Bob Orr Talks to Teachers

Some people tell me I pay too much attention to Bob Orr, one of the Republicans running for Governor. That's probably true. But I've always had a soft spot for smart people and underdogs - and Bob Orr is both. Polling out today shows him in a solid third place behind Fred "The Asphalt King" and Bill Graham Crackers. And the fact is, Bob Orr really isn't a Republican in any true sense of the word. (His only big problem is his relationship with Art Pope, but that's another story.)

On his blog today, Orr has some hard observations about the tough business of public education.

Last Wednesday found the campaign team replete with Gary Robertson of the AP in tow, in Charlotte on an educational fact finding mission. We spent the morning at Central Piedmont Community College, the state's largest, learning about everything going on there as well as several of the major challenges facing our community colleges.

My first Veterans' Day

This is a very special Veterans’ Day for me, because it marks the first time I am observing the holiday as a veteran. After 28 years in the U.S. Army National Guard, I retired this year as lieutenant colonel. I am proud to call myself a veteran.

Although I have retired, I have not abandoned the ideals that led me to join the Guard in 1979. I still believe it is our responsibility to protect, defend and strengthen our great country. That is why I am running for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.

Recapping the Preferences for the Lt. Governor's Race

Awhile back, I asked the question "WHOM do you support for Lt. Governor, and why?". As I thought, the answers were split between those who hadn't thought that much about it and those who already had a dog in the race. In the interest of continuing my education on this race, I thought I would recap why people are supporting the various candidates. The who's and why's after the break.

Open thread

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What a day! For starters, we had Ed Ridpath live-blogging with us. And then every body headed over to Pam's Place for another meet-and-greet with Jim Neal. This place sure emptied out fast once Ed signed off.

Anyway, thanks to you all for joining the conversation and staying engaged.

And to all the veterans out there on this singular day, I wish you peace.

Another Veterans Day

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Veterans Day arrives every year like a hand grenade that has been rolling around the floorboard of my life for months. My earliest memories of the day go back to my father’s military service, back when he wore the uniform of a US Navy hospital corpsman.

My father, I suspect, was a victim of post-traumatic stress syndrome. If not that, he was a least clinically depressed. Not because he was shot in the leg during the Korean War, but because of the hundreds of Marines he watched die on the battlefield. As a corpsman, he spent more time than anyone should spend in blood up to his elbows, working against hope in one of our many wars without end.

To our Troops this 11th Hour

This 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month, I'd like to take a moment to thank our brave troops for their sacrifice, and remind everyone why we celebrate the solemn occasion of Veterans Day. Celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I in 1918 falls on this day, proving to all, including this Administration, that wars do end.

But Veterans Day is intended to celebrate more than that. We must honor all our veterans for their service, including those who served and returned to us safely, for having done their duty. And we must not forget them.

Elizabeth Dole - literally MIA

I've been telling my readers over at my blog about why it's time to boot Senator Elizabeth Dole out of office for some time now. Never mind that I don't agree with her politics -- she's simply not doing the job she was elected to do -- represent and take care of the people of North Carolina. She's been inaccessible, no one seems to know when or if she's ever here (or on the Senate floor for that matter). The fact that she votes to affirm the interests of the Bush Administration is just rancid icing on the cake.

I decided to take a look at the Friends of Elizabeth Dole web site since the Bush rubber-stamping Senator is surely going to tout her achievements. It's her official campaign site.

Maybe I just have it all wrong. Perhaps I can learn more about why she should continue to represent my state. After all, here's what Liddy "says" on the front page:

We will be using this Web site to keep my supporters updated about my work in the Senate, my visits back to North Carolina, and other happenings. I look forward to using this as another way of staying in touch with you.

Let's just let the web site speak for itself. Some screenshots are below the fold.

Take Action: Stop Another Goodyear Giveaway

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Concerned people on both sides of the aisle have been up in arms about corporate incentives ever since the Great Goodyear Giveaway by our "business-friendly" General Assembly this summer. Out-negotiated and out-maneuvered by a bunch of corporate lawyers, the legislature, with Mike Easley's eventual blessing, gave away the store in a stunning display of short-sightedness.

In the wake of the debacle, many of us worried that this would be just the beginning of a slide into never-ending corporate welfare, but little did we know that Goodyear itself would soon be extorting even more money from North Carolina taxpayers.

In September, Goodyear Tire & Rubber won as much as $40 million in state incentives to stay in Fayetteville. Now a lawmaker is proposing that North Carolina help lower the company's shipping costs, too.

Another war

The N&O editorial page is not known for its elegance. But today's lead editorial about the disastrous consequences of Bush's War in Iraq and Republican "leadership" on veteran's affairs over the past six years is a moving call for action.

Some veterans of the Vietnam War still express surprise at the unfriendly receptions they received when they returned to the United States from that combat zone. But they could have predicted that many of them would end up on the streets within a few years of arriving back home. Chronic homelessness has been a cruel reality for veterans since at least the Civil War, when former fighters who hit hard times took the nickname "tramps," after the sound they made when they had marched into battle years earlier.


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