(OLF) Retired Oceana Boss says Fentress can do the job

Former Oceana CO: Fentress may satisfy OLF needs
September 25th, 2007

Captain Skip Zobel says he understands the Navy's desire to construct a new outlying field somewhere, but until that day comes, if ever, Zobel says Fentress could certainly do the job.

According to the video news video, the Navy would have to move some training flights to a different field and fix the flight path altitudes at Fentress and the problem is solved.

Capt Zobel was in charge at some time of Oceana and knows the requirements of Oceana, Fentress and the fleet. His statements hold water and are smart.

What he is saying is for the Navy to use the assets at their disposal now. Fix the problems that is causing the Navy's desire to explore an OLF elsewhere.

Double quagmire

It's bad enough that Bush's war in Iraq is, by any standard, a quintessential quagmire. But it's even more maddening that our own US Congress is itself mired down in glacial nothingness. I has to be frustrating for all involved, even as they struggle to find a path forward.

The Hill today outlines the House's latest plan of attack, and I use the word "plan" in its most generous sense.

Ambassador Joe Wilson shows his True Colors at Kissell Fundraiser

This past Saturday, Ambassador Joe Wilson came to Charlotte, NC to support Larry Kissell in his second bid to unseat Robin Hayes in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District.

I had not had the pleasure of meeting Joe Wilson prior to Saturday's event and was honestly expecting the man to be just a wee bit of a stuffed shirt. I found instead, a man who is generous, patient and funny. He did not leave the event until he had met each person who desired an introduction, stood for pictures with all waiting in line and signed every spare scrap of paper, every book and every Creative Loafing shoved in front of him. That's quite a chore when the total attendance is over 200 people.

What's your line?

With so many new community members lately, I thought I'd front-page this at the top for a couple of days. this was originally posted back in September.


Over the past few days I've read things written by people here that surprise me. Not like 'oh my goodness' surprise. More like 'wow, I didn't know that' surprise. Which makes me wonder who you all are. Especially now that the NCGOP chair says you're nothing but hate-mongering extremists.

Care to explain yourself?

Mama's watching

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From the Fayetteville paper

Richard Moore, state treasurer and Democratic candidate for governor, said his campaign goal is “to be as gentlemanly as my mother expects me to be” and to talk about substantive issues. Given last week’s exchange with Moore’s likely Democratic opponent — Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue — one wonders what his mother thinks.


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