Federal Election Commmission Fiesta

I'm going to bring your attention to two articles that have posted recently concerning the FEC. The first was posted on November 27 in the Charlotte Observer and the second is found on MSNBC. Both are Associated Press articles and are worth a quick read.

I won't spend too much time picking them apart, but it's safe to say that I will be spending a lot of time delving into FEC records over the next several weeks and I wanted to give you a basis for why I am spending my holidays checking out GOP donors.

In the first article I linked to, Newt Gingrich endorses eliminating McCain-Feingold campaign finance reforms, saying they infringe on First Amendment rights. Now, I want to protect our First Amendment rights as much as the next person, and making a campaign contribution does make a statement and is a type of expression, but, hell, so is leaving someone's gray matter oozing from their eye sockets after you've blown their brains out. I wonder if Newt thinks we should protect murderer's rights to express themselves, or pedophiles, or thieves and will we continue to put limits on exactly how they can express themselves?


perp-walkI am so disgusted.

The speaker's race offers enough plot lines for a political potboiler. Will Black, arguably the most powerful House speaker in North Carolina history, be re-elected or indicted?

Stories in the N&O and the C.O. both say that Jim Black has a solid lead in his run for re-election as House Speaker. If Jim Black gets elected speaker, the Democratic Party might as well buy some ear plugs, because they are going to hear a lot of ranting and raving from the party faithful. Does that not occur to any of them? Does it not occur to any of them that WE are the freaking GOTV volunteers they rely on for reelection? Does it not occur to any of them at WE are their damn donor base TOO. Sure, we're not CEOs (well, most of us), or Big This or Big That, but our donations make a difference.

The Spicy Fish Prophecy! (political cartoon)

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You asked for it so you got it - more Paxil-starved penguins!

I am doing a new series here on TCD - I have done this from time to time, my first was a storyline surrounding the start of the NC lottery, then UFO Cults and now… well, the Spicy Fish Prophecy!

Stick around, you’ll see, I don’t want to give away the story!

Lil' Bush Cartoon series

Has anyone seen this yet? Apparently Comedy Central is really going to broadcast this new hilarious series. I can't believe they had the balls to make it. The creator is also a writer for "The Simpsons".

Founder of HMOs - Time for Single Payer

An interesting article from Long Beach. Dr. Robert Gumbiner founded FHP in 1961, which went on to become one of the largest HMOs in the country. Remember that once upon a time the argument was that doctors were padding their bills by prescribing tests that were big money makers even when they weren't needed. HMOs were going to save us money by keeping doctors' choices on the up and up. Of course, what we ended up with was a corporation making your medical decisions and penalizing doctors that "waste" money on tests they feel are necessary.

So, perhaps it comes as no surprise that the man who was at the forefront of developing the HMO, now comes out solidly against them. From the Physicians for a National Health Program.

Larry gets some love, sort of

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I stopped subscribing to the News and Observer because of their lame editorial pages, but I still read the paper online every day. They have a good and well-connected political reporting staff and that's where I get much of my visibility into the circus of North Carolina politics.

Throughout the past election cycle, I was surprised how little attention Congressional races outside the Triangle got. There was precious little reporting on NC-8 and NC-11, and Roger Sharpe was all but invisible in his quest to unseat the feral Foxx. So much for being the statewide newspaper of record.

Today Rob Christensen finally digs in on the story behind the story of the lack of national party support for the Kissell Effect. The report is noteworthy for two reasons. First, it should have been written a month ago. Anybody who was even remotely paying attention understood the intense drama going on between Larry's campaign and the big boys in DC. And second, it ends with what may very well be the most asinine thing Rob Christensen has ever written.

The Temp

In a super-secret meeting in Greensboro today, Linda Daves beat out Guilford County GOP Chairman Marcussssssss and state Senator Andrew Brock of Mocksville for the chairman of the NCGOP. Fighting hard for a job that no one in their right mind would want, Daves won the dubious honor behind closed doors. She'll be top-dog until the whole GOP coven meets in its spring ritual, at which point Lizzie Dull and Dick Brrrrr will have exerted their (choke) considerable influence to annoint some rich white guy to head things up.

The Greensboro News and Record has the story.

The meeting of the party's executive committee -- comprised of elected officials, local party chairmen and others elected at large -- began shortly after 1 p.m. behind closed doors, with reporters excluded from the room. At about 3 p.m. the votes had been counted and a short meeting between Daves, Brock, Kindley and a handful of other party officials took place. They then returned to the room, and Kindley and Brock asked the executive committee to elect Daves "by acclimation," a voice vote meant to show unity behind their party's choice. Only two dissenting voices could be heard through an open door.


Open thread: Merry whatever

My daughter and I spent the day dragging our holiday decorations from the old Christmas closet and spreading them around the house and yard. She's got a great eye for design and we always have much fun. I figure if we're going to go to all the trouble, we might as well have the place gussied up for a good long while.

I love looking at decorated Christmas trees. Tomorrow we put up the lights outside. Always a big adventure.


We are watching.

Some days the miasma of North Carolina politics makes me want to blow shit up. Today is one of those days, and what I want to blow up is the whole god-damned system. And I mean god-damned in the most literal sense of the word. Because if there is a god, she is most certainly pissed off at how We the People and our elected officials here in North Carolina are behaving.

Today's deep depression got started by this editorial in the News and Observer.

Tucked into this year's ethics law changes was language transferring that approval power to the speaker of the House, currently Democrat Jim Black of Matthews, and the president pro tem of the Senate, who for several years has been Dare County's Marc Basnight, also a Democrat. That arrangement holds the potential for a glaring conflict of interest regardless of who holds the post.

Dole and Burr shown the door.


From the Charlotte Observer, it seems that state Republicans have flipped Dole and Burr the bird. What a farce that these two US Senators, one a former Congressmen for NC, try to flex their muscle and are SMACKED down by the state Republicans.

I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin.
I see bad times today.

I hear hurricanes ablowing.
I know the end is coming soon.
I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

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