CMS Fighting a Losing Battle with Public-Private Venture

Remember Anglico’s post titled, “Eventually”? I remember seeing it and wondering what in the world it could be about. After reading it and ruminating for a bit I realized that he had defined the success rate of free markets/privatization in one word. Eventually

That is a mantra we tend to hear from free market proponents. If you declare that their free market isn’t working you’re told that the system just needs more time to produce desired results. Eventually.

Senator No

I watched the "Senator No" documentary on WUNC and strongly recommend it.

It aired last night at 9:00 pm but I believe it will air again, as most UNC shows do, maybe in another time slot this weekend.

It's pretty even-handed -- probably won't change anyone's mind about Helms' legacy, but it is interesting. It's always interesting to me to see people fleshed out a bit. At times Helms did seem human.

A few interesting science stories....yes, I said Science Stories.

I love me some Google Reader. One of the reasons why is that on some days I can just delete whole segments of posts, like science, because I am not in the mood. Then, on a day like today when I am in and out of my office, I can take five minutes to glance at the National Geographic news page. Cool stuff today, starting with the tantalizing story "Did the Rise of Germs Wipe Out the Dinosaurs?"

Amber is a semiprecious gemstone formed from fossilized tree sap. Sometimes the sap entombs ancient insects, preserving them in exquisite detail. By examining such creatures—including mosquitoes, ticks, and other bloodsuckers—Poinar has found evidence that they carried the same deadly diseases that affect animals today. (Related news: "Mastodons Driven to Extinction by Tuberculosis, Fossils Suggest" [October 3, 2006].) For example, "some of them carry malaria," he said. "We also got parasitic protozoa and worms from dinosaur dung."

How cool is that, this parasitologist goes on to become a paleontologist and realizes that the big bad dragons might have died from asteroids AND ticks.

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Pam's House Blend interview: Jim Neal on his landmark candidacy for the U.S. Senate

[UPDATE: I posted the interview at DKos. Recommendations are appreciated!]

11:15: I've also posted the complete interview at my place and below.

Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) is running for re-election, and she's done precious little for our state; in fact she's hurt the interests of North Carolinians with her 1) poor constituent services and visibility in the Tar Heel state, and 2) her rubber-stamping of Bush administration's policies that have hurt this nation. In a state with a large military population, many deployed on multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Dole has not supported the troops and their families -- or the veterans who returned broken and battered.

Greensboro-native Jim Neal is ready to change things up in more ways than one.

Promoted by Betsy. We've seen the video and now we can dive into the words

Presidential Debate Open Thread

Keith O is saying, "It's the stupid economy". The economy has overtaken the war in Iraq as the number one concern of many voters. Who is positioned to capitalize on this shift in the priorities of the American people?

Maybe their answers tonight will clear things up for those who haven't decided.

Which Republican will carry Michigan? Will Kos's endorsement push Romney over the top in the mitten state?

Join in the conversation below.

Featuring Pat On Bongos!

In a flurry of news that surprised exactly no one, Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory threw his fedora into the Republican gubernatorial primary. Looks like our Three Stooges metaphor will have to evolve into something like along the lines of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

In any case, McCrory's entry into the race will definitely shake things up, especially since he promises to run his campaign like a garage band.

Why I will be giving my time and money to John Edwards this Weekend

I think the people behind this money bomb are being overly enthusiastic about the amount of money they can raise. (BTW, I am so annoyed I have to write this whole thing again because the machine ate it). However, the fact that I don't think they can raise $7 Million does not change the fact that once again, this Friday, I will be giving my money to John Edwards for President. Then, on Saturday, I'll be giving him my time.

I know something about John Edwards that not many other people know, I know that his supporters are still 100% behind him, all the way. Since the Iowa caucus I have done about 30 hours of phone banking in one form or another (staffing, working, calling) and I can tell you that phone calls to former donors end up one of three ways.

    The supporters give you another donation.
  1. The supporters tell you they just gave a donation.
  2. The supporters ask for a pledge card to be sent, because they don't like giving their credit card numbers out over the phone.

I can also tell you what DOESN'T happen...

Marshall Adame Live at 6:30 pm

We've been very fortunate at BlueNC to have a strong relationship with Marshall Adame, the man who plans to retire Walter Jones from congress. He has written quite a few articles and has provided us a first-hand account of what is going on in Iraq because the man was there and he wasn't playing peek-a-boo in the green zone.

Marshall will be with us Wednesday, January 16 at 6:30 pm and has offered to stay and chat past our normal one hour span to make sure all questions are answered. Here is your open thread to post early questions.

Thanks and we'll see you all here tomorrow evening.


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