Voting Vendor Lacks Paper Trail

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When Diebold declined to share proprietary software with NC elections officials in 2005, Electronic Systems and Software (ES&S), through Printelect, became the only approved vendor of election equipment in North Carolina. Printelect is a North Carolina company with offices in New Bern and printing operations in Fayetteville. Printelect is the authorized dealer for ES&S in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and the only ES&S certified printing vendor in these states. Printelect specializes in printed optical scan ballots which it supplies nationwide as well as providing other election related products.

Printelect is presented on company websites as "Printelect, Inc.," and as the "Owen G. Dunn Company" doing business as "Printelect". The NC Secretary of State's Office has no record of a corporate filing for "Printelect, Inc.," either as a new company, name change or merger. The last Annual Report filed by the Owen G. Dunn Company was for the fiscal year ending 12/31/2004. The company also operates "Dunn's Office Solutions" in New Bern.

Searches of the records of the Registers of Deeds in Cumberland County, Craven County and Wake County do not indicate the filing of any Assumed Name Forms for an entity named Printelect. The only related filing was in 1998 in Cumberland County for the "Owen G. Dunn Company" DBA "Fayetteville Printing and Office Supply Company".

The Mump Vs. The Lump In NC-11

Promoted by would be dangerous to women everywhere to have this man in office.

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Dr. Carl Mumpower, Asheville City Councilman and Army of One, declared himself a candidate for the Republican nomination for NC's 11th Congressional District. He's alone in the race right now, but it's likely that he'll have a corrupt, lumpy opponent in disgraced former Congressman Charles H. Taylor.

AC-T: "In a news release, Mumpower said he is committed to what he defines as “essential issues” as the foundation of his “principles over politics” approach to public service.

Are conservative colleges breeding predatory gays?

patdick.jpgIs the Republican Party a breeding ground for sexual deviants? I don't have the answer to these questions. Perhaps one or both institutions are just attracting men already predisposed to sex crimes.

But don't you think it's time society started having this conversation? When you look at the list of Republican-related criminal behavior compiled at Basket of Puppies, it seems cops should just start profiling any male R and save on the tedious investigation process.

Two weeks ago at Pat Go Bye Bye I posed the question "What's with Republicans and their repressed sex drives?" In response, I got the following email from a conservative independent who gave me permission to reprint it without attribution:

Secret Passions

Okay, I admit it, one of my guilty pleasures is watching the Food Network. Iron Chefs, Jamie Oliver, and Good Eats lured me to the channel - even if most of those shows have disappeared. So, not long ago I was proud and happy to see one of the country's leading icons of cooking and caring come to Chapel Hill, for 24 hours. Rachel Ray. Not a huge fan, although she does grow on you quickly, but I must be the only one who isn't a huge fan. Rachel Ray has several cooking shows, a talk show, magazines.

I'm back - I'm ticked off - and here's why

I wondered what it would take to enrage me enough to get back to blogging. For almost six months, I've sat on the political sidelines. Working hard at work, paying attention to my neglected family, and generally keeping my head down. Something finally has pissed me off enough to get back at it. I'm sure you'll be surprised to read that it was something the Bush Administration did. Below the fold, read why General Petraeus, September 11, and the third anniversary of my Grandfather's death combined to send me over the edge when a rightwinger questioned my patriotism because of my politics. I'm sick of it. And I'm finally mad enough to get back into the game. Cross-posted at The Stinging Nettle which is back in business.


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