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Paul O'Connor wrote Sunday in the Winston-Salem Journal about how "Politicians work hard to control the message", in an article about

...moves made by state officials to reduce press access and manipulate coverage.

When you click in the Printer-Friendly version of his story you get this message at the footer:

This story can be found at: http://www.carolinajournal.com/

Action Opportunity on OLF: 10 minutes is all it takes

This from the Southern Environmental Law Center, a great organization representing the farmers and environmentalists who are fighting the OLF.


You have an important opportunity to help prevent the Navy from constructing a destructive outlying landing field (OLF) next to Pungo Lake and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and near Lake Phelps and Pettigrew State Park. The Navy’s decision to construct the landing field must be consistent with North Carolina’s coastal management program. North Carolina’s coastal management program designates Pungo Lake and Phelps Lake as Areas of Environmental Concern. As Areas of Environmental Concern, Pungo Lake and Phelps Lake must be managed to maintain their biological, aesthetic, and economic values.


Morning Ex

Via Ex:
Eighty degrees today (maybe). Spring is all in like a lion in the sun or something.


• According to Media Matters, the Sanford Herald (which has a terrible Web site) is among the eight papers to drop Coulter of late;
• Rep. Wright resigns his leadership posts;
• S.C. GOP blasts Edwards early and often;
Warthogs are getting a new ballpark;
• Walter Dalton announces he's running for Lt. Governor;
Oh, and the White House wanted to fire all the prosecutors, but the AG decided on just a handful. What a guy.
Also, dang it—a lawsuit and right at the wrong time.


Bigger than Plame?

Remember how Plamegate was going to lead to the end of the Bush administration? Well, Scooter Libby got punkd and beyond that the administration has hidden out of sight. Will the same thing happen with the U.S. Attorney's...gate? Here is why I think that both yes and no. Bush never gives up on his haters, but lookie-lookie.

But the documents and interviews indicate that the idea for the firings originated at least two years ago, when then-White House counsel Harriet E. Miers suggested to Sampson in February 2005 that all prosecutors be dismissed and replaced. Miers resigned this January.

Gonzales immediately rejected that idea as impractical and disruptive, Justice officials said, but over the next 22 months Sampson orchestrated more limited dismissals.

There was talk at the time that she never got over the Supreme Court nomination debacle. But, perhaps the heat from this case, which was already in progress back in January, led to the resignation? Anyway, at a time when Republicans are gloating because state officials took cash, the national Republicans are firing Federal Attorney's for not being partisan enough. Alberto Gonzalez will fall for this, Harriet Miers has already fallen, but that will probably be it. Bush initiated all this, but with our current Democrats, he's golden.

Orr in a pickle

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The N&O today reports yet another entrant into the lieutenant governor's race, this time it's Walter Dalton. Dalton joins Dan Besse, Hampton Dellinger, and Pat Smathers in a literal run for the money. From what I can tell, they're all good guys - which means the winner's going to be the one with the deepest pockets, best connections, and most powerful fundraising machine.

Which brings us to the end of the N&O article and the point of this entry. Judge Bob Orr.

Also Monday, GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bob Orr announced he will step down as executive director of a conservative legal group he helped create to devote more time to his campaign.

Thomas Wright Steps Down

It's hard to say who leaned on whom, but thanks to all of YOU - and especially Greg Flynn - for leaning on Thomas Wright over the past few weeks.

RALEIGH, N.C. -- A onetime ally of former House Speaker Jim Black resigned his House committee posts Monday because of an ongoing investigation into his campaign finances. Rep. Thomas Wright, D-New Hanover, sent an e-mail to current House Speaker Joe Hackney and the chamber's Democratic members announcing his decision.

Wright said he stepped aside as chairman of the Health Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on Capital so he wouldn't cast a cloud on the Democratic Party.

Sue Myrick Prancing With The Stars

The fossilized blog page of North Carolina’s 9th District Congresswoman Sue Myrick is becoming a little treasure trove of information and a monument to Republican hypocrisy the longer it stays up. As I wrote in Sue Myrick’s Shrine to Ann Coulter, Sue Myrick’s blog started in March 2004 with a total of six entries with the 5th entry about an Ann Coulter fundraiser in April 2005.

The last entry on Myrick’s blog was an April 17, 2005 post about another fundraiser with country music singer Sara Evans:

Sue Myrick is offering an exclusive, one-time event to meet country music star Sara Evans backstage at the Alan Jackson - Sara Evans concert May 5th
Tickets to this very special event include a VIP backstage pass to meet and have your photo taken with Sara Evans, and a great seat to watch country music legend Alan Jackson live in concert.

          The plot thickens below the fold....

It's a Big Blogging World

It's been a several days since I left the comfy confines of our little community here in search of fresh opinions from bloggers outside our little circle. Before I introduce the new (to me) bloggers I've found out on the web, let me give you African American Political Pundit's new web address. He deleted his old site after transferring his archives. His new home is here.

Through AAPPundit I found Anderson@Large. Faye Anderson is a citizen journalist and freelance writer with considerable credits. Her background bio can be found here. She has mastered the art of saying a lot in a small amount of space. I need to study her technique. :) I didn't get to spend more than ten minutes on her site, but I will visit often. She is an active writer. My favortie post on her front page is titled, "Race Matters". She starts:

The recently released American Community Survey Report shows that black folks are moving on up. African Americans are closing the racial gap in educational attainment, household income and homeownership.

blocking Medicaid access, death at the doorstep

Oh that tricky Bush administration. They say clean air when they mean more pollution. They say No Child Left Behind when they mean No Upperclass Child Left Behind. They call it a Patriot Act, when it is in fact the KGB Surveillance for Dummies Act.

Now, they've gone and done it again. They've said they wanted to reform Medicaid so that those sneaky /brown/ people would quit "stealing" YOUR health care. They're the enemy you know, those /brown/ people, with their jobs and their families and their kids and their churches. But, what they really meant to say was that those sneaky /poor/ people were stealing THEIR tax breaks by using Medicaid.

That just won't do in the modern Republican Aristocracy. So, off with their benefits!!!

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