A serious discussion NC counties need to have ...

This fact sheet on land transfer taxes from Chatham County is timely, informative, thought provoking and accurate.

So far, the General Assembly has only granted seven counties in the northeastern part of the state (Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Pasquotank, Perquimans and Washington) [the authority] to levy a land transfer tax. Only Washington County has opted not to levy the tax.

The counties without the land transfer tax must rely on property taxes, state-authorized sales taxes and other limited fees, which rarely keep pace with demands for schools, water-sewer and other important needs.

I've been puzzling over this issue and talking to people about it for a few months now. Besides getting Johnston County off of Aero-Contractors' payroll, I think this is the most pressing moral issue facing our homey little triangle satellite county. I speak about transfer taxes here in relation to Johnston, but this is truly a statewide issue as other BlueNC diarists have noted.

Why? Because ...

PPP Survey: Dole vs. Miller

Cross posted at the PPP Blog.

According to Public Policy Polling’s latest survey, Brad Miller is within striking distance of Elizabeth Dole if he were to challenge her in 2008. Complete results will be online shortly.


Dole 44%
Miller 33%
Undecided 22%

Instant Analysis: Dole is below the 50% danger mark for incumbents. While Miller’s support still has plenty of room to grow amongst Democrats and African-Americans. It’s an uphill battle, but he would be competitive.

Other results from the poll:

Do you support or oppose the construction of an outlying landing field or OLF for U.S. Navy Jets in Washington County, North Carolina?

Support 32%
Oppose 47%

Astroturf Campaign Goes After Freshman Democrats

Driving this morning, I was listening to the radio when I heard the oddest ad. It was an attack ad against Democratic Representative Heath Shuler, for supporting "union bosses" against the will of the people. What was odd, was that it was airing during the Stephanie Miller Show on Air America radio affiliate 880 AM the Revolution. It was an obvious astroturf campaign just from the tone of the ad, and at the end it said it was sponsored by "The Coalition For A Democratic Workplace". Irony is one of the right-wings favorite tools when naming front groups.

Doing a bit of research, I learned that the spokesflack for the group is Todd Harris, who worked in communications for McCain 2000, and for Jeb Bush's re-election campaign in Florida in 2002. His lobbying firm DC Navigators is an all GOP shop.

Larry Kissell 2008, Kick Off Tour Goes Into High Gear

Last week, I told you about my announcement at the Young Democrats of NC convention, the support of DCCC Recruitment Chair Congressman Artur Davis, the first of the 330 voters who'll make the difference in '08, and my upcoming tour of the single District that the Netroots and National Party alike have adopted as America's top Red-to-Blue opportunity - North Carolina's amazing 8th.

I'd like to take a minute now to talk about upcoming County Conventions I'll be attending over the next two weeks, the forthcoming visit of former DCCC Chair Congressman Rahm Emanuel, and the next of the 330 voters that either couldn't vote, didn't vote (but wish they had) or voted for my opponent and now regret it given the closest election in 2006. Meet Kevin from Cabarrus County, the second of the 330 voters that will make the difference in 2008.

Environmental Faux

The John Locke Foundation loves the free market, except when it comes to the free market of ideas. They love to control the partisan message and that control is being eroded by the blogosphere as John Hood tentatively acknowledged. He bemoans:

that many people no longer have … opportunities to see people exchange very different ideas about life, religion, and politics in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

even as the John Locke Foundation’s own “LockerRoom” blog is self-referential and insulated from comments, to use Hood's words,

impoverished by insularity and circularity.

Now the John Locke Foundation has taken that "insularity and circularity" to new depths with an unattributed blog called EnvironmentNC.com. Not content with spreading disinformation through named sources the John Locke Foundation has switched to anonymous channels.

Action Update: The Mental Health Crisis Is Here

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketYour emails and phone calls are working. I talked to nearly twenty Representatives and Senators today and found them all quite interested in listening. Rep. Verla Insko, an honest-to-God leader in this fight, had 210 messages in her inbox by 1pm, and she, along with the other legislators are prepared to find a solution to the crisis wrought by Carmen Hooker-Odom's ruinous decision.

The mental health system has been unstable since it was unmoored under the 2001 reform legislation. As private businesses work to create a sustainable infrastructure, they are repeatedly thrown into crisis by the state's decision. Let's remember that the consultant hired by the state recommended a five-year period of stability to foster innovation and build infrastructure.

Taking Action on Global Warming (listen live at 9am Thursday)

A few weeks ago I live blogged here on BlueNC. One of the hot topics was the possibility of a renewable energy portfolio standard (REPS) in North Carolina. REPS would require utilities in our state to get a certain percentage of energy from renewable energy sources. Reps. Pricey Harrison, Jim Harrell, Carolyn Justice and I introduced a bill (HB77) that will do just that, along with some energy conservation measures. Sen. Charlie Albertson has filed a similar bill in the Senate.

Thursday morning at 9am we're holding a press conference

The Asphalt King . . . Working Hard

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It must be nice to have your own personal newspaper to write puff pieces about your campaign for governor. Which is exactly with Fred Smith has in the Goldsboro New Argus. A newspaper that just loooooooooooves the Asphalt King and everything he stands for.

State Sen. Fred Smith, R-Johnston, is campaigning for governor, but that doesn't mean he is ignoring his duties in the Senate. "I think I'm meeting the needs of the people in my district," he said Tuesday after leading a devotional at the Tuesday Morning Men's Prayer Breakfast at Wilber's. "It just requires long days, but that comes with the territory. I'm working hard to be a good senator in the 12th senatorial district." And, he continued, while it can be difficult for a Republican to be effective in the Democrat-controlled General Assembly, he's doing his best.


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