Democratic Candidates and Education - Where do they stand?

It's no secret that I spend most of my work life focused on children and the people who get paid to take care of them when their parents are at work. So when I saw the following OP-ED in the New York Times, None Dare Call It Child Care, it caught my eye. Author Gail Collins skewers moderator Chris Matthews for asking Republican candidates at the last debate

whether this country would ever get back to the days when a young guy could come out of high school, get an industrial job “and provide for a family with a middle-class income and his spouse wouldn’t have to work.”

Collins points out that since 2/3 of American moms have been in the workforce since the 1980's, the question was as pointless as asking when we'd get back to using manual typewriters or rotary dial phones.

Why I fear Huckabee, more than any other Republican.

He is willing to say that conservatism has lost its grounding. He says all the right things to conservatives, that they care about all life, not just that in the womb. That they are supposed to be fiscally conservative, not running up big budgets.

Watch out, this is the wave of the future for Republicans. I wouldn't be surprised to see our state candidates using this approach as well. It is very alluring to those who would have been called conservative Democrats once upon a time, or Reagan Democrats since then. More videos after the break.

Bonus Round

Some people may wonder about my apparent obsession with NC Realtors. It's really very simple. Political corruption is rooted in the large amounts of money injected into the political process. NC Realtors have injected the largest amounts of money. They've also targeted an issue I care about, sustainable growth and, the local government funding options required to provide for it. Roll a few pet peeves into one and you have Stop The NC Home Ticks.

The North Carolina real estate industry has a little secret that may get a little sunshine, or not. The Bonus Round

Flipper Hayes: Full of Cr@p. Again.

In today's N&O

I support SCHIP but ...
Boosting cigarette tax to fund it would devastate N.C. economy

This time, Flipper didn't even wait until the wee-hours of the night to show his many faces . . . he simply laid it all out in one fell swoop. In a breathtaking display of both ignorance and callousness, he pretty much had this to say: I'm for children's health, but not if it comes at the expense of killing people.

Blackwater protest

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I don't know about you, but the fact that Blackwater USA still operates inside the borders of our state reflects a breakdown of decency and honor among every elected official - federal, state and local - in our state and in our nation. And they aren't even paying their damn taxes.

Here's a video of a protest this past weekend where folks from Durham and Norfolk were arrested for calling out the scummy mercenaries.

Conspicuous Consumption vs Environmental Stewardship

Rain. Blessed rain. There's nothing like a serious drought to make one appreciate the bounty that falls from the sky. I actually stood out in the rain today when it was coming down fairly hard, reveling in the cool wetness of it. Granted, I really don't have enough sense to not do that, but that's beside the point. ;)

I've been planning on posting this (or something like it) for some time now, but I wanted to wait until we had a good rain so I could drive home a few points. Points which are just as important during "wet" times as they are when we are bone dry.


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