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Flying Flipper

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The White House is pushing to shift some of the tax burden from major airlines to smaller, private aircraft owners. And wouldn't you know it, the change is opposed by Robin Hayes. After years of marching in lock-step with King George II, Hayes has finally broken ranks.

Representative Robin Hayes, Republican of North Carolina and a private pilot, said higher taxes might discourage race-car drivers from using the Nascar fleet of private jets in his district.

Why would Flipper cross the Preznit on a policy issue like this? One reason: Greed. This proposal would take money out of Robin Hayes' own damn pocket. Too bad he wasn't working in a textile mill when it came time to vote on CAFTA.

Siege Mentality

If you ever want to understand the significance and insidiousness of James Arthur Pope and John Hood in framing political debates in North Carolina there are some articles that reveal motivation and methods in undermining progressive policies.

...perhaps it can be undermined, in the original sense of the term of creating breaches in the walls by digging underneath and using fire to collapse the tunnel.

The Pope model is a war of attrition, death by a thousand paper cuts followed by a bonfire of vanity publications to immolate the institutions against which Pope et al chafe but which bond and serve us in a free society, however flawed.

North Carolina, First in Everything Challenge

Greetings all! Recently I unveiled my new motto: North Carolina, First in Everything. The idea is simple, enough being in the bottom of the stack, enough being 45th in this, 39th in that. Let's be First - in everything. We have a great state, not a mediocre state, and we and our children deserve to live in a state that lives up to its potential. Republicans would have our state live in its parents basement, lacking in confidence, worried that it will never make it to the top so it might as well just not even try. But, not us.

So, here is my challenge to you, and you, and you, and you.

Open Thread for the Madness

Are we due for an open thread? I don't know. But, I can't find anywhere else to post the madness tidbits I keep finding.

First, our best hope for 2008.

Second, for A.

President Bush responded Monday to a Supreme Court ruling by ordering federal agencies to find a way to begin regulating vehicle emissions by the time he leaves office....but White House press secretary Tony Snow said Monday that the president’s position has not changed. “The market-based approach seems to work,” Snow said.

Yeah, hence the Supreme Court ruling saying "Hey! Your way isn't working!"

Third, neighbor and friend makes it to the Today Show.

Fourth, is the end upon us?

Fifth, my to-go cup of coffee leaves me feeling like a bad environmentalist and beyond that, it leaked scalding-hot Joe all over my hand.


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