Marshall Adame Meets Mother Jones

Mother Jones this week features a story following-up coverage here and at the Dome earlier this month. When Blackwater's EVP for Stupidity tried to intimidate Marshall Adame, it looks like he bit off more than he can chew. Of course, the EVP has its own private bulldog working to stomp out dissent and drive up profits, so it's shaping up to be an epic battle.

Adame's comments about the company have enraged Blackwater employees, including executive vice president Bill Mathews. In an internal corporate email, Mathews encouraged his colleagues to barrage Adame with mail ("he was too cowardly to put a phone number on the web," Mathews noted in the message). "[H]e wants this company and all of us to cease to exist," Mathews wrote in the email, which was obtained by the Raleigh News & Observer and posted to the newspaper's web site. "Do you like your jobs? Are you sick and tired of the slanderous bullshit going on in DC? If so, would you all mind joining me in reminding Mr. Adame that he is running for office in our backyard…. Let's run this goof out of Dodge...!"

This threat shall not stand

Our friend and patriot Marshall Adame received the following letter today from Jim Edwards, the chief staff officer of the Carolinas Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Like his ally at the mercenary company itself, Mr. Edwards apparently has more time on his hands than he has sense.

Mr. Adame:

I am NOT a contractor for Blackwater, I do not deploy to places where others fear to tread and yet I'm very familiar with Blackwater, their personnel, and more importantly their high-level, ethical business practices.

Open thread: Hilarious edition

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You must go read this fabulous post about the Asphalt King, now up at Progressive Pulse.

Ever wonder what political candidates do with all that cash they raise and/or donate to themselves? One of the more interesting expenditures comes from the recent campaign report of state Senator Fred Smith. AP and The Insider are reporting that the GOP gubernatorial wannabe paid a cool $100,000 to country/pop singer Lee Greenwood for a campaign song.

Duke Energy Awarded Permit for Cliffside Plant

Earlier today, the North Carolina Division of Air Quality awarded Duke Energy its final air quality permit needed to expand its Cliffside coal-fired plant. This strongly contested permit allows Duke Energy to install a new 800 megawatt boiler. The energy company is, however, required to do several things:

(1) Shut down Units 1-4 at the Cliffside location.

(2) By 2018, it must shut down an additional 800 megawatts of older coal-fired units in North Carolina.

(3) It must make the project carbon neutral by 2018 (mainly by using carbon offsets).

This in an unfortunate result but the local community and environmental organizations are to be commended for fighting a good fight. I am sure this is not the last we will hear of this.

The N.C. Division of Air Quality's press release can be found here.

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Conservative my @$$

Freedom Fries Jones sent me an email today bragging on how he's signed on to a conservative economic stimulus plan that screws regular people who do real work - again - while rewarding fat-cat investors. I wonder how long the constituents in the 3rd district will stand by and let this fool trample their interests.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Third District Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC) has joined Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) and other conservative colleagues in sponsoring H.R. 5109, the Economic Growth Act of 2008. The bill is an economic stimulus package which promotes job preservation and creation, long-term economic growth and a lower tax burden.

Vote Now! Democracy for America Deadline Extended without Notice Given to NC Candidate

Democracy For America extended their voting deadline in the first round of their Grassroots All-Star challenge. At the original deadline, both Roy Carter and Larry Kissell were in the top three. North Carolinians stopped voting, but it seemed other people were continuing to move up in ranks. Votes were still coming in after the original deadline. It made ya go hmmmmmmm.

Now, I'm not saying anything hinky was going on, but DFA failed to notify at least one candidate in North Carolina that they had extended the deadline.


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