Survey Sez Senators Suck

Thislittle tidbit from Under the Dome today.

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A new ranking from has Sen. Richard Burr leapfrogging his senior colleague, Sen. Elizabeth Dole, in the power game in Washington. Still, both Republicans are ranked near the bottom of the Senate.

Burr, elected in 2002, ranked 86th of the 100 senators, according to's power rankings for the current Congress. The group listed Dole, who was elected in 2000, as 95th. Both senators' scores tumbled from last year, when the GOP was in power.

The rankings are conducted a few times a year by Knowlegis, a consulting firm that follows Congress. The company measures lawmakers' power by tallying their position, legislative successes and general influence among colleagues. It takes into account committee assignments, political party and fundraising prowess.

Perquimans County NO OLF public hearing

was held 21 March. We packed the high school auditorium and the cafiteria. I dont know the exact numbers of people, but alot of people where making verbal comments as well as a ton of written comments.

Many of the speakers talked about how this OLF is being built as a dumping ground for the people of VA. We had one farmer talk about the responsiblity of taking care of his cows, and how its the responsibility of the owning farmer to keep the cow on his own lands and its not the responsibility of his neighbor to accept the cow shit from his neighbors cow. That got a roar of applauses.

The Navy officer who was moderating this took some heat also from one of the speakers and this was commented on by alot of folks. This JAG Captain would call you to the mic, and then basically not look at you while you where speaking, and then when u where done, say "thank you for your comment, next speaker is xxx". that too, got a rise.

Protecting those who protect us

NC has the 3rd highest population of military personnel in the country. These folks disproportionately fall prey to consumer scams. Servicemembers tend to be young, often 18 or 19 years old. In many cases, their move to NC's bases is their first time away from home. Also, servicemembers move around often. This means that every 2-3 years they are in a new and unfamiliar location. These and other factors make our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines targets for a variety of scams. Bait and switch automobile sales, pay day lending, predatory insurance sales from groups masquerading as government agencies, identity theft, and a host of other scams all have caused harm.

I'm proud to say that we're taking action in NC.

Pat McHenry makes us proud

Today we have reason to be pleased and proud that we in North Carolina's 10th Congressional district overwhelmingly voted to send Pat McHenry to Washington.

Only his world-class sanctimonosity would have inspired this wonderful speech by Pennsylvania Congressman Jack Murtha:

When I hear someone stand here sanctimoniously saying: "We're gonna fight this out . . . " We're not fighting at all. It's the troops who are doing the fighting. The families are doing the sacrificing. A very small proportion of the families in this country are doing the sacrificing. That's why I get so upset when they stand here sanctimoniously saying "we're fighting this thing." It's the troops who are doing the fighting, not the members of Congress.

Click here for the video. You'll have to listen to Pat's initial comments like:

I am proud that the majority of this house will stand to fight and win this war.

But it's well worth the slog through a minute or so of debate-school hand gesturing to get to Murtha's response. Good job, Pat! Thank you.

Open thread: Revolving door edition

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It looks like Schorr Johnson, formerly of the NC Democratic Party, is already on the ground and speaking on behalf of Marc Basnight. Hey Schorr: How about getting Senator Basnight to stop the Site C OLF dead in its tracks. Or maybe even consider running against Liddy Dole in 08. He'd kick her butt for sure.

Speaking of useless senators, it appears that Dick Burr's mouthpiece has had more than enough. After only a year on the job, Laura Caudell, is heading to Alabama to work with the Children's Hospital in Birmingham. It's not hard to imagine she got real tired of doing nothing that matters.

Irony of the Month: US Rep Sue Myrick's Loyalties

Does anyone see the irony in this?

US Rep Myrick is going to pull her account at Bank of America because of its credit card that illegals could use.... Myrick has typically been an advocate of the city's big banks,and her campaign reaps donations from their workers

Myrick is going to move her accounts to Wachovia Bank.

Wachovia is in the process right now of offshoring 80% of its processing work to India.

I wonder if Myrick will be getting her donations from India?

Bonior, Edwards, Auto Plants, Textile Mills, Coal Mines and Me.

I live in Southern Village, which if any of you have been paying REAL close attention, you will know that is the new urban development where the John Edwards for President campaign is located. Having volunteered at a few events, I know a couple people up at the office, so it is inevitable that you will bump into them on the village square. Maybe at the Mom & Pop bookstore, or the pizza place, the sports bar under the campaign office, or the organic co-op at the corner next to the Methodist church.
Which is exactly what happened the other day as I was running into Weaver Street (the co-op) and noticed Congressmen David Bonior walking outside about to eat his lunch. I was late for work after a morning appointment, but I had to stop and introduce myself and say how sorry I was to hear about the letter scare. I then excused myself, grabbed some sushi to go and ran out the door. But, the bus was not in my future.


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