Anti-Hagan robo-callers send NC voters a mixed message

Over the last week, Kay Hagan has been hammered by critical robo-calls from two operations: Freedom's Watch, a non-profit founded by GOP operatives in 2007, and the Free Enterprise Alliance, an offshoot of the Associated Builders and Contractors, whose PAC is the third-biggest contributor to Republicans in the country.

But instead of calling North Carolina voters, maybe the anti-Hagan robo-callers need to get on the phone and talk to each other. Because on at least one of the key issues Hagan is being attacked over -- immigration -- the two groups are sending voters a mixed message.

PPD Execs Attack Obama

North Carolina has some homegrown swifboaters in the form of businessmen Fred Eshelman, CEO, and Ernest Mario, Chairman, of Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc. a Wilmington, NC, based company. I wrote back in July about "Real, Inc" and Eshelman's involvement along with State Senator Fletcher Hartsell and State Representative Jeff Barnhart, both Cabarrus County Republicans.

The group has since changed its name to and has been airing commercials against Obama. Last week the group filed a report with the FEC showing spending of $583,723 and contributions from Eshelman and Mario totaling $3,733,919 of which $1,000,000 came from Mario and the balance of $2,733,919 came from Eshelman.

What does Eshelman, Mario and PPD, Inc., hope to gain? A "New America" with a less restrictive FDA approval process.

Michelle Obama Coming Back to North Carolina [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama will hold a free community event in Jacksonville, North Carolina on Tuesday.

Michelle Obama will in the Tar Heels state to host a community event with military families. Mrs. Obama will address the challenges military families face while having a loved one deployed overseas.


The way of the elephant, part II

This is the kind of economic environment you can expect from the free-market fantasies of Pat McCrory and John McCain.

One Lehman document among thousands reviewed by the House committee showed that four days before the bank filed for bankruptcy protection, Lehman’s compensation committee was asked to grant $20 million in “special payments” for three executives who were leaving, Mr. Waxman said. An e-mail exchange recommending a delay in bonus payments was apparently brushed aside.

Dow Jones at 5-year Low. Free Market Deregulation = Fail.



Not since October, 2003 has the stock market been at this point. MSNBC and others are still saying 4 years. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. I count 5 years of growth gone, thanks to deregulation and the lack of a guiding hand by the government and not the mythical free market.

WASHINGTON — The chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a longtime proponent of deregulation, acknowledged on Friday that failures in a voluntary supervision program for Wall Street’s largest investment banks had contributed to the global financial crisis, and he abruptly shut the program down.

Republicans blame the poor for not planning ahead

In Moore, a very red County, the head of the Democratic party and the head of the Republican party have been writing opinion pieces espousing their party's beliefs. In the most recent submission, John Owen (r) explains how the poor choose not to carry insurance instead they gamble that they will not need it.

Thank You

I wanted to take this moment to thank everyone in the online community for your hard work, dedication, and support. With 29 days to go, I am working as hard as I can to win this race, and I know you are, too.

It is not just the fundraising -- although I do have to say, when I heard you raised $183,592.47 online in 144 hours for our campaign, I was thrilled. More important, though, I am impressed with how you are taking your energy online and turning it into action in our offices, on the phones and at the doors.

I have been traveling to our field offices across the state thanking our staff and volunteers for all their hard work. These are some of the events I look forward to the most.

There is nothing better than the sight of a group of volunteers armed with clipboards ready to go door- to-door for a cause they believe in. And who would have thought the sound of dozens of competing voices on the phones in a cramped office would sound so good?

As I visit each of our offices, I am keeping an eye on the progress of the Yellow Brick Road. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I am talking about -- more on this below.

It started months ago when, in a speech, I told the audience I wanted to give Liddy Dole a pair of Ruby Red Slippers so she could click her heels three times and go home to Kansas with Bob!

They loved it.


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