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50-State Blog Network Weekly Roundup: 07/07/07 - 07/13/07
Happy Friday the 13th! Looks like it wasn't a lucky one for ethically challenged Republicans. Between the prostitution scandals and the increasingly obvious failure of the Iraq war to accomplish anything Republicans are being hit hard across the states. Remember that all politics is local and support your local state blogs!

Welcome Deborah Webb!

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The Center for Integrating Research and Action at UNC Chapel Hill is sponsoring a conference this weekend on the challenge of making local food available all across our state. Deborah Webb, executive director of the Community Farm Alliance (CFA) based in Frankfort, Kentucky, is keynoting the conference, and she's agreed to join us this morning for a live-blogging session.

A lawyer by training, Deborah has worked with the Kentucky CFA since 1986. In 2000, CFA was instrumental in fashioning legislation to allocated $1.7 billion in tobacco settlement funds for the purpose of transitioning Kentucky’s tobacco dependent communities.

Deborah has a tight schedule today, but I'm expecting her to be on starting at 9 am for about an hour.



The North Carolina Democratic Party announces a series of Platform and Resolutions Committee meetings to be held in July and August across the state.

The purpose of the Platform and Resolutions Committee meetings is to gather input, consider and recommend resolutions.

Eligible for consideration are resolutions that were passed by one or more district conventions and those submitted by a state Party group, the Platform and Resolutions Committee, the state Party chairman, or the public at large.

Bob Hall on the Black sentence

Statement from Bob Hall, executive director of Democracy North Carolina, regarding the sentencing of former House Speaker Jim Black:

The ugly story of former Speaker Jim Black's abuse of power is not yet finished. New evidence of possible corruption involving a high-powered lobbyist linked to the video-poker industry demands the immediate and full attention of state and federal prosecutors.

From the beginning, Democracy North Carolina has pushed to hold the donors of illegal money accountable, not just the politicians. Now, with the revelation of a $500,000 "loan" from a video-poker lobbyist, we have come full circle from our original complaint in June 2004 alleging a conspiracy by the video-poker industry to funnel illegal donations into Jim Black's


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