My CNN debut: Blog Buzzing the presidential race

This isn't exactly North Carolina news-related, but since I am a Tar Heel and BlueNC-er, I thought I'd let you all know about my appearance last night on CNN's Blog Buzz segment hosted by Tony Harris. The format pairs a progressive and conservative blogger to discuss the newsworthy political stories of the week.

I've done radio before, but not TV. I did it via satellite, driving over to very cold studio in Raleigh. I couldn't see Harris or my foil on the Right, Amanda Carpenter of I had to deal with a very trebly, almost painful earpiece, but it was still fun. We discussed the Des Moines Register endorsements -- Hillary Clinton and John McCain, as well as the Boston Globe nods to Obama and McCain.

Joe Sudbay of Americablog was kind enough to snare the video; it's below the fold.


I don't know quite how to feel about this. BCBS is doing something good...sorta. Their "Healthy Lifestyle Choices" program is basically preventive medicine through healthy living. I'm all for that. I mean, you do away with fast food, television, video games, and computers and America gets a lot healthier instantly. So, anything they are doing to make that better, well, that is a good thing.

BCBS of North Carolina Says Wellness Program Has Reduced Costs, Improved Members' Health Habits

Blue Yodel No. 171

From this week's Exile column:

Blue Yodel No. 171
Randy Parton said it best the night he was told to leave his namesake theater. Speaking to a couple of reporters upon exit, Parton — brother o’ Dolly — noted that he’d fulfilled his obligations to the City Of Roanoke Rapids and then neatly summed up in a pissed-off-country-singer kind of way the state of what was once touted as Branson East.

“You see anything else out here?” he snarled.

Indeed, sport.

Not abstinence only

Back in October, I wrote a post about the unintended impact of Robin Hayes' abstinence only agenda on teen pregnancy in North Carolina.

There are plenty of reasons to consider Robin Hayes a disgusting and vile creature, but one reason very close to my heart has been largely unaddressed. Robin Hayes is personally responsible for thousands of teen pregnancies in North Carolina every year. Here's the story.

In the dark of night when the legislature was in session back in 1995, then Representative Robin Hayes introduced a bill requiring that public schools in North Carolina teach an abstinence-only sex education curriculum. Despite heated and stunningly uninformed debate, the House and the Senate passed the bill. Since the 1996-97 academic year, over 100 out of the 117 school systems in North Carolina have taught abstinence-only until marriage in their healthy living/sex education courses.

Nick Mackey Denied Surety Bond, [Update] Bond Secured

On Tuesday I was wondering if Nick Mackey would serve a day as Mecklenburg County Sheriff. Today, I'm still wondering. He was turned down by the County's insurer/bonding company of choice and according to the Observer, Nobody seems to be sure of the next step.

A bonding company has refused to issue a surety bond that Mackey needs to be sheriff, county officials told the Observer on Thursday.

Weekend Wound Up: Open thread

Well, we've made it through another week with at least one major almost accomplishment. Christianity is safe.

I will be missing-in-action for most of next week, starting Sunday. Jane and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary (whodathunkit?) and will be traveling without laptops for the first time in a very long while. I'm already having withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to all for holding down the fort.

Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Steroids, and Baseball

I gave up on baseball back when they had their first strike, I was a kid in a struggling blue-collar family and it destroyed any respect I had for the game. So, it doesn't effect me too much to see that there are 60ish baseball players "named" in the Mitchell Report on steroids in baseball. MVPs, All-Stars, Golden Glove winners.

Hampton Dellinger’s Budget Priorities Include Compensation for Victims of Forced Gov’t Sterilizations

I’m running for Lt. Governor because I believe the officeholder can be a powerful agent of progressive change in North Carolina. While this is a race about the future, so many issues that matter have been shaped by our past. I have a new video and statement posted that discuss one of the most shameful episodes in our state’s history, and what I think we need to do to start making it right.

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