Open shred: Da Governors De-Bait

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Did anyone watch da debates last night? I had a small family emergency that kept me away, but there's rumor of a re-run tonight. In the meantime, Laura Leslie at WUNC-FM has the best summary I've found. Bottom line: Republicans still full of government-hating nonsense, offering nothing more than cut taxes and build roads. Moore and Perdue still slinging mud.

The only people who look good in this are Pat McCrory and Mike Munger, and that's because they weren't there.

How? Where? Who? How Many? Why? -- Essential Tools for Advocates for Children

How? Where? Who? How Many? Why?

Those are questions that advocates for any cause must be prepared to answer. Now in these Golden Google Days and Wonderful Wikipedia Nights, it's easy to find almost any statistic that you'd like to find. Sure it's easy, it's sexy (h/t to bullydoc), but is it credible? Are you sure? Really?

The best way to know that the information you're using is credible is to go to a reliable source. My mission today is to let you in on one of North Carolina's best kept secrets.

Lt. Gov. Debates: Accepting Questions for Asheville & Fayetteville Debates

The NCFCD is now accepting questions for the Lt. Governor's Debates in Asheville and Fayetteville. Questions are welcome from all interested persons, including non-college students. Questions should not be addressed to a particular candidate; however you may mention a candidate's position on an issue. The deadline for submitting questions for the January 19th debate in Asheville, North Carolina is 12:00pm January 16th. The deadline for the January 24th debate in Fayetteville is 12:00pm January 21st. The executive board of the North Carolina Federation of College Democrats will screen questions for content and then refer them to the moderator for approval.

Blackwater Lobbying Uptick

Since the Congressional hearing in the Fall, Blackwater has been busy re-tooling its political machinery. Blackwater had previously retained the services of C&M Capitolink since June 2006. On Dec 4, 2007 a Lobbying Registration form was filed for Richard Cockrum of Capitol Assets, LLC, Indianapolis, IN. Cockrum is a former Chair of the Indiana Natural Resources Commission and a state lobbyist. On Dec 5, 2007 a Lobbying Registration form was filed for Gregory Hahn of Tabbert Hahn Earnest & Weddle, LLP, Indianapolis, IN. On January 8, 2008, just two days ago, a Federal Lobbying Registration form was filed for lobbyists at Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, Winston-Salem, NC.

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Impeachment debate

Spent a little time on the phone with Michael Tomasky and Bruce Fein who are coming to Carrboro to debate the impeachment of the president and vice president. Nice chat with each. Tomasky, who was covering the NH primary, was very straight up about the political reality. Fein doesn't want to see the administration get away with it and made a heck of an analysis of the global and local consequences.
Should be a swell time. Here's the story from The Citizen with the time and location (after the jump, of course):

Beacon on the hill?

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We've all learned not to expect much from the "experts" at the John Locke Foundation, but today's story in the Carolina Journal reaches a hilarious new low.

RALEIGH – A model the Appalachian State University Energy Center used to project the economic impact of N.C. climate change policies has “serious flaws” that undermine its credibility. That’s the verdict of a new peer review report (pdf version) from a Boston-based economic research group.

The John Locke Foundation is drawing attention to the peer review it commissioned from the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. The peer review raises red flags about the model’s projections. “The Appalachian State Energy Center used this model to predict hundreds of thousands of new jobs and a major positive impact on North Carolina’s economy,” said Dr. Roy Cordato, JLF Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar. “Trained economists conducting this new peer review found that the model is so flawed that no one should trust the results.”

Fort Bragg, the World's Largest Post

From Henry Cuningham of the Fayetteville Observer:

Everything appears to be on track for two Army headquarters to move to Fort Bragg from Atlanta by 2011, and local civilian hiring probably will begin in 2010...

The 2005 BRAC law mandates that Forces Command and U.S. Army Reserve Command move to Fort Bragg by September 2011.

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Electability versus Likability in the Lt. Governor's race

Okay, it is time to come out of the Lt. Governor's closet. I have narrowed my choices down to two candidates. Of those two, I feel one is better poised to win the primary election, while I find myself more comfortable with the strong progressive history of the other. I'll give you two guesses who is who and any guesses that start with "Dalton" don't count.


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