NC Universal Health Care

A Raleigh emergency room physician wrote a column in the News and Observer today that covers a topic I’ve been planning to write about as well: Health care reform. Here’s my version, outlined in a series of principles and action steps.

Principle: Basic health care is a basic right for every human being.
Action: The General Assembly should pass an amendment to the NC Constitution that puts health care on par with public education as a right for all North Carolina citizens.

Principle: Our national government is broken and incapable of taking the bold, imaginative steps required:
Action: North Carolina should lead the nation in a new approach to providing health care services to all.

Who's Going to Yearly Kos?

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Yearly Kos is an annual event bringing bloggers together from across the nation for a weekend of organizing, activism, networking, and progressive infrastructure building. The deadline to buy tickets is July 14 for the August 2-5 convention.

I've been asked to moderate the NC "caucus" and co-lead a regional gathering as well, so I'm asking the BlueNC community. Who's coming to Yearly Kos? You can respond here or use the BlueNC mail.

Lots more about Yearly Kos after the jump.

The Pundit Pearce

Every now and then Gary Pearce makes an observation that causes me to think, "Hmmmm, I wish I'd said that." And yesterday he did it again.

Campaign finance reform is happening. Not because of new laws, but because of the Internet. That’s the real story behind Barack Obama’s phenomenal fundraising totals in the second quarter. A lot of the money came in online. He built a base of hundreds of thousands of small contributors – nearly all of whom can give more, and more, and more in the months ahead.

The other campaigns are playing the old game: big-dollar events for big-dollar givers. That’s how the Clintons did it in the White House, that’s how they’re doing it now and that’s why they’re falling behind.

Of course, online fundraising works for Obama because he has energized grassroots givers. Not every candidate can do that.

This should be a healthy lesson for potential candidates – like a Grier Martin – for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. (Emphasis added.)

Some say Grier Martin doesn't have enough experience to run for Senate. Some say he'd have trouble raising the $10 to $15 million it would take to compete. I say both of those are non-issues. If Grier spends any more time in Raleigh, all he'll run the risk of picking up bad habits from the power-brokers in the Senate. And as to raising money? No worries. Everyone knows Liddy Dole is extremely vulnerable, and it really doesn't matter how much money she has. All we need is a good, thoughtful and moderate candidate like Grier Martin.

OLF back in the news

Why is it that Virginia has Senators who actually do something, while North Carolina has Senators who choose to treat we the people like mushrooms (i.e., keep us in the dark and feed us manure)? The same applies to North Carolina newspapers. I had to go all the way to Virginia to find this story:

Virginia officials will announce next week a list of sites they're recommending the Navy consider for a practice jet landing field. "We've tried to broadly identify tracts of land that are within the flight range that the Navy is looking for," Robert P. Crouch Jr., assistant to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine for commonwealth preparedness, said Friday. "It's painted with a very broad brush."

The outlying landing field would take pressure off Fentress Auxiliary Landing Field in Chesapeake, where Navy pilots practice "touch and go" maneuvers. Friday's announcement was the latest development in a long-delayed effort to reduce noise generated by jets at Oceana Naval Air Station while preserving the base's future.

NC Democrats to Hold Regional Town Meetings to Discuss and Debate Resolutions, Policies

Wayne Goodwin, former member of the N.C. House of Representatives and the 2004 Democratic nominee for NC Labor Commissioner, has released the schedule of Statewide regional town meetings he will conduct on behalf of the NCDP Resolutions Committee. Plan now to attend one near you!

Weekend Open Thread: Youtube Bonanza

What's your favorite Youtube? I have one here from July 4, 2007 of the Harrisburg celebration featuring Larry Kissell and Robin Hayes. Great press except the twit young reporter claimed that Democrats were attacking Hayes' support of the troops, when what we're actually doing is questioning his support of the troops given his votes against them in congress.

What have you found lately on Youtube? It doesn't have to deal with politics. Come on now, share people!

Privatization Proven to be a Failure

Bush Republicans will read this story and rejoice, a child molester dying in his own squalor, what could be better.

BOISE, Idaho - After months alone in his cell, Scot Noble Payne finished 20 pages of letters, describing to loved ones the decrepit conditions of the prison where he was serving time for molesting a child.

Then Payne used a razor blade to slice two 3-inch gashes in his throat. Guards found his body in the cell’s shower, with the water still running.

“Try to comfort my mum too and try to get her to see that I am truly happy again,” he wrote his uncle. “I tell you, it sure beats having water on the floor 24/7, a smelly pillow case, sheets with blood stains on them and a stinky towel that hasn’t been changed since they caught me.”

However, what they want to ignore in this story, what they want you not to pay attention to, is how privatization has FAILED.

Court nixes suit against spying program

I'm editing this to add blockquotes and to say the following. Elections matter, those who vote for Republicans vote to have their phones tapped, their bedrooms invaded, and "privacy" become a joke. - RP

CINCINNATI - A federal appeals court on Friday ordered the dismissal of a lawsuit challenging President Bush's domestic spying program, saying the plaintiffs had no standing to sue.


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