Even the NRA Takes Aim at the Navy

You know you're in a world of hurt when you're the US Navy and the freakin' National Rifle Association is on your case. But that's just what the NO OLF Brigade announced today in Washington DC. Babs Barrett, of the steadily improving McClatchy news organization, wrote the story.

WASHINGTON - The outlying landing field that the U.S. Navy wants to build in eastern North Carolina could have national and even international implications for wildlife and sports enthusiasts, according to a coalition of activists who spoke this morning at a news conference in the nation’s capital.

Can we reach 2 million?

Recently there have been a ton of diaries about John Edwards at dailykos. I thought that I should point out something to those at BlueNC who might not be reading all 10 of these a day.

In the next few days we will reach the end of March. 2 weeks after that, campaigns will be filing their first quarter reports. I am looking forward to this report, mostly to see how bad Liddy is doing.

However, for the entire month of April there will be one story. How much did the presidential contenders raise? Followed by, "What do the numbers mean?"

Well, a while ago John Edwards passed over 1 million dollars through ActBlue. I was impressed by this, to say the least. However, in the past week or two he has raised well over 600,000. In fact, in the past 4 hours or so he has raised about 50,000 through ActBlue (unless my math is off).

Karl Rove Suspects Sue Myrick Will Not Run

Holy Cow! I had seen the Karl Rove list that named Robin Hayes' seat as one the Republicans might lose, but in an updated list at MyDD posted by Chris Bowers and compiled by Howie Klein, there is a bombshell.

Sue Myrick has a single asterisk by her name[page 28] and according to Rove's super duper secret code, that single asterisk is meant to indicate a candidate that Rove either knows will not or suspects will not run. Karl Rove either knows Sue Myrick is not going to run or he suspects she's not going to run.

Wow! Feel the shock on the flip...

Larry Kissell, Rep. Artur Davis, Rep. Brad Miller, Stuart Rothenberg, Chris Bowers: Big Big News

You might have wondered what happened to Larry Kissell after November's election. We haven't been bringing much news out from North Carolina about him, so wanted to update you on all that has happened.

Larry Kissell immediately declared his intent to run again in 2008. He might have slowed down over winter holidays, but he hasn't missed a beat. He is already running like an old pro and is doing what he can to help other prospective congressional candidates in North Carolina.

Please follow below the fold....

Same day registration

It looks like North Carolina may be getting closer to the enlightened policy of actually encouraging democracy instead of trying to stifle it. Laura Leslie has the best coverage here.

House members held a long and occasionally bizarre debate today over whether to allow early one-stop voters to register and vote on the same day. Democrats say it’s more fraud-proof than regular registration, since wannabe voters would have to appear in person to register, and then use a “retrievable” ballot in case their registration turns out to be no good.

Republicans tried twice to amend the bill to require a photo ID. Both attempts went down in flames along party lines, but not without some odd moments along the way.

. . . Moore Republican Joe Boylan stood up to offer an amendment, then apparently forgot what he was talking about.

A Line in the Sand

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Much appreciation to the News and Observer for printing the entire text of this letter from Congressman David Price to the Secretary of the Navy. It's a clear line in the sand - the beginning of the end of the Navy's OLF.

The Honorable Donald C. Winter
U.S. Department of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350

Dear Secretary Winter:

I am writing to urge you, in the strongest possible terms, to reject Site C as your preferred location for the North Carolina Outlying Landing Field (OLF) and to initiate discussions with the Governor of North Carolina, the North Carolina congressional delegation and the congressional committees of jurisdiction, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and other key stakeholders to identify a mutually agreeable alternative that will better serve our military.


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