Who's going? Part II

I read today about a conference being sponsored by the Art Pope Puppetshow. The story was posted over at Ed's Place. Check it out. The conference itself promises to be a frenzy of insider information for those interested in being part of the inner sanctum. You can find the details here.

I hope some of you will be able to attend. I personally happen to be allergic to Puppets, though, and won't be participating on doctor's orders.

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Proxy needs

Pulled from a comment made by LoftT . . . and front-paged by James:

We Progressives in Guilford County have agreed to try and find anyone who needs a proxy to stand in for them at the SEC meeting this Sat. in the hope that there will be as much progressive support as possible. Here is Mike's message to me (and also you if you can't attend but are signed up to vote).

I am trying to locate two proxies for you and I. If you know of anybody else who wishes to attend you can add them to the list. No luck yet. Your idea of asking on Blue NC is good. Just tell them that we are looking for two (or more?) proxies for progressive individuals to attend SEC this weekend in Greensboro. If they cant make it but would like their votes to go to a fellow progressive then we would be happy to stand in for them.



Who's going?

To Converge South in Greensboro this year?

I went last year and found it useful and inspiring, despite my general reluctance to deal with crowds and such. Plus I got to spend some time with Betsy in person, which was very cool. They even gave BlueNC a special room for meeting! Find out more here.

McHenry update: suspicious finances, Iraq, Gonzales, & your hometown drug store

Republicans question his recently acquired financial wealth, Democrats ask about his stance on oil drilling (it's fun for everyone), Gonzales (Bush should have dumbed him a long time ago), the lack of congressional relatives in Iraq (I hope to have children . . . one day). And pharmacists ask why he won't help save the hometown drug store and get the brush-off.

Open thread

Which candidate for North Carolina Governor in 2008 believes that the way to clean up the environment is to build more roads?

Our citizens spend more time stuck in traffic than ever before - and the congestion just keeps getting worse. Wasting time sitting in traffic makes it harder to find family time, harder for businesses to operate efficiently, and pollutes the environment. North Carolina needs new thinking on environmental and transportation issues. We also need straight talk and clear vision on the problem of growth that outpaces (sic) infrastructure. The Liberal Democrats aren't addressing this issue because they have presided over the deterioration of our current roads and the slow pace of new construction.

Burr, God and Caesar

There are so many things wrong with this short story that it's hard to know where to begin.

ASHEVILLE - U.S. Senator Richard Burr will host a federal grant workshop in Asheville to focus on improving access to federal grants for faith-based and community initiatives.

The workshop will be held at 9 a.m. Wednesday at the Reuters Center at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Burr will deliver opening remarks to workshop attendees.


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