Republican Cat Fight in Moore

This morning's edition of the Pilot has a very interesting article about an on-going fight in the Moore County Republican party.

Boylan Backer Seeks Ouster of GOP Officials is the title of the piece...One of state Rep.-elect Joe Boylan's supporters is seeking the ouster of several local GOP officials he says are loyal to state Rep. Richard Morgan and Manila "Bud" Shaver, referring to them as "traitors," "evil" and "a cancer."
Ed Kennedy is circulating a petition that calls for the state party to strip them of their leadership positions. He is working with Evelyn Hill, Sandhills Community College Trustee Ralph Redmond and several others.

The petition names all the supporters of Manilla Shaver who hold a position in the Moore County Republican party and seeks to remove them from their seats within the party.

Open Thread - BS Edition

I know this is national and not state or local, but it is a symbol of something that really bothers me.

"Laura and I are sustained by the prayers of millions of people. Now that's hard for some to -- I guess chew on."
-- George W. Bush

Really? Bullshit. What George W. Bush is trying to imply is that Democrats don't like religion, Christianity, or God. Really? I wasn't aware of that.

I wasn't aware that you couldn't believe in Christ and still be a good Democrat. Thank you George Bush for pointing that out. Now, with all due respect, go take a flying leap. If we had more folks with guts in this party he would have been shouted down like a Duke fan at the Dean Dome.


Tangled web

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I won't comment on the merits of this case, but simply point out the obvious: this is what life looks like when you have a big fat target on your back like Jim Black does.

This story on WRAL-TV this morning, reports on alleged campaign finance irregularities by Rep. Thomas Wright (D) of New Hanover County. The whole thing seems stinky to me, but that's not the point. The point is that the story leads with Jim Black who is only tangentially (if at all) involved in the case.

A frequent critic of state House Speaker Jim Black accused one of Black's allies Tuesday of breaking elections law by delaying the disclosure of more than $41,000 in campaign donations. Joe Sinsheimer filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections asking officials to investigate campaign finance reports of Rep. Thomas Wright, D-New Hanover, for the first three quarters of this year.

Liddy Alert!!

Oh boy, How big is this? From Raw Story:

Elizabeth Dole, the Republican Senator from North Carolina, who was a one-time candidate for President of the United States, will not seek re-election in 2008, according to the blogger who was the first to publish former Congressman Mark Foley's e-mails with teenaged, male Congressional pages.

Seems to me, she was just running her mouth about looking forward to the '08 campaign...

And to continue from the linked story:

Lane Hudson, who blogged at Stop Sex Predators anonymously before being "outed" at Radar Online, reported the news at his new blog called News for the Left, citing a "confidential source on Capitol Hill." He claims that in the aftermath of the Republican Party's failure to secure their majority in the US Senate, Dole has become so "completely demoralized" that she is no longer interested in standing for re-election.

Merry Christmas! Health Care for All with NO NEW TAXES.

Woe is the JLF, for the poor timing of their pitiful attack on Universal Health Care (a.k.a. Health Care for All), or "Welfare" as JLF likes to call it, they planned it for the same week that a brilliant analysis on what we already spend for Health Care in the US comes out. The New York Times has an article describing how much health care is already paid with tax dollars, tax subsidies, and the like. Guess what?

"So government accounts for about two-thirds of health care spending,"

What! Well, that is just outrageous. The government pays for 2/3 of health care in this country, but only covers about 1/3 of the population. Why? Because the insurance industry is supposed to work like this. You insure the entire population. The healthy people pay for the care for the sick. That's why it is "insurance". The private insurance companies, however, have cherry-picked the healthiest individuals for coverage. Thus, they only pay 1/3 of the total cost to cover the "healthy" 2/3 of our society. The rest?

Thoughts On Eating Our Own

Quite a bit of venom has been spewed over the back-room, old-style politics practised by North Carolina's Speaker of the House, Jim Black. Some of it has bordered on libelous. Some of it has been over-the-top. All of it is getting old.

Talk, talk, talk. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

It's time to take action.

After spending weeks promoting the 100 County plan - a plan where the people will build the party from the grassroots up, recruit candidates and promote the progressive brand, some here spent time yesterday planning to undo that good before it could even be done.

(snark)Shame on you.(/snark)

It was mentioned in the comments of Robert P.'s Diary that we should shout about the NC Democratic Party's corrupt ways from the rooftops of DailyKos. We don't need DailyKos to display our displeasure. We don't need to issue threats. we don't need anyone else to do our jobs for us. We are good enough, right here at BlueNC.

Plan B

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It's always dangerous when the Party of Greed has too much time on its hands. Because when they're out of power, looking wistfully at the mean old liberals working for progress, they always turn their attention to our bedrooms. The radical right knows that sex sells, and there's nothing like a Salem witch hunt into the secret desires of the flesh to turn out the wingers in full force. It's the original sin, the First Wedge Issue, it's guaranteed to mobilizing the base, pun intended.

It has really been quite remarkable how so many Republican perverts and adulterers have successfully ridden the 'sex sucks' bandwagon to fame and fortune. With luminaries like Jim Baker, Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, and more, the trail of hypocrisy runs full circle through the organized religion with a hard stop at the feet of the Frat Boy in Chief who currently despoils the White House. With all his phobias about sexual intercourse, it's too bad King George didn't practice abstinence-only when he planted the seeds for these unfortunate creatures.

In any case, the weirdness about sex got even stranger this fall when Eric Keroack was named deputy assistant secretary of population affairs by the Bush administration. Carole Joffe of the Longview Institute, has an excellent analysis that's well worth reading.

Expanding Our Targets

We have already discussed on our site how the Democrats have a deep bench to compete for statewide elected offices in '08, who is going to take out the weakened Do-Nothing Dole on the left, how we want to have a 100 county strategy in North Carolina, and that Larry Kissell is running again to replace Flip-Floppin' Robin. The only void left to fill in keeping broad pressure on Republicans is finding good candidates in the other Congressional districts.

The biggest target has to be NC-5, where an underfunded candidate surged late to give Virginia Foxx fits (although to be fair, she caused most of the problems herself).

North Carolina's Presidents

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So I drive by the statue of the three "North Carolina" presidents in front of the North Carolina Capitol about every week or so now. I like the statue, but it is always a difficult conversation to have with guests about why North Carolina would spend money to honor three people who were living in Tennessee when they were elected.

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Which just makes me wonder when we hear that a person born in South Carolina but raised here will throw himself into the ranks of the already growing presidential primary field.

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