Democratic Women of Moore County

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe dining room was filled to capacity with possibly one or two empty seats. The atmosphere crackled with the excitement of the upcoming events on our pathway to true change. Jerry Meek, the North Carolina Democratic Party’s Chair was the guest speaker and four candidates for office were working the crowd.

Bobbie Burrell, the outgoing President welcomed everyone, offering the candidates an opportunity to speak “a sentence or two” about themselves.

Blackwater Blues

Lots of interesting stuff flies around in Blackwater Blog World. Here's a good letter from one of the good guys - Christian Stalberg.

Dear Raymond and Friends,

Congratulations on stopping Blackwater West from
establishing operations in your backyard. You all
worked hard and never gave up and it paid off.

Mortgage crisis and NC Banks

One thing to wonder in the unraveling of the mortgage crisis story is how this will effect North Carolina, a state which has a huge banking industry due to its unique laws allowing banks to avoid taxes by plowing profits into local government bonds.

This is an analysis left to much smarter people than me, but I'm wondering how this will play out. Any economists out there with some ideas of what we'll see?

Canvassing in a winter wonderland!

I returned on Tuesday from Ohio, where I volunteered for Sen. Obama's campaign in the frozen city of Cleveland. Hundreds of volunteers from all over the country descended upon the state to help out the Obama campaign.
What follows is the story of my journey in a winter wonderland.

Getting to Cleveland was no small feat. As the person who I stayed with told me, "February is the worst month to come to Ohio". I wish they had told me sooner.

Friday feature: Southern Environmental Law Center

Among all the great non-profits in North Carolina, one of my favorites is the Southern Environmental Law Center. They're doing the hard work of supporting the good guys by taking on the bad guys, and they're very, very good at what they do.

My first serious encounter with SELC was on a field trip to the OLF site in Washington County. Not only was it a transformational experience, it got me on the NO-OLF bandwagon in a big way. Much of the success in stopping the Navy's reckless plan goes to the lawyers at SELC, who handled the case masterfully, to my knowledge.

Grow Up

There’s been talk that some of you are unhappy about the process used by the Democratic Party to select its presidential nominee. You’re so unhappy, in fact, you are threatening to boycott the democratic process if your candidate doesn’t win as a result of the other candidate receiving more delegates under the system you don’t like.

Well, I have one thing to say to that: Grow up.

A lot of things in life aren’t fair. Do we ever change them by quitting? No, no we don’t.


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