Vote early during Early Voting!

TrueMeckDem posted a Char-O article about the surge in voter registrations across NC. There is a similar article in today's N&O. The money quote of this one is from Bob Hall, Director of democracy-NC:

"The only way not to have long lines is to increase early voting sites."

I've been out registering new voters and helping voters register at their current addresses a few times over the last month. It is a truly wonderful experience. And it's the easiest dang thing I've ever done.

The Cold War At Home

While there have been substantial reductions in our nuclear arsenal over the last few decades, we still maintain a massive stockpile of nuclear weapons, ranging from the little SADM's up to the monster ICBM's. And even though the threat of world-destroying exchange of hundreds (if not thousands) of missiles between us and Russia is of little concern to any but the most paranoid of tacticians, this arsenal is still considered a key to our defense. (hat tip to my son Steven for bringing this to my attention)

Open Thread - 7/21

Ben Smith at Politico summarizes today with two pictures. It's a huge ouch for McCain. No Dukakis tank moment for Obama. McCain looks like he's tooling around with Thurston Howell III, but it's actually a very tan Daddy Bush wearing a turtleneck in July.

Obama looks presidential and McCain...well...McCain looks like a tool.

What's on your mind today?

Transparency Group Lacks Transparency: Another Puppet Show

There’s a new puppet show in town, but you wouldn’t know it from their website. Capitol Monitor claims to “shed daylight into the darkest corners of our "citizen" government”:

It's all about transparency.

The problem is, there is no transparency about the website and its owners. But, it's got Art Pope's fingerprints all over it

On Manufacturing Job Losses and Outsourced Representation

I usually don't talk too much here about my real job, because it's seldom relevant to our discussions and it's not very "sexy", either. I've been in manufacturing for over 18 years, basically working my way up from driving a forklift to being a division head with 4-7 departments under my "banner", depending on the needs of our management structure.


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