Turning a Blind Eye and Keeping Their Mouths Shut

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe proposed Diesel Power Plant in Woodfin has created a groundswell of opposition from conservationists, health officials, entrepreneurs, and advocates of transparent democracy. The Canary Coalition, an air quality advocacy organization, is undertaking legal proceedings to get the Commissioners' secretive backroom dealings out in the open. They're either being stonewalled or they've learned that the Commissioners handed our future over to Progress Energy without any relevant data.

"For two years, beginning in 2004, the Buncombe County government negotiated in secret with representatives of Progress Energy..."

Another Good Day for John Edwards

Who is John Edwards?

Stealing the opening line from Atlas Shrugged to make a point, the mainstream media wants you to forget about John Edwards. They've already done that whole Southern boy does good and wins White House line. They want something new, something provocative, something different. Last election was "Survivor", so they want this election to be...American Idol? A popularity contest between Barack, Hillary, and Rudy maybe?

Sorry folks, not going to happen.

Let's look at the coverage of John Edwards over at the Mother Ship in the past 24 hours.


Thursday Threads: Lurkers Unite!

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BlueNC lurkers who aren't registered may not know that we have several hundred readers online at any given time. For example, when I wrote this entry (8:57 AM) there are 246 "guests" on the BlueNC site. This open thread is for you.

Specifically, this open thread is a request that you go the US Navy's official comment site and add your voice to those opposing the Site C Outlying Landing Field. There are tons of entries on BlueNC about the OLF you can use to come up with comments, or feel free to use these notes:

1. Pilot safety. The Navy is disregarding the advice of the nation's best experts in the US Air Force on bird-strike hazards.
2. The voice of the people. The Navy is disregarding the strong and clear desires of North Carolina's leaders in state government, as well as the representatives of the majority party in Congress.
3. Lies. The Navy has muzzled it's so-called cooperating agency, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which is 100% against Site C.
4. Politics as usual. The Navy has made its case for political reasons that fly in the face of operational and safety concerns.

So, dear Lurkers, even if you don't want to register or sign in, won't you please take action on this important issue? Thanks for your consideration.

Morning Ex

Gosh golly starting a newspaper is time-consuming. And right in the middle of it felled for a day-point-five by a nasty bug. Have graduated to Progresso "hearty" style and am on the mend. Here's the drill:

• More coming out on the electricity tax break for Google. From this morning's Insider:

Electricity tax breaks granted by the General Assembly -- based on its own estimates and if computed over the same 30-year time period as property tax breaks granted by Lenoir and Caldwell County -- would reach $90 million.

• New poll from Public Policy Polling shows Perdue lead slipping a bit and Obama over Clinton.
• Oh good, they're turning away coffee mugs on Jones Street. Next step: repealing the lottery and fully funding education reforms with a progressive tax policy

Love the sinner

That's the problem. This is a follow on post to gregflynn's Misanthropy on the Mall; yet another of my long winded comments that just got too big for it's breeches.

The thing about the men who lead rallies like the verbal gay-bash-fest yesterday in Raleigh is that they don't have the first stitch of love or care for anyone in them. Gregflynn is absolutely right about that. Not one bit of their goal is about love or helping gays. They lay every problem in this nation and even in other nations at the feet of those who do not believe exactly like them. Gay, straight, whatever. As W would say,

They hate us for our freedoms.

Walter Jones: Following God's Plan

There's been a lot of talk around here lately about religion, thanks in part to the marching madness in Raleigh on Monday. Those nice people want to amend the North Carolina Constitution to reflect their religious beliefs, which is pretty much the definition of a theocrat in my book.

And not being one to rest until Sunday, God jumped back into the news today, this time channeled through Walter Jones. An interview with Walter in The Hill is a fascinating read. Here's the juicy part.

While declining to identify which of “several” Democrats have approached him about switching parties, Jones said, as he has many times before, that he plans to stick with the GOP for now. “Obviously there were some Democrats when I was not given the ranking member status of Armed Services [who wanted] to chat with me,” he said, noting that Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) has said publicly that his party would support a swap.



It isn't the MH-53E Sea Dragons, but I couldn't help but notice this a few days ago, right after my post about how poor our stock of Marine helicopters is doing.

No fatalities from Marine crash in Kenya

WASHINGTON, March 5 (UPI) -- Six U.S. servicemen were evacuated to the USS Bataan after their UH-1N Huey crashed during a training exercise with the Kenya armed forces.

News of the crash, reported in a press release from CENTCOM on Monday, comes amid ongoing concern about the recent spate of U.S. military helicopter crashes since mid-January. Dozens of U.S. service members have died or been injured in U.S. aircraft downed by mechanical malfunction or enemy fire since the start of the year.

Open thread: I miss me some Women on Wednesday

It's just not the same around here.


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