House passes budget

Tonight, in order to meet the constitutional requirement that the budget be voted on in two separate days, the state House is staying past midnight. One standout on the bill — a sustantial increase to the rainy day fund.

The budget just passed on second reading 68 to 51.

Third reading is a little more than an hour away.

Bill and the PCS on the NCGA home page

AP on the debate.

Also right after midnight: Gerry Cohen's birthday.

There May Be No 2008 Christmas For You Virginia

Yesterday, Virginia Foxx of the NC 5th Congressional District sent me her newsletter with this piece titled “Honoring our soldiers’ sacrifice” with the subtitle of “This month, remember the cost of freedom”.

The soldiers who take their places in the ranks of today’s military face challenges unlike those of any other era. The enemies of freedom are less easily defined and the battles to preserve liberty are not demarcated with the distinct contrasts of the past. In the face of these new challenges our troops continue to excel.

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Yes Virginia, the enemies of freedom ARE less easily defined, let’s look at your voting history and see how you define yourself:

H.Res. 274: Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 1538) to amend title 10, United States Code, to improve the management of medical care, personnel actions, and quality of life issues for members of the Armed Forces who are receiving medical care in an outpatient status, and for other purposes. (On Agreeing to the Resolution) This bill was submitted on March 28th of this year, and you, Ms. Foxx voted NAY!

Delusional Dole

Liddy Dole is losing it, pure and simple. After years inside the Big Bad Bush Bubble, her grasp of reality on the ground here in North Carolina is tenuous, and her understanding of what matters most to we the people is non-existent. Holed up in her Watergate ivory tower, she seems to think North Carolinians are a stupid bunch of yahoos who care as much about 'celebrity' as she does.

The record is clear: Elizabeth Dole is a serial failure just like George Bush.

Open Thread: How Big's Yer Tent?

I opined over at ScruHoo on the recent wingnutty behavior of our Heath. Unlike the Republicans, our Democratic Party runs an ideological gamut from anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-science to wholly reality-based to New Age vegan peacemongers with statuesque, foriegn wives.

Is the Democratic Party what's left over when you remove all the authoritarian, locksteppers? In Jerimee's post the other day, he called for help doing some branding for the Democrats, and it can be difficult to find brands that encompass the entire field. What's your take? How big's our tent? Where do we push for party and where do we oppose our party to push for our progressive values?

Washington & Beaufort OLF Blocked in New Defense Bill

The little storm that started in Washington County and spread out through the rest of the state, the storm that blew west to California, has found its way to Washington.

According to the Associated Press:

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Language added to a federal defense bill Wednesday could block the Navy from building a jet practice landing field in Washington and Beaufort counties.

Mr. Smith Owns A Newspaper?

It's understandable that a small-town newspaper might have a certain pride when a local boy does good, but the Dunn Daily Record takes pride to dizzying heights with today's puff piece on Fred Smith, The Asphalt King. Join me while I pick it apart?

First off, the headline itself is an embarrassment that any newsroom intern would be fired for at an honest paper:

Smith Ready To Take On Governor's Seat

Now that I think about it, maybe Fred Smith IS ready to take on the Governor's seat. It's more the Governor's JOB we should all be worried about.


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