Gun Control Suggestions.

After the Virginia Tech tragedy, and a recent post about David Price that brought out some debate concerning gun control, I thought I would post what I’ve always thought was a middle-of-the-road solution to gun control. Note here that I mean 1980s middle-of-the-road here, not the modern middle-of-the-road where outlawing a woman’s right to choose is “moderate”.

County Government: Night Four

This has been the hardest article for me to write. Not because of the material, there’s plenty of it. So much good being done in these departments that I don’t want to leave anything out. The problem is you won’t read it all in one sitting.

Our fourth night was a long one; we started at 6:30 and didn’t leave until 9:30, our fault, we had so many questions. In an effort to cover each department, as they should be, I’m going to do this in two parts.

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We met at the Sheriff’s Department in the new courthouse in Carthage. Janet Paris, the Director of Child Support, Day Reporting and Youth Services began the evening with a look at Child Services. In 1975 a federal law was passed requiring states to create programs to aid with the “establishment and collection of child support to insure that both parents support their children”. It just makes sense since some parents think that they can just walk away and leave all responsibilities behind. This department provides the resources needed to provide basic needs like housing, food, clothing and school supplies. Because they have access to state and federal databases, they can locate the “noncustodial parent” and establish a “Support Order” that spells out the monthly amount that needs to be paid. This can be enforced through income withholding, liens on real/personal property and court actions, to name a few.

Notes to the State Press

The head of the Department of Health and Human Services launched a massive change in mental health services on the day before Easter weekend, making rate cuts retroactive over a month. The same person yesterday released an “effective immediately” memo with another massive change in mental health services. Mental health providers, by and large private/for-profit businesses, already destabilized by five years of rapid changes in the state’s mental health reform, all had to rewrite their business plans on April 5th in response to the surprise 33% rate cuts. Today they’re again figuring out how best to go out of business.

Carmen Hooker Odom Kills Mental Health Services

Carmen Hooker Odom killed the mental health system today. On the heels of her irresponsible decision to slash rates without consulting the mental health community, Hooker Odom today made it impossible for providers to survive and for recipients to have access to timely services.

In a memo, the Dept. of Health and Human Services ordered that effective immediately:

Red Herrings and Sock Puppets

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It must be tough being a poor oppressed Puppet working for Art Pope. Not only do you have to make "reports" day-in and day-out, you also have to make up mortal adversaries. That's exactly what's happened in the latest barrage of pseudo-news from Daren Bakst of the John Locke Foundation.

“For many environmental advocates, Earth Day is a special occasion to scare more people into believing air quality is getting worse,” said JLF legal and regulatory policy analyst Daren Bakst, the report’s author. “Unfortunately, the scare tactics have worked. Too many people think that the air in North Carolina is getting dirtier and harder to breathe. The fact is North Carolina’s air is cleaner than ever and only getting better.”

Open thread: Issues Heath can bring up at Civitas

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With a growing stream of Republican lies being uncovered by Congress almost every day - about everything from Tillman's death to GonzoGate - it's hard to understand the stunning silence of North Carolina Republican leaders. I guess lying to families of dead soldiers will have to be added to the NC Party of Greed platform.

That's the subject I want Heath Shuler to raise when he walks into the lair of the Dark Side. I want him specifically to ask:

How in god's name can the North Carolina Republican Party stand behind a president who has single-handedly destroyed the moral standing of our country and his office in six short years?

Add your questions here for Congressman Shuler. He says he wants to know what ALL the citizens of North Carolina are thinking . . . so don't be shy.

Why Doesn't Cooper Get More Consideration for 2008 Senate Race?

I’ve read BlueNC a lot, but haven’t posted much at all. But I’ve seen a serious gap in discussion here of the 2008 U.S. Senate race.

Rep. Brad Miller is great – don’t get me wrong. But I don’t understand why we haven’t seen more of an outcry for Roy Cooper to throw his hat into the U.S. Senate against Liddy Dole in 2008.

Again, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I think Miller would be great. And I know that Cooper has said he’s running for AG again in 2008. But we all know that such promises can be adapted/ignored if plans change. And the 2008 Senate race might be a good time for Coop to reconsider.

Consider the resume: a well-known prosecutor who’s won two statewide races for attorney general. As a tough-on-crime attorney general, Cooper is in the best possible position for a federal candidate in the South. Assuming that Gov. Easley isn’t willing to run, Cooper is the only potential Senate candidate who’s won statewide more than once – including Dole herself.


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