Open Thread and Links you might like, part IV

WTF? More secret OLF meetings?

I missed this disgusting bit of news earlier in the week, but better late than never.

Recent speculation on where the Navy may put a Super Hornet practice landing field has prompted representatives of the area around Cherry Point to ask Gov. Mike Easley for a personal meeting on the issue. A letter sent Thursday and signed by state Sen. Jean Preston, Representatives William Wainwright, Alice Underhill and Pat McElraft, asks for a meeting with Easley and Bill Ross, secretary of the N.C. Department of Natural and Economic Resources, “to share with you our perspectives on the OLF efforts.”


We respect the extremely sensitive nature of the state’s discussions with the Navy,” the letter said, so the legislators want to talk privately to offer their views and to hear “any confidential updates you could offer us about your ongoing discussions and negotiations. The OLF’s future and its impact on MCAS Cherry Point are among the most important and pressing issues in our districts,” the letter said.

DCCC does right by Larry

Kudos to the DCCC . . . from campaign emails and also posted at The Hill.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.) is asking supporters to come to the aid of Larry Kissell, the high school teacher and former mill worker who ran up $35,000 in credit card debt campaigning for North Carolina’s 8th district Congressional seat in the November midterm.

Van Hollen and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will host a reception at the DCCC headquarters Wednesday, Aug. 1, aimed at paying off the personal debt Kissell accrued. The DCCC will match donated funds 2-1.


Open thread: Way to go, George!

George Entenman, our frequent visitor and friend, has a most excellent and funny letter in today's News and Observer. Congratulations, George, and thanks for the mention.

Very clever.

So Rob Christensen, The N&O's political columnist, breaks his leg while on vacation in France but says absolutely nothing in his July 15 column about his medical care? He leaves his readers to wonder whether Michael Moore's "Sicko" is right about the French medical system.

Christensen doesn't say which leg he broke, but I'm beginning to think that the bloggers at are on to something when they say Christensen leans to the right.

Hairdresser Joe: Victim of dirty tricks, or lying liar? You decide.

Late Tuesday night, The Southern Pines Pilot ran a story in which Joe Boylan called the rumors of his wild exploits baseless. The hard copy of the paper hit the stands on Wednesday. By Thursday, Joe had to issue retractions to two of his statements. Misrepresentations? Or Lies? Hmmm.....

I'm posting this to the front page. I don't think the headline makes it clear - this is a big deal. I think we can kiss the hairdresser goodbye. - RP

Dry powder

Over the past four years, it has been excruciatingly painful to watch the machinations of our Congress inaction. With Republicans in charge in 2004 and 2005, there was nothing the Democrats could do in the House, and what little they could do in the Senate, they didn't. Instead of filibustering to stop the fascist takeover of the Supreme Court, the Senate Democrats chose to keep their "powder dry" for some unspecified battle in the future.

With the 2006 elections, the dynamics shifted completely. Now the Senate can accomplish almost nothing because of obstructionist Republicans like Liddy Dole and Dick Burr. Whereas the House has a workable majority that, in theory, could act decisively on the most important issues of the day.

To be sure, some of that action is happening. Representatives Price and Miller, in particular, are pushing forward to bring some modicum of accountability through their committee work. I appreciate those good efforts.

Unfortunately, those efforts have been met with an increasingly belligerent White House which has no intention of being held accountable for anything. From the outrageous claims of executive privilege around the politicization of the Justice Department to continuing White House involvement in covering for war-profiteers to the new executive order making torture of detainees legal, we have reached a tipping point. Indeed, we have reached the point where all our dry powder must be put to good use.

It is time for the reasonable and reasoned voices of the North Carolina Democratic Congressional delegation to unite in clear and serious action for impeachment of both the President and the Vice President. The integrity of our democracy is at grave risk.

Can we save the Renewable Energy Bill? Help S B 3

THREATS TO -- Senate Bill 3, Promote Renewable Energy/Baseload Generation, has been referred to the House Energy and Energy Efficiency Comm. We should support this legislation which increases the use of renewable sources of energy, which is how S 3 started out. However,because it now also encourages the use of fossil fuels...


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