The BlueNC Primary

Despite our occasional sparring with folks in the mainstream media, I feel like we have pretty good relationships with many of the high-profile bloggers. BlueNC folks cross-post and comment frequently, which I believe strengthens the fabric of the statewide online community in ways both great and small. Knowledge sharing is widespread, the level of antagonism seems mostly manageable, and the snark is always fun.

Last week Under the Dome, the News and Observer's Ryan Beckwith reflected all that is good about our symbiotic relationships when he wrote a post called The BlueNC Primary. I've thought a lot about his post over the past few days, and the more I considered it, the more I appreciated it. Sometimes it takes an outsider looking in to connect all the dots, see that patterns, and draw insights that we may not even recognize ourselves.

BlueNC Geeks, Represent! - Open Thread

In a recent thread I effused about nuclear physics, partly because I'm interested in the subject and partly to defuse an acrimonious and lengthy Clinton vs. Obama exchange.

I failed in that effort, and proceeded to complain about there not being enough geeks on BlueNC.

Fortunately, that stimulated the egos of some of the geeks who are on BlueNC; they stepped up, on their own behalf and that of others who have been here much longer than I, to show their geek pride. Take this opportunity to join them!

BlueNC geeks, represent!

Five Years On: The NC Democratic Party and the Iraq War Resolution

In 2003, Dan Besse wrote the NC Democratic Party's resolution opposing the war in Iraq, the first such move made by a state party in the run-up to the war.

While party resolve on Iraq has been soft at times since, here was a moment, for NC Democrats at least, of courage and foresight.

A sighting rarer than the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker?

Did you notice, we're in a drought. Via Binker we see that REPUBLICAN Phil Berger has called for Governor Easley to not approve Alcoa's request for dominance over local water resources because they don't provide enough jobs to North Carolina. Go to Binker to read the letter to the Governor, I'll wait.......

Okay, I'll admit it, I don't see the angle. For a Republican to stand up to big business (anyone remember the NFL ALCOA commercials? "We can't wait, we can't wait, for tomorroooooooooooooow, Alcoa can't wait!") and ask the Democratic governor to yank their operations in North Carolina, for all intents and purposes, boggles the mind. Berger says that "In 1958, when its current license was issued, Alcoa provided a number of jobs to North Carolina's citizens; sadly, this is no longer the case. In 2002, Alcoa laid off hundreds of North Carolina workers and no longer provides employment for a substantial number of our people."

One can only imagine that the message is a shot across the bow of outsourcers - if you take jobs out of North Carolina, just take your ball and go home, because we ain't playing. Am I missing something here, is there some hidden neocon agenda to shutting down Alcoa in North Carolina or has the moderate Republican reappeared in North Carolina after a half-century. Or, is it just all smoke and mirrors and vague sightings, like the ivory-billed-woodpecker?

From Kenya, with love

In a world where so much goes wrong so often, it is thrilling to get this small bit of good news from the ground in Kenya about these exciting developments. Here's the text of the email I received today from my friend Alex, who is a tour guide in east Kenya.

Today we woke up to a historic moment as legislators passed the bill on constitution amendment last night and later signed by the president to become law, what joy it was for the majority of Kenyans after this rare Easter gift ( Peace)!

Open thread: Made in China

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In the wake of Robert's interesting post about China, here's another for your reading enjoyment.

State capitalism fosters corruption, allowing smaller circles of state-connected elites to control more wealth. In China, state dominance has meant that "princelings," relatives of leading Communist Party members, have gained control of some of the nation's most powerful companies. Even one Chinese government study of 3,000 of the nation's richest businesspeople admitted that a significant majority are related to top officials.

Democrats and Socialists As Defined By Virgina Foxx

“To me the bigger question is not about liberalism or conservatism; it’s about doing the right thing for the people…” Roy J. Carter, Challenger NC-05

The above quote is in direct response to Virginia Foxx’s question: “I guess that means that he’s supporting them, (Sens. Clinton and Obama), Does it mean that’s he’s supporting the most liberal person in the Senate and the sixteenth most liberal person in the Senate? Is he throwing his hat in the ring with them?”


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