Invocation at Palin's Greenville NC rally: God - Close their mouths

The invocation at the Sarah Palin rally in Greenville this evening called on God to close the mouths of Democrats who are “lying” about GOP presidential nominee John McCain and Palin, the Raleigh News & Observer's Barb Barrett says.

It was led by a local pastor, Rev. Walter Leake, who prayed: “Father, you said the truth will set us free. We know the truth is out there, and the truth is that the other side is lying, unbelievably lying. ... God, we ask you to close their mouths.

Stay classy, Republicans! We wouldn't want you to say anything that might raise the ire of Democratic Voters in a swing state like My North Carolina any more than you already have!

This also from the same rally:

VoteVets Targeting Elizabeth Dole

VoteVets are pumping a lot of money into the different state races. According to the author of the article....

They're going in pretty heavy, too. A $200,000 buy in NC, to air the ads in the Greenville and Wilmington markets.

This is an ad that more Vets need to see about Dole and the Republicans!

There they go again … N&O unfair to Perdue

Perhaps you read Rob Christensen and the News & Observer's front page hit job on Bev Perdue this morning. The article "Dole, Perdue content to avoid debates" is terribly misleading. If Bev were trying to avoid debates, then she's doing a really bad job at it. She's agreed to 5 televised debates. Five.

Sure the criticism is warranted for Elizabeth Dole. She's participated in just one debate – in June! But Bev has another debate scheduled for next week with McCrory and Munger.

Five debates is 2 more than McCain and Obama and one more debate than the last three gubernatorial general elections COMBINED. That's right – in 1996 there was 1 debate, in 2000 there were 2 and in 2004 there was 1.

The No-Dome Diet

After reading Under the Dome's syrupy coverage of the Palin creature yesterday, I have decided to eliminate the gossip column entirely from my media diet. No more political junk food for me.

I encourage you to do the same.

There are certainly plenty of other healthier options. Laura Leslie at WUNC-FM has tasty updates on all things political in North Carolina, as does Mark Binker at the Greensboro paper.

Open Thread - "That One" Edition

What is up with John McCain referring to Barack Obama as "That one?" I imagine it is part of the whole, "he's dangerous" narrative the McCain campaign has going. I don't think it worked too well for him.

Check out how quickly some folks get to work. I'm buying one of these shirts.

Here's your Wednesday open thread.

Offshore Drilling: The Conversation Continues

With a nod to the recent drop in the price of light sweet crude (I'm not going to say I told you so, but...I told you so) and the mad dash by producers to slow production to counteract said drop in price, I thought I would (once again) try to focus attention on the environmental impact of offshore drilling. In a near-future where Global Climate Change will already be jeopardizing the continued survival of some 1/4 to 1/3 of the world's species, we can no longer afford to be cavalier in our environmental behavior.

Back to the current price of oil for a minute:

OMG! Charlotte Observer Endorses McCrain!

In an editorial that should surprise exactly no one, the Charlotte Observer made a pitch for its own parochial interests today, endorsing Pat John McCrory McCain for governor of our great state. This paragraph sums up their rationale.

We disagree with McCrory on illegal immigration and his desire to open the N.C. coast to oil drilling. We don't believe he has a sufficient understanding of education, particularly K-12. And we are disappointed in his inconsistency: Sometimes he'll stand up for what he believes, but at times he'll pander to the far right and special interests. He sometimes shows a short temper and a thin skin, which will make it difficult to work with Democratic leaders in the legislature. If he's dogmatic, he'll get nothing done. He needs to be practical and figure out how to lead North Carolina into a new era, even when he and legislative leaders don't agree.

BlueNC Presidential Debate Discussion Thread

Join us here to discuss tonight's presidential debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. We will continue to hold the discussion thread open until midnight. I will have instant poll numbers available at 11:00 p.m. from Greenberg, Quinlan, Rosner - the firm responsible for the delicious DCCC commissioned poll that brought us the exciting numbers from the 8th District. As many of you know, those numbers were confirmed by SUSA an independent polling firm today.

Anti-Hagan robo-callers send NC voters a mixed message

Over the last week, Kay Hagan has been hammered by critical robo-calls from two operations: Freedom's Watch, a non-profit founded by GOP operatives in 2007, and the Free Enterprise Alliance, an offshoot of the Associated Builders and Contractors, whose PAC is the third-biggest contributor to Republicans in the country.

But instead of calling North Carolina voters, maybe the anti-Hagan robo-callers need to get on the phone and talk to each other. Because on at least one of the key issues Hagan is being attacked over -- immigration -- the two groups are sending voters a mixed message.


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