McCrory calls millions of North Carolinians "hypocrites"

I wish I was as smart as Dan Besse, who just wrote this excellent letter to the editor:

To the editor:

Pat McCrory has just called millions of North Carolinians "hypocrites".

According to the Raleigh News & Observer (6/30/08), McCrory said that anyone who drives daily and opposes drilling [off North Carolina's coast] is "hypocritical".

Replenish our beaches?

I knew from his campaign finance reports that Pat McCrory had one hand in the pocket of Big Banking and one in the pocket of Big Oil, but in today's pandering to the press, the candidate showed he has more hands than Shiva when it comes to money grubbing. After jumping on the "let's drill our way to prosperity" bandwagon, the Queen City mayor had this to say:

"I believe this additional revenue received (by) the state will help our education, will help pay our teachers, will help pave our roads, will help implement mass transportation programs ... will help replenish our beaches ... will help our criminal justice system and will help our overall budget during the next decade and beyond," he said.

The state we're in

Via the Citizen, this week's Letter from the Editor:

I was in the Triad the other day visiting with some fellow media types including blogger Jon Lowder, who related an incident he’d happened upon while returning from a recent visit to Pittsboro.

Lowder encountered a traffic stop on N.C. 87 just inside the Alamance County line. After watching the sheriff deputies and highway patrol checking licenses and looking over the cars, Lowder said it was apparent that the law was interested in vehicles with Hispanic occupants and not much interested in anyone else.

The Big Lie

Last year, North Carolina was named the 6th most popular spot for tourism in the United States.

That's important to the nearly 200,000 working folks across our 100 counties employed by the North Carolina tourism industry, but it's just as important to the millions of Americans who spend billions here to enjoy the best of everything, from mountains, to cities to our one of a kind outerbanks and pristine coastline.

George Bush and Robin Hayes want to change all that to line their own pockets on the way out of office with the Big Lie that energy independence requires giving the oil industry more corporate welfare and even more access to our fragile resources, like North Carolina's outer banks.

Topic of the week: Pat McCrory

Dearest Citizens of Charlotte:

You'll forgive us if we're having a hard time getting to the bottom of your perpetual mayor, Pat McCrory. From here in the hinterlands of North Carolina, it looks like Hizzoner has never had much interest in the rest of the state, except as a revenue stream for his employer, Duke Energy. And his bank-rolled campaign for governor seems more about his personal ego and his corporate cronies than dealing with the real challenges our citizens are facing.

For example, Mayor Pat recently reported that he doesn't know what he thinks about oil and gas exploration off the coast of North Carolina. Doesn't know - or is afraid to say? And then there's Pat's "they" problem. Aside from his welcome support for transit in Charlotte, I can't discover anything to like about the man.


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