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Miss Virginia Arnold, of North Carolina, is one of the organizers for the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage. She was a student at George Washington University and at Columbia University prior to engaging in suffrage work. She is at present National Executive Secretary of the Congressional Union. (click photo for link)

Helping Empowering Veterans Help Us

By now most of you will probably have read either this short post on BlueNC, or the initial post at DailyKos.

Well, I gave the guy a call, to talk about exactly what is intended and what is needed.

Action Alert: Where I make it really easy.

Recently, a group of activists had the chance to discuss "non-profit education of legislators" with a Raleigh lobbyist. His suggestions:

  1. Each legislator must be contacted at least ten times to stir interest.
  2. The legislative assistants receive the emails and pass on those of interest.
  3. The content of the message is secondary to having each SUBJECT LINE being informative and THE SAME.

In light of this advice, I'm giving y'all this LINK. This link will open your email browser and create a new message, address it to the MASS EMAIL HOUSE list that each legislator receives, give you a subject line, and BCC it to me. From there, you can cut and paste what I wrote below the break, which I sent in a similar letter, or you can write your own information.

See, wasn't that easy?

Empowering Veterans Inc.: "Dole among WORST 10 Senators"

Ralph Parrot, of "Empowering Veterans Inc." has presented their list of "Worst 10" Senators regarding their votes for/against American Veterans.

Dole does herself no favors in military North Carolina by being listed right smack dab in the middle of that list!

The list is as follows:

The "Worst 10" on issues relating to members of the Armed Forces and their families and veterans and their families are:

Alexander of Tennessee
Chambliss of Georgia
Cochran of Mississippi
Coleman of Minnesota
Cornyn of Texas
Dole of North Carolina
Graham of South Carolina
Roberts of Kansas
Sessions of Alabama
Sunnunu of New Hampshire

Prepping for Armageddon

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Tired of Jim Black News Yet?

Who here is tired of Jim Black news? We're getting bombarded in Charlotte and I feel the need to share with you. I'm nice that way. heh

There have been two recent articles that are worth reading. The first includes tidbits about the ongoing investigation. It was actually in Saturday's paper so I missed it. Apologies if you've seen this already.

More below the fold...

Woodfin Diesel Power Plant

{c/p @ ScruHoo}

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWoodfin, celebrated home of short-sighted governance on Asheville's northern shore, in partnership with ethically questionable county commissioners leased 78 acres of land to Progress Energy for a dollar. Progress hopes to build a Diesel Power Plant, which will become one of the top five polluters in Buncombe County.

Where to begin?

Harrisburg gets it

Harrisburg is a sleepy little bedroom community that is learning how to deal with growing pains. Having been targeted by Wal-Mart for a SUPERCENTER (and we know how those behemoths gut a town), there were some pretty heated discussions and votes which kept Wal-Mart and it's anti-environmental practices out of the town.

However, the fight was not over. Lowe's Home Imporvement wanted to cash in on the booming housing market (think of all those home repair/upgrade projects) by having a store in town. After an initial vote, in which opponents of the measure walked out (a classic Rethuglican move, one of the key votes was absent that night, so they rammed it through). Well it came up for another vote and was rejected. Now it seems that the developer bringing in the home improvement giant just doesn't want to let it go and is contemplating filing a suit. I personnaly shop here, as the folks are friendly and the store is locally owned (heck, they even helped me out to my truck with some things I bought there recently).


Quick Heads up (Open Thread)

In the N&O's Under the Dome today it was reported that Nathan Tabor has joined the presidential campaign of Duncan Hunter. For those that dont remember, Tabor's views on the UN make Jesse Helms look left of center.

Think of this as an open thread.

Now with links
Tabor's site

Think of Tabor as a crazy Jesse Helms and Duncan Hunter as a "mainstream" Pat Buchanan

Jim Black to Plead Guilty to State Charges

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Jim Black will enter an Alford plea to charges in state court. The problem is, nobody seems to know what he's charged with.

It was unclear early Monday as to what specific charges Black would plead, but they are expected to be felonies, according to one source. Prosecutors are expected to put witnesses on the stand and present a variety of evidence during the hearing, the sources said.

An Alford plea allows a person to in effect enter a guilty plea without admitting guilt. The paper says Black will be sentenced as if he were guilty.

The article can be found at the Observer at this link.

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