Vote Now! Democracy for America Deadline Extended without Notice Given to NC Candidate

Democracy For America extended their voting deadline in the first round of their Grassroots All-Star challenge. At the original deadline, both Roy Carter and Larry Kissell were in the top three. North Carolinians stopped voting, but it seemed other people were continuing to move up in ranks. Votes were still coming in after the original deadline. It made ya go hmmmmmmm.

Now, I'm not saying anything hinky was going on, but DFA failed to notify at least one candidate in North Carolina that they had extended the deadline.

Live Blog The BlueNC Barbecue Bash

We need help planning the first ever BlueNC "dinner" ... tentatively called The BlueNC Bloggers Barbecue Bash.

This topic came up in the Vance-Aycock Dinner renaming discussion, and I jumped on it. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. A real-life political get-together of the extended BlueNC community: bloggers, lurkers, guests, media, friends, family, you name it.

Why are Republican candidates afraid of black people?

Following a page from the national GOP playbook, nearly all of the Republican gubernatorial candidates refused to show up Saturday for the NAACP debate.

African-Americans make up more than 20 percent of North Carolina’s population.

Republicans would rather ignore 1.1 million African-American voters than address concerns about education, health care, jobs, and safe communities.

The busy schedule of third place.

Jamess wrote an interesting diary over at Daily Kos about the delegate race, which we all understand is the center of attention in the Democratic race. This figure shows how many delegates have been seated/chosen and how many have yet to be filled.

Now, what this tells us is that Edwards has a decent number of delegates, a good percentage, and that it has remained steady through every race. We'll have a better idea how things shake out after Feb. 5th, but the worst case scenario for Edwards appears to be that of King-maker. It's possible that there will be big swing to either Obama or Clinton, but more likely that it will remain tight and that 10-15% from Edwards will swing it one way or the other.

If you think Edwards is giving up, check this out...

Profiting from death

It was many years ago when trial lawyer Dave Rudolf explained to me the importance of excellent representation for defendants charged with horrific crimes. Rudolf has taken on more than his share of those defendants, and the case he made for doing so is compelling. Not only is the right to defense clearly laid out in law, it is also morally correct. A happy coincidence.

Though I have big reservations about giving corporations the same rights we give individuals, I nonetheless accept that businesses charged with horrific crimes deserve representation too. It's the American way.

Which brings us to the relationships between two North Carolina companies, Reynolds American and Blackwater, and one of our state's leading law firms.

GOP Map Quest

This sleeper story has huge potential to disrupt the orderly progress of democracy in North Carolina. Keep an eye on it.

NEW BERN, N.C. — Elections must be delayed in North Carolina because boundaries for dozens of state House and Senate voting districts are unconstitutional, a lawyer representing a group of Republican voters told federal judges Friday. The voters' lawsuit accuses state lawmakers of intentionally using incorrect population figures when they redrew district lines in 2003, and asks that the maps be corrected before elections are held for the General Assembly this year.


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