Dear Guv

I'm writing to request that you take an hour out of one of your busy days to visit with us here at BlueNC. We have some questions, and apparently some of the people who work for you are incapable of answering them on your behalf.

We have questions about what you're doing to clean up the mess you and Carmen Hooker Odom created for the mental health system in North Carolina. We want to know what you've privately told the US Navy about the possibility of building an OLF in eastern North Carolina. And I personally want to know if you will work for legislation that would prohibit the use of military weapons in training by private contractors in our state.

UPDATE: Why an internet team is valuable for more than BLOGGING!

This via Binker.

So I got a call this afternoon from someone who suggested I look at a certain page on Bev Perdue's website and click a certain link. When I did, it plopped me right into the campaign's content management system. Apparently, I, or anyone else who clicked on the magic link, could add, delete or edit content on Perdue's blog.

Follow the link to see the picture. An internet team is about more than blogging.

John Locke Foundation’s Fake “Conference”

Imagine my surprise today to open The New York Times and see a near full-page ad for a conference co-sponsored by our own John Locke Foundation. It is the "International Conference On Climate Change" at the Marriott in New York City, which promises to "prove there is no scientific consensus on the causes or likely consequences of global warming."

Everything Old Is New Again

Adam Searing at Progressive Pulse uses a 1966 NC mental health plan as a mirror and jumping off point. Go read the whole thing, but here's the money quote:

"Local governments and the state should band together and create staffed, professional, and, yes, government-run, mental health clinics to serve people who need care. Sure they could contract with other professionals, but core services would always be available in the community."

Without the safety net, no reform will be able to take root. Kudos to Adam for finding this 42 year old lens through which to view a solution to our current crisis.

Cleaning up our messes

No one really likes the prospect of dragging through messes from the past, whether they're personal, institutional, governmental or whatever. But I believe it's impossible to move effectively into the future when there's unfinished business to clean up. Whether the subject is reparations for slavery or managing our relationship with Native Americans or Bush's criminal war in Iraq, the United States of America has ;eft more than its fair share of destruction in its wake.

So my response to this email from the Perdue campaign was mostly a simple sense of thanks.

McHenry's Big Budget: The 10th's Patrick McHenry is burning your tax dollars

It seems like Patrick McHenry has the stereotypical edge here in the 10th District- having claimed $140,000 earned in the last quarter (according to the Charlotte Observer). In fact, he's got a huge campaign fund, which he intends to use to blast his competitors off the map... or so we'd think. Unfortunately, due to his backwards view on finance, nepotism, and the money required to hide his illegal/immoral actions, McHenry may as well have no money at all.

Poor Foxx and Flipper

From the Dome today:

The fourth annual report by technology consulting firm Knowlegis on Congressional power was based on leadership positions, indirect influence, legislative activity and earmarks.

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr score 18.94, ranking 69th in the Senate; while Sen. Elizabeth Dole scored 13.39, ranking 93rd.


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