Governments Try to Control Language about Climate Change

I guess the United States isn't the only country where the government tries to tell scientists what their data actually says or should say. According to articles out in news media around the world, China, Saudi Arabia and other countries have joined the United States in requesting/requiring that scientists tone down the dire warnings contained in reports on Global Warming.

From the LA Times:

A new global warming report issued Friday by the United Nations paints a near-apocalyptic vision of Earth's future: hundreds of millions of people short of water, extreme food shortages in Africa, a landscape ravaged by floods and millions of species sentenced to extinction.

Despite its harsh vision, the report was quickly criticized by some scientists who said its findings were watered down at the last minute by governments seeking to deflect calls for action.

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OLF prayers

Here's a good story in the Virginia Pilot, with this excellent graphic summarizing the OLF debate. Read the captions: There are no good choices for an OLF in North Carolina.

And then read the prayer:

Before sunrise, Wayne Winslow prayed loudly that a jet airfield would not be built in Perquimans County. His voice carried outside the Up River Friends Meeting chapel and above the rooster crowing nearby. But in the end, he was not demanding. "I pray your most perfect will be done regarding the OLF," Winslow said, kneeling on the floor at the front of the chapel.


Ever since Liddy Dole hired Brian Nick to oversee the end of her political career, I've been waiting to see the guy in action. The Dole campaign just released it first quarter numbers, and it's clear he plays a sloppy game of bullshit.

Sen. Elizabeth Dole raised more than $1.7 million during the first quarter of 2007, her campaign said Thursday. More than 9,000 donors contributed to Dole's re-election campaign, and the senior senator from North Carolina hauled in more than $1 million in March alone. Dole had hoped to raise that much during the entire quarter ending March 31.

"To almost double that number is a huge outpouring of support," said Dole adviser Brian Nick, adding that she has more than $1.5 million in cash on hand. Federal financial reports are due April 15.

When dogma rules, We all lose.

I wrote yesterday about two progressive Domestic Violence laws ratified by the General Assembly this week. Many of you were touched by the issue as a whole. I was trying to shine at least a dim light on the people who help women get out of destructive abusive or violent relationships.

In recent weeks, others here at blueNC have written eloquently about the outlandish and discriminatory 'Defense of Marriage' laws and constitutional ammendments currently being pushed by mindless dogmatic radicals like Called2Action and Fred Smith.

Those are two issues, mildly related, but independent enough that one couldn't overlap the other.



Navy grasping at straws

From the Perquimans Weekly April 4, 2007, "Navy:NC OLF is need{ed}" Margret Fisher

US Navy officials say they need an outlying landing field and they need it in North Carolina-ideally halfway between NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach and MCAS Cherry Point in Havelock.

And the reason why they say then need an OLF-although they have one in Chesapeake, VA- is because of increased need for training during surge operations. During those times, there could be as many as five carriers with jets vying for practice time at Fentress, as well as at an alternative OLF site.

Just how often does that happen? Ted Brown, US Fleet Forces Command spokesman for the Navy, said that the Navy has had surge operations "a couple of times" since the Department of Homeland Security was set up nearly five years ago. After the terrorism attack on the twin towers...the Navy had to increase its capabilities in training and readiness, Brown said. More carriers than previously required have to be ready to go within 30 days, and carriers in the Pacific may be relocated to the Atlantic, if necessary, he said.

Live-blogging Friday morning

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Don't forget to join us tomorrow morning for a lively discussion with Tim Toben, a good friend and one of North Carolina's most dedicated environmentalists. He'll be on no later than 8 am for sure, maybe earlier, and will stick around for a half hour.

If you're at all interested in green building, North Carolina energy policy, the Edwards' positions on energy and climate change, co-op gardens, conservation, and "acting locally," then this discussion is for you.

You can find out more about Tim, here, and you can include your questions below to get the ball rolling.

Farmers driving tractors convoy to landing field hearing

In the first article I have seen in the Ironically-Named Citizen Times, in the business section(?) is this by the AP.

AP Article

Farmers driving tractors convoy to landing field hearing

A convoy of tractors, planters and pickup trucks drove several miles to the meeting site near town. People placed anti-landing field signs on the vehicles, and onlookers – some of whom had their own signs – cheered and waved.

"We're here to tell the Navy one more time they're not going to get our property," said Beaufort County resident Ronnie Askew, who drove his John Deere.


Doris Morris, a spokeswoman for North Carolinians Opposed to the Outlying Landing Field, said she hopes the local grass-roots effort will make a difference. "It's just amazing what we accomplished with our few dollars when the Navy spent millions to fight against us," she said

NC-08: Larry Kissell Live, 2008 Kick-Off Tour!

This is it. Your invitation to join us in North Carolina (or at least live on-line) for the kick-off of what some are calling the most exciting 2008 rematch from last cycle.

As you know, just after coming up only 330 votes short of victory, I announced an immediate challenge to Robin Hayes for 2008. What you may not know, however, is just how far we've come in the short time since then. Last month, not only was I invited to speak to the Democratic caucus in DC, but our good friend Congressman Artur Davis, DCCC Recruitment Chair, came back to North Carolina with me to personally endorse my candidacy and address the amazing Young Democrats of North Carolina that did so much for my friend Congressman Heath Shuler last time.


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