Prepare for NCGOP to ramp up the "Fear of the Brown People" theme

According to a piece in the Raleigh News & Observer, North Carolina Republican candidates are preparing to ramp up the fear. Soon, we should be hearing ads and stump speeches reminding us just how scary all those brown people know...the ones who have entered this country illegally.

Now, we all know that there are people here in the US who do not have brown skin, so how can I be so certain the Republicans mean brown-skinned "illegal immigrants"? Well, because, Sue Myrick said so:

UK IT Journal Disses on NC's Desperate Measures to Attract Business

How embarrassing! We've been pointing out the sometimes grotesque measures taken to attract businesses to our fair state, but we're now getting international attention for it and it isn't pretty. It's downright embarrassing.

Here are the first two paragraphs from the post in The Register:

North Carolina will do just about anything to keep technology companies happy, including offering IBM up to $750,000 to bring just 10 jobs to the state.

Dear Michelle......Not This Time!

Dear Michelle Obama,

I was recently nudged out of my wait-and-see state after reading an opinion piece written by Mary C. Curtis of The Charlotte Observer. I found it in The Washington Post. I've waited to hear what the response will be from the well-known feminists and all I hear are crickets.

I may not have a name in the feminist movement and I may not have a big national platform, but let me be among the first to respond to Mary's piece. Michelle, it's not going to happen this time. We aren't going to let Republicans and the right wing media get away with labeling you as anything other than the accomplished, intelligent, compassionate mother and wife that you are. We won't let them portray you as anything other than a strong, loyal, patriotic American. We won't let them demonize you like we let them demonize Hillary Clinton.

more on the flip....

Weekend wound up: This day in history

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June 27th, 1950

President Harry S. Truman announces that he is ordering U.S. air and naval forces to South Korea to aid the democratic nation in repulsing an invasion by communist North Korea. The United States was undertaking the major military operation, he explained, to enforce a United Nations resolution calling for an end to hostilities, and to stem the spread of communism in Asia. In addition to ordering U.S. forces to Korea, Truman also deployed the U.S. 7th Fleet to Formosa (Taiwan) to guard against invasion by communist China and ordered an acceleration of military aid to French forces fighting communist guerrillas in Vietnam.

What a difference 58 years makes?

NC FREE imploding

It's not like the demise of any single pro-business organization will do anything to stop the juggernaut of North Carolina, Inc., but it's good to see the potential meltdown nonetheless.

RALEIGH - Some of North Carolina's largest corporations said Thursday that they have pulled their support from N.C. FREE, an influential Raleigh-based group at the intersection of business and politics.

Attend the Rate Committee Meeting, Ask your Mayor and Council Questions

PLEASE attend the rate committee meeting tomorrow at 10 am in Rocky Mount, Braswell Library. Ken Raber and Sam Noble told one of our gorup that we would not get answers to questions but we could ask questions. Apparently it is not appropriate for them to answer questions before they stick it to you. And answering questions is a drain on them administratively.

Jesse Tilton has admitted a botched refinancing deal that is costing 5% of the rate increase. Don't know about you but I can handle paying for increased fuel costs but the extra 5% because of CEO mismanagement is another story and the fact that he concealed it for months is an even bigger problem.

The Conservative Movement

Yesterday I took my seat at the Civitas polling luncheon and began to chat with the other folks at the table. Turns out that the couple I sat down next to had come up from Wilmington specifically to attend the Take Back the State Rally, and that this was their first Civitas meeting. They heard about the rally from their WPTF affiliate, which had been promoting the event for several weeks.

The commentary part of the luncheon was like it always goes:

Death Row Inmate Gets New Sentencing Hearing

In a rare move, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (which handles cases from North and South Carolina, as well as Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia) granted relief to death row inmate Dr. William Gray[FN] earlier this week. The Court said that Gray, who was sentenced to die for the 1992 murder of his wife in Lenoir County, should receive a new sentencing hearing because his lawyers failed to investigate and present considerable evidence that Gray was severely mentally ill.

Dr. Gray had been exhibiting bizarre behavior for months before he shot his wife. After he was arrested, he was kept in the state mental hospital for five weeks. Once Dr. Gray returned to the jail, he had to be kept in the juvenile cell block for his own safety. Everyone around him in the months before and after the murder noticed that Gray had made a precipitous decline into mental illness, but his attorneys – neither of whom had tried a capital case before - presented no such evidence to the jury. Now William Gray has a second chance.


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