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Apologies are all the rage these days, and for the most part, I think that's a good thing. From presidential candidates saying "I was wrong," to mainstream media reporters saying saying I'm sorry, many people in power are learning to fess up to their mistakes without equivocation or purpose of evasion. It's about time.

The truth is, apologizing when you screw up is the very least you can do. I should know, I screw up all the time. But as I tell my 16-year-old daughter, a sincere apology is only the first step. It has to be followed by a change in behavior that demonstrates that lessons have been learned. And in some cases, a great deal more is required.

Lt. Gov. Candidate Dan Besse Speaks to BlueNC

Dan Besse, one of our strong Democratic candidates for Lt. Governor in North Carolina, attended the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party convention on Saturday. We had a chance to speak with him and he was kind enough to allow an impromptu video introduction.

Dan Besse speaks to BlueNC:

Thank you, Dan Besse for giving us this wonderful introduction. Thank you for doing it with zero notice. You obviously know why you are running and you've given us a great deal to think about.

Welcome . . . to the Dome Blog!

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Greg Flynn emailed me tonight with some very good news. Under the Dome has a blog.

I'm excited about this for lots of reasons, the most important being my favorite thing in the whole wide world: transparency. The blogosphere is one big happy fishbowl. Or snow-dome, if you will. (Hey Dome, feel free to rip off my logo idea!) We now have a direct line to a handful of people who play an important role in shaping the political agenda in North Carolina. And make no mistake, that's what they do. The stories they cover, the verbs they use, the angles they play, the things they leave out. It all adds up to agenda-setting, and I personally believe that's the name of the game.

It Was A Beautiful Day in Moore County

Saturday, April 21st, the Moore County Democratic Party held a fundraising luncheon at Little River Golf and Resort in Carthage. There were over 200 good dems in attendance and we were fortunate to have a great keynote speaker, Governor Jim Hunt. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The theme of the luncheon was "Celebrating Educational Leadership", and the two people that were celebrated this day were Evelyn “Ebby” Bruton Monroe and Rep. T. Clyde Auman (deceased), both hardworking and faithful Dems.

As most of you know, I have been taking a class provided by Moore County to help the citizens better understand how our government works and what it takes in both man-power and finances. Ebby has also been attending and we have all been blessed to have her there to ask the right questions. It wasn’t until this luncheon that I realized just how hard she has worked behind the scenes in North Carolina Democratic policies.

Larry Kissell Finds One of His 330 Votes, Robin Hayes Runs Scared

The Larry Kissell team has found one of the 330 votes we were missing in 2006. Not only that, this vote actually takes one away from Robin Hayes. The young lady you see pictured on the left was willing to speak to us on Saturday at the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party convention in Charlotte. She explained that her family had always voted Republican and she followed suit.

Then, she made friends of a different political persuasion and she opened her mind to the things they were saying. It didn't take long for her to become a Kissell convert. Before you hear her testimonial, though, Larry needs your vote. No, not for congress. That comes later. Larry is in the running for DFA Grassroots All-Stars. At last check he was running a close fourth and we need to bump him up into the top three. Please visit DFA and vote for Larry Kissell.


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Jack Betts piles on, adding his voice to those declaring the end of the Site C OLF saga. I think it's dead too, but we can't let up. The Navy has lied and cheated and bullied and worse throughout this sad chapter in North Carolina history, and they won't go away quietly. In fact, as Parmea has suggested, they've amassed a record of so many lies that whatever they do will inevitably reveal the depths of their corruption.

I'd like to put his one behind us too, because there are plenty of other things we need to focus on. But we can't do that. Not yet.

Meck Dems on Solid Footing and Ready to Move Forward

I spent time at the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party convention yesterday and have decided to take a brief sabbatical from criticizing my local party. There is new leadership and an almost entirely new executive board. There were positive briefings from the state and city and a spirited talk from James Ferguson, a local civil rights leader. The only thing that seemed to be lacking was a good supply of Democrats.

The shame of it

The slow motion meltdown of public responsibility around mental health in North Carolina reminds me of America's response to genocide in Africa. Well-intentioned hand-wringing about the oh-so-sad misfortunes of others, flurries of words, a smattering of dollars thrown like band-aids at the problems.

Better than nothing, but not by much.

And oh my the finger-pointing. Hooker. Easley. The senators. The representatives. It's always somebody else's fault. So sorry. There's nothing I can do.

I call bullshit.

There's are a hundred things you could do if you wanted to. Any of you. It's not a matter of "can" - it's a matter of "don't want to."


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