North Carolina In the National News Again

And like always, it ain't very flattering. Here's the closing of the New York Times article.

In North Carolina, Mr. Easley faces a battle in proving that the lottery will be a winner for voters. After its first full year, revenue was 25 percent less than projected, giving critics ammunition in their case that lottery revenue is an unreliable source of money for schools.

ConvergeSouth . . . the place to be on October 19-20

If you haven't made plans to attend ConvergeSouth in Greensboro, it's time to get crackin'. ConvergeSouth is a cool, free blogging conference and it's a great opportunity to learn what's happening behind the scenes on the interTubes in North Carolina. Did I mention it's free?

More important than free, it's a great conference with lots of how-to info on all aspects of citizen journalism, new media, social networking and more. Here's a sample of the Saturday schedule, which looks most excellent. If you scroll down, you'll see Kirk Ross (our own kmr) leading a session on Sustainable Journalism. Plus I'll be co-leading a session with Ed Cone on "Better Blogging." I'm hoping to learn a lot!

If you're a veteran blogger, this is a great place to meet your counterparts in real life and share your war stories. If you're a lurker, ConvergeSouth will be just the nudge you need to jump in with both feet.

Hope to see you there!

Graham, Smith, Orr & Perdue: All Wrong

Wow. It was a little over a year and a half ago that I wrote one of my first diaries here at BlueNC about the death of the gas tax debate. You see, I had high hopes that a very well written editorial in the Charlotte Observer [no active link available] would put an end to the ignorant rantings of Republicans clamoring for an end to the transfer of funds from the Highway Trust Fund to the General Fund. I will share a large portion of that diary.


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