War profiteering

We can't count on our own representatives to lead the charge against war-profiteering by Blackwater USA, we can at least be grateful that someone in the House of Representatives is trying to do something to shine light on the Prince of Darknesss

Erik Prince testified last October before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee where Murphy and Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., raised questions about the profits the company earned from its large government contracts. Prince responded by noting that Blackwater, a privately held corporation, was not compelled to release its profits.

Name one thing

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In the wake of Linda Daves starting up the right-wing sleaze machine here in North Carolina, many have observed that the ugly ghost of Jesse Helms is alive and well in the Old North State. Which got me to thinking about what the North Carolina GOP has actually done of value in service to the people of North Carolina.

Western North Carolina Landslide Confidential

According to legislative findings and geologic investigations, landslides in Western North Carolina are serious and determinable threats to lives and property. In February 2005 the state passed the Hurricane Recovery Act. The General Assembly found:

Hurricanes Frances and Ivan wrought havoc upon Western North Carolina impacting the region on a scale not experienced before in that area of the State. The President issued two federal disaster declarations for the Western Region of the State. During Hurricane Ivan, the community of Peeks Creek was devastated by a debris flow triggered by heavy rains. The debris flow traveled speeds as great as 33 miles per hour for two and a quarter miles from the top of Fishhawk mountain. Five persons were killed and 15 homes destroyed by the flow that was estimated to be several hundred feet wide and up to 40 feet high. Other communities that were particularly hard hit by landslides include the Starnes Creek area in Buncombe County, the Little Pine area in Madison County, the White Laurel community in Watauga County, and the Bear Rock Estates in Henderson County. Further....people could not know the landslide risks associated with their housing location because such maps are not readily available. The state needs to....prepare landslide mapping for the region so that homes may be built in safe areas.

Another life lost in the war in Iraq. North Carolina Army National Guard Soldier Casualty

The life of another North Carolina Soldier was lost this past week in Iraq. I was going to post this sooner but wanted to see if any of our statewide candidates would mention something about it on her or elsewhere. I personally have not heard anything about this soldier or any of the other four soldiers from this same unit that have been killed in Iraq.

Morning Post

Gosh golly that was quite a night in politics. Hmmm. What's next?
The answer would be us in the NC (well, there's Guam) and my home state of Indiana.
Yup, NC is in play. I know this because in my capacity as small town newspaper editor I got several phone calls from presidential campaigns yesterday. That and reports of hobbits in Person County.
So, the jets are fueled and Indigestion 2008 is headed to the Tar Heel state.

NC Definitely in Play May 6

As I write the PA returns have passed 60% of districts and the spread in the Democratic Presidential Primary has settled down to Clinton 54% Obama 46%, an 8% margin (which was my own personal prediction) for Clinton who is now addressing supporters. So no surprises, except perhaps this strange image from the Pennsylvania Department of State Elections Information site earlier tonight:


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