People are tired of it. This is America?

Laura Leslie has a story I missed. A good case for IQ testing sheriff candidates.

Recent data shows more unlicensed drivers on NC roads since the state stopped giving licenses to illegal immigrants. The N&O's Kristin Collins has the story - and like her story last week, this one features an angry local official, too.

"It's about high time that the DMV make it more strict," said Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell. "We have bowed down. You go to DMV now and everything is Spanish, and people are tired of it. This is America."

2008 Blogging for LGBT Families day

Today is the Third Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day, an occasion to celebrate the beauty of non-traditional families. Kate and I are a child-free couple, but we're doting aunts, and completely out of the closet to those we love. It means that nieces and nephews will grow up knowing us without a thought to our orientation, that it's not a dark family secret or a guessing game.

The existence of thriving LGBT families of all shapes and sizes is a grave threat to the Dominionists who see life and love through a very narrow religious worldview, as if morality and good child-rearing is only present in a mother/father parented family. Even though all sorts of configurations of families exist -- grandparents raising children, single parents, etc. -- we have seen an obsessive focus by the right on denying LGBTs the ability to adopt or foster children, and to deny committed same-sex couples to marry, even though these are culturally and socially stabilizing institutions.

Off-Shore Drilling and the Environment: Irreconcilable Differences

As if we needed another facet to the global climate change and energy demand debates, we can now add the following: evidence is mounting that our insatiable consumption of petroleum has finally (and inevitably) brought us to the cusp of Peak Oil. More hard decisions are going to be required in the near future, and it is critical that we avoid succumbing to our natural inclination towards easy fixes.

Bugliosi: Bush can be tried for murder in North Carolina

When I first heard that Vincent Bugliosi was coming out with a new book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, I was skeptical--to be sure, Shrub's actions are impeachable ten times over. Bugliosi argues that since Bush took us into Iraq under false pretense, the deaths of every American soldier in that conflict amount to murder. He also argues that even if he isn't prosecuted at the federal level, any state attorney general or district attorney in any state (including here in North Carolina) can indict him for the murders of any soldier from their jurisdiction. However, one piece of evidence Bugliosi outlined was enough to convince me that Bush's actions were more than just malfeasance in office. They amount to criminal conduct which should be punished after he leaves office.

Update: In response to concerns expressed by others, I wish to stress that any prosecution should take place after Bush leaves office, as a president cannot and should not face criminal prosecution while in office.

Front-paged by James, because in any just world, George W. Bush would be behind bars by now.

Weekend fun

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I'm sorry, but this excerpt from an interview with a JLF "Report" writer is flat out hilarious.

Bakst: Well, a wind farm is a cute way of describing what is a massive line of wind turbines, and wind turbines are not cute little windmills. They’re massive industrial wind turbines, which are 475 feet potentially, maybe even higher, which is about the height of a 47-story skyscraper.

Martinez: Forty-seven stories?

Bakst: Yes, I think it would be taller than any building in Raleigh, actually. So that’s massive.

Martinez: That’s huge. In fact, they are somewhat controversial. We’re talking about one possibly in Carteret County, we’ve heard about suggestions for wind farms in the western part of the state. Is it simply the size that makes them controversial?

Bakst: Well, for local communities it’s certainly the size of it. For electricity consumers and the public, it shouldn’t just be the size. It’s the fact that wind power is really a bad form of electricity.

Harry Taylor for Congress: Rep. Myrick’s Offshore Drilling Proposal an Ineffective Publicity Stunt

In a publicity stunt, Sue Myrick claims that the answer to high gas prices is to drill off the coast of North Carolina. What Myrick won’t say is that her proposal will not reduce the price of gas one single penny.


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