Somebody needs to whip their ass

Under the leadership of George Bush and John McCain, the Republican Party has dragged gutter politics to a new low, behaving like schoolyard bullies and Bart Simpson (sorry, Bart) all rolled into one. They've made bald-faced lying the coin of the realm, and they don't even have the decency to be embarrassed. Their behavior calls for drastic measures. Which creates a pivotal opportunity for political independents.

I changed my registration early this year from Democrat to unaffiliated, hoping to gain a clearer look at the political landscape. It worked. I feel little sense of obligation to the Democratic Party. Some fondness perhaps, but equal amounts of frustration. That's why I left.

But today I'm willing to beg every unaffiliated voter within earshot to vote straight ticket for Democrats without hesitation. Don't even consider voting for a Republican. For anything.

Congratulations BlueNC!

It's been a long three years. Those of us who have been here just about the entire time are feeling the strain, so excuse us if we take a few minutes to celebrate. Yes, our little old BlueNC has been named the best local blog in Creative Loafing's "The Best of Charlotte" issue. We are the critic's choice.

So is a state blog, not a local one. But it has a heavy Charlotte presence and many Charlotte-based bloggers. It’s the best progressive blog that’s not completely Raleigh-centric, OK?

So let's take a minute to celebrate.

Woo Hoo! Yay! Yippee! Yehaw! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Whoopie! Yeah! Way to go! Congratulations!

OK, now you may return to your regularly scheduled fits and rants in

Hat tip: Working for Change

Two wildly different polls from SUSA and PPP

Just what does the race look like here in North Carolina? Well, Survey USA and Public Policy Polling offer two wildly different assessments.

SUSA, in cooperation with ABC11 in the Triangle, has McCain up to an improbable 20-point lead over Obama. I say "improbable" because in looking at the internals, this poll makes absolutely no sense. PPP sounds a bit more realistic even if you allow for the fact it's a partisan Dem poll--McCain up four.

Lying Liddy Dole compares Kay Hagan to a dog

It's shocking when one woman refers to another as a dog, no matter how subtle the reference. It isn't surprising to see Elizabeth Dole lying to save her sorry hide, but it is shocking to see her comparing Kay Hagan to a dog.

In the ad the narrator claims, "That dog won't hunt." Unfortunately for Liddy, the ad firm used a breed of dog that is actually quite good at hunting. As a matter of fact their known for hunting foxes

Time to come clean, Pat McCrory

Tonight in the WRAL debate, Mayor Pat McCrory said of the guys who work around his house installing floors: “these people frankly make more money than I do.” Which raises this important question:

How much money did Pat McCrory actually make working at Duke Energy?

As far as I know, McCrory continues to refuse to disclose his personal financial statements. No one except for his handlers knows how rich he's gotten as a pusher for Big Oil. So unless he made less than $20 or $25 an hour at Duke Energy, he's either pulling a Pinocchio, or he's paid his floor guy a boatload of money to keep quiet about something.

What's the deal, Pat? How much money are you paying your floor guy? And is it really more than you made as a career executive at Duke Energy? If not, what the heck is going on? Do you stretch the truth at the drop of a hat just to score political points? Are you another Sarah Palin "maverick" who's never met a lie she couldn't tell?

It's time to come clean, Pat McCrory, We demand it.

Introducing Liddy's Slippers

How many of you have seen the new site, Liddy's Slippers? It's red. It's pink. It has some great information in it.

I got a kick out of the section that lists how much it will cost to send Liddy back to Kansas where she was registered to vote for most of her voting life.

A bus ticket from DC to Kansas: $177

Plane ticket from DC to Kansas: $319

Taxi from Capitol to Watergate: $6.25

Fill up Liddy's Gas Tank: $75

A train ticket from DC to Kansas: $147

Of course, there's a contribute button after that. Great idea, though because there is an amount for everyone.

The site also has great information on how Dole has failed the people of North Carolina.

Can you hear me now? - How Pat McCrory is Dismissing the Deaf

Pat McCrory is the only major candidate running for political office who currently does not caption his ads for the hearing impaired. From The Poison Pen Register we get this:

There is something unique about Pat McCrory's political ads. In sea of politicking, McCrory is the only major candidate who does not caption his ads for the hearing impaired. I've watched his ads since May, and nary a caption is in sight. As I type now, his “Status Quo” ad is on and no closed captions appear. To me and the nearly 1 million North Carolinians with hearing loss, it's a pointless ad featuring two old men jabbering together. Pat, what is the point?


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