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"I want this campaign to be about giving North Carolina a voice."

Citing the need to change the country and demand accountability in Washington, North Carolina State Senator Kay Hagan today announced her candidacy for the United States Senate. Hagan, who is currently serving her fifth term in the North Carolina Senate, officially launched her bid against Elizabeth Dole through a video on her new campaign website.

"To make a difference in North Carolina, we need change in Washington," Hagan said. "We need a Senator to make our voice heard. We need a Senator who will stand up, lead and make a difference. That's what I've done, and it's what I'm going to keep doing in Washington."

Hagan said the issues that are most important to voters are what will set her apart.

"We need accountability to end the war in Iraq so we can re-invest those resources here at home. How can Washington reject health care for 123,000 North Carolina children, while continuing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on this mismanaged war?" Hagan said. "Making those kinds of decisions is hard, but I know it can be done - because those are the kinds of fights I've led in the State Senate."

Throughout her career as a state legislator, Kay has proven to her colleagues and constituents that she is a tireless advocate for the people of North Carolina. Distinguished as one of the "Top Ten Effective Senators" in the state, Kay has been commended for being a diligent and successful voice for her constituency.

WHOM do you support for Lt. Governor, and why?

As I've written recently, I am having trouble getting excited by the Gubernatorial election, so I'm staying as neutral as possible. I expect to do the same thing with the Lt. Governor's race, however, it's possible I'll jump on someone's ship should the right pitch be made. So, this is your chance, not just to pitch to me, but to the entire BlueNC community.

Who do you support? Why? What difference do you see your favorite candidate making in the future of North Carolina as Lt. Governor?

The candidates below the fold.

John Hood gets mad - and I'm glad to see it

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Old-timers at BlueNC know I have been doing battle with John Hood of the Art Pope Puppetshow, for almost two years. We have seen eye-to-eye on almost nothing, but when I read his column today about the North Carolina Lottery, I was inspired to action.

RALEIGH – While traveling back to Raleigh Saturday night from a family Halloween cook-out in Mint Hill, my kids and I stopped at a convenience store in the Montgomery County town of Troy for gas and soft drinks. At 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, there was a gaggle of bedraggled, middle-aged men standing at the counter buying and pathetically scratching North Carolina lottery tickets.

I was disgusted. And angry. Disgusted that North Carolina politicians had chosen to take advantage of these desperate and deluded lottery players, and thousands like them across the state, to finance more government spending, much of it benefiting higher-income households.

Angry that because the “Education Lottery” is a state enterprise, not just the creation of some amoral flim-flam man, I had to explain to my boys that what the men were doing was unwise and self-destructive but officially encouraged by North Carolina’s elected government leaders.

I agree with John Hood about the North Carolina Lottery.

How Obama inspired me to write my first post

For the past 4 years, I have been watching the political landscape for the Presidential campaign develop.

In my work, I also get to talk to a lot of politicos and hear their opinions. Usually, I'd rather discuss string theorey or metaphysics than politics, but today I feel compelled to share my opinion on Barack Obama.

Which came first; the revenue problem or the spending problem?

This weekend I recounted for the readers of this fine establishment my shocking discovery that the Johnston County Commissioners might actually have, as the astroturf group JCPOATT asserts, a spending problem.

In my diary I railed against bonds and the $29 million in interest charges JoCo Tax payers are paying as a result of our addiction to them. :) It's not that I hate bonds. I like them just fine. They are very useful, yes, even beneficial, when they're used judiciously.

What I don't like is the over use of bonds.

NC(Sen): My thoughts of Neal vs. Hagan and why YOU should care.

I, as much as anyone, have come out blasting the DSCC, the Democratic candidates, and anyone else who went looking for a new candidate just because Jim Neal was gay. That said, Hagan might very well make a great candidate. I would suggest that no one discount her because of when she came into the race or how. Anyone, except me that is. Because, for me, this race is about the heart of the Democratic Party in North Carolina and it is a gut check moment for Democrats around the country. At stake is this.

  1. The DSCC fails to bring in any of its top-tier candidates (Mike Easley, Roy Cooper, Beverly Perdue, Richard Moore).
  2. Bloggers put on a press to Draft Brad Miller, who we feel would be a progressive dream, a netroots hero for all of us to cheer and back. He declines.
  3. The DSCC/NC powers-to-be/bloggers decide that state Rep. Grier Martin is our man, until he says no. In the process of his deliberations, state Sen. Kay Hagan backs out gracefully.
  4. We have no one, and then up to the plate steps Democratic fundraiser extraordinare Jim Neal. Bloggers rejoice, the mainstream Dems, not so much.
  5. We find out why, Jim is gay, proudly so.
  6. Hagan is suddenly back in the race following many harried phone calls from current Democratic candidates worried that Jim's being the nominee will hurt their changes at being elected, after all, he's gay{shhhhh}.

That is where we stand folks, we have two candidates, one who came of his own free will and one who has apparently been lured by the DSCC at the bequest of the local power brokers out of fear that he's not mainstream enough. That in itself is not reason enough to support Jim Neal, this is:

Wherein I knock Anglico down a notch

GOTCHA! I'm posting this just to knock that fp hog a notch down from the top of the page. :)

The posts I'm researching just aren't quite ready, but I didn't want Anglico to worry his little ol' self about hogging the front page so.........

Check out Lisa Zagaroli's Inside Your Washington feature in the CharO where you will find:

  • Mel Watt is holding hearings on minorities and women in the banking industry.
  • Taylor is still mum on his plans to run in the 11th.
  • Robin Hayes has a new nickname at the NRCC and no it isn't pasty-assed redneck wannabe.....but that suits him.
  • Heath Shuler still sucks at quarterback.
  • Open thread: Congrats to Tricia Cotham

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    Here's a nice bit of news I just received by email:

    CHAPEL HILL _ Representative Tricia Ann Cotham will receive the Outstanding Young Alumna Award on Saturday from the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    Rep. Cotham will formally accept the honor during a ceremony at the George Watts Hill Alumni Center on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. The award recognizes a recent graduate who “has shown outstanding leadership and/or exceptional commitment to the education of children the recipient of this award will personify the mission of the School of Education by emphasizing the interconnectedness of homes, schools and communities through both professional and volunteer work.”

    Kill the contracts

    David Price has an excellent guest column in the Miami Herald today (hat-tip to the Dome). The column summarizes the legislation he's championed to make sure Blackwater and other contractors are subject to the rule of law. Along the way, he covers important facts that make this column worth bookmarking:

    During the first Gulf War, an estimated 9,200 contractors accompanied 500,000 American troops into the theater of operation. We had about one contractor for every 50 troops. In the current Iraq war, contractors actually outnumber troops. A recent analysis by the Associated Press showed that our government employs more than 180,000 contractors -- many of them armed -- and just 163,000 military personnel.


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