Rahm Came Through

Your tireless efforts are finally paying off friends. When Congressman Rahm Emanuel came through North Carolina this past Saturday, he came through for the 8th District and our campaign as well.

You'll be pleased to know we now have the full financial commitment of the former DCCC Chair and all his committees, as well as his challenge to others to help raise the funding and support your hard work earned many times over last year.

Gun Control Conversations

In his diary last Wednesday, Robert P. did his best to describe the middle ground he takes on gun control. There are probably many of us who fall in line with him on this issue.

I don't necessarily consider myself a gun rights or a gun control advocate. Like Robert, I fall somewhere in the middle. I realize that making something illegal isn't necessarily going to keep it out of the wrong person's hands. Then again, when it comes to something deadly, you err on the side of caution, right? Unless, you're a Republican Congress sitting idly by while the assault weapons ban is lifted.(This one I supported)

On Shuler, Ford, and why I don't support Moderate Centrists

originally posted at Daily Kos (rec's welcome)

I'd like to make something perfectly clear, I used to consider myself a moderate. I was registered without party affiliation, I believed you could look at the candidates and make your decision based on their stances on the issues. I am now what our local Republicans call "a bunch of left-wing Democrats who have nothing better to do than to sit around and write these little messages to one another". I despise those who want to "move" to the middle, and it is interesting how many of them feel the same way about us here at Daily Kos, as the local Republicans: "I am a serious on-the-ground grassroots organizer and I just visit this place to see what is going on. With the number of people I meet in person, the ones who spend a lot of time blogging would rather sit at a table at the bar and rant the whole time than actually get something done."
Now, we in North Carolina have a perfect example of what "moving" to the middle will get you. Heath Shuler chose to validate a far-right-wing think tank with his presence. Their response?

Congressional Democrats Come Through for NC's 8th District

After the CAFTA debacle, you would think Republican Congressman Robin Hayes would be shy about making promises he wasn't flat-out, completely, horizontally prepared to keep. Heh. You would be wrong.

Find out just how wrong you would be and how many promises Robin Hayes has broken below the fold.

Tea Leaves

Here's last week's column, mostly about the recent Elon Poll:

Tea leaves

All signs point to ‘huh?’

The latest Elon Poll, released over the past few days, has a pretty interesting set of findings many of which can be summed up with a question mark.

North Carolinians know that smoking is a health hazard, but they don’t want government to interfere with the rights of small business. They want growth to pay for itself, which is only fair, right? Except they also overwhelmingly support the least fair way to raise money to do it.

Meet Jeff Hunt: Taylor's heir-apparent

Unless Charles Taylor rises from the crypt to run again, this is the man who Heath Shuler will likely have to face November next year. District attorney for three counties, former district attorney for two more, he says "I've been on the inside group who have run most of the Republican Congressional campaigns since 1976."

WNCNN has the exclusive interview fresh from the "Karl Rove Memorial 11th District Republican Convention." You'll want to listen through to the end where he mentions the H-word and proudly compares Republicans to termites.


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