ACORN: Favorite Target of GOP

I've been giving this whole situation with ACORN a lot of thought. I listened to Lou Dobbs talk about how non-pofits have formed a shadow government. That ought to get the fright wing foaming at the mouth. Dobb's point seemed to be that Acorn was doing a job that should have been done by the government or the Democratic party.

What has Lou's boxers in a twist is that Acorn pays employees &/or contractors by the hour to register voters. This apparently provides some incentive for fraud. There have been problems in the past and Acorn works to identify those contractors who are suspected of registering phony voters. The problem is the different BOEs don't always do a good job of following up when Acorn turns over information to them about possible problem registrations.

Statewide Women for Kay group fights for Kay Hagan....and for good reason

We are fortunate here in North Carolina to have so many strong, vibrant, intelligent women running for public office. You can imagine the example it sets for our daughters (and sons) to see women leading the way in so many areas.

I know that some here don't like the term, "women's issues". It may be true that all issues are women's issues, but there are some that are of particular interest to my gender and Kay Hagan plans to lead the way in Washington to make sure our voices are heard. The section of Kay's web site on women's issues is thorough and while you should read it for yourselves, here's a summary:

Kay’s plan focuses on three areas:

1. Improving economic opportunities for women.

Dole thinks her vacation in NC means she is in touch with the little people

In Elizabeth Dole: Absent without Leave, I outlined the number of days Elizabeth Dole spent on North Carolina soil in an official capacity. In her six years in office, Dole has spent less than one year in North Carolina. This lends credence to the assertion that Dole is out of touch with the average North Carolinian.

Washburn: Dole's Pixie Dust Solution Won't Work

I cannot improve on Mark Washburn in any way, shape or form. Please go read his column from earlier this week. It is a thing of beauty. Here's a snippet.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Dole failed us. Miserably.
  • Nothing personal. Dole is smart, elegant, honest, accomplished, principled and well-intentioned. She has an admirable record of public service. And so on.

    But in this financial catastrophe, she chose a pixie-dust solution.

    “To fix the markets,” Dole declared as the economy rumbled toward the brink, “we must deliver a market-based solution, not a government bailout.”

    Follow me closely here.

    Weekend Woundup Wolcott Style

    I love James Wolcott.

    I don't want the Republican Party simply defeated in November, I want to see it smashed beyond all recognition, in such wriggling, writhing, anguished disarray that it can barely reconstitute itself, so desperate for answers that it looks to Newt Gingrich for visionary guidance, his wisdom and insight providing the perfect cup of hemlock to finish off the conservative movement for good so that it can rot in the salted earth of memory unmissed and unmourned in toxic obscurity.

    The more hate I see directed at my party, my candidates and my children the more I feel it is time to put the haters out of their misery.

    Stand Up for Change at the BOA500

    Cindy McCain will be at Lowe's Motor Speedway on Saturday. Will you?

    We're Race Fans for Change, a new advocacy group dedicated to talking with NASCAR and drag racing fans about issues that impact America's middle class.

    We need your help to distribute our fun and informative literature along with our stylish decals. In return, we'll put a free t-shirt on your back, a $100 stipend in your pocket, and a seat for the main event under your rear. Call us now!


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