Who's on first?

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Just in case you have been operating under the illusion that any of us are in control of anything, you might want to have a closer look at your brain.

In ways we are only beginning to understand, the synapses and neurons in the human nervous system work in concert to perceive the world around them, to learn from their perceptions, to remember important experiences, to plan ahead, and to decide and act on incomplete information. In a rudimentary way, they predetermine our choices.

Guess that explains why Pat McCrory and Liddy Dole can't help but do whatever Bush's brain is thinking.

More Better Democrats before June 30th

Goal ThermometerWe have a myriad opportunities for change this year. We can put Larry Kissell over the top, and I'm sure we can find a Democratic upset out there, somewhere. Our goal should be to make the North Carolina Republican Congressional Delegation the easiest to remember in the South - because there will only be 4 Congressmen and 1 Senator after this year.

So why not help out and see if we can get over 100 by the fundraising deadline? If you gave your 10 for Jim, maybe you can give 20 to Hagan. Or do what RobertP does, and cut out that pizza dinner this week. But whatever you do, lets give the media a story they can't ignore - well-funded Democrats prepared for victory in November.

Wounds licked


I haven't been on in awhile as I have been very busy with work.

That said, before the primary, when I was supporting Sen. Clinton, I was asked if I would support Sen. Obama if he won, and my ansewer was I don't know.

Well I do now.

Sure there were many of us that had to lick our wounds,as we had much vested in Sen. Clinton's run.

However in the last 2 weeks, in my position of party chair for my county, I have had the chance to work with young people from the Obama fellows program. I have had the chance to meet and speak with supporters of Sen. Obama as they have come by headquarters to check on signs and bumper stickers.
Last night I had the chance to attend 2 Unity house parties and met many people that I have never seen active in democratic politics.

Prepare for NCGOP to ramp up the "Fear of the Brown People" theme

According to a piece in the Raleigh News & Observer, North Carolina Republican candidates are preparing to ramp up the fear. Soon, we should be hearing ads and stump speeches reminding us just how scary all those brown people are.....you know...the ones who have entered this country illegally.

Now, we all know that there are people here in the US who do not have brown skin, so how can I be so certain the Republicans mean brown-skinned "illegal immigrants"? Well, because, Sue Myrick said so:

UK IT Journal Disses on NC's Desperate Measures to Attract Business

How embarrassing! We've been pointing out the sometimes grotesque measures taken to attract businesses to our fair state, but we're now getting international attention for it and it isn't pretty. It's downright embarrassing.

Here are the first two paragraphs from the post in The Register:

North Carolina will do just about anything to keep technology companies happy, including offering IBM up to $750,000 to bring just 10 jobs to the state.

Dear Michelle......Not This Time!

Dear Michelle Obama,

I was recently nudged out of my wait-and-see state after reading an opinion piece written by Mary C. Curtis of The Charlotte Observer. I found it in The Washington Post. I've waited to hear what the response will be from the well-known feminists and all I hear are crickets.

I may not have a name in the feminist movement and I may not have a big national platform, but let me be among the first to respond to Mary's piece. Michelle, it's not going to happen this time. We aren't going to let Republicans and the right wing media get away with labeling you as anything other than the accomplished, intelligent, compassionate mother and wife that you are. We won't let them portray you as anything other than a strong, loyal, patriotic American. We won't let them demonize you like we let them demonize Hillary Clinton.

more on the flip....

Weekend wound up: This day in history

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June 27th, 1950

President Harry S. Truman announces that he is ordering U.S. air and naval forces to South Korea to aid the democratic nation in repulsing an invasion by communist North Korea. The United States was undertaking the major military operation, he explained, to enforce a United Nations resolution calling for an end to hostilities, and to stem the spread of communism in Asia. In addition to ordering U.S. forces to Korea, Truman also deployed the U.S. 7th Fleet to Formosa (Taiwan) to guard against invasion by communist China and ordered an acceleration of military aid to French forces fighting communist guerrillas in Vietnam.

What a difference 58 years makes?


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