Tell MIA Liddy Dole to stop the NC GOP's color-arousal attack ad

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Linda Daves of the North Carolina Republican party apparently wields a lot of power. When Senator Elizabeth Dole was asked to condemn an anti-Obama color arousal ad, this was her response:

Dole said in an interview she didn't want to get involved.

"I am concentrating on getting my work done here in the Senate, and I'm just not going to get into refereeing a third party political ad that has nothing to do with my race," she said.

You can do something about this - we're planning to give Liddy a special delivery. Read on.

Tags for Kissell

What is a tag, and why are they boosting Larry Kissell?
Tags are key words that are used to organize blog posts into collections based on subject. The tag "NAFTA" should link to stories about the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the tag "Larry Kissell" should link to stories about the Eighth District's next Congressman.

Why are we talking about this?
Better tags will help us win elections and influence legislation.

Many people, particularly undecideds, rely on Google and other search engines to research the candidates (or issues). What they learn from the search may well influence their vote.

Rep. John Conyers Speaks for Barack Obama in Monroe

On Sunday, April 20, Congressman John Conyers came to our little town of Monroe to speak in support of Senator Barack Obama. We gathered at Janet's Corner Cafe where owners Janet and Grayson Graig were kind enough to welcome the 55-60 Obama supporters who came to hear the Congressman speak.

The event was organized by Diane Little, GOTV chair for the Union County Democratic Party, her husband Lee Little who is the chair of the African American Caucus in Union County and Ernest E. Walker, 2nd Vice Chair of the Union County Democratic Party. There may have been others involved in organizing this event. I apologize if I've excluded anyone and will add names later so the proper people get credit. The event ran on time, was very organized and allowed for time with the Congressman before he had to leave.

John Conyers is one of the Congressman who immediately took advantage of the new Democratic majority in Congress when he signaled his willingness to subpoena Karl Rove and Harriet Miers. Despite all his faults and foibles, he's still one of my heroes and I got a chance to tell him as much on Sunday. His lip quivered and he looked at me and said, "Oh, don't make me cry." This is a man who has been walking the halls of congress for 42 years. He was there before it was commonplace to see African Americans holding elected office. I imagine he has stories to tell.

Discussing Social Media Using Janet Cowell's Ad/Facebook Status Update

This is how new media works. I open my browser and see that I have ten "Facebook Friends" online and what their status messages are currently. Janet and/or staff is smart enough to write "is watching my new ad:" as her status message. Click, Click. Here you go.

Monday Morning Open Thread - 4/28

Good Morning! I know we're all tired. Driving back in the rain was awful last night. It was raining so hard I couldn't see the lane markers and the trucks were barreling around us even in the driving rain, but Katie was chatting about all the really interesting people she'd met and I was still excited about seeing everyone, so the time flew by.

I'll have video and pictures up later of the blogger bash.

What's on your mind?

Bash full

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note from a tired blogger to thank all who attended our First Annual BlueNC Blogger Bash in Chapel Hill today. What an amazing and inspiring collection of wonderful people you are!

Thanks to the excellent candidates who took time out of their busy schedules to be with us. When I have more brain cells available, I'll link to all their websites. In the meantime, a special a note of appreciation to Judge Bob Orr, Republican candidate for governor. It was a generous gesture on Bob's part to step into our blue venue for an afternoon of fellowship and fun. He is a good guy.

All in all, the day gave me much to think on many fronts. I'm not entirely sure what we're up to here, but I do know we're up to something big - something that could become really important in our state and in our world. You give me hope.


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