Figuring out what it takes to have a rational conversation about race

I was on the Mike Signorile Show on SIRIUS OutQ 109 on Friday to tackle why it's hard to have productive discussions about race, given the environment of denial and defensiveness that has developed around the subject. It's the second of a series of segments Mike and I plan to have about this (the first segment is here).

Use the player below or click here for the MP3.

We talked about the NC GOP ad flap this week, and also examined how both Oprah and Condi Rice recently received a cold splash of water in the face to remind them of their blackness -- and thus (in the eyes of many who somehow saw them as "post-racial" figures before) they now part of the secret Black Radical Trojan Horse Agenda, a group apparently as dangerous to our culture as The Homosexual Agenda.

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The Looming Biofuels Disaster

I understand that we are on the cusp of a very important Primary election, and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to promote our favorite candidates and fire digital arrows at those who dare to oppose them. But I've had an issue hovering just inside my awareness for some time now, that's been yammering for me to write about it, so please bear with me.

Breaking: Bragg Barracks Living Conditions

Another rising case of the Mis-Treatment of the Military Troops returning from the Theaters of Afganistan and Iraq.

The following was printed in the Fayetteville Observer, in Fayetteville North Carolina, home to Ft Bragg Army Base.

YouTube video raises concerns about Bragg barracks

The video was produced by a Father of a returning Afgan Soldier, and he isn't Happy. Don't blame him At All, how about You!

The video was made by Edward Frawley, the father of a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division who returned from Afghanistan on April 13 and is among the soldiers now living in the barracks.

Barracks for Charlie CO 2/508 82n Airborne

Where do the candidates stand on the death penalty?

Help me out, BlueNC, font of information that you are.

I'm looking to expand my most recent blog post.

I know that Richard Moore "believe[s] that there is Biblical evil that lives among us, and for some crimes you give up the right to be here on Earth with the rest of us," (source) and that Beverly Perdue "support[s] capital punishment as an option, but...also favor[s] the current moratorium [then] in place while constitutional issues are being studied." (source)

How do your (least) favorite candidates feel about the death penalty?

Southern Pines Pilot recommends Jay Ovittore to voters in NC 06

The editors of The Pilot in Southern Pines has made, in my opinion, the right choice in recommending that Democratic and Unaffiliated voters that vote in the Democratic Primary in NC-06 choose Jay Ovittore as their candidate to face Howard Coble in November, who they believe it will be "hard to dislodge".

Mill Hill

The Nation magazine recently came for a visit to Biscoe, the headquarters of my campaign for Congress, and they saw first hand how devastated our Congressional District is:

It's a bright, mellow, short-sleeve April evening in the troubled pinelands of south central North Carolina. Except for the waspish drone of lawnmowers and the occasional whoosh of a car sliding along Highway 220, this town of 1,700 is almost eerily quiet--partly because, with gas costing what it does, people can't afford to do much driving around. But it's mostly because of the big yawning silence at the center of Biscoe, where the mill used to be.


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