Republican purity

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The NCDP site has a blurb up about the incredible shrinking Republican Party in North Carolina hanging together to oppose the apology the General Assembly has approved for the 1898 racial hatred and violence in Wilmington.

Every single GOP Representative, with one exception, voted against the apology for a shameful episode in North Carolina's history. While the North Carolina Republican Party has not given any reason for its opposition, their unity in doing so betrays a calculated effort. Either the GOP does not believe that General Assembly has any reason to apologize, or they are willing to let partisan politics take precedence over doing what is right. Regardless, the GOP elected to oppose Democratic Representatives working for a more inclusive North Carolina.

Shuler Votes to Stay The Course In Iraq

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Heath Shuler, who campaigned on altering the course in Iraq, voted with the majority yesterday in funding Bush’s strategy there. Shuler and the rest of the Democrats blinked in the face of Bush’s intransigence and their own ridiculous fears about being portrayed as troop haters by the 30-some percent of voters who support the current effort. I’ve been pragmatic about Congressman Shuler, trusting that he’d stand with progressives more than 50% of the time. I was wrong. No more free ride for Heath Shuler from this Hooligan, his series of remarkably bad votes of late are capped by this historically pathetic buckling to a petulant, incompetent executive branch.

Blood on their hands

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I was against Bush's War in Iraq from the outset, just as I am against the continuing occupation. Both were built on lie after lie after lie by an administration bereft of integrity. Yesterday, a vast majority of our elected representatives voted to continue their fool's errand by pouring more money into the occupation.

Somebody you know has a family member or friend who will die because of their vote. That death will be in vain. Somebody you know will lose an arm or a leg or an eye or their sanity because of that vote. Those injuries will be in vain. And thousands of people you don't know will suffer these same fates and worse. It is a tragedy that will endure for generations to come.

Iraq War Funding Checklist

Hmmm.....let me know if I missed anything:

Ignored the will of my constituents..........Check
Listened to the Beltway Pundits...............Check
Too much of a pussy to vote my conscience.....Check
Stolen copy of Republican talking points......Check
Vacation plans for Memorial Day (shit yeah!)..Check
Fake mustache and sunglasses..................Check
Extra "Support the Troops" ribbon magnets.....Check

Know the real meaning of Memorial Day.................................

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