Who is the bigger priss?

Remember when primping was wrong?

Political candidates of all stripes want to show off their big ideas, superior intellect, uncommon leadership skills. But they also spend a lot of time making clear their ability to relate to the average man. That's what all the diner visits, rolled-up sleeves and folksy talk are meant to do. A $400 haircut isn't folksy. And it doesn't matter who's paying for it.

McCrory's nose

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In his previous debate with Perdue, Pac McCrory said that the guy who installs floors in his house makes more money than he does. He said it again last night, documented here by Radiogirl.

Oil Companies are "Begging Us To Regulate Them"

The gasoline shortage continued today, with more mountain schools closing, the city and county government in Buncombe closing, business closing because their employees can't make it into work.

A posse of politicians held a presser in Asheville today, and Republican representative Charles Thomas (116) explained that, in addition to problems with refineries and with the Colonial pipeline, distributors are withholding gas from truckers who are willing to bring it up the mountain. He said that the gasoline suppliers are "begging us to regulate them". When you have a Republican openly threatening to regulate an oil industry, you know the crisis has gone to unimaginable depths.

McCain calls it quits.

John McCain has made bungle after mistake after faux pas while dealing with this financial crisis. So, it only makes sense that he would turn quitter, because when the going gets tough, Republicans run and hide. Don't believe me? Just go to the secret bunker and ask Lying Liddy Dole.

Breaking News

John McCain suspends campaigning to work on economy, requests postponing Friday debate; asks Obama do the same.

Ain't Got Gas

Just thought I'd let the rest of the state know that there's no gasoline in the mountains. No really. You can read about the gas panic here, here, here, here. The few stations that got fuel delivered had lines of an hour or more with gas between $4 and $4.50 a gallon. Most limited each sale to $30-$50 in order to prevent hoarding. Folks are filling up every receptacle they can find.

A combination of disrupted supply from Texas refineries and pipeline problems has left the Asheville area without any reliable sources of gasoline for almost a week. Schools are canceling classes and teams are canceling games.

It's supposed to be another 5-10 days before the gas is flowing normally. I've seen more bicycles and full buses today than I've ever seen in Asheville.

When do we get to have accessible alternatives? Yesterday would have been great.

Dole Sighting! Dole Sighting!

Bob Dole. Sorry. Still no sign of Liddy.

In true Dole fashion, Bob is reaching out to all of Liddy's constituents the handful of Republicans who can fit into the NC Victory HQ. Not the Dole Victory HQ, the McCain Palin Victory HQ......you know, the ones they opened when PappyMac decided he indeed could lose NC if he wasn't careful.

Bob will be at the Mecklenburg County office followed by a visit to the Cornelius office which is open a whopping two days a week. They obviously have important work to do, right?

Gee, hope old Bob lets them know he's coming for a visit on one of the five days of the week they aren't open.

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