What Would Al Gore Do?

Figure 8 houseWhen Al Gore spends time at the North Carolina coast he stays at Figure Eight Island in a 7,000 square foot house voted most likely to fall into the ocean.  A thin stretch of beach separates the house from the rising sea along with a temporary line of sand bags 25 feet away, due for removal May 2008 in compliance with coastal regulations.  Sand bags on the beach are double edged swords, protecting the land side while accelerating erosion on the ocean side.  Owner Parker Overton filed a spirited variance request with the Coastal Resources Commission in February for a March hearing. 

Part of the variance request referred to the passing of SB 599 (what I refer to as the Terminal Groin Injury Act) in 2007 due to be heard in the House 2008 which would allow a terminal groin pilot project, presumed to be destined for a location close to the house.  Among political contributors on Figure Eight Island Parker Overton and his wife are the most generous.  As recently as December 2007 they each contributed $4,000 to the campaign of Marc Basnight. 

Dear Average Hard Working American,

You've cut back on groceries, you don't go to movies or out to eat any more, you don't drive on weekends if you can help it anymore, your expendable income is nil, you KNOW you're getting screwed six ways from Sunday because Big Oil is raking in record breaking windfall profits year after year, quarter after quarter, and laughing all the way to the bank -- and how do Senate Republicans feel about that?

Well, they obviously feel that all is finally right with the world!!!

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Some good news

Jay Price of The News and Observer has a well-written story today about the return of a North Carolina National Guard unit from Iraq yesterday. In a world where so many things are going so wrong on so many fronts, the dedication and commitment of our National Guard is a bright and inspiring light.

If grief and numbness could be squeezed out of a soldier, the homecoming that the 1132nd Military Police Company got Tuesday would have erased its 10 months in Iraq.
Everywhere, people were bawling and hugging harder than they had ever hugged. Wives, husbands, moms, dads, kids and then soldiers started embracing each other.

Photo from the N&O. Click to find other great images of the homecoming.


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