A time line of this OLF (I know its long, sorry)

1993 BRAC recommends closing NAS Cecil Field in Florida and moving the planes to Oceana. No second OLF required.

1995 BRAC recommends realigning (moving) more planes to Oceana for a synergistic approach to managing the F-18 population. At this time, 6 years out the Navy and BRAC conducted a study to determine if Oceana could support all these planes. Answer was YES, planes where moved, no second OLF required.

Adm. Natter, who in 2000 started this fiasco for people of Hampton Roads as a way to reduce noise for Virginia.. Oceana has the most planes at 315.

Kill it.

The proceeds are anemic. The Capitol is all a-twitter:

How will the state make up a half-a-billion dollar lottery shortfall?

Easley wants to give away an even higher percentage of lottery revenues to stimulate more sales.

Basnight and Hoyle say let sleeping dogs lie. They're afraid any legislative consideration will lead to amendments, including an outright proposal to end the monstrosity.

They're smart to be afraid.

Because the right thing to do is bring the lottery up again. And kill it.

The lottery was a moral and fiscal mistake for North Carolina from the outset. Its underlying principles are bankrupt. It was pushed through in an unseemly fashion. And more to the point, it's not working. Like Bush's war in Iraq, the lottery is bill of shoddy goods.

North Carolina has the rare opportunity to reconsider a bad decision before too much damage and not enough good is done.

Kill the lottery. Now.


Read the good story by Jim Morrill.

State with the worst air pollution in the US? Ohio, with NC a close Second

The North Carolina Public Interest Research Group released a study this week which places North Carolina second, behind Ohio, for the highest level of power plant pollutants released into the air in 2004. Come on, Progress. Come on Duke. We can do better. Number 2 is the first loser, right guys?

The 65-page report is long on detail and begins,

Every day in America, industrial facilities release millions of pounds of toxic substances into the nation’s air and water. Many Americans – especially those who live in close proximity to industrial facilities –harbor deep concern about how those toxic releases may affect their health.

Harbor deep concern about those toxic releases affecting their health. Go figure. I mean, it's not like we have County Commissioners and power companies making secret deals to build just such industrial facilities upwind from cities... oh, wait, here in Buncombe County we do. And it is not like industry would lie about their ambitions and facts about their pollution... oh wait, they do that too.

Linda Daves Makes Waves, Barry Saunders Dives In

Where to begin....

This post started off as a commentary on a piece by Barry Saunders of The News & Observer. He apparently dosn't think it's a good idea for Speaker Joe Hackney to keep two men on staff who had taken orders from disgraced Speaker Jim Black.

I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea that Jim Black's staffers will still walk the halls of the lege, but I'm also not ready to jump on Saunders' "vast conspiracy" bandwagon that requires a guilt by association label be placed on all individuals who at any time had anything to do with Jim Black.

Oh, Saunders has his snark on and he's cute with his Randy Jackson (American Idol) imitation, but his accusation that Rogers and Wilkins were '....."totally deep" in the abuses that might send Black to prison,' is inaccurate based on facts presented at other times in Saunders' own newspaper.

Follow me to the flip side....

John Edwards House Parties Tonight!!!

The One Corps will be hosting house parties tonight throughout the United States. I'm going to paste some information from the JRE Blog below, but to find a house party near you, go here. There are at least 20 house parties within 50 miles of Chapel Hill, using that search. If you are in Chapel Hill, there are three house parties, two open to choose from.

Today's the day!

Tonight thousands of us will be gathering in living rooms in all 50 states to share our vision for this country, and take the next steps toward making it real. John will also join in to share the latest from the campaign trail and answer questions over the phone.

Not singed up for a party yet? Find one near you!

BlueNC WoW Returns Next Week - Open Thread

The women of BlueNC will return to the front page next Wednesday, April 5. We decided to reschedule today's WoW due to the instability of the site. While it is working pretty good right now, I was worried we could lose it at some point during the day.

However, We have some banners to try out in preparation for next week. We will situate one banner at the top of the page for the entire day and one banner will be sized down and will headline each post, much the way we do the "Breaking" and "Exclusive" banners. I can resize these to make sure they don't break the page.


Anglico's offerings:

More on the flip....

Dead: Updated to "Growing pains"

If you've arrived here, you're one of the intrepid few who have been able to run the gauntlet of our unbelievably crappy hosting service (Dreamhost) to find our front page.

Sadly, Lance is slammed with work and will not be able to get the site transferred to another hosting company until this weekend, which means things are pretty much going to suck until then.

We apologize.

Six Percent Versus One Percent

The people who take 6% of the value of a home every time it is bought and sold are opposed to using 1% of the value of a home to pay for roads, sewers and, schools which help to maintain and increase the value of homes and our quality of life.

The virtual monopoly of Realtor®s (who have an actual monopoly on the word Realtor®) is spending thousands of dollars in a multi-media campaign opposed to a nominal land transfer tax. This is puzzling from a number of perspectives.

In North Carolina the provision of public services is largely dependent on property tax, sales tax and income tax. County and municipal governments are largely dependent on property tax and sales tax. Sales tax revenues are volatile and, in many cases, are regressive and only capture 1/3 of commercial transactions. Property tax is the beast of burden for counties and is overloaded by the costs of growth in booming areas and low property values in poor areas.


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