to facts about the North Carolina economy, public spending, and taxes, no one does a better job than the people at the North Carolina Justice Center - and in particular their budget and tax people.  Bookmark these pages ... and use them whenever you have a question or need some numbers. 

And while we're at it, use this thread to give them any feedback or questions you may have.  For example, I'd like for someone there to help us understand the real cost of North Carolina's participation in America's Holy War on Drugs.

Barack Obama's Path to the White House - Video Edition

NC Congressional Activity January 12-16

This week we saw the first floor speeches made by our two newest elected officials in Washington. Rep. Larry Kissell spoke in support of SCHIP and encouraged congress to consider optional funding for the program. Senator Kay Hagan spoke in support of the Lily Ledbetter Act. (Video coming later today.) There is also word that Congressman Brad Miller's bill, H.R. 225 - The Emergency HOME Protection Act, may have been included in President-elect Barack Obama's new stimulus package. The bill has been mirrored in the Senate by Senator Dick Durbin who introduced S. 61.


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