More Frightening News from Blackwater

This is just scary.

In a recent op-ed piece for the L. A. Times, Jeremy Scahill writes about Blackwater's bright future, no matter who inhabits the White House come 2009. He talks about how Blackwater sued the city of San Diego, bringing them to their knees, then gives a brief bullet summary of some of Blackwater's more recent ventures, above and beyond their run-of-the-mill mercenary solder work.

N&O, Char-O cutting staff

Further update: N&O shedding 70 jobs, consolidating editions down to two: State and Final. Publishers' message to staff.
McClatchy cutting workforce 10 percent citing slow ad sales.
(Then, there's the matter of all that debt.)
Bloomberg says the tally will reach 1400 jobs.
Via the N&O: Serious cuts at the Char-O including 22 newsroom positions.

It was not immediately clear how the N&O will be affected by today's announcement. More details are expected after affected employees are notified.

Update on Health Care for All leaves me dejected

Given the recent activities of the North Carolina Senate, cowing to the real estate agents, I have little hope that they will stand up for the working class in North Carolina. The working class are those who are most hard hit by being uninsured and underinsured, it's not the guy making $80,000 a year who decides not to be insured. It's the guy that has two kids and is working a full-time blue collar job. The guy who has seen his winter heat bill quadruple, his gas bill triple, his food bill double, and his health insurance costs grow steeper and steeper for less and less coverage.

Kissell Selling Gas for $1.22 this Father's Day Right Now

"There's a lot of good we can do on the way to Washington." -Larry Kissell

The AP story just came out, and Larry Kissell just started pumping gas.

BISCOE, N.C. (AP) - Congressional candidate Larry Kissell is pumping up his campaign by selling gas for $1.22 a gallon, highlighting the energy votes of incumbent Rep. Robin Hayes...

Thacker said the campaign is purchasing the gas for $3.96 per gallon. Kissell has said that $1.22 was the price per gallon when Hayes took office a decade ago.

The social studies teacher has accused Hayes of working in the interests of oil companies and rejecting proposals that would have expanded alternative fuel.

Thacker said the campaign wants to use the Father's Day gas to help those in the community struggling to get to work.

Mary Fant Donnan for N.C. Commissioner of Labor

Hi folks! I wanted to take a moment to say hello and to thank Betsy and James for organizing a live blog on Wednesday (June 18th) at 7pm. Thank you also to the BlueNC community for your interest in the Labor Commissioner's race. I'm excited to exchange ideas with all of you on Wednesday, and I welcome your questions.

As many of you know, I'm running for N.C. Commissioner of Labor. Thanks to all of you who took an early interest in this race, including those of you who worked hard for Robin Anderson. Robin was a strong candidate, and I respect her immensely. I'm honored to have her support moving forward.


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