Thank you, Governor Easley

Chris Fitzsimon at NC Policy Watch wraps the week with a good summary of North Carolina's recent spate of adults behaving badly on the immigration front. I hope he will forgive my lifting a little more than usual from the front of his Friday Follies column yesterday.

Say what you want about Governor Mike Easley, but he deserves a lot credit for continuing to stand up for undocumented kids in North Carolina who want to continue their education at a community college or public university. Easley told the North Carolina News Network this week that the recent decision by Community College President Scott Ralls to ban the admission of academically qualified students who are undocumented was an example of "poor leadership."

How will BlueNC help us win in November?

In 2006 BlueNC’s huge coup was to get DailyKos and MyDD to pay attention to Larry Kissell. The members of this site also dived in on local races and gave some much needed last minute attention and on the ground help to some smaller races and candidates. People here also shined a huge spotlight on the bad things Chuck Taylor had done. In 2007 the site built and built, becoming a focal point of policy discussions, putting some real pressure on the legislature, and participating fully in the efforts to pick a successor for Elizabeth “I live in Kansas” Dole.

So the question is, what do we want to be able to say we did in November?

Representative Sue Myrick Hospitalized

Congresswoman Sue Myrick entered Carolina's Medical Center after suffering from severe flu-like symptoms since last weekend. Please join me in wishing Rep. Myrick a speedy recovery. CharO has the announcement.

Myrick battled breast cancer in 1999 and has been cancer free since her surgery and preventative chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Since that time she has been a tireless advocate promoting breast cancer awareness and working witn Congress to help make more breast cancer drugs available under Medicare.

Here they come

This is that time in the cycle (short session in a federal election year) when people run bills through the General Assembly for purely political purposes. Case in point: Sen. Robert Pittenger, who is running for Lt. Governor, has introduced the NC Citizen Protection Act. It includes about everything you'd think, most of which have already been ruled unconstitutional. I think a more accurate title might be the Permanent Exploited Underclass Act. It would probably criminalize most churches.
But it's a big bill and in some venue there'll be a discussion and the senator will have his campaign ad that talks about how he's protecting us from the hordes.
Stand by for more heroics.

North Carolina's constitution is under attack -- 2008 edition

(UPDATE: As California celebrates its marriage equality victory, freeper and fundie heads are exploding. If only Tar Heels could celebrate equality here. Makes me think about packing my bags sometimes.)

Here we go again.

Will gubernatorial candidates Pat McCrory and Beverly Perdue weigh in on Sen. Jim Forrester's (R) latest attempt to enshrine discrimination into my state's constitution? Senate Bill 1608 was introduced by the Gaston lawmaker one day into the legislative session. Clearly he has different priorities than most of NC's residents. Equality NC:

Just one day into the 2008 legislative session, Sen. Jim Forrester (R-Gaston) once again filed an anti-LGBT, anti-marriage state constitutional amendment. A similar bill is expected in the state House. Equality North Carolina is working to defeat these attempts to write discrimination into our state constitution.

The proposed bill mirrors those introduced in the last four sessions, which Equality North Carolina and our allies have successfully blocked.

"We can't let our guard down this year," said Ian Palmquist, Executive Director. "The far right would like nothing better than to put this amendment on the ballot and turn out radical conservative voters for the 2008 elections. We can't let Sen. Forrester and his cronies play politics with our lives, our rights, and our families."

The amendment would not only prohibit same-sex marriage-which is already not recognized in the state under current law-but would also ban any other form of relationship recognition for same-sex couples. In fact, the language is so broad it could prevent private companies from offering partner health benefits.

Equality North Carolina is actively lobbying against the amendment and is calling on supporters to contact their legislators.

You can send a message to legislators through Equality North Carolina's web site:

The sponsors of Senate Bill 1608 are below the fold.


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