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I've been hoping Rob Christensen at the N&O would weigh in on the 2008 US Senate race for some time now, thinking he'd dig in behind the scenes of one of the biggest contests to hit North Carolina in a good long while.

Well, he did weigh in today, but it was a waste of time and ink. Not only did Christensen have nothing interesting to say, he dutifully parroted worn-out GOP talking points about Liddy's legendary prowess on the stump. From all I can tell, Rob is either a secret member of Senator Dole's campaign staff, or he left his brain back in 2002, when our very senior Senator could actually walk and chew gum at the same time.

The Liddy Dole that Rob Christensen wrote about in this column doesn't exist today. And that's a fact.

Rudy Giuliani - XXX rated family values

My oh isn't the news that his SC campaign chair has been indicted on cocaine charges and it isn't all the screwing around on his wives or the children who won't speak to him that has me questioning Rudy Giuliani's good old Republican family values. What has me worried about Rudy's values is the alleged pedophile priest he keeps on the payroll.

Cocaine, adultery, pedophilia and children who loathe him.....a candidate only a Republican could love.

Prisons: The New Growth Industry

Note: This is a cross-post from my personal blog, The Bull in Full.

I linked without comment to a YouTube video, which was a fake drug ad for a compound called Incarcerex.  The ad promotes haphazard incarceration of drug users as a means to fix political ills, and is a brilliant piece of satire—I can't recommend it highly enough.

After posting that video, I was leafing through my print edition of the Herald-Sun, and came across the latest from Malcolm Berko in the business section.  I like reading Berko—he's certainly not handing out tips for socially responsible investing, but his irreverence for the icons of the financial world, like brokerage firms and Alan Greenspan, make him fun to read.  This week's column (linked from a paper with a more reasonable archiving system), though, was a tad disturbing.  A read wrote in asking about his shares in GEO, which used to be called Wackenhut, which Berko had recommended a few years ago.  As Berko notes, the company's revenues have gone up 450% in the past decade.  Why?  Because they run prisons. 

Santa's little hypocrite

Too, too cute. After all his bitchin' and moanin' about earmarks in the last two weeks, our dear Pat got outed. He wasn't really against earmarks themselves, he says. He just wanted everyone to know what they were voting for. But if he wanted people to know what they were voting for why didn't he mention his personal earmark of $129,000 for a Christmas Tree store in Mitchell County?

Commenters from all over are having a jolly ole time with Santa's little hypocrite:

Something fishy

Earlier this year, former Supreme Court Justice Bob Orr, a humble man according to many, decided to throw his big hat into the North Carolina gubernatorial ring. At the time, Mr. Orr was employed by Art Pope as Puppet-in-Charge of the NC Institute for Constitutional Law. Rightly concerned about the appearance of being in the pocket of Puppetmaster Pope, Orr announced he would stop serving in that executive director role so he could run for governor, which he is now doing. In fact, Mr. Orr already has a fancy new website and a busy fund-raising agenda. He was in Winston-Salem this week, in fact, collecting checks at the home of Mr. & Mrs. William Graham, who are also buddies of the Puppetmaster.

All of which raises one very big question. How can Bob Orr, who is not independently wealthy like Fred Smith* and Bill Graham, afford this big campaign when he doesn't even have a job? Or more to the point, is Art Pope paying Bob Orr to run for Governor of North Carolina?

Les Merritt, maybe he's just incompetent

On the same day Republican State Auditor Les Merritt failed to present any evidence of voter fraud to a state Senate committee, he submitted incomplete documents to the state Board of Elections.

Merritt filed on Tuesday a Statement of Organization that was unsigned and incomplete. That afternoon he presented a state Senate committee with vague and unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in order to delay passage of legislation that would make it easier for people to vote.

Such actions are consistent with a national GOP plan to intimidate low-income and minority voters through false claims of voter fraud and frivolous Election Day challenges.


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