N&O finds its voice

The N&O finally gets its editorial head on straight when it comes to Bush's War. It's about damn time.

If Americans feel shell-shocked from the Iraq debate this week, they are to be excused. This anniversary week of 9/11 by coincidence was supposed to bring a reckoning of the war effort, and as the foggy reporting to Congress by Gen. David Petraeus was winding down, the nation was told that President Bush would make a prime time report of his own on Thursday night. After a flood of words and upbeat assessments, his speech no better informed Americans about what they might with any confidence expect as this nation's costly Iraq venture drags on.

Answer me this

In case you missed it, the Moore and Perdue campaigns spilled Under the Dome again today when Beckwith wrote that Moore had excerpted clips from an old Perdue interview as part of his ongoing attempt to challenge her pro-choice credentials. That dog might sniff around for awhile, but it ain't gonna hunt no matter how much Richard whips on it. In my opinion.

Another story also caught my eye. This one featured Treasurer Moore opining on the sad state of affairs involving Countrywide Financial.

Richard Moore took another swing at Countrywide Financial Tuesday. After attacking the troubled mortgage lender on CNBC last week, the state treasurer sent the company a letter accusing it of unethical and unsustainable business practices, the Triangle Business Journal reports. In the letter Moore, writes that the company rewarded employees who gave subprime mortgages to customers it knew could not afford them.

"As an owner of this company and a large institutional investor, I ask that you provide me with an explanation of why the company implemented and continued this business model in the face of mounting evidence that the product was unsustainable," he writes.

The state retirement system, which Moore oversees, owns about $12 million worth of shares in Countrywide.

It's baaaaaack!

When I got this yesterday by email, I felt like one of those guys in a horror movie who thinks the blood-sucking monster is dead, only to find it rising again from the sewers with a vengeance.


U.S. Navy Agrees To Consider New Locations for an OLF

Update: Rep. Tricia Cotham hosts well-attended fundraiser

State House Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham just pulled off a great fundraiser at the home of Crandall Bowles. From the guest list to the Cabernet Sauvignon, it was certainly one of the best executed fundraisers I've seen in a long time. Guests included the Hon. June Atkinson, NC Speaker of the House Joe Hackney, Lt. Governor Candidate Walter Dalton, Larry Kissell, John Autry, Mecklenburg Commissioners Parks Helms and Chair Jennifer Roberts, Jerry Meek, and yours truly.

Not so fast, Liddy

Now that the wheels have been completely blown off Republicans' Insane War in Iraq, and now that public opinion has pegged the bottom of the barrel in judging this administration and it's chickenhawk cheerleaders, guess who's all of a sudden trying to distance herself from the Bushbatros hanging around her neck?

Why Liddy Dole, of course

Even Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.), a mainstream conservative who has never publicly strayed from the administration's position on Iraq, made it clear that she would now support "what some have called action-forcing measures."

Truth and Consequences

This week's EJS column from the delightful Carrboro Citizen:

Truth & consequences
As promised, there’s been a step-up of immigration raids. This at a time when our junior senator is making the rounds of local law enforcement encouraging the deportation of those apprehended and found to not be here legally.

On the surface it all kind of makes sense – an easy sale of nativist talking points. Break the law – get tossed out.

Except that the border is as porous as a colander and the laws of economics are in direct conflict with those in the general statutes. Then there’s the not-so-perfect federal I.D. system that’s already sent actual U.S. citizens out of the country.


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