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With general elections only months away, it is clear to me that progressive voices we have in North Carolina are largely falling on deaf ears. Save a precious few office holders sprinkled here and there, the Tar Heel agenda is set by people who cannot separate the interests of business from the interests of people.

Hagan Quadruples Cash on Hand, Narrows Gap with Dole

Both Kay Hagan and Elizabeth Dole have released their numbers and Democratic challenger Kay Hagan is closing the fundraising gap with Elizabeth Dole. Hagan brought in $1.5 million to Dole's $1.69 million in a comparable period.

Dole has dramatically outspent Hagan gaining a few points in recent polls, but opening the door for Hagan to narrow the fundraising gap between the two. Dole spent $2.15 million in the past quarter to Hagan's $657,000.

Michael Munger will be here Tuesday night

Currently shut out of the gubernatorial debate master plan by the North Carolina political establishment and the mainstream media, Dr. Michael Munger has agreed to visit BlueNC Tuesday night for a discussion about his campaign for governor. As you may know, Munger is the Libertarian candidate, competing against Bev Perdue (D) and Pat McCrory (R).

In addition to being a capable blogger with a great sense of humor, Munger is one of the sharpest people I've come across on today's political scene. I wouldn't miss this conversation for the world, and I hope you'll help me spread the news.

You can read more about him at his website and elsewhere on BlueNC. You can also encourage the media to include him in their debates by clicking here.

DSCC sandbagged Jim Neal and Steve Novick?

In the North Carolina and Oregon Democratic US Senate primaries this year, two great progressive candidates ran for the nomination: Jim Neal (NC) and Steve Novick (OR). The DSCC, who is not supposed to pick sides in a primary, appears to have secretly funded their preferred candidates anyway (Kay Hagan (NC) and Jeff Merkley (OR)).

If the DSCC leaders personally had a preference, that’s fine. BUT IT IS NOT OK TO FUNNEL MONEY TO ONE CANDIDATE OVER ANOTHER IN A DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY!!!! That's unfairly taking sides and deliberately influencing an election, and that is not what the Democratic Party is about.

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Why do you keep taking baths?

There's a strong tradition of spiritual revival in the deep South as well as many parts of the U.S. that have suffered the apathy that comes from hard times. An economic depression can be spiritually depressing as well, rendering the best in all of us effectively 'asleep at the wheel' and off course. The promise of HOPE is not some new political buzzword engineered in a focus group for the 2008 elections. Hope is what I learned from my parents, teachers, co-workers, community and growing up in church. Hope is what I now teach my own children, and the very promise of America. Hope is why no matter how we may stray, we all come home to the big tent in the end.

A famous story passed down through the generations of traveling ministries that would often set up their Revival Tents in some of the most economically depressed areas of the deep South goes something like this:

A minister was asked, "Why do you keep having revivals when it doesn't last?"

The minister replied, "Why do you keep taking baths?"

Hope is nourishment for the starved soul.


From the Progressive Pulse

The state Senate just voted 42-6 this afternoon to pass its latest smelly little gift to the hog industry.

Two particularly disturbing moments from the debate and vote:

1) When sponsor Sen. Charlie Albertson of Duplin County - in an attempt to demonstrate what an open and honest process preceded the bill's last-minute rush through the Senate - told his fellow senators that the industry had asked him to pass it last summer but that he had told them to wait. He then related that he had been working with the key legislative staff attorney on the matter for months and that the environmental groups have known about the bill since…June 30. Gee thanks, Senator! What could the environmental groups possibly be upset about?

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