Kay Hagan Sweeps NP Endorsements and is Featured on CNN

The title of this piece says it all. Kay Hagan has been featured in the national media and is favored in local media. Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters alike stand ready to support her with their vote.

One of our volunteers at a phone bank talked to a Republican voter who had been identified as soft on Dole. When asked which candidate he would support at the polls he said he wouldn't be voting for that carpetbagger and neither would his wife. You gotta love it when they quote our talking points back to us.

The N&O finally put their endorsement out today. That makes it a clean sweep of the state's major newspapers for Hagan.


Wow. See, I thought everyone with a brain actually understood that this ACORN story was not a story at all. That is was all hot air. But, this morning on MSNBC Robert Kennedy, Jr. tried to explain why it wasn't a story and Mika Brzezinski and Mike Barnicle scoffed and said they didn't believe him. What?

Let's summarize what happened after the break, but here is Kennedy.

Pat McCrory hopes you're stupid

I spent an hour this morning studying Pat McCrory's record and his positions. The picture that emerges isn't pretty. He appears to be cut from the same piece of rotten wood as Dick Cheney and John McCain when it comes to free-market fanaticism, especially in regards to energy and health care. In regard to the latter, he is undeniably a threat to the well-being of most North Carolina families. Plus he thinks we're stupid.

RFK Jr. speaks out on voter purges on Rachel Maddow

As you may have read in my past posts on the GOP stealing the election in Colorado, you know that those of us in Colorado are frankly worried about the real possibility of our votes being stolen on election day.

I wanted you to see the people coming together to protest the corrupt actions of our Secretary of State, Mike Coffman, and highlight the Rolling Stone Article and of course RFK jr on Rachel Maddow.
There are people working hard on this here in Colorado, but it is troubling to hear from RFK Jr. that this is systematically going on in several states, from Ohio, to West Virginia to North Carolina to others.

Immigration and my Straight Party Compromise

On Facebook the other day, my friend Calvin posted a question:

Should you vote your party even if you despise your party's candidates offensive ads about immigration and undocumented students?

Ugh, I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. Beverly Perdue and Kay Hagan have been broadcasting ads that show how tough they are on illegal immigrants. Perdue slammed the door on children on undocumented immigrants that want to attend our state’s community colleges.

That’s why I was so heartened when Barack Obama gave an interview to a local radio reporter and addressed immigration head on.

Elizabeth Dole's Alchemy: Turning Decades of Failure Into Gold

It should come as no surprise that Liddy Dole has supported the failed policies of President Bush ever since we made the huge mistake of sending her to the Senate six years ago. She'd been doing the same for three decades since Nixon appointed her to the Federal Trade Commission back in 1973, and she's made an art of ignoring learned opinion and common sense in favor of blind allegiance to whoever her current master is at the time.

The Crypt at Politico proves Robin Hayes Lied about Liberal Hate remarks

Yesterday, many of us pounced on the report by New York Observer that Robin Hayes, NC-08 claimed Liberals hate real Americans during a warmup act before a McCain rally in front of a home town crowd in Concord, NC. Once Ryan Grim from Politico picked it up and the story looked like it had legs, Hayes' spokeswoman from his congressional office, Amanda Little, made the claim that Hayes absolutely denied saying that about Liberals.


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