NC Legislature Conference Budget Indicates Serious Cuts for K-12 Public Education

The House and Senate Education Appropriation Committee distributed a version of the Conference Budget this afternoon. Our public schools received less funding in the Conference Budget than was included for public schools in the House or the Senate passed Budgets. The Conference Budget is $33.9 million less than the Budget passed by the House for public schools. The Conference Budget is $10.2 million less than the Budget passed by the Senate for public schools.

Don't Forget to Vote TODAY

Hey folks--I'm a long-time reader around here, though this is my first post on BlueNC.

I'm breaking my silence to ask that you PLEASE vote on Tuesday (June 24th) in the Democratic run-off for NC Commissioner of Labor.

I encourage you to vote for my friend Mary Fant Donnan. Mary is an incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and talented leader who I believe would excel as head of the Department of Labor.

Mary joined this community last week for a live chat. If you have any doubts before heading to the polls, please read her thoughtful answers to the questions posed by BlueNC readers.

Updated by James: Election results here.

Small Dairy Sustainability

North Carolina has a rich heritage when it comes to agriculture. My ancestors settled for a while in Orange County, just a few miles from what is now downtown Chapel Hill. And, like so many of their neighbors, they declared to the census-takers that their main occupation was farming. It didn't take much to be a farmer back then—a little plot of land to grow some vegetables, a few cows to milk, and bingo. You're a farmer.

Topic of the week: The Dome

I visit The Dome many times a day. It is a good blog that is part of a good newspaper that is part of a good newspaper company. We all have an interest in The Dome being the best that it can be. Which brings us to our topic of the week.

Under the Dome is your inside source on North Carolina politics and government. Check here for the latest on state and federal government, political advocacy and upcoming elections. This blog is maintained by Ryan Teague Beckwith with the help of reporters Barb Barrett, Lynn Bonner, Rob Christensen, Dan Kane, Ben Niolet, Jane Stancill and Titan Barksdale, along with David Ingram and Mark Johnson of The Charlotte Observer.

Under the Dome has been a regular column in The N&O since 1934.

That's a long time.

Monday Open Thread

The lesson of Katrina that matters the most is that the promise of federal assistance that will likely never materialize can be as destructive as the initial disaster...

What residents need in this maw of confusion is certainty. They need to know which roads will be rebuilt, and when the power and water will come back online. They need to know that the rule of law will be enforced. In short, they need to know what economists call the "rules of the game" for rebuilding.

McCrory at NC Gubernatorial Debate: More TeeVee, Less Education!

Isn’t it enough that voters had to endure one “Law and Order” candidate, Republican Fred Thompson?

Patrick McCrory, NC Republican candidate for Governor, opened up Saturday’s Gubernatioral debate by repeatedly asking why North Carolina can’t be more like the teevee shows, “CSI” and “Law Order.” Lauding teevee shows for providing “DNA test results in minutes,” McCrory complained that North Carolina District Attorneys can’t afford to shop at Neiman Marcus:

“On Law and Order, the District Attorneys are dressed like they shop at Neiman Marcus.”

Law & Order Rerun Candidate Republican Patrick McCrory

Rendezvous in New Bern

Thanks to a totally unexpected but much appreciated invitation from former Senatorial candidate Jim Neal, I made my way to New Bern Saturday morning to attend the Sanford-Hunt Dinner later that evening.

I had originally planned to drive all the way to the Atlantic Beach area and spend the afternoon body-surfing, girl-watching and sun-worshiping (this is the "research" I had mentioned before), but the overcast and sprinkly weather led me to believe those unhealthy/inappropriate activities were not going to be available, so I headed into downtown New Bern to see what those Democrats were up to.

Gov race

While I'm sure Perdue's people have excellent poll numbers explaining why they want to bring up vouchers, I'm a little baffled as to why they'd want to come out and attack on it so quickly. It just looks very contrived and allows McCrory a chance to emphasize the change-the-tone theme.
If the general election strategy is to attack rather than inspire, this race could tighten very, very quickly.


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