NC Family Policy Council Voter Guide Charade

A hat tip to long-standing community member usernamehere for reporting that the North Carolina Family Policy Council has just published its so-called "voter guide" for the 2008 election. I use the phrase in quotes, because guide implies that there is actually something of value included in the piece. In this case, however, only a third of those running for office in North Carolina even bothered to complete the ridiculous questionnaire.

Open thread: More on mayors

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I'm struck by the fact that mayors of every major city in North Carolina have come out to endorse Bev Perdue for Governor. This is a big deal. You see, mayors of many cities in North Carolina know each other pretty well. They work together on issues and lobbying, trying to make sure their cities get a fair shake in Raleigh. So what does it say about Pat McCrory that these mayors have endorsed Perdue? It says they know enough about Pat McCrory to know that they don't want him anywhere near the governor's office.

Mayors from around the state endorse Beverly Perdue

Beverly Perdue is in the fight of her life, isn't she? Mayor's from all around North Carolina are stepping up to fight for Beverly Perdue, from Asheville to New Bern, local officials are saying that Bev is best for the job.

"Bev Perdue has proven herself to be responsive to our needs and to have a deep understanding of the many different issues facing the many different parts of North Carolina," said Terry Bellamy, Mayor of Asheville.

Added Mayor Yvonne Johnson of Greensboro, "North Carolina needs a governor who will unite all parts of our state, urban and rural, east and west, coast and mountain - and that's exactly what Bev Perdue will do."

Knocking on Doors in Orange County

Just thought I would share the email that I just sent out to my precinct. I hope that everyone in Orange County reading this will get out for at least one canvass this weekend. Every door, every voter. President Obama, Senator Hagan, Congressmen Hayes and Carter.

Greetings all!

Dogwood Acres ended up with at least 20 TEAMS of door knockers last Sunday. Incredible! From the campaign email below:

Last weekend “100,000 Knocks for Barack” was a complete success! We knocked on over 6000 doors in Orange County alone and over 107,000 statewide!

Your work and the strength of North Carolina Democrats is making the nation stand up and take notice:

Bob Dole Put Personal Wealth over Veterans, Liddy Dole Stood by and Watched

Earlier this week I wrote a brief post about lobbying activity from Former Senator Bob Dole that served to hurt our veterans and their families. That activity deserves more attention and a more detailed post. Bob Dole isn't running for reelection in North Carolina, but his wife is. He may have earned the 6-figure income from the lobbying contract, but it is Elizabeth Dole's inability/refusal/lack of desire to push legislation to protect military families that is truly disturbing.

The Truth Behind Dole's Fannie Mae Reform Attempt

The most recent whine coming from Republicans is centered around their alleged attempt to "reign in" Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2005, and the Democrats' blocking of such. I should have looked closer at this sooner, because there's always something that stinks just under the surface of these "valiant" efforts. Anyway, here's the deal:

Conservatives and Free Market fundies have historically been opposed to GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises) for a few basic reasons: they target assistance to groups the government deems "in need" of assistance, and the profits/losses of said enterprises are controlled by the public (as opposed to private industry). The former is viewed as an entitlement, and the latter makes it difficult for private enterprises to compete with the GSEs.

Live from an Obama Field Office

I volunteer weekly at an Obama field office.

Headquarters is a pleasant and exciting place to be. Talking with potential voters by phone can be funny—especially the nasty ones. "Don't call this number again!" screeched one memorable Memaw. "I don't want nuthin' to do wit ya!" yelled a friendly Pepaw.

Many calls are exhilarating. Today the most effusive Obama supporters were elderly white women, some well over the age of seventy. "I love that man," said one. "Although I wonder if maybe his wife should be running!"

As a social worker, placing these calls is fun and easy.

Still, I do screw up. Do you ever find yourself speaking, have reservations about the path you're on—yet foolishly proceed anyway? It doesn't happen to me often, but did today. I knew better.


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