Saturday September 8th: Why You Should Attend a Young Democrats USO Day Event

Military families at heavily deployed bases like Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune are communities at war without their country. Never in our history have so few been asked to sacrifice so much while so many are asked to do nothing at all. Too many Americans hear about the war in Iraq on the evening news, switch off their TV's and sleep well at night confident that the yellow ribbon magnet they bought for their car last week is a sufficient sacrifice. My two military children have sacrificed more before age 10 than the grown men in Washington four times their age who beat the loudest drums to send their Daddy off to war...

He said, she said

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Anyone who's been around here for any length of time knows I'm not happy that two of our top Democratic stars are competing for governor, instead of one of them running for Senate. More to the point, I've been worried that the contest between Perdue and Moore would prove to be long and nasty.

Well, it hasn't been long yet, but it surely has gotten nasty.

Larry Kissell Welcomes Ambassador Joe Wilson to Charlotte – New and Improved!

You may remember just a few weeks ago, Betsy Muse announced that none other than Ambassador Joe Wilson will be visiting our fair corner of the 8th District on September 22 in support of Larry Kissell.

Since that announcement, a generous donor has offered to put us up for the event…Uptown, that is…so, we’re changing venues. You can join Ambassador Wilson, Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Congressman John Spratt at Spratt’s (no relation!) in Founders Hall at the Bank of America Corporate Center. (Parking for the event is free in the BoA garage, so no excuses!)

I Hate Secrets

Bumped to keep the attention on this fast-moving story and great research. Make sure to check the comments as new data is being posted frequently. Betsy

You'd have to wonder about someone who would publish this, wouldn't you?

McHenry’s answer was swift, decisive and garnered a thunderous round of applause from the audience.

I mean, change a word or two and you're right smack dab in the middle of the sex scene in a romance novel, right?

But, no, not to worry. It's not a romance novel. It's a bid'ness pardnership. The publisher of that crap is none other than a former bidness partner of the subject of that crap. Cool, huh? But don't expect either of them to tell you.

Thank you, Linda Cloud

We are pretty damned excited to announce that Linda Cloud is joining the front page team at BlueNC. Typically, we'd do a "welcome" post, but Linda has been around for a little over a year. She isn't new to BlueNC and anyone who has read her posts and comments knows why she was asked to join us.

Linda has a gift for maintaining her composure and keeping her comments civil, even on the toughest thread. She assures me this is part of her online persona only ;) but I'm having a hard time believing it.


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