Call a Young Democrat today

and thank her or him for their work. Word comes today from Melissa Price [via Pat B.] that the Senate passed the House version of H91, Registration and Voting at One Stop Sites. The bill allows for voter registration and voting by Absentee ballot at early voting sites up to the weekend before election day.

The YD's made this their Legislative priority for 2007 and they saw it through. At the risk of sounding over 200 years old ...


Almond Crunch

Mark Binker was the first to post about a developing story concerning Stanly County Republican State Representative David Almond. Apparently some strange stuff has been going on and House Republicans have been huddled. No-one knows for sure what the facts are but resignation may be in the cards for Almond who also represents parts of Montgomery and Union counties. Almond will have another meeting tomorrow with Republican leaders to tell them "what his position is".

Surgeon-General Silenced

Dr. Richard Carmona, a former surgeon-general who served until 2006, is revealing that Bush administration often silenced him on national health concerns that didn’t flatter the Bush administration. Carmona announced that he wasn’t allowed to speak on stem cells, emergency contraception, sex ed, and that officials tried to water down a report on second-hand smoke.

"Much of the discussion was being driven by theology, ideology, [and] preconceived beliefs that were scientifically incorrect," said Carmona. "I thought, 'This is a perfect example of the surgeon general being able to step forward, educate the American public.' . . . I was blocked at every turn. I was told the decision had already been made -- 'Stand down. Don't talk about it.' That information was removed from my speeches."

Carmona also says he was “discouraged” from attending the Special Olympics because of that organizations ties to a the Kennedys, and that he wasn’t allowed to tout the effectiveness of teaching about condoms as well as sexual abstinence.

Local food for thought - live blogging this Friday!

Have you ever seen one of those “Buy Local” stickers on a car or restaurant window? Have you thought about what that slogan really means? Most people like the idea in concept, but when it comes to buying food locally, it can be easier said than done in some parts of the state. In fact, food today, on average, travels more than 1500 miles before it arrives on our dinner tables.

North Carolina could be a leader in the local food movement, but we’re not. That’s why the Center for Integrating Research and Action at UNC Chapel Hill is sponsoring a conference this weekend on the challenge of making local food available all across our state. Deborah Webb, executive director of the Community Farm Alliance (CFA) based in Frankfort, Kentucky, is keynoting the conference - and will be live-blogging with us Friday morning from 9 to 10:30.

PPP Survey: Elizabeth Dole vs. Grier Martin

Results from our latest poll released today. Click here for complete results. PPP blog.

Elizabeth Dole 43%
Grier Martin 37%

Elizabeth Dole 43%
Kay Hagan 27%

From our press release:

“To compensate for the extremely low name recognition of state legislators, we added a short description of Martin and Hagan to the survey,” explained Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling.

Martin was described as a “37 year-old two-term legislator” and “veteran of the War in Afghanistan,” while Hagan was a “five-term State Senator” and “chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee.”

“Grier Martin, or his profile, does very well against Senator Dole,” said Debnam. “If he were to enter the race he could be even more competitive than other Democrats we have tested.”

Kissell $100,000 COH - UPDATE

The Kissell campaign is months ahead of schedule compared to last cycle. Every penny, every headline, every blog post, every comment, every encouraging word to Larry and his campaign has contributed to the momentum Larry Kissell is carrying into the 2008 cycle. Everyone here at BlueNC should feel good about our part in this, because we have all contributed in some way.

There will be more events coming up, so stay tuned to BlueNC. In the meantime, let's keep that momentum going and shoot for $1,000,000 by 2008.

Woo Hoo! Go Larry!

Historic Times

Cross-posted at The Progressive Pulse.

Be careful what you wish for. I’ve always thought it would be cool to live in a historic time. For instance, I’ve always been slightly jealous of people who came of age in the 1960’s. The 60’s were riotous, radical, and revolutionary. Vietnam, civil rights, John and Martin and Bobby, Woodstock, Kent State, Haight-Ashbury and the Summer of Love, tie-dyed psychedelia...

...and then there was the music...


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