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We are at a crossroads in North Carolina, my friends. Many forces are being brought to bear on us, and we have some very important decisions to make. And make them we must, or the fate of our state and the people and animals that inhabit it will be at risk. Global Warming is not a myth, it's a reality. And it's not simply a natural occurrance of which we are mere spectators, it's an artifact of our own shortsightedness and lack of vision. We brought this monster to life, and we're the only ones who can kill it.


The cars in the parking lot at the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham has more bumper-stickers than god. From "visualize peace" to "question authority" and everything in between. It's a place of purposeful people and active activists. Today's service was conducted by the high school youth group, of which my daughter is a member. It was all about art and music and caring.

Attendance was good. God was there too.

I Know I Am Not Supposed To....But

I know I am not supposed to, but the time is right. I am endorsing Jim Neal for US Senate. It was tough for me to do this. I am a candidate and I am not supposed to take sides in any race. Even tougher is the candidate I am opposing here is a friend and a power house in my home county. I thought long and hard about this decision as I know both candidates fairly well.

Welcome Ross Overby for Congress NC-09 - Live-Blog

Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. Ross Overby, a candidate for congress in the 9th Congressional District, will be visiting with us to answer your questions. From his web site:

Ross is a man who has lived a real life. He is not part of any political machine. He earns a paycheck, saves as much as he can to build security for his family, and invests in his family's future.


50 State Blog Roundup - 3/14/08

After an unexpected absence last week, I'm back and so is the 50 State Blog Roundup.

How's the tension at your favorite national blog community? Take a break from all the nastiness and drop by your favorite state blog for a change. Look in on our statewide and local races.....just stay away from the presidential primary threads. They bring a whole new meaning to March madness!

Here are a few posts from last week and the roundup for March 14, 2008:

Larry Kissell Headlines DCCC Red-to-Blue Candidate List

Somebody get Robin Hayes a change of knickers. I think he just wet himself. What has Robin Hayes flat out running scared?

It isn't what. It's who. It's Larry Kissell, that's who.

Larry Kissell, his campaign team and his enthusiastic supporters from 2006 have finally been joined by the DCCC and many Democrats throughout the district who held back their support last cycle because they didn't think Larry could win. People are scrambling to jump on the Kissell bandwagon and the only thing to say to that is, "Thank you!"

Revisited: JLF's Wind Energy "Report"

I just wanted to make a quick response to the JLF’s recent “report” on the danger of offshore wind energy in North Carolina. As I said in my initial response, this dishonesty and misinformation contained in their piece is enough to leave anyone speechless. While wind energy is the fastest growing form of renewable energy, this exact type of misinformation has prevented the type of growth that this industry has the potential for (and deserves).

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