Gore gets what he deserves

OSLO, Norway - Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Friday for their efforts to spread awareness of man-made climate change and lay the foundations for counteracting it.

Gore won an Academy Award this year for his film "An Inconvenient Truth," a documentary on global warming, and had been widely expected to win the prize.

Robin Hayes swears he doesn't have cooties.

Our local excuse for a congressman, Robin Hayes(R), is ticked off.
No, he isn't ticked off about jobs shipping to Central America and He certainly isn't ticked off by millions of poor children without health insurance, Robin Hayes is upset because he is convinced that people in Washington think he has cooties.

You can find the full story in today's Charlotte Observer.

The House Homeland Security Committee planned a fact-finding trip about public health preparedness at mass gatherings and decided to conduct the research at two of the nation's most heavily attended sporting events, NASCAR's Bank of America 500 event this weekend and the UAW-Ford 500 last weekend.
Staff who organized the trips advised the NASCAR-bound aides to get a range of vaccines before attending -- hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, diphtheria and influenza.

Open thread: Blog log

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I came across this column from Paul O'Connor at the Winston-Salem Journal. And I was surprised at how closely his reading habits match my own. Plus he had this to say:

BlueNC.com and NorthCarolinaConservative.com are interesting reads from very different perspectives. The John Locke Foundation operates carolinajournal.com and N.C. Policy Watch has ncpolicywatch.com , for two more, very different views.

It's kind of weird being mentioned in the same paragraph as websites from the Puppetshow, but I'll take it. We're spending $50 a month to run our operation, whereas they're spending $300,000 a month. Heh.

Moore on MSNBC

Richard Moore made the news on MSNBC today with his call for an investigation into Countrywide Insurance. I have to hand it to the guy. If he can take his record of investing millions of North Carolina dollars in the sleazy corporation in the first place, and then make it look like he's a white knight who's saving the little people from the mean old abusive lender, then maybe he deserves to be governor.

How I got to where I am ….Wherever that is.

I would like to think that I am motivated by the desire to do good and to be of service to the country I was born in, including its people, who have been part and parcel responsible for helping me along the way.

Sometime during my life’s journey I came to the conclusion that: Good always prevails in this world. Although it may take some time, and even though great suffering may occur, ultimately Good always prevails over evil. Long ago I determined to be a force for good in what is left of my life.

In May of this year I filed with the FEC to become a Democratic candidate for Congress in the 3rd district of North Carolina. I still sort-of wonder why anyone would be desirous of putting themselves through the rigors of trying to get elected to The United States Congress. Nevertheless, I always knew I would someday aspire to this office. This story may not be what you are anticipating.

Mad Max

I was SO disappointed that I accidentally deleted my post last week about Max Borders, the free-market extremist at Civitas whose philosophy include this precious assertion:

"If boiling people alive best served the interests of the American people, then it would neither be moral or immoral." Max Borders, Civitas Institute

As many of you know, Mad Max and I had a bit of a tussle last week when he engaged in an ad hominem attack to accuse me of engaging in ad hominem attacks. When the dust settled, I thought we had lost dear Max and that he had been terminated for cause (as he should have been). He was noticeably absent from most of his regular stomping grounds, and unusually quiet for a paid-Puppet blogger.

Never fear, though. Max is still around, and is apparently still tasked with being the loose canon for the Civitas Institute.

D.A. Michael D. Parker: Inept or Corrupt?

Is Michael D. Parker, the Anson County D.A., inept or corrupt? Maybe he's a bit of both. I hope he has every case documented with i's dotted and t's crossed because if the public outcry over the Floyd Brown case is big enough - and I suspect it has just started to grow - he's going to have the AG's office and hopefully the Justice Department crawling through his files.


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