Who are our Progressive Senators?

I was asked today by someone who cares about the issue of Health Care, and who owns a small business, "Who are our Progressive Senators?" The question revolved around the issue of what would happen if H901 passed the House and went on to the Senate. Who would we discuss the issue with? Who would be our best bet on moving the bill forward?

My response was, of course: "There are none. Didn't you see the budget vote?"

Nonetheless, after the break I have prepared a list of all our "Democratic" Senators. I'm hoping that we can sticky this throughout the day and that everyone will post comments telling me whether a Senator is P=Progressive, M=Moderate, or DINO=Democrat in name only.

Could it possibly be true?

After this latest "Terrorists threaten to/almost blow up {insert target}" claim, all of which end up being crap, I'm left wondering if it could possibly be true. Could there be people who would really do something as evil as scare American families with the threat of terror attacks purely for political reasons?
via Atrios:

When U.S. Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf described the alleged terror plot to blow up Kennedy Airport as "one of the most chilling plots imaginable," which might have caused "unthinkable" devastation, one law enforcement official said he cringed.

The plot, he knew, was never operational. The public had never been at risk. And the notion of blowing up the airport, let alone the borough of Queens, by exploding a fuel tank was in all likelihood a technical impossibility.

And now, with a portrait emerging of alleged mastermind Russell Defreitas as hapless and episodically homeless, and of co-conspirator Abdel Nur as a drug addict, Mauskopf's initial characterizations seem more questionable -- some go so far as to say hyped.

"I think her comments were over the top," said Michael Greenberger, director of the Center for Health and Homeland Security at the University of Maryland. "It was a totally overstated characterization that doesn't comport with the facts."

Morning Buffet

Federal Judge James Dever removes himself from Jim Black's sentencing
     N & O | C O

Wilmington Journal has strong words:
     Open Letter to the NC Black Legislative Caucus

Charter School 100 cap should remain according to NC Center for Public Policy Research:
     AP @ CO | WLOS | NBC17

Charter schools performed about the same or slightly worse than traditional schools

UPDATE: Read the full report from NCPPR

Kissell Campaign Events - Find One Near You

There are a few fundraisers coming up for Larry Kissell that I hope you will be able to find time to attend. Robin Hayes is running scared, so we need to keep the pressure on by helping Larry raise lots of money this quarter.

Also, if any other Democratic candidates have fundraising events coming up, please post in the comments and I'll update this post to include your event. I would like for our candidates to get front page attention. Maybe we can do something at the beginning of every month.

Open Thread: Dream a Little Dream

It would be so much easier if we could just nestle safely into the warm bosom of a political party with boundless idealism, integrity, and transparency. Instead we're in our two-party system populated with mere humans, though some Republicans might be mistaken for jackals or lemmings.

BlueNC brings the big tent of the Democratic Party into one cybery room to discover how we can continue to form a more perfect Party. On a day when Scooter Libby and Bill Jefferson are both getting what they deserve, what do you imagine when you think of a more perfect Democratic Party?

Dream a little dream, rant a little rant, link a little link, or just spew mightily. It's an Open Thread.

Missing the Point on Low Water

I lived in FL and dated an archeologist for awhile, so I understand the excitement that in this article about finding bones and artifacts at the bottom of Lake Okeechobee.

Native American remains
The state has alerted the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes of the bones, but no decision has been made on their fate. No studies have been done on the human remains, but Wheeler said they likely were 500 to 1,000 years old, or possibly older.

Further examination will be necessary to more accurately pinpoint the bones’ age, though he noted they show extensive wear, he said.

Ready to Make a Move to Alternatives?

H77, the bill pending in the state House that would require utilities to get a percentage of their power from renewable sources, is going to be considered today at 2pm by the House Energy and Energy Efficiency Committee. If it passes, it will move on to the Committee on Public Utilities on June 14th.

There's work to be done to ensure that this progressive bill makes its way through the legislature!


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