Hey, sister. Hey, friend. Will you run?

What do these NC General Assembly members have in common?

Lucy Allen, Julia Boseman, Linda Coleman, Janet Cowell, Margaret Dickson, Katie Dorsett, Susan Fisher, Alice Graham Underhill, Pricey Harrison, Maggie Jeffus

Yep. They're all women. Very good!!! :)
Yep. They're all relative newcomers to the GA. You know your stuff!!
Yep. They're all well respected progressive Legislators.

But there's something else that links them.

Go Grannies, Go!

Perfect to start our day! Go Grannies, indeed. Thank you, James.

Remember all the OLF protests to the Navy's misguided attempt to take over Washington County? Well, the Grannies in the northeast part of the state seem to have caught the bug! They're now acting up against George Bush's War in Iraq.

One woman at the center of the firestorm is named Pat Seibert. Pat was born in Pennsylvania, and moved to Kernersville in 1978 with her husband and four kids. She graduated Winston-Salem State 1988 - and earned an MPA from UNC 1990. When she retired in 1998, she moved to Beaufort County.

According to a mutual friend, Pat had this to say about the Gathering of Chickenhawks who harass the Grannies every weekend:

Republican Commissioner to people who elected him: screw you!

Take action and protest with me. More information at the end of this post.
If you need to catch up with the whole Coy Privette story, please read one of my earlier posts about this.

Coy Privette showed a big middle finger to his Party and his constituents today.
A statement he released clearly states he will not resign as County Commissioner.

"I realize the mistake I made in my private life affects my reputation. This mistake has been dealt with, and I am ready to move forward," the Republican said in an e-mail to area reporters.
"I intend to continue to serve the citizens of Cabarrus County."

Wild About Wayne

Regular BlueNC readers know Wayne Goodwin as a familiar friend who makes enormous contributions to our State. So when he called me yesterday, I was hoping to hear he had decided to throw his hat into the ring for Commissioner of Labor. Alas, Wayne has decided not to enter that race for a host of good reasons he has outlined in the message below.

Choosing not to run is almost as hard as choosing TO run, so please let Wayne know you support his decision when you have a moment.

Thanks for all you do, Wayne.

Looks Like Charles Taylor is Running

"District Attorney Jeff Hunt said today he will not seek the Republican nomination to challenge U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler in the 11th congressional district." - BlueRidgeNow.com

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJeff Hunt was gung ho to run when we met him in the spring though he was waiting on disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor to bow out first. Hunt's announcement yesterday coupled with Taylor's coy non-answers to the Henderson County Republican Men's Club make it look like we're going to have to endure another season of Taylor's poorly produced smear ads and outright lies.

The rumor mill says that Tom Apodaca won't run because his wife is reluctant. Carl Mumpower could give it a shot, but you've seen how well Asheville candidates do out in the hinterlands.

Hunt really wanted to run.

Charles Taylor... Are ya sure, Charles? Are you sure? Because you're looking at a 61-39 loss this time unless you have photographs of Heath having group sex with Cindy Sheehan, Al Sharpton, and Larry Craig. You're going to put yourself through the wringer, further blackening your karma, having to deal with agitators - For what?

Open thread

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Coy Privette gets 500 cards and letters from groupies saying "don't quit" - while the Cabarrus County Republican leadership finally calls for him to resign after he his guilty plea to aiding and abetting prostitution.

What is it with Republicans these days? Did someone change the meaning of GOP to "Good Old Perverts"?


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