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The date for our BlueNC women's lunch, pottery tours and chat with Brad Miller is fast approaching. Look for more information tomorrow and Sunday about details of the day.

One exciting development is the availability of the new BlueNC Women's tee shirt at the Cafe Press Store. Lance designed it to pick up on the BlueNC Logo and added "Jugtown Cafe, February 2007" to commemorate or first gathering.

The price has no added profit for BlueNC and is offered at the base price for this 100% cotton tee shirt of $18.99. It is available in a choice of colors.

If you want something in this design, but would rather have a tote bag or trivet, I'll be happy to see if Lance can work something up. We'll leave this design available for a while after our gathering next week for those of us who would rather spend our immediate budget on pottery.

I'm in for a tee shirt, but haven't decided between green and blue. Please go here to order your shirt.Thank you, Lance!


Navy to NC: Screw you

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The United States Navy has an interesting strategy for spreading the word about its plans to decimate northeast North Carolina. A few local papers with next-to-no readership plus the Big Daddy newspaper in Virginia (the Pilot). Interesting that they're ignoring the one newspaper that every legislator in Raleigh reads.

Why am I not surprised?

Please go to the link and sign up to receive the SEIS by mail when it is published. The Navy already knows the opposition is rising, let's give them even more to worry about.


Krugman rounds off a good week for John Edwards


I don't know what else you could call it, but a good week. The week starts with a great Meet the Press interview in which Tim Russert lobs bomb after bomb at John Edwards and he handles them all with honest and thoughtful answers. Then, his online blogging operation is attacked by the right-wing theocons, and his response is on the money - Nuts. This earns a fair story on the front page of the New York Times today. To finish off the week, we have Krugman saying "Edwards gets it right" on health care.

If I were a candidate that had planned my next in a string of announcements this weekend, I would be worried that the news cycles are begin eaten up by good stories about John Edwards.

Weekend Wound Up: Open Thread

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Isn't denial a river in Egypt?

Have at it.


How to write an editorial

The Charlotte Observer has its ups and downs, but this editorial from a few days ago is as good as it gets. I hope the writers at the N&O are taking lessons.

Outrage in the refuge
Interior Department gag order on OLF an abuse of power

Here's a dumb idea: The U.S. Department of the Interior has told its U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service employees in northeastern North Carolina not to respond to public inquiries about the effects of a proposed Navy practice landing field there. Any questions are to be referred to an office in Atlanta -- more than 500 miles away.

Why this cockeyed scheme? It's "an effort to keep the public from knowing ... about the effects a proposed landing field will have on wildlife and the refuge," says Derb Carter, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center. The field would be near the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, one of the East Coast's most important migratory waterfowl refuges.

Out of the Goodness of his Heart

There's a great progressive congressman we don't spend much ink on here at BlueNC even though he gave us our first candidate interview, he votes the way we want him to vote and he supported our favorite underdog candidate, Larry Kissell. Congressman David Price doesn't have a web presense. I'm not sure he needs one. He doesn't seek any attention from us.

Tonight he's going to get some.

Find out why on the flip...

"Universal Health Care"

Have you noticed that Universal Health Care is the new hot thing for businesses to promote? Well, if you ever doubted the validity of these plans, if you ever doubted whether these plans would be better for the employer or for the employee, you need look no further.

Businesses, unions call for universal healthcare by 2012

By Bloomberg News | February 8, 2007

NEW YORK -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc., AT&T Inc., Intel Corp., and Kelly Services Inc. joined forces with two labor unions in calling for an overhaul of the US healthcare system that would guarantee universal coverage by 2012.

"We need to change the current system and we need to start now," Wal-Mart chief executive H. Lee Scott said yesterday at a news conference in Washington. "Business shouldn't have to pay a disproportionate share of healthcare costs."

Members of the alliance want the current system, in which most Americans rely on their employers for healthcare coverage, replaced by an undefined system paid for by the federal government, businesses, and workers.

Wal-Mart wants you to pay for their employees health care, which is funny because, well, you already pay for it.

One Corps Health Care Action Day - Ideas?

Greetings all!

I was originally going to write this ONLY for the Chapel Hill, NC area folks, as we had our first meetup this week, and this was going to be the follow-up.  However, I think that the advantage of the internet is that you can instantly have opinions from around the world, not just your one little corner.  So, with that in mind, I'm going to list what I think are the major Headings of Action for Health Care and some of the ideas that were presented last night by Chapel Hill One Corps members.  

I'd ask that all of you contribute new Headings or Ideas to the mix in the comments and I will update the post as time permits.

I posted this previously at, but I was hoping that some locals would have ideas for me.

Getting organized

We do a lot of talking and writing around here, and while that's useful to a point, there ultimately comes a time for action. That's what the theocrats are up to in this comment by Greg. And that's what we need to be up to as well.

Which is why I'm passing along this email I got from a group of progressive Democrats here in North Carolina. (I've edited it for length, so anything that doesn't make sense is all my fault.)

On January 29, 2007, a group of North Carolinians visited our NC congressional members about the War in Iraq and the potential escalation by the current administration into Iran. This effort was organized by United for Peace and Justice and allied organizations. As they met with our representatives or their Legislative Directors, the most profound theme heard in these meetings was the confession that they, our representatives, had become irrelevant in decisions about how our country imposes our narrow interests on other countries, Iraq and Iran in particular.

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