Breaking!!!!! Elizabeth Dole FINALLY Gains Endorsement of her Hometown Paper!!!!!!!

THE WASHINGTON TIMES has issued an endorsement - albeit a luke warm endorsement - but an endorsement nonetheless for Elizabeth Dole. I'm sure the rumbles of excitement that must be sweeping through her campaign office are deafening. It is such a feather in her cap to gain the endorsement of a paper so widely read throughout her long-time home.

Washington, D.C.

So let's all give Liddy a big high five. Let's toss some attagirls and waytogos her way. Then let's toss her an anchor.

Give to Kay Hagan.
Volunteer for Kay Hagan.

The Better Angels

"Pro-American ... anti-American ... Islamofascist ... socialist ... terrorist ..."

Fear can be a potent motivator, especially when used by the unscrupulous. It can divide us, not simply by class or race or gender but by the intangibles of ideology. It can make enemies out of neighbors, breed suspicion, foster divisiveness.

"Worser Person in the World" attacks my campaign as "Illegal!?!"

Even as my opponent's 'Hate' remarks continue to stalk him, perhaps even to the grave as the GOP just added Robin Hayes to their "Death List" of lost causes, the flailing Republican incumbent from North Carolina's 8th District isn't going down without a fight... or a least a lie.

Multi-millionaire Robin Hayes and his close friends in the Big Oil, Drug and Insurance industries have stepped up the attacks on my campaign and very name, and folks this time it's a WHOPPER.

So, it's kind of my Birthday...

I turn 25 years old today.



I can totally rent a car now.

That's the only benefit I've found so far, but let me know if there are more.

But, even better than that is the fact that we have just 11 days left, and I'm going to do the unthinkable:

I'm going to ask you all for a present.

I'm going to ask you all for money.

ElectriCities and Jesse Tilton at it again - More High Rates and More Reckless Spending

The spending continues and there is even a budget increase. My, my. No budget cuts. The ads keep on coming. The ones on NCSPIN cannot be cheap and the one running now is worthless. The magazine ads are worthless. New cars, hybrid cars, more trips, staff running around stepping on themselves. Worthless and reckless.

Jesse Tilton, ElectriCities chief executive officer, offered several alternatives that could impact the electric rate in the future. Several would require borrowing money and one involves extending the NCEMPA debt beyond 2026.

Rob Schofield on McCrory

A good read over at NC Policy Watch.

"In other words, McCrory would allow insurance companies to sell health plans that do not meet the minimum standards currently in place. The theory McCrory is pushing is that insurance companies could sell cheaper policies that do not include "luxuries" such as hospital care for pregnant women. With less expensive options available more people could then buy health insurance.

But there are several problems with this argument. There is little evidence that minimum standards add much to the price of insurance. A recent Massachusetts study concluded that the net cost of standards adds about three to four percent to the cost of premiums.

Virginia Foxx Jumps On the McCarthyite Train

It's all the rage among the Bush loyalists and Rovian political adherents to call their political adversaires anti-american. Michelle Bachman famously did so and earned herself enormous scorn manifesting in a million dollars going to her opponent, El Tinklenberg. Robin Hayes then smeared an entire political philosophy by saying that "liberals hate real Americans".

Now we hear that Virginia Foxx (NC-05) has hopped on the McCarthy Train.


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