Change is in the air

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With all the high-flying campaign rhetoric these days, you'll be forgiven for thinking this post is about John Edwards for Barack Obama. Because no matter how important the political change they represent, a more fundamental change is upon us: climate change.

The implications of climate change are mind-boggling in the truest sense of the word. No one can fully understand exactly how our world and our culture will be affected, but it's a safe bet the consequences will be far-reaching. For example, the N&O today leads with this headline: Yearlong fire season possible.

Democratic Candidates: File Now! [Update] - Open Thread

Last Summer, I wrote a short series of posts on

Why we need to have Democrats run in every race,

What it takes to be a candidate,

and Obstacles to succeeding as a candidate.

I will be filing myself tomorrow for NC House 37, but I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to seriously consider running and to think about it now before filing ends on Feb 29th.

You may be the candidate you've been waiting for!

Bumped, fp'd by Betsy. This is a perfect open thread to keep track of folks filing in your area.

In Defense of "Electability"

I've been lurking for awhile and have noticed a recurring idea, implicit or explicit, in many posts - "electability." I've seen it most prominently in connection with the Lieutenant Governor's primary, but it's also a big issue (of course) on the national scene. Hence Obama's constant references to his better chances to win the general election. Some people seem to deride the idea at all times, or at least pay it mere lip-service while advocating candidates who have no real chance in the general election, and I think that's foolish.

Duplicitous Dole

If you've ever wondered how our very senior senator has managed to fool most of the people most of the time (no, I'm not talking about her many face lifts), you'll want to check out Rob Schofield's excellent analysis of Dole's voting strategies.

For the most part, she votes in lockstep with the Bush Administration and Republican leadership – whether it’s on the war, tax cuts for the wealthy, or even limiting expansion of the SCHIP children’s health insurance program. However, Dole has also been careful to cast occasional votes that seem to shave at least a little bit of the far right edge off of her image and forestall opposition attack ads when she seeks reelection.

Obama in Chapel Hill Today?

From Hotline:

February 10, 2008
Wooing Edwards

NBC/NJ's Athena Jones has confirmed that Hillary Clinton met with John Edwards Thursday at his home in Chapel Hill to make her pitch for his endorsement. The encounter was first reported earlier today by The Page. NBC News subsequently confirmed that Barack Obama will make the same pilgrimage tomorrow to visit with JRE. The Obama campaign, however, is not commenting on the report, according to NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan.

Since Edwards dropped out of the contest nearly two weeks ago, Clinton and Obama have given public props to him at every possible turn, on the stump and in their first one-on-one debate in CA. As former Edwards supporters have realigned, however, more seem to be finding their way to Obama.

Top-10 poultry plant hides injuries to workers

Cross-posted at DKos and my blog

Today's Charlotte Observer includes the first of a potentially devastating six-part series on poultry-plant safety.

The first part focuses on House of Raeford, one of the ten largest poultry producers in the country. It's based in Hoke County, half an hour south of Fayetteville and operates plants in North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana. It supplies deli turkey and chicken products to companies such as Blimpie, Golden Corral and Food Lion. It also counts several school systems among its customers--including my hometown system, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. It claims to have one of the best safety records in the industry--but the Observer amply demonstrates that this record is a mirage.


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