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I know I said I would stay out of presidential politics until next year, but after not much thought, I've decided that only applies to the Democratic primary. Because the three-ring circus that's shaping up among the Party of Greed contenders is just too good to stand on the sidelines.

Today's news brings us the resurrection of Governor Mitt Romney. It's bad enough that he's flipped and flopped on every issue under the sun - that he was in favor of gays and abortion before he was against them - but now the Stormin' Mormon is counting on god (and pointing to heaven as well) to carry him to the White House.

"I declare my intention to run for president of the United States," Romney said in remarks prepared for delivery as he formally opened a candidacy that, if fruitful, would make him the first Mormon president."

I declare my intention? Listen up Mittster, are you running or not? Oh never mind. I forgot you don't have to be competent in the English language to follow in the footsteps of the Child King.


What if Jesus Died In Baghdad? (political cartoon)

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The House organizes

This evening via Speaker Hackney's office:


RALEIGH -- N.C. House Speaker Joe Hackney today announced the House committees, which will meet during the 2007-08 session. After many discussions with members of the House Democratic and Republican caucuses and careful consideration of their requests and suggestions, Speaker Hackney decided to create four new committees and restructure several others that have met in previous years.

The House of Representatives will now have committees that will focus on agribusiness and agricultural economy, energy and energy efficiency, juvenile justice and mental health reform. Several committees will also focus on slightly different issues or have expanded responsibilities than in previous years, including: Commerce, Small Business and Entrepreneurship; Federal Relations and Indian Affairs; Homeland Security, Military and Veteran Affairs; and Ways and Means.


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If you've followed the obscure musings of the Stagemanager at the Art Pope Puppetshow lately, you've noticed that he's rapidly losing whatever little touch with reality he once had. Fancying himself an armchair intellectual in the vein of his hero John Locke, Hood has taken to flights of fantasy that must surely stretch the mental capacity of his regular readers.

Call me unashamed to admit that when I see someone make effective use of a Judy Garland song title, I crack a smile. One might say my heartstrings go “zing, zing, zing.” But when I read the original headline of a Christian Science Monitor piece on streetcars and downtowns – “Clang, clang, clang went development” – I had to wince. Apparently so did others, because when the story went online, the tone of the headline went from sentimental musical to Tennessee Williams: “Desire grows for streetcars.”

Amanda Marcotte Resigns from Edwards Campaign

I will allow her statement to speak for itself.

At Kos it took a matter of minutes before the "she was forced to resign"brigade showed up.

What do you think?

Please use this as an open thread.

Abolish Capital Punishment

Recent posts on Blue NC have prompted me to post this entry. North Carolina prides itself on its progressive tradition amongst its neighbors. I would be a proud Tar Heel voter if our states leaders would act to abolish the death penalty as a means of punishment in the state.

Our nation has endured because of our willingness to adapt to changes throughout our history. Courageous individuals in the mid-19th Century fought to end the institution of slavery , provided women the right-to-vote, and in the mid-20th Century Americans protested to erase the ills of Jim Crow on our nation's society.

These reforms are a few examples of many that have transpired over time to define who we are as a country. They have bettered our nation by advancing the rights of citizens.

Farm out

The North Carolina Farm Bureau (NCFB) will be reviewing the resolution below at its February 23, 2007, board meeting. This resolution was presented and posted in December, in Raleigh at the annual meeting, now it will be going before the NCFB board, requesting the aid and assistance of the America Farm Bureau Federation to defend eastern North Carolina farmers.

Farm Bureau Resolution:
NCFB Board meeting: February 23, 2007
Solicit their strongest support and influence to vote yes!

Be it resolved: The North Carolina Farm Bureau shall solicit full support and direct involvement of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) to defend eastern North Carolina farmers from the U.S. Navy’s proposed Outlying Landing Field (OLF) by providing direct lobbying assistance, elevation to AFBF priority status and to take any other action that is appropriate and effective.


Mo Southern Love at the Jugtown Cafe gets an Agenda

A few pieces from my collection

We've sent out our invites, secured a keynote speaker, designed some new threads and now we're ready to visit some wonderful potteries and have a great time together.

We will meet at the Jugtown Cafe between 8:30 and 9:00 am for coffee. The cafe opens at 6:00am for breakfast, so don't worry if you get there a little early. Just pick us a table and we'll all be there eventually. Map to Jugtown Cafe. (Thanks, Mo)

See the schedule below the fold...


Face Off

Last Wednesday The Southern Dem posted in Tragedy in Three Acts: The Unmasking about the similarity between single drive-by posts by three seemingly different users but all sharing the same IP address and all critical of Beverly Perdue including, one personally critical of BlueNC’s Anglico using very specific insider information.

BlueNC is an open forum with an active but very hands-off management that promotes open discussion and exchange of ideas. In extreme cases discussion is moderated but always in favor of the 1st Amendment. It is usually spammers and obvious trolls posting inflammatory content that get special attention. By themselves the “three posts” don’t rise to the level of actionable moderation but collectively and in the context of recent events they present a disturbing dilemma to BlueNC. The delay in this post is symptomatic of this dilemma as we strive to protect anonymity while dealing with the potential subversion of an open forum by a political campaign.

Franklin County Wetpants Republicans Support Torture, Lawbreaking

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTwenty-two NC Democrats from the House and Senate sent a letter to Attorney General Roy Cooper asking him "to investigate credible allegations that Aero contractors conspired to commit federal crimes and then provided material support to the commission of those crimes on property owned by the state of North Carolina."

Mountain Xpress: "Aero Contractors, is under scrutiny for its alleged role in the CIA’s so-called “torture flights,” wherein terrorist suspects are kidnapped and secretly shuttled off to be interrogated in other countries."

Franklin County Republicans' website responded by attacking Franklin County's Doug Berger (D),

"These so-called individuals, as Berger and his liberal cohorts call them, are terrorists who think nothing of killing as many Americans as possible. Since Berger is too busy worrying about the poor terrorists' rights, they can call his hurtline: 919-715-8363 or e-mail," Edwards said. "Terrorists and taxes are his favorite words. Berger is a disgrace. Period."

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