Democrats Need to Fight Back

Last night, the Republican gubernatorial candidates participated in a major debate that was broadcast on some of North Carolina’s top-rated television stations during early primetime (7 PM). Not surprisingly, they used the opportunity to bash Democratic candidates Richard Moore and Beverly Perdue. Watch the video:

Frontpaged by Anglico. Be sure to watch the Orr video. He's the least offensive of the Republican candidates, and I am surely damning with faint praise.

50 State Blog Roundup - Pre-Nevada Caucus Edition

Here is your roundup for the eve of the Nevada Caucuses. Scroll to the bottom and head on over to My Silver State for some excellent and balanced (they actually admit John Edwards exists) coverage of the top three Democratic candidates.

The writers at the state blogs are working hard to bring us the latest on the Dem congressional candidates. Check them out, especially if you live in a very red district and need a Democrat to adopt.

Here's your roundup:

Charlotte Observer Puts Charters In Their Place

If you've spent any time at all following the ravings of North Carolina's free-market extremists, you know that they see charter schools as something akin to the second coming. If only the politicians would lift the cap on charters, all would be right with the world and challenges in public education would magically be solved. Today the Charlotte Observer weighs in with a well-reasoned editorial that puts things in perspective.

Higher car insurance rates?

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Just when you thought there weren't enough battles for us to fight, the wildfire of insurance company greed is spreading again in North Carolina. With the flames being fanned by NC Senator Tony Rand, North Carolina's automobile insurers are eager to let the market do its magic. This is going to be a long, hard fight, and before it goes nuclear, make sure you know who's on which side. It's actually pretty simple. The leadership in the North Carolina Senate is generally on the side of insurance companies making more profits, and Insurance Commissioner Jim Long is generally on the side of we the people.

BlueNC Running on a Two Hour Delay - Open Thread

I went to bed last night after standing on my porch mesmerized by the clumps of snowflakes falling in my front yard. There's almost no ambient light out here, so the spotlight I turned on created this bright area off the side of my porch and it was surrounded by absolute pitch black. There weren't any lights on in the few homes close by, but if you looked carefully you could see tiny lights from their doorbells. We awoke to the sound of rain, but it's cold enough for the snow to survive even a heavy downpour. Here are a few pictures of my back yard. I used a zoom lens. If you look carefully, you might see cows through the trees.

What am I doing in South Carolina?

As you might know by now, I've been spending some of my time as a volunteer for the Barack Obama campaign in South Carolina.
I thought you might be interested in knowing what I'm doing there.

The Obama campaign has several field offices scattered all over South Carolina.
The main Headquarters are of course in Columbia, but I go down to the Rock Hill field office, since that's the closest. It takes me about an hour and 15 minutes to get there. I mainly go down there on the weekends, but I've also managed to squeeze in a few evenings now and then.

CMS Fighting a Losing Battle with Public-Private Venture

Remember Anglico’s post titled, “Eventually”? I remember seeing it and wondering what in the world it could be about. After reading it and ruminating for a bit I realized that he had defined the success rate of free markets/privatization in one word. Eventually

That is a mantra we tend to hear from free market proponents. If you declare that their free market isn’t working you’re told that the system just needs more time to produce desired results. Eventually.


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