Something in the Senate water?

I've been puzzled by the antics of Tony Rand lately, a once-decent progressive who seems to have drunk some dark-side kool-aid. And now there's Janet Cowell (whom I've supported in the past) going off the deep end.

According to the Dome blog she's in favor of cutting the taxes on rich North Carolinians - and also likes the $1.2 billion in Certificates of Participation funding pushed through the Senate to build more buildings in the UNC system. Maybe I'm losing it, but it's hard to understand where Cowell is coming from. Very hard.

From where I sit, the North Carolina Senate pretty much sucks.

Open thread: Stats

We've been without site statistics for a while because of changes in hosting services, but Lance has just gotten us back up with weekly reporting. It's hard to compare apples to kumquats, so I don't have any insights about how this stacks up with the information we used to track. In any case, it is what it is for the week starting May 27th. The numbers I pay most attention to are the total absolute unique visitors (2,644) and the total page views.

You hope?

Dear Senator Rand,

Why am I having trouble believing anything you say lately? Maybe it's because most of what you're saying sounds like total bullshit? Unless, of course, your hometown paper is putting words in your mouth.

Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, a Fayetteville Democrat, said the Senate’s proposed debt doesn’t leave much room for additional debt. “Until we find a source of revenue to pay those things, we’re kind of tapped out because of the borrowing for schools and prisons,” Rand said. “Truth be told, we probably spent too much.”

Rand supports the land preservation bills and is among the Senate co-sponsors. “We’ll certainly do what we can. It’s a most worthwhile bill,” he said. “I hope we can do it.”

You hope? Excuse me, but aren't you the MAJORITY leader in the Senate? If you hadn't voted to cut income taxes on the wealthiest in North Carolina, you wouldn't be in this disgusting situation in the first place.


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