Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Open Thread

I've a crappy week - so I'm going to start my weekend early by celebrating some good things to lift my spirits. Feel free to celebrate with me. (I'm only drinking Diet Pepsi, but it's good and cold!)

#1 We're going to Durham to see the Bulls play tonight! Whooo! I love baseball!

#2 On my way into work this morning, I spied the local Obama office (175 W. Pennsylvania St., Southern Pines.) Whooo! This things is real! I love that part of politics.

#3 Chocolate. I have some. MMMMMMMMM.

What's up with you?

NC Sen: It's Lieberman vs. Lamont, Part I.

In the race to replace Elizabeth Dole (R-Kansas D.C.-NC)The North Carolina Senate race pits an entrenched corporate Democrat who is right about some of the things some of the times versus a Progressive, outsider Democrat running on grassroots/netroots support who is right on the issues. An inspirational, progressive, well-spoken, outsider with a proven record of raising funds for other Democrats steps up to the plate - Jim Neal. Jim Neal is the outsider who is relying on our support because he won't get it from the DSCC. During a live-blog at BlueNC Jim is asked whether he is gay and responds that he is; Jim's phone calls no longer get answered, the DSCC doesn't include him on their North Carolina Senate news feed; and, they recruit Kay Hagan to run for the seat.

Who is Kay Hagan?

Originally posted at the Great Orange Satan.

Marshall Adame, NC-03 Hopeful, is endorsing Barack Obama; and here's why

Running for Federal or Statewide office is a consuming experience for the candidate. I have been running full time, full speed and dragging anyone willing to help, for over a year in my quest for North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District seat in Congress. I have learned so much about lots of things, but mostly about people. I could go on and on about the different types of people; caring, concerned, aggressive, timid, politically consumed, apolitical and indifferent. So many backgrounds and life experiences, but all, to some degree, products of our environment.

I have loved meeting all of the people along the campaign trail and I look forward to the many I have yet to meet. I love to hear the life stories of struggle, overcoming, heartbreaks and blessings. Without trying, they have taught me lot. There is something though that I have noted; a sort of string woven into the being, culture and fabric of North Carolinians and all Americans for that matter. People want their leaders to say what they mean and mean what they say. People in America need and want Hope.

Michelle Obama at NCSU April 8

Michelle Obama spoke for over an hour to a crowd of 5,700 at NCSU's Reynolds Coliseum on Tuesday night. There's been plenty of local media coverage of the event including a full length video of the speech at WRAL's website. Also a healthy portion of new media coverage for those seeking it out. Here's an eyewitness account in video and pictures. Let me know if you recognize anyone.


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