Great But Not Good Enough: Hampton Dellinger on NC's New #1 Biz Ranking

For the sixth time in seven years, North Carolina has been named the "Top Business Climate" in the country by Site Selection magazine. North Carolinians should be proud of this achievement, but we should not be satisfied until our success as a business climate is matched in other areas.

This is why Edwards is right, and the others are wrong on health care.

I regularly receive the RWJF News Digest: Health Insurance Coverage from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation . Today I was sad to see the following title heading up their coverage:

Health Care Industry Gives More to Democrats Despite Fears of Their Proposals

But, as I read through this article, there was a glimmer of hope. That glimmer? John Edwards. More after the break.

Autism and Slavery

In his early years, it was difficult to find decent daycare for Alex. Before he was properly diagnosed with Autism, daycare centers and preschools would take him for a day, maybe a week before they would call my daughter and advise her that they couldn't handle him. Although they often were set up for disabled kids in wheel chairs or for those who were blind, they couldn't provide the one on one care that Alex so desperately needed.

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Live Blogging Thursday: Obama in Durham, NC

Barack Obama

I've just arrived on the NCCU campus in Durham where Barack Obama will host a "countdown to change" rally.

The Obama campaign has given me press credentials, the wireless signal isn't great but it's working, so I'm all set to go. I plan on starting at 4.30 pm, Obama is Scheduled to speak at 5 pm.

The event is in the O'Kelly Riddick Stadium in the middle of the NCCU campus because of the overwhelming demand for tickets. Doors opened at 3 pm and I'm guessing there's about 1500 people here right now.

Frontpaged by Anglico. Thanks LibNC!

Bob Orr on Corporate Incentives

In my secret life, I occasionally correspond with one of the few sane Republicans in North Carolina, Bob Orr. Over the past few months, we've developed what I consider a civil relationship, which is awfully kind of him after all the grief I've given him this year because of his symbiotic relationship with Art Pope. Mr. Orr even visits BlueNC from time to time, as evidence by this posting on his own well-written blog.

In fact, There's a pretty interesting discussion at the BlueNC blog about the controversy surrounding the question of transferring revenue from the Highway Trust Fund to the General Fund for non highway related appropriations. Now I don't usually refer readers to BlueNC unless you're looking for a frequently irrational ideological rant against all things even remotely related to Republicans. (Parental Discretion is advised since some of the content is not appropriate for sensitive youngsters!) But I will admit to having struck up a reasonably civil communication line with the blog's chief blogger Anglico a/k/a James Protzman and the liberal perspective is often interesting to read.

Astroturf Update

At the rate of spending revealed so far it appears that the NC Association of Realtors (NCAR) and the NC Home Builders Association have committed to spend at least $400,000 each in fake grassroots efforts to defeat the transfer tax in the 16 counties holding a referendum on the issue. Contributions from affiliated realtor groups could bring the total projected state budget close to $1,000,000 for local astroturf committees alone. This in addition to state level lobbying expenditures by NCAR of $938,787

Here's an update from Johnston ($74,386) and Harnett ($45,425) counties via Stop The NC Home Ticks:

Open thread

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I want to get fired for being an incompetent CEO. Don't you? This is un-freakin-believable. If Merrill Lynch thought its business was in the toilet before today, wait until irate investors start moving their money in droves to the company's competitors.

How many underlings will lose their jobs and their homes while Mr. Big Cheese walks away with a cool $161 million? Gotta love those free markets.


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