Primary dilemmas

You would think that a guy like me, at the ripe old age of 57, would have thought long and hard about the electoral process in the United States of America, especially around primary elections. But the truth is, this is the first cycle during which I've had to come to grips with what primaries really mean and how they fit into the overall political calculus. In doing so, I've had to confront my own biases and motivations, the role of personal relationships, my sense of what's "fair," and the tricky question of electability.

Harry Taylor Live Blogging Monday Night @ 6 pm

One of the things that's most exciting about the upcoming election cycle is the number of good Democrats challenging Do-Nothing Republicans. They're sprouting up all over the place, including the great state of Mecklenburg, where Harry Taylor announced this week that he's running for Congress.

You can read more about Harry here, here, and here. But mostly you want to be here Monday evening at 6:00 pm!

The Zen of Door Knocking

Today, we kicked off our door knocking campaign, and I could not be happier. I personally rang the doorbells to over 100 voters today. I talked to many folks who were home or working in the yard, and left my calling card if they were out.

The connection that is made when you approach a voter at their doorstep and submit to a “job interview” is priceless. I learn so much from each encounter, and that knowledge makes me better prepared to serve each voter as their Representative.

I have called door knocking the “heart and soul” of the campaign – it is both a winning strategy and the best way to serve these people I care about, because I know them and now they know me.

And the Race Begins in NC-6

So it's official. I am a candidate for the 6th District.

It has been a hectic couple of months of preparation in advance of the launch of my campaign. I am very excited to start to discuss the issues that effect regular people. I myself am a regular person, and by regular I mean that I was not born with or have ever acquired a silver spoon.

I have had to fight for everything I have in my adult life. I was lucky enough to have wonderfully supportive parents in my childhood and teenage years. I thrived during the Clinton era as the economy was stable and everyone was doing well. After being laid off right before Christmas 4 years ago, I started to recreate myself.

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State Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin Announces for Re-election to 3rd Term

State Representative Melanie Wade Goodwin (D-Richmond) announced on November 8th her plans to seek re-election next year to the North Carolina General Assembly.

Goodwin’s district includes most of Montgomery County and all of Richmond County.

As she seeks a third term, the lawmaker said, “I have worked to improve education, enhance job growth, and promote families while in office. During the last three and a half years we have had many successes for District 66. One of them is removing Medicaid from our county budgets, thus saving millions of dollars a year for local property owners.”

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Open Thread - Weekend Edition 11/16

The past two and a half weeks have been a bit tough here at old Blue. I love this place and I know many of you do too. After dealing with all the controversy, though, I saw something beautiful had happened.

Christopher wrote a post announcing that he was planning to start a Young Dems chapter in Cabarrus County - a Republican stronghold. In the comments of that post, I witnessed this exchange:

Parmea To The Governor: We Are Not For Sale

From comments on another thread, where it was noted that Governor Easley had raised the issue of economic incentives tied to the OLF deal:

Gov. Easley, we are not for sale. If we need monetary help, we come to YOU, not the US Navy. Do not pawn off your responsibilities onto the Navy. They are a military organization with the purpose of protecting and defending our nation, not buying a water system for a county as an appeasement or a bribe.


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