Congressional Democrats Come Through for NC's 8th District

After the CAFTA debacle, you would think Republican Congressman Robin Hayes would be shy about making promises he wasn't flat-out, completely, horizontally prepared to keep. Heh. You would be wrong.

Find out just how wrong you would be and how many promises Robin Hayes has broken below the fold.

Tea Leaves

Here's last week's column, mostly about the recent Elon Poll:

Tea leaves

All signs point to ‘huh?’

The latest Elon Poll, released over the past few days, has a pretty interesting set of findings many of which can be summed up with a question mark.

North Carolinians know that smoking is a health hazard, but they don’t want government to interfere with the rights of small business. They want growth to pay for itself, which is only fair, right? Except they also overwhelmingly support the least fair way to raise money to do it.

Meet Jeff Hunt: Taylor's heir-apparent

Unless Charles Taylor rises from the crypt to run again, this is the man who Heath Shuler will likely have to face November next year. District attorney for three counties, former district attorney for two more, he says "I've been on the inside group who have run most of the Republican Congressional campaigns since 1976."

WNCNN has the exclusive interview fresh from the "Karl Rove Memorial 11th District Republican Convention." You'll want to listen through to the end where he mentions the H-word and proudly compares Republicans to termites.

Sunday Morning Post

(Via Ex) Really getting harder to think happy thoughts.

NYT: Rebuit Iraq projects found crumbling.

At the airport, crucially important for the functioning of the country, inspectors found that while $11.8 million had been spent on new electrical generators, $8.6 million worth were no longer functioning.

At the maternity hospital, a rehabilitation project in the northern city of Erbil, an expensive incinerator for medical waste was padlocked — Iraqis at the hospital could not find the key when inspectors asked to see the equipment — and partly as a result, medical waste including syringes, used bandages and empty drug vials were clogging the sewage system and probably contaminating the water system.

The newly built water purification system was not functioning either.


Karl Rove at the NC-11 Republican Convention

rove-god.jpg“They embrace a culture of defeat…death, and we have to fight them there, so we don’t have to fight them here.” - Karl Rove, in Hendersonville on Saturday, April 28, talking about Democrats or terrorists. I'm not sure which.

179 old white delegates gathered at West Henderson High School to hold their annual 11th district Republican Convention. Every county in the district had a section, and the empty half of the auditorium held the press, the non-delegates, and the Hooligans. Clay County didn't bother sending anyone at all, though an imaginary source told me that they stayed away because Rove's pheromones cause Clay county women to swoon and Clay County men to feel desperate and insecure.

Desperate for Dollars, the RNC Hangs State Parties Out to Dry

First it was the NRSC sending out a fundraiser last year that had the potential to scam those easily intimidated. Now the RNC appears to be hanging the NCGOP and other local GOP organizations out to dry.

The latest fundraiser? It's the mass distribution of "limited edition" photographs of Dubya and the wife. Yes, I'm a proud owner of one of these unique "limited edition" photographs of George and Laura Bush.

I'm sure it is quite valuable. It's a limited edition.....and it's signed.

Standing Pat?

I missed this story last week, an interesting analysis of how Republicans in the US House of Representatives are feeling "freedom" to vote their consciences now that they're no longer in the majority. Isn't that something? Grown men and women flat out admitting that they haven't been voting with personal integrity for the past six years because they're afraid of @$$holes like Tom Delay and Karl Rove. Disgustible.

Anyway, what does this have to do with North Carolina? Well, not surprisingly, one of the hypocritical Republicans the reporter interviewed is our own little Pat McHenry, who had this choice comment:

"As a junior member, there is a certain amount of liberation in the minority. You have a greater freedom of action, not just in private but in public," said Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., another floor warrior. "When you are in the majority, you have a line to toe, and that can be a heavy burden. It's more like an anchor than a line."


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