Butch whacked

Beyond pure greed and something akin to blood-lust, it's never been clear to me how college sports became the monstrous machine they are today. Even 35 years ago at the US Naval Academy, when we had to march onto football fields for the annual orgy of the Army-Navy game, I felt a deep sense of misplaced priorities, heavily laden by the stench of too much testosterone.

That ugly tradition continues today at UNC, where in a stunning display of poor judgment, Dick Baddour has just granted a losing head football coach a raise of nearly $300,000 per year. The N&O properly takes issue with the decision.


Seems ElectriCities thinks taxpayers in its cities have no right to express their opinions about spending, salaries by the CEO and others. But we do have the right to express our opinions, question budgets and spending and otherwise delve into the public business. It is the PUBLIC business and we pay the rates.

Frontpaged by A.

The new editor at the N&O

My old friend Ted Vaden interviewed the new executive editor at the N&O and wrote a Q&A for publication this morning. Some of what Mr. Drescher has to say seems promising, some not so much

Q Do you have longer-term vision, expectations, hopes for The News & Observer?

A When you look at both the short term and the long term, you have to think about how we're going to succeed online, and we have a lot of momentum there. The new triangle.com site is really innovative. It shows that we're not just a newspaper anymore; we're a news and information company. You'll see us putting a lot more databases online, a lot more useful information online, calendars and things like that.

From a news standpoint, you'll see us break more and more news online. Three or four years ago we were probably doing five updates a day. Now we're pretty consistently getting 30 to 40 news updates a day, and that will continue.

This is good news if the old guard at the N&O can deliver. Ryan Beckwith at the Dome seems to be feeling his way along and I'm mostly encouraged by his progress. It takes time to build a blog, and doing it during the heat of a contested primary season is probably harder than usual.

Sustainable Development Part One: Proximity Hotel

As the first in what (I hope) will be a series of diaries targeting businesses and individuals who "get it right" when it comes to development, I thought I would take a look at the newly completed Proximity Hotel in Greensboro.

It's actually only partially open for now, with only a set number of rooms available, but they were doing quite a bit of business when I was there today.

Also, this is the first time I've tried to use graphics in a blog at BlueNC, so if it's so tiny you can't tell what the picture is, or if it runs off the page and cracks the side of your monitor, you know. "I'm not responsible." :)

A Diary Rescue, And A Needed Presidential Debate

Last night, 11-23-07, testvet6778 placed a Diary, New group wants a Presidential debate or debates on Iraq, Military and veterans issues, on supposedly the most Progressive Political Blog Site on the web, and it barely got a whimper, 35 comments and 15 recommends.

Now maybe it was because it was friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and better known as Black Friday, and folks were just tired from the all day holiday shopping, starting in the wee hours of that morning, the crush of packed stores and all those sucker deals can be overwelming.

According to Hoyle [Comments Closed]

According to the Charlotte Observer, state senator David Hoyle is thinking about retiring.

State Sen. David Hoyle, a Gaston County Democrat, had planned to announce this week whether he would run for his ninth two-year term. He said that scheduling conflicts have delayed his decision and he plans to take more time."One day, I say I'll go in for another term. Another day, I'm just tired," he said.

Hoyle, 68, was ranked the third most effective senator in Raleigh in the most recent survey of legislators, lobbyists and capitol journalists. He is co-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees tax policy, and is a keystone of the Democrats' pro-business faction.

That would be the same pro-business faction we can thank for cutting taxes on rich North Carolinians while voting to continue a regressive sales tax increase across the board. The same pro-business faction that ignored coastal policy and voted to allow rich homeowners at Figure Eight island to "harden" their beach to protect their multimillion dollar homes. And the same pro-business faction that voted to give $40+ million in taxpayer dollars to two tire companies, one of which wasn't even asking for the handout.

50 State Blog Roundup 11/23/07

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday everyone. This roundup is a bit shorter than usual, but we will be back to full speed next week. There is some great blogging going on in the states, so take a look and jump in where you can.

New Mexico
   The greatest YouTube video you will ever see, featuring Republican candidate for House in NM-01, Darren White. He's telling us to just say no. Impossible not to watch more than once.

Liddy Dole fishing for New OLF Sites?

Apparently nothing brings Liddy Dole to North Carolina faster than an opportunity to suck up to the state of Virginia. One of her most recent visits was to Jones County where she met with the head of the county commission.

Uh huh. She's almost never seen in the state she represents, but when it comes time to screw over the residents of one of the poorest counties in North Carolina Dole can't get here fast enough.

Two of the county's five commissioners attempted a preemptive strike to prevent the county from being considered as a location for an outlying landing field. Dole's new tool, County Commission Chair Joe Wiggins, cast the deciding vote against the resolution.


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