Senator Dole is confused again (OLF)

Please ooo please take this and please paste it on your mirror so every morning when you wake up and get dressed you see it.


Repeat this as often as you wish.

Virginia Pilot. regarding the newly revealed sites in North Carolina.

It's certainly a positive step, but it's got to be a site that is comfortable ... and is approved by the people of North Carolina. I look forward to learning about the viability of these sites.

Senator Dole, I will give you credit, at least you have said something about these sites. Senator Burr, where areeeeeeeeeee yooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu? MIA again.

Are we excited yet?

I don't know about you, but I'm getting excited about sitting around and chatting with Ambassador Joe Wilson tonight. The excitement started to build when Karen Shugart's cover story on Ambassador Wilson was published in Creative Loafing.

One of my favorite quotes from Wilson in the article is in response to the right's popular assertion that Wilson is a far left liberal.

Make no mistake

When the fur starts flying, just remember: The NCGOP is simply a bush-league version of the national GOP, with the same twisted values, the same imperialistic arrogance, the same divide-and-conquer strategy, the same free-market fantasies, and the same sad greed.

If you need any proof, just click the picture and check out this photo of Linda Daves in the NCGOP headquarters, all smiley and happy to be basking in the glow of her Dear Leader's campaign banner. And if you visit their website, be sure to stroll through their party platform, where you'll find inspiring commitments like these:

Cullowhee (NC) citizen has a letter in the New York Times

To the Editor:

Sept. 19 was a dark day in the Senate. The fact that Senator Jim Webb’s proposal to increase home leave for troops was defeated leaves me wondering if anything positive can happen again in the Senate.

I feel compelled to apologize for Senators Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina as they blindly support President Bush. As a resident of the state, I am deeply embarrassed and in despair by what seems to me to be voting records that do not reflect any independent thought.

This was truly a disappointing day.

Linda Watson

Cullowhee, N.C., Sept. 20, 2007

Jena (In Pictures) - We were there.

Crossposted at Kos - Sam.

I can't sum up the events in Jena much better than MissLaura did, even though I was there. I'm still processing everything, and I'm overwhelmed by the experience - I'm a young man, and I can't remember my generation experiencing a civil rights flashpoint such as this (I was in fifth grade when OJ was acquitted, and in light of recent events, that's something I'd rather stay away from).

But I digress. Here are the photos I took while I marched in Jena. They tell an interesting story ... and I'll start with this one:

At the High school

This is about one seventh of the crowd at the High School at about 11:00 AM CDT. This isn't counting the groups that were marching to the high school, marching from the high school, still on the buses, at the La Salle Parish Courthouse, at the BBQ on East Oak Street, or stuck somewhere else in town. I believe that the estimates of "over 10,000" or "about 20,000" are low. In so many ways, this was bigger than those numbers.

Workers Bring Smithfield to the Table

-- I'm front-paging this because it concerns Unions in North Carolina, a subject we should discuss more. (RP)

This email popped up in my box, thought it might be of general interest:

The Justice@Smithfield Campaign in support of the workers at Smithfield Foods' Tar Heel plant has already seen remarkable results. The company's pork products have been pulled from shelves of many supermarkets, presidential candidates have made the workers' plight an issue on the campaign trail, national churches and cities have passed support resolutions, and a major network of faith, civil rights, and labor organizations has been formed to speak out on behalf of justice at Smithfield. Those of you who were able to join us last month at the company's annual shareholders meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia witnessed the power of this network when it joins with workers from the plant.

NC-6 Heats Up + Patty Gets Flanked On the Right

Hat tip to the Dome:

CQ Politics is reporting some action in NC-6.

Twelve-term Republican Rep. Howard Coble has drawn what appears to be a long-shot challenge from Democrat Johnny J. Carter. Carter’s FEC filing indicates he is general manager at Williams Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Greensboro, N.C., and has seeded his campaign with $5,000. Coble, who had $626,000 in his campaign account as of July 1, has won his past two elections with more than 70 percent of the vote.


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