Liar Easley: Execution Dates Set Despite Governor's Assertion that We have a Moratorium on Executions

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This afternoon the State of North Carolina set two execution dates. Archie Billings is scheduled to be executed March 2 and Al Holman, March 9, 2007.

Readers recall that just a week ago Gov. Easley and AG Roy Cooper's office represented to the press, fellow members of the Council of State, and the People of North Carolina that no executions would take place until the issues of lethal injection protocol, and the role of doctors in executions are resolved.

These are the words of our Governor made just last week following the Council of State's approval of an execution protocol:

Easley said it's unlikely the state will carry out any executions for some time.

Robin Hayes: Raging Hypocrite

We don't have to travel too far in the way back machine to find examples of Robin Hayes' hypocrisy. Actually, there are so many stops on the Robin Hayes Hypocrisy Trail it is hard to choose which one to visit first. How about we start here - "Congressman Backs Alternative Fuel". Follow this link to find out what I thought of it at the time.

For those of you who don't want to follow the links, in May 2006, Congressman Robin Hayes sponsored legislation that would have given a tax break to those distributors who installed pumps for E85 at their gas stations. He promoted the legislation with a stunt at one of only seven gas stations in the state of North Carolina that sells E85. In my post, I pointed out the fact that after almost eight years in congress, Hayes had failed to nurture any substantial legislation through the process. I doubted he would succeed this time. I was right.

Follow me to the flipside....

Conscience clauses coming to Carolina?

Robert P pointed me to a proposed bit of legislation that would permit not only physicians, but also pharmacists to refuse to participate in any medical procedure or dispensing medicine relating to abortion. This is what's known as a "conscience clause," because the refusal is on moral or religious grounds, rather than scientific.

What started this all was a pair of pharmacists in Illinois who were suspended by Walgreens for refusing to dispense Plan B because they believe (note that word) it is abortion.

Reaping what they sow

Via Ex:
Just got my NC Justice Center email update and with it another reminder that the politicians who are using anti-immigrant rhetoric to win votes are playing with fire.
So, when the General Assembly gets around to debating all those immigration bills that are sure to surface this year, would someone please wave this newspaper article at the sponsors and ask them if they're happy now?

From the Char-O story Immigration furor boosts Klan chapters in Carolinas:

The Ku Klux Klan's once-diminishing numbers are increasing as the group exploits fears over illegal immigration, according to organizations that track hate groups.

Mr. Hairdresser Goes to Raleigh

I wonder what Puppetmaster Pope thinks of his latest creation doing fancy footwork in Raleigh these days:


Joe "the Puppet" Boylan

A bill to clarify (and rinse!) a law that everybody besides me already understands.

Read the Hairdresser's work in all its gory details. It looks like he's fighting hard to sharpen his "fight them over here so we can deport them over there right after they pick our tobacco" credentials.

Another lunatic Theocrat

Photo courtesy of MSNBC

I know I said I would stay out of presidential politics until next year, but after not much thought, I've decided that only applies to the Democratic primary. Because the three-ring circus that's shaping up among the Party of Greed contenders is just too good to stand on the sidelines.

Today's news brings us the resurrection of Governor Mitt Romney. It's bad enough that he's flipped and flopped on every issue under the sun - that he was in favor of gays and abortion before he was against them - but now the Stormin' Mormon is counting on god (and pointing to heaven as well) to carry him to the White House.

"I declare my intention to run for president of the United States," Romney said in remarks prepared for delivery as he formally opened a candidacy that, if fruitful, would make him the first Mormon president."

I declare my intention? Listen up Mittster, are you running or not? Oh never mind. I forgot you don't have to be competent in the English language to follow in the footsteps of the Child King.


What if Jesus Died In Baghdad? (political cartoon)

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The House organizes

This evening via Speaker Hackney's office:


RALEIGH -- N.C. House Speaker Joe Hackney today announced the House committees, which will meet during the 2007-08 session. After many discussions with members of the House Democratic and Republican caucuses and careful consideration of their requests and suggestions, Speaker Hackney decided to create four new committees and restructure several others that have met in previous years.

The House of Representatives will now have committees that will focus on agribusiness and agricultural economy, energy and energy efficiency, juvenile justice and mental health reform. Several committees will also focus on slightly different issues or have expanded responsibilities than in previous years, including: Commerce, Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Federal Relations and Indian Affairs; Homeland Security, Military and Veteran Affairs; and Ways and Means.


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If you've followed the obscure musings of the Stagemanager at the Art Pope Puppetshow lately, you've noticed that he's rapidly losing whatever little touch with reality he once had. Fancying himself an armchair intellectual in the vein of his hero John Locke, Hood has taken to flights of fantasy that must surely stretch the mental capacity of his regular readers.

Call me unashamed to admit that when I see someone make effective use of a Judy Garland song title, I crack a smile. One might say my heartstrings go “zing, zing, zing.” But when I read the original headline of a Christian Science Monitor piece on streetcars and downtowns – “Clang, clang, clang went development” – I had to wince. Apparently so did others, because when the story went online, the tone of the headline went from sentimental musical to Tennessee Williams: “Desire grows for streetcars.”

Amanda Marcotte Resigns from Edwards Campaign

I will allow her statement to speak for itself.

At Kos it took a matter of minutes before the "she was forced to resign"brigade showed up.

What do you think?

Please use this as an open thread.

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