US Fish and Wildlife Slams Navy Plans

Take a close read - it's well worth your time. And remember, the US Fish and Wildlife Service was listed as a "cooperating agency" in the Navy's plan for shock and awe in Washington County. This is the same US FWS that the Bush administration slapped a gag order on so they couldn't speak up on the issue over the past three months.

Irony of the Month: US Rep Sue Myrick's Loyalties

Does anyone see the irony in this?

US Rep Myrick is going to pull her account at Bank of America because of its credit card that illegals could use.... Myrick has typically been an advocate of the city's big banks,and her campaign reaps donations from their workers

Myrick is going to move her accounts to Wachovia Bank.

Wachovia is in the process right now of offshoring 80% of its processing work to India.

I wonder if Myrick will be getting her donations from India?

Bonior, Edwards, Auto Plants, Textile Mills, Coal Mines and Me.

I live in Southern Village, which if any of you have been paying REAL close attention, you will know that is the new urban development where the John Edwards for President campaign is located. Having volunteered at a few events, I know a couple people up at the office, so it is inevitable that you will bump into them on the village square. Maybe at the Mom & Pop bookstore, or the pizza place, the sports bar under the campaign office, or the organic co-op at the corner next to the Methodist church.
Which is exactly what happened the other day as I was running into Weaver Street (the co-op) and noticed Congressmen David Bonior walking outside about to eat his lunch. I was late for work after a morning appointment, but I had to stop and introduce myself and say how sorry I was to hear about the letter scare. I then excused myself, grabbed some sushi to go and ran out the door. But, the bus was not in my future.

New Puppet Joins the Show!

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Just when I was hoping the N&O might be turning the corner on doing decent journalism, I find this piece of crap written by Bruce Siceloff in today's paper. Carrying water for the transit-haters at the Art Pope Puppetshow, Siceloff writes a story about a recycled John Locke Foundation "report" as though it actually says something worth reading.

Urban traffic jams will choke North Carolina's economic growth unless state and local leaders push to unclog city streets and freeways, a UNC-Charlotte transportation professor said in a report released Monday. David T. Hartgen said the state should realign spending priorities to focus on slowing the growth of traffic congestion, which is expected to double in the next 25 years.

Open thread: Do-Nothing Republican Edition

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First is was Burr saying he doesn't think "it's a member of Congress' role to tell the Navy where or where not to place something." And yesterday Dole announces wants to hold more hearings, but says she will not intervene.

Now you know why the past six years have been so disastrous for our nation. Do-nothing, chickenhawk Republicans.

Change the world, one precinct at a time


Needed: High energy, dedicated, organized and entrepreneurial person able to work with diverse constituency to advance a common agenda; partisan Democrat with a practical perspective and the motivation to work long hours for not enough money for the privilege of whipping Republicans in the State's most important Democratic County.

We are looking for someone with a background in nonprofit management or political operations. Database and word processing skills are a must, as is the ability to keep smiling.

The Wake County Democratic Party needs a new Executive Director. Our current superstar is moving on, and we need someone to pick up the ball and carry it across the goal line. If you are that person, please respond to, RE: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OPENING.

Kudos to the N&O for beating the NO OLF drum

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There's a great column in the News and Observer today by Laura Marciniak about the Navy's insane plan to build an outlying landing field in Washington County.

All that nice open land probably looks good from 10,000 feet in the air. The northeastern section of North Carolina is some of the last undeveloped land on the Eastern seaboard. You can see it yourself from Google Earth. But what you can't see from a plane or a satellite is what's taking place on the ground.

The family farmers and the birds of the wildlife refuges have a symbiotic relationship. The birds do more than eat the farmers' leavings of grain and corn. They also leave nitrogen for the next crop and they dine on insects and weeds. Good land stewardship should be rewarded, not betrayed.

Southern Surrender versus Southern Strategy: Debate Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, March 20 at 7p.m., at Wake Forest University Tom Schaller will debate Bob Moser on the question of the Democratic Party's strategy towards the South. The debate will be held in Room 1312 of the Worrell Professional Center and respondents include yours truly and Delmas Parker, second vice chair of the NC Democratic Party, along with David Coates, politics professor at Wake Forest.

This debate's genesis was a work of BlueNC and the blogosphere in more ways than one. Read the rest for more on the debate and on the blogosphere's role.

One hot place to blog...

This is just a personal observation, but BlueNC is one hot place to blog. If you check here often you will ALWAYS see fresh,breaking news items and comments.

The site has new items posted throughout the day and most, if not all, are right on top of breaking news. Many are tied to breaking news from state newspapers but often you will see news here not yet available covered by the media!


bumped, because, well, he's right!!! (Robert P.)

Also, we haven't had a Frappr drive in awhile, so this gives me an excuse. I hate their new maps, so if anyone has a suggestion for another functionality let me know.

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