Sheriff Sledgehammer

Since Jim Black checked into an extended-stay facility in Lewisburg, PA the metaphors surrounding Joe Sinsheimer have been flying thick and thin. Guest number 50655-056 at the USP Lewisburg probably has a few choice metaphors of his own given that he once called a reporter "A sorry sack of s**t", a metaphor that was not forgotten by the NC Capital Press Corps.

Under the Dome wrote a piece called A new sheriff in town? noting that

Gary Pearce and Carter Wrenn agree that Joe Sinsheimer has become a force to be reckoned with in Raleigh.

Pearce called him Joe Sledgehammer saying that:

He’s honest. He’s not beholden to anybody. And he’s a hell of a good political researcher. He knows how to get information, and he gets it right.

Stronger ethics laws are great. But what North Carolina really needs to clean up politics may just be more Sledgehammers.

Hardy and College Dems Call Burr Out

Bradley Hardy, NC Federation of College Democrats

A group of UNC-Asheville students challenged on Wednesday Republican Sen. Richard Burr’s hypocrisy while he was on their campus to promote faith-based initiatives and advise local churches on how to receive money from the federal government.

The students took their tuition bills and textbook receipts to Burr to remind him of the financial burden that college students face and ask why he didn’t believe they deserved some relief.

The protest was organized through Facebook, an Internet social networking group, and covered by the Asheville Citizen-Times.

Earlier this year, Burr had an opportunity to help make education more affordable for millions of college students by voting for Senate Bill 1762, “The Higher Education Access Act”.

But once again, Burr chose special interests over the needs of his own constituents.

Operation: YD Day for the Troops (Updated)

The Young Democrats of North Carolina will be holding our first-ever state-wide YD day for the Troops on Saturday, September 8th, 2007 at 10:00 am. Since my first post about this event, we have decided upon the exact places in Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, and Jacksonville.

Our purpose is to show our support for the troops and connect with them on a personal level. A large percentage of our troops are actually YD aged (between 18 and 35), and it is our aim to show all of them that we Democrats appreciate them even if we may disagree with the policies they must operate under.

Who's afraid of Liddy Dole?

Apparently everyone.

I continue to be distressed that no suitable Democrat has stepped up to challenge Liddy Dole for the US Senate. I won't highlight the names right now, but it's a crying shame that so many good potential candidates have failed so far to rise to the occasion.

What I really don't understand, though, is what they're afraid of. A serial incompetent who has done nothing of note in her entire career? A cheer-leading Bushbot chickenhawk who believes in staying the disastrous course in Iraq? An old-school politician who puts party over country at every turn?

More to the point, we're now getting a few rare glimpses of the very senior Senator in person, (she is conducting a statewide dog-and-pony show to shore up her anti-immigrant credentials with the xenophobic fringe) and it ain't a pretty sight. Just look at what the woman has to say!

SALISBURY, N.C. -- Senator Elizabeth Dole's tour of the state came through Salisbury on Wednesday and she spent her time talking to local leaders about immigration reform.
Sheriffs from across the Charlotte area met with Dole at the Rowan County Sheriff's Office and told her their concerns about immigration.

The senator said she's pushing for legislation to secure our borders and enforce laws already on the books. "It's how you weed out the criminal element here. In other words, we want to enforce the law because there's no real system," she said.

My day in court with a former republican state legislator - guilty as charged!

Today was our republican Cabarrus County Commissioner, former state legislator and preacher Coy Privette's day in court after being charged with 6 counts of "aiding and abetting" prostitution back in July.
I decided to get up early and go watch this circus.


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