The N&O on education for illegal immigrants

The N&O doesn't often take unambiguous stands on its editorial page, but today is a welcome exception. Steve Ford and company deserve a pat on the back for this excellent commentary on the politics of education:

It should be clear that allowing motivated, capable young people to continue their education benefits both them and the public at large. Those young people already are entitled, reasonably, to attend public elementary and secondary schools. What's the point of denying them a chance to continue along the academic path? After all, most of them are here in the first place because they were brought by parents. Punishing them for a situation not of their making seems both unfair and counterproductive to society.

Weekend Wound Up

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I've taken a few days to digest all the post-primary chatter, and found myself distressed by the discussion as it relates to Kay Hagan and Bev Perdue. At the center of the distress is the presumption that candidates "owe" voters answers to whatever questions are asked. From where I sit, candidates don't owe voters anything. Just as we can choose or not choose to ask questions, so can they choose or not choose to answer them. I may be upset if candidates decline to answer my questions, but that's my problem, not theirs. I can either vote for them or not vote for them, but that's pretty much the extent of my power.

Which brings me to the real question: What do I do when they're silent ... or worse yet, when I don't like their answers?

Mental health report cut from agenda - UPDATED

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A legislative office created to examine the benefit of public programs was ready to give its report Thursday on the state's mental health services. Anyone could tell from the title "Compromised controls and lack of focus hampered implementation of enhanced mental health services" it wasn't full of compliments.

A chairman of the committee, Sen. Fletcher Hartsell of Concord, said the report was taken off the agenda because the committee didn't have time to talk about it.

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