Nuclear Waste Solved: or, To Russia, With Love

One of the key issues surrounding the nuclear energy debate is the proper disposition of spent fuel rods. There are numerous concerns that encompass this issue, from radioactive contamination to nuclear proliferation fears, and about the only consensus that experts can agree on is the sheer complexity of the problem.

BlueNC Receives Credential to Provide State Blogger to the Democratic National Convention

I just received my email from the DNCC. Our application was chosen and background checks are completed. We tried to get two sets of credentials so we could take one writer and one videographer, but only one set was issued. If for any reason I'm not able to go, Frank Eaton has been cleared to go in my place, so we won't lose our spot.

Those applications from blogs that weren't selected will be considered in the general blogger pool and those bloggers will be announced later this month.

I've exchanged emails with many of the bloggers that participate in the 50 State Blog Roundup and many of them were selected. It's a very exciting time to be a blogger.

Support Public Campaign Financing in Chapel Hill:

If you live in Chapel Hill – we’d really appreciate your support for the town’s new public campaign financing pilot program at a hearing on Wed. May 14th! If the program is implemented and succeeds, it could really open up access to public office for progressive candidates while limiting the influence of special interest money on local policy.

Roy gets petulant

A while back I thought Roy Cooper was a pretty solid citizen. I contributed to his campaign and even helped drum up support in a couple of fundraising events. But that was then.

Cooper's decision last week to intervene in the debate over undocumented immigrants and higher education was just plain dumb, as has been widely discussed. But it's hard to understand why he has to get all petulant just because the mean old media won't play stenographer for him. That's flat-out embarrassing.

NC Community Colleges Close their Doors

North Carolina's Community Colleges have just announced that they are closing their doors to undocumented students.

The Adelante Education Coalition and 83 community organizations are calling for the state of North Carolina to continue allowing the undocumented immigrants to attend our state's public universities and community colleges. A press release from the Adelante Education Coalition about this issue is below.

We're looking for allies to help us with our advocacy efforts. You can learn more about the roles you can play at the Adelante website. My organization, Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate, is part of the Adelante Education Coalition. I will be going to the state capitol on May 27 to talk with legislators. Let me know if you'd like to join in.

ACTION: Do you want Universal Health Care in North Carolina?

Greetings all! Health Care for All NC has begun its short-session "Two Over Ten" push, but this time it is not focused on Verla Insko's "Health Care for All" bill. Instead, this session the push is for House Bill 1897, which creates a Healthcare Policy Council that would make recommendations to the General Assembly on how to integrate public and private healthcare services to form an effective, coordinated system of healthcare for North Carolina.


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