Exonerated Death Row Inmate Bo Jones Speaks

Levon "Bo" Jones, recently released after serving over a decade for a murder he did not commit, held a press conference yesterday in Raleigh. Jones' attorneys spoke first. Ernest "Buddy" Conner told those gathered how the police failed to dust for fingerprints at the scene and eventually lost what little physical evidence they gathered. He also spoke of the State's star witness, Lovely Lorden, who unbeknownst to Jones' trial attorneys was a paid, professional snitch who changed her story several times before trial. Conner noted that this injustice could have been corrected years earlier had North Carolina state courts bothered to consider Jones' appeals.

North Carolina

We have a lot going on today in North Carolina as you all know. You can feel the excitement in the air. We aren't accustomed to our primary being so important to those outside our state and getting the attention here in North Carolina that we've been getting. Now let me say first of all that I'm pleased that I don't have an opponent in today's primary so I can relax a bit. However, I can't help thinking as I watch what is happening that it isn't nearly as important what happens today as is what happens tomorrow.

As I watch what is happening here on the ground...

Best of Luck to All!

It's 5:00 am.. the alarm rings ...

That means candidates, volunteers and campaign staff all across North Carolina are getting up, ready to begin one of the most exciting Primary Election Days in recent history. To all of them, I raise my mug in toast and appreciation for all you have done and will do to further the democratic process.

I hope you have a most wonderful day. Tomorrow, you rest.

Thanks gcloud. (Graphic added by James.) Let us know what's happening out there!

Robocalling WVWV lied to NC officials

Dear (new) friends:

Per a request from Joyce McCloy, I am posting below a version of the diary I wrote today for Daily Kos.
Please note that in response, WVWV President Page Gardner posted her first-ever diary to provide documentation that the letter in question was faxed on Friday, April 25 (after the close of business) and the press release in question was sent via blast fax on Monday, April 28 (after the mysterious robocalls had gone out). She also issued another press release to attempt to give more details about her group's registration activities targeted at African Americans.

I believe there are still a huge number of questions to be answered with regard to all this. I maintain no doubt that a WVWV cover up is ongoing. I do not suppose that their actions are nefarious in intent, but I do believe that they have spent more time trying to cover their rear in the left blogosphere than actually rectifying the confusion they caused among voters. I also have serious doubts that the North Carolina press release was actually faxed on Monday morning, April 28. If, indeed, they thought it necessary to create a press release to explain away the confusion they were calling due to the registration deadlines, then why did they shop around a second press release to Colorado the next day? Also, why didn't they mention anything about the robocalls, which are the point of this whole controversy?


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