Presidential Christmas Card Poll

Polls for the 2008 Presidential race, which hasn't even started yet, have been all over the board. At this point in the game success in such polls has a lot to do with name recognition which is not a very scientific indicator of which yet-to-be-announced candidates might actually have the right stuff to be the President of the United States. It has not been possible to compare their positions on Presidential issues or activities on an apples-to-apples basis. That is until now. One of the tasks of any President is the issuance of Christmas cards. Today, for the first time it is possible to vote on three likely Democratic Presidential candidates on the basis of performance in a Presidential activity in a poll that is at least as scientific as any poll today. So I present to you, below the fold, three images, one each from the Christmas greetings of John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and, Barack Obama and ask you to vote for you favorite.

Christmas Day Open Thread

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Happy Christmas everyone!

It's going to be a long night for this old man. I have to wait until daughter and wife go to sleep and then start sneaking around to find the presents I've stashed here and there. I usually forget something until halfway through the morning! Out daughter is 16 and still plays along with my Santa game. Every year I get to write her a "letter from old Saint Nick" which always thrills her to no end.

Invisible women

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Via Ode Magazine, I came across the 2005 Global Media Monitoring Project which, among other things, provided an extensive analysis of gender differences inside the mainstream media.

Percentage of news stories mentioning women

TV: 22%
Radio 17%
Newspapers 21%

What are the roles these women play?

Eyewitness: 30%
Subject: 23%
Expert: 17%
Spokespeople: 14%

Our news culture is so gender-biased that women don't even show up. And it's not just a problem "out there." BlueNC has only one female front-pager, the Southern Dem. We need help fixing that.

Walter Jones: All Talk

Rob Christensen interviewed Congressman Walter Jones this week. It's a story worth reading because it reveals three things we should never lose sight of:

First, we can't count on newspaper reporters to ask hard questions. There's some weird version of the Stockholm Syndrome in play between these guys and their sources - or maybe something more like co-dependency. But whatever is going on, don't expect serious pushing by North Carolina reporters about anything. Ever.

Second, the Party of Greed is scrambling like hell to make the Iraq War a bipartisan disaster instead of a Republican disaster. There's a whole diary about this at Daily Kos, but more to the point, Jones himself is shamelessly trying to spread the blame.

"Probably many of us did not know the questions that should have been asked," Jones said. "Many of us, in both parties, felt we had to accept and trust the intelligence that was being given." (emphasis added)

GOP Anger, Elizabeth Dole and Brian Nick

Sen. Elizabeth Dole's unpopularity within the national Republican Party continues to build. It has been a year with more than its share of reasons for GOP failure at the polls; the war in Iraq, Congressional scandals and George Bush's unpopularity among them. However, within the party hierarchy primary blame for the loss of the Senate is now being placed at the feet of the National Republican Senatorial Committee and most especially its chair, Elizabeth Dole.

Frustration with Dole's incompetence took form as the NRSC fell $30mm behind the Democrats in fund raising, and then burned through $4.8mm with television ads in New Jersey and Michigan probing for weakness in a strong field of Democratic candidates. Meanwhile Republican candidates like Sen. George Allen in Virginia and Sen. Conrad Burns in Montana were starved for advertising in ultimately tight races because Dole believed Allen couldn't lose and Burns couldn't win.

Weekend Open Thread

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Seems like all the media rats are jumping off the tarnished Nifong ship. The Charlotte Observer today joins the frenzy for "investigating the investigator." Nifong has undoubtedly screwed up big time, but shouldn't we wait until the frickin' trial takes place before we take down the district attorney?

Dan Blue is claiming to have locked up a majority of the Black Caucus, and also says Bill Faison has dropped out of the race to back him. Faison never had a shot, but its interesting that he supports Blue instead of his Orange County colleague, Joe Hackney. I was kind of hoping Blue would pass on Speaker and hold out to challenge Elizabeth Dole in 2008. I suppose he could do both, though if he gets the Speaker job, it's going to be a sh*tstorm that will make nobody look good.

One happy blessing of the holiday season is that the Puppets are on vacation and haven't darkened with Internets with more of their "reports" for a couple of days. Thank goodness for small pleasures.

And just a reminder. Congressman Brad Miller will be visiting on Thursday morning for a live-blogging session. You can get your questions in early, but be sure to join for the big event too. We had a session with Elizabeth Edwards last month, and it was a blast.

Tango Out on Bail

This just in from The Kansas City Star...

Evidently Tango, the storybook penguin is out on bail and back on the shelves of four Charlotte-Mecklenburg elementary schools. The offending penguin, or rather the book that tells her story, was reported to the authorities by Republican county commissioner, Bill James (pictured left).

It seems that Tango's story starts harmlessly enough when her parents abandon her and she's left to fend for himself. However, after that hopeful beginning the story takes an unsavory turn when she's rescued and cared for by two male penguins.

John Edwards, Labor's Choice in 'o8?

I'll bet that a Robert Novak column is not often referred to in these pages, but today let's make an exception. This week's column is all about John Edwards, and it suggests that he is the front runner to win the endorsement of the Teamsters Union and the Service Employees International Union.

According to Novak part of their preference for Edwards is the fact that they're not optimistic about Clinton's electibility, nor are they encouraged by Obama's lack of experience. However, even with these concerns set to one side, Edwards has made it a big priority to court labor. Some quarters regard his choice of former Rep. David Bonior of Michigan as his national campaign manager as an effort to demonstrate his support for labor. According to Novak,

John Edwards Unfiltered: Webisode Videos and Chapel Hill Edwards Rally!

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I've come to the personal conclusion that I actually want the country to see who I am, who I really am. But I don't know what the result of that will be. But for me personally, I'd rather be successful or unsuccessful based on who I really am, not based on some plastic Ken doll that you put up in front of audiences."

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