Polling apart

Public Policy Polling got some new data out yesterday.

Raleigh, N.C. – Barack Obama has a four point lead in North Carolina’s Democratic primary for President as it becomes increasingly likely that the state will play a role in determining the Democratic nominee for President, according to the newest survey from Public Policy Polling. Obama leads 47-43 in the state after leading 42-40 in PPP’s monthly tracking poll for February.

We can argue about NAFTA, but we have to agree...

We can argue about NAFTA (though you know where I stand on these trade deals), but we have to agree the legacy of the first two terms of President Bush and even greater damage done by nearly a dozen years of a Republican-controlled Congress grows clearer every day.

Dollar falls in Europe, Canada, Japan...

Will North Carolina decide?

No matter where you stand on the Democratic presidential primary, it's looking more and more like results in North Carolina will weigh heavily into the equation. It will be a battle royale, with the mainstream media engaged in full-throated support for Hillary, even as the grassroots support for Obama grows deeper and wider.

Between now and North Carolina's May primary, we'll watch Mississippi go heavily for Obama and see Pennsylvania split down the middle like Ohio and Texas. (No guesses on Wyoming.) Through it all, the delegate count will continue to hover within a range that puts super-delegates in the cat-bird seat.

A celebration is in order

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I received this invitation from one of my favorite NO-OLF Grannies, Doris, who has helped to lead the charge in stopping the Navy from running roughshod over Washington County. I do so wish I could attend this celebration.

The North Carolinians Opposed to the Outlying Landing Field (No-OLF) cordially invites you to attend an evening of celebration in honor of our elected officials, the media, and all the individuals and organizations that have unselfishly worked to protect the Albemarle/Pamlico Peninsula from the Navy’s proposed outlying landing field.

The citizens of Washington and Beaufort Counties would like to show our appreciation for your support and perseverance, which has resulted in the preservation of our wildlife, farms, communities, and, way of life. But, most importantly our united front has gained an important victory for the people of America, which truly deserves a “Blessed Celebration”.

Wayne Goodwin Becomes First Insurance Commissioner Candidate to Refuse Special Interest Money and To Opt-In to Public Financing

Wayne Goodwin yesterday became the first 2008 Insurance Commissioner candidate to refuse special interest money: Challenges Dem, GOP opponents to do the same

Note from James:

This is one of those special moments in politics where a $20 contribution to a Democrat from an average citizen counts just as much as a $2000 contribution from an insurance executive to a Republican. Wayne needs 750 registered North Carolina voters to step up in the next few weeks. Please consider supporting this important effort.

I just had to say it.

If Gov. Sebelius can be pro-choice and anti-death penalty in Kansas, why can't our Gubernatorial candidates can be against the death penalty in North Carolina?

If an openly gay candidate can replace a disliked Republican in New Hanover County (where there are 1-2% more Democrats than Republicans), why can't an openly gay candidate can replace a disliked Republican in a state where there are a third more Democrats than Republicans)?

If Larry Kissell can come out of nowhere to within tenths of a percentage point of beating an entrenched Republican Congressman, why can't someone do the same in a harder district, in this of all years?

If this isn't the year to change America, who expects that year to ever come?

Dear Guv

I'm writing to request that you take an hour out of one of your busy days to visit with us here at BlueNC. We have some questions, and apparently some of the people who work for you are incapable of answering them on your behalf.

We have questions about what you're doing to clean up the mess you and Carmen Hooker Odom created for the mental health system in North Carolina. We want to know what you've privately told the US Navy about the possibility of building an OLF in eastern North Carolina. And I personally want to know if you will work for legislation that would prohibit the use of military weapons in training by private contractors in our state.


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