Open Thread: Have Fun With Science

Via Discover Magazine: Space Travel For Every Budget: 7 ways to be a space tourist—even if you’re broke.

a Northrop Grumman–sponsored flight of schoolteachers, who were videotaping a variety of experiments to show their students. This meant a full cabin, which at times resembled a human washing machine as the teachers bounced off each other while trying to do their experiments and line up their cameras for a good shot.

Price takes on mercenaries

There's a new book out by Tim Shorrock called Spies for Hire. I haven't read it yet, but I did see some pages that feature Congressman David Price and his work on the business of military contractors. Shorrock singles out Congressman Price as an effective and persistent advocate for accountability in the deep, dark world of mercenary madness.

I've been critical of Congress in general and Mr. Price in particular (since he's my Congressman) but I want to use this post to praise the work David Price has done so far in bringing the dogs of war to heel. An excerpt from the book:

The outsourcing amendment to the the intelligence bill was largely the work of one Congressman who has diligently pursuing the issue of contractor accountability since 2003: David Price, D-North Carolina.

Jesse Helms, Charlie Black and North Carolina's Revenge in 2008

First of all, I would like to thank fellow Kos member denegre for his most recent post, Trouble for McCain: Jack Abramoff, Charlie Black & the 1980s.... His diary furthers our education of Mr. Black, whose affiliations with unsavory characters brings into question John McCain's judgment of character.

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You got a problem with mercenaries? Get over it.

Joseph Neff at the News and Observer has a great round-up story on the trials, tribulations and triumphs of Erik Prince, dark lord over all things Blackwater. Mr. Prince, as you know, is the top dog among mercenary mongrels here in the states. I hope you'll go read the article and learn how the Democratic Congress is continuing to pour money into Prince's pockets.

Real World: Denver, Convention Edition

I was elected as a pledged delegate for Sen. Clinton this weekend. Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The excitement has rubbed off a little, but it was so thrilling yesterday to watch MY returns "come in" on the computer projector screen. I know there are some people who have been to previous DNC conventions, so that it seems "old hat," but this is my first time, and I am thrilled! Especially given the potential scenario this year, and the position I'm in.


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