N.C. NAACP files formal vote-suppression complaint against Women's Voices, alerts U.S. DOJ

This is not just a case of voter supression. This is a political hot potato that some media and even some voting activists won't talk about or report on because it offends some of their base. But wrong is wrong! SIX days ahead of the North Carolina primary a "Jim Crow" effort was aimed at supressing the African American vote. A group called Women's Voices Women's Vote (WVWV) has been placing robocalls to voters across North Carolina that leads voters to think that they are not registered to vote. The North Carolina NAACP has filed a complaint and also alerted the Department of Justice.

Elaine Mejia Gives Puppets an Economics Lesson

Elaine Mejia, the director of the NC Budget and Tax Center, has a short-but-excellent post up over at the Progressive Pulse. In the comments she responds to Max Borders, professional social-media mogul for the Puppetshow's Civitas Circus. This is the most compact and definitive rebuttal I've seen yet to the market-extremists' lying about North Carolina's tax policy toward businesses. Bookmark it.

Those pesky researchers at Ernst & Young and the Council on State Taxation have done it again. They simply refuse to develop a methodology for ranking state business tax burdens in such a way that North Carolina's ranking will come out where the state Chamber of Commerce and the free-market fundamentalist "think tanks" like to claim that it is - as in at the top of list.

BlueNC Blogger Bash Videos All in One Place

I'm leaving each video as an individual page, but have gathered them all here to save the front page from heavy load times. I can't thank of anyone who deserves the front page more than our own Mike Barrett who is running for the Board of County Commissioners in Person County. Go Mike, Go.

Mike Barrett, candidate for Person County Commission

Open Thread - 5/3/08

I bet we have a lot of bloggers out canvassing, putting up signs, making phone calls and standing the last day of early voting at the polls. Last night sounds like it was a rousing success. I wish I could have been there.

You Tube is down, so I'm not able to get anymore of the videos loaded. I'll keep trying and will move the diaries back to the front page to give our speakers some face time.

Here's a nice clean open thread.


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