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All three Republican gubernatorial candidates are darlings of small-minded newspapers in North Carolina, but it's hard so say which of them is the smarmiest overall: A.K.* Smith, Bill Graham, or Bob Orr. This week, though, Mr. Bob takes the cake in a wistful puff-piece interview with the so-called editor of the Roxboro Courier.

The 2008 campaign for governor of North Carolina came to Person County this week in the personage of former N. C. Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr. Orr, who is seeking the Republican nomination in the GOP gubernatorial primary next May, technically was in town Monday for an ostensibly non-political talk to the Roxboro Kiwanis Club. But taking the two-birds-with-one-stone approach, Orr stopped by The Courier-Times to talk about his bid to ride his 18-year career as an appellate jurist to the state’s highest office.

Pyle on war

No journalist has ever captured the reality of war like Ernest Taylor Pyle, who lived — and died — among the soldiers he covered.
From his column Brave Men:

Even after a winter of living with wholesale death and vile destruction, it is only spasmodically that I seem capable of realizing how real and how awful this war is. My emotions seem dead and crusty when presented with the tangibles of war. I find I can look on rows of fresh graves without a lump in my throat. Somehow I can look on mutilated bodies without flinching or feeling deeply.

It is only when I sit alone away from it all, or lie at night in my bedroll recreating with closed eyes what I have seen, thinking and thinking and thinking, that at last the enormity of all these newly dead strikes like a living nightmare.

Giving up corporate pork

This week's column is about my recent decision to give up corporate pork.

After I wrote the column, I had the pleasure of attending quite an event and hearing Carlo Petrini speak. There's audio of his remarks and photos at The Carrboro Citizen's new site dedicated to our area's rich agriculture and food traditions. Please take a look at Land & Table and tell me what you think.

Here's the column:

Washington, D.C. Love(x7) Fest

Some of you might remember a couple of weeks ago when Mo and I were cryptically envious of our friend Lovex7 and a trip she was making. We can now expose her escapades in Washington, D.C. It's kinda like "Debbie Does Dallas", only not so much....well, actually, it isn't like that at all. Love said I could post her pictures. What she doesn't know is that I'm using her words. Oh, I left out anything personal or potentially embarrassing. I'm not that mean!

Senator Kinnaird, your legacy awaits.

One of my favorite quotes is that "One man with courage makes a majority", which is sexist of course, so let's rewrite it "One Senator with courage makes a majority". I just received the following update from Action for Children North Carolina.

The Senate is meeting in private to construct its version of the two-year budget. Rumors are that the Senate leadership still plans to sunset the temporary taxes, which means they have about $300 million less to use to meet state needs. Senate Leaders are working to present a completed budget on Tuesday, May 29, and there are several troubling omissions.

Expanding Affordable Health Insurance to More Children UNFUNDED – Latest word is the Senate IS NOT funding Kids’ Care, also called Carolina Cares for Children, the health insurance proposal included in the House and Governor Easley’s recommended budgets. This is supported by the NC Pediatric Society, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, the Hospital Association, the Covenant with North Carolina’s Children and many others. Senators need to hear from you immediately about the importance of making affordable health insurance available to more children.

Republican purity

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The NCDP site has a blurb up about the incredible shrinking Republican Party in North Carolina hanging together to oppose the apology the General Assembly has approved for the 1898 racial hatred and violence in Wilmington.

Every single GOP Representative, with one exception, voted against the apology for a shameful episode in North Carolina's history. While the North Carolina Republican Party has not given any reason for its opposition, their unity in doing so betrays a calculated effort. Either the GOP does not believe that General Assembly has any reason to apologize, or they are willing to let partisan politics take precedence over doing what is right. Regardless, the GOP elected to oppose Democratic Representatives working for a more inclusive North Carolina.


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