Elizabeth Dole Begins the ElizaBush Tour of long neglected areas of NC

Keep your eyes out for Elizabeth Dole's tour bus coming to a town near you. The eye-catching bus done up in red, white and blue can be seen traveling throughout the state rushing to get Dole to all those areas she has neglected over the past 40 six years. We hear her favorite dude, Dubya might be traveling around the state with her.

Fifth Grader Interviews Biden

Hate to come across all mushy and cooing, but this interview of Joe Biden by a fifth grader is so delightful that it's worth the risk. Biden is his usual somewhat clunky self, but the charm of this little boy outshines Biden's determination to stay on message, and is bound to give a boost to anyone who sees is.


Did Elizabeth Dole lie about more than her residency in 2002?

Earlier we discussed Dole's residency problem. We're not talking about the fact that she doesn't actually live here, we're talking about the fact that Dole must have lied to become and remain a registered voter in North Carolina. She knew she did not intend to live in North Carolina permanently and once back in her home in Washington, D.C., Dole would never return to North Carolina to live permanently. North Carolina allows for residency outside the state for registered voters only if they plan to return to North Carolina to make it their primary residence. To my knowledge Dole has never communicated she intends to return to North Carolina to live.

Sarah Palin in Asheville for World Zombie Day

Governor Sarah Palin was prayed over by an Alaskan preacher to protect her from witches, but he ought to have thought of zombies as well. She's coming to Asheville, North Carolina tomorrow afternoon, and her visit coincides with our city's Annual Zombie Walk.

World Zombie Day:

"World Zombie Day™ is the day that all ghouls from Kentucky to Kokomo, from Atlanta to Afghanistan, from Washington to Wales, and from Pittsburgh to Puerto Rico can celebrate together in a near orgy of blood covered bliss!!
World Zombie Day™ will be a day when all fans of zombie culture can join together. There will be an international charity event done throughout the cities involved to help alleviate world hunger, and this will be a first.
The participating living dead are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to each zombie walk starting point. A mass effort will be taken on worldwide to prove that charity, goodwill, and zombie love can flourish in every nation regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or religion, and that no matter where or how we die…


{Click here to see Ashvegas' photos from Asheville's 2007 Zombie Walk}

Ashtoberfest's Third Annual Zombie Walk begins in Asheville's Montford Park with music and then shambles through downtown on their way to a party at the Coxe Ave. Asheville Brewing Company. When Dan Burrello heard that Sarah Palin was coming to town, he wisely got out in front of it:

Faithful Democrats Endorse Kay Hagan

Faithful Democrats is an online Christian community. Today they endorsed Kay Hagan for the United States Senate. Their endorsement follows.

We are pleased to announce that Faithful Democrats (www.faithfuldemocrats.com) has endorsed Kay Hagan as Faithful Democrats Candidate of the Day on 10/25/2008.

Cook Report upgrades NC-05 from "Solid" to "Likely" Republican

Further evidence that the tenacious Carter campaign is drawing blood in the besieged mountain communities of NC-05:

House Editor David Wasserman releases ratings changes in an additional 12 districts. The GOP internal "death list" memo, leaked to U.S.News and World Report's Paul Bedard, exposes just how white-knuckled some in the Republican conference are. At this point, the choice Republican strategists face is not whether to play offense or defense, but rather where it's still worth playing defense.

Ratings Changes:

NC-05 Virginia Foxx Solid Republican to Likely Republican

COME ON DCCC! I know you're paying attention to this race! We've got FIVE DAYS to make those last minute media buys!


This morning I spoke with attorney representing the North Carolina Association of Realtors (NCAR). He declined to submit concerns in writing but they relate to three posts, on another blog, made in the last few days, which he requested that I remove and recognize with an apology.

In my posts I try to strive to present an abundance of fact, spiced with opinion, believing that sunlight is the best disinfectant and that humor is the best medicine.

Breaking!!!!! Elizabeth Dole FINALLY Gains Endorsement of her Hometown Paper!!!!!!!

THE WASHINGTON TIMES has issued an endorsement - albeit a luke warm endorsement - but an endorsement nonetheless for Elizabeth Dole. I'm sure the rumbles of excitement that must be sweeping through her campaign office are deafening. It is such a feather in her cap to gain the endorsement of a paper so widely read throughout her long-time home.

Washington, D.C.

So let's all give Liddy a big high five. Let's toss some attagirls and waytogos her way. Then let's toss her an anchor.

Give to Kay Hagan.
Volunteer for Kay Hagan.

The Better Angels

"Pro-American ... anti-American ... Islamofascist ... socialist ... terrorist ..."

Fear can be a potent motivator, especially when used by the unscrupulous. It can divide us, not simply by class or race or gender but by the intangibles of ideology. It can make enemies out of neighbors, breed suspicion, foster divisiveness.


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