have left undone those things which they ought to have done and done those things which they ought not to have done

Harlow Barget of State Government Radio featured the following commentary on GOP hypocrisy on his radio show:

I’ve tried to resist, but the temptation to comment is just too great. I’m talking, of course, about the recent sex scandals involving self-righteous politicians in the Old North State.

Maybe the Devil made them do it, but I see the Hand of a Higher Power bringing justice to the smug and proud. In recent years, especially in the South, there has been an overt attempt by pious politicians to exploit religion for their own ends.

The Republican Party as a whole has been successful in winning a majority of churchgoing voters. Fundamentalist Christians in particular have voted overwhelming for Republicans. That’s not some liberal cant. That’s a fact.

There’s nothing wrong or undemocratic about that voting pattern. Republicans have best represented the views of such voters.

What’s been wrong are the suggestions--and it’s more than suggestions from people such as former and disgraced House Majority Leader Tom Delay of Texas--that their opponents are godless infidels.

People can disagree honestly over how to fix our broken health care system or how to interpret Roe v. Wade. But it’s not American to question people’s faith because they disagree with your political solutions. Such absolutism is the path to the world of the Taliban.

Interview, Larry Kissell-working class hero-candidate for most targeted house race in the country

Larry Kissell, as some of you know, lost by the closest margin of any congressional race for 2006. What I learned when talking to him is just how much I admire his courage and his story.
Kissell was a factory worker for 26 years in central North Carolina. After the numerous job losses due to Free Trade Agreements like NAFTA and GATT, Kissell left his career and transitioned into teaching at the local high school. He was one of the fortunate ones in his community.
Many of his neighbors lost their jobs in the factory overnight seeing them outsourced to foreign countries. Many have found work, but the jobs are lower paying, with reduced or no benefits, and sometimes are combinations of 2 or 3 part-time jobs.

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Man with Homer Simpsonesque brain lives normal life.

Ezra Klein on S-CHIP and the Medicare Advantage Plans.

Back in 1982, Congress tried to unleash the magic of the free market by letting private insurers offer Medicare plans for seniors who wanted them. The insurers would be paid at the same rates as Medicare and, if they were indeed more efficient, could then offer more expansive benefits and out-compete the public program.
They were not more efficient. But they've been very good at lobbying Republican Congresses. And so now, the government is paying these private plans about 120 percent of what Medicare gets per patient. In other words, the government is overpaying these plans in order to help them out-compete the public plan -- which they're still not doing. It's an almost hilariously absurd state of affairs, were it not actually costing us all a lot of money.

It's EVOLUTION folks, and it could cost you your life.

HB1587 Changed, Sent to Study Committee

From many reports of those who attended Tuesday's NC House Finance Committee meeting it appears we dodged a bullet. HB1587, the so called Local Government Fair Competition Act, was changed and a new one took its place. The new bill calls for a committee to "study local government owned and operated communication services."

For the back story on the fight against this bad legislation read this BlueNC post. Cross posted from yesh.com.

Senate of Shame

We think it will find favor with everyone who needs to find favor with it." - Tony Rand

That's the quote the Insider leads with in its coverage of the budget announcement. And it is no doubt true - especially the 60,000 wealthiest individuals in North Carolina who get a break on their income taxes, while the other 9 million see a permanent increase in the sales tax rate.


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