Hope springs

The next six weeks in the North Carolina blogosphere should be fascinating. On Monday we'll host two Democratic candidates for governor. On Tuesday, Kay Hagan, candidate for US Senate will join us. Tonight we'll talk with Beth Wood, who's running for State Auditor. And that's just the beginning. All of which has me wondering what role online can fill in this brave new world of North Carolina politics. Here are my hopes.

From NAEYC - Action Needed!

I've just received this request via email from the NC-AEYC (North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children)

U.S. Senators Dodd (D-CT) and Snowe (R-ME) have written a "Dear Colleague" letter requesting $1.072 billion in Head Start funding and $874 million in Child Care Development Block Grant funding (attached). We need to get as many Senators as possible to sign the letter by April 4th. Please contact Senators Dole and Burr and urge them to sign on to the Dodd-Snow Dear Colleague letter. Here are their phone numbers: Senator Dole 202-224-6342 and Senator Burr 202-224-3154. Share this information with your friends and colleagues and urge them to call, as well. As always, the more people the Senators hear from, the more likely they are to act.

We're on.

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I am happy and honored to announce that our Democratic candidates for governor will join us on Monday, March 31, at 7:45 pm, for the first online gubernatorial debate in North Carolina history. My deepest thanks to both candidates and their very busy campaign staffs, for working with us to make this event happen. In keeping with our commitment to transparency, here is the proposal that has been accepted by both campaigns. Now we need your help to make it happen. As you'll see below, your first job is to load up the questions.

When Mike Munger Speaks

“The Democrats in North Carolina are what the Republicans usually are, and the Republicans are the Taliban,” Munger said, with characteristic brashness. “They look to scripture to decide what their positions should be.”

In a wide-ranging interview with the Winston-Salem Journal, Mike Munger, Libertarian candidate for governor in North Carolina, does what almost no politician ever does: he calls it exactly like he sees it. And while I don't agree with much of what the good professor has to say, I sure do love the way he says it.

Stop Alcoa = Save North Carolina Water - Yadkin River is a vital North Carolina Water Resource

Anyone living in North Carolina knows that the entire state is facing drought conditions which are not going away anytime soon. To combat this situation, the state is urging municipalities to consider allocating and transferring water resources to meet the needs of customers.

Frontpaged for discussion.

NRCC attacks me for telling the TRUTH

I'm told our campaign is doing well and that the proof is in the attacks coming from the National Republican Congressional Committee. I realize it is their job to try and build up their candidate, Republican Robin Hayes, by tearing me down, but this is ridiculous.

NRCC Press Office
March 17, 2008

Candidate for NC-08 Will Say Anything to Get Elected

Washington- Larry Kissell, the re-run candidate for North Carolina's 8th Congressional District, can't make up his mind on whether he supports or opposes earmarks. His inconsistency on the issue shows he will do or say anything to get elected.

Earlier this year, Larry Kissell was complaining about earmarks, according to a local press report...

Open Thread Goodness for Tuesday

What Jerimee wants, Jerimee gets.

Can I have a Tuesday open Thread?
Submitted by Jerimee on Tue, 03/25/2008 - 9:40am.

The N&O, under the mealy mouthed headline "Fewer in NC affirm GOP ties," is reporting that

The number of self-identifying Republicans in North Carolina is dropping.

The number of North Carolinians identifying as Republican has dropped from 35 percent in 2004 to 26 percent, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.


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