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Best quote of the bunch from yesterday's letter to the good people of the 10th District:

What we have in Rep. McHenry is a mongrel cross between a lap dog and a pit bull who appears bred for personal gain and political advancement.

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Help College Dems Come up with Questions for Their Next LG Debate

I received an email from Doug Massengill, President of NCFCD (North Carolina Federation of College Democrats) asking if BlueNC could once again contribute questions for the debate between the four candidates for Lt. Governor. Here's his message.

The NCFCD is now accepting questions for the Lt. Governor's Debates in Charlotte at UNC Charlotte in the Cone Center. Questions are welcome from all interested persons, including non-college students. Questions should not be addressed to a particular candidate; however you may mention a candidate's position on an issue. The deadline for submitting questions for the April 12th debate in Winston Salem, North Carolina is 12:00pm on April 11th.

What Geraldo Rivera and Patrick McHenry have in common: Stupid

It seems like Patrick McHenry has had the worst week in his entire life. Not only did he experience opponent Lance Sigmon's wrath with his "two bit" comment at a GOP dinner, but he also faced the wrath of web-savvy Veterans as they locked into his "Response" video to the "two bit" comment, showing how Patrick McHenry's publicity stunt video attempt to gain voter sympathy ended up endangering lives in Iraq. Even Keith Olbermann has had a field day, "Bush"ing McHenry not once, but TWICE in a single week. However, there seems to be some confusion as to what the true nature of McHenry's blunder is- everyone knows he screwed up, just not exactly why. And I can tell you what that is in one word:


Just say 'No' to the Olympics in China

Unless you've been asleep for a year, you probably know already that the People's Republic of China is engaging in the systematic destruction of the Tibetan culture. In response, friends of freedom and liberty are protesting China's use of the Olympics to burnish is repressive actions.


Here in the US, the Chinese government is carrying bus loads of pro-China students to counter then anti-China protesters who are calling for US athletes to boycott the Olympics.

Virginia Foxx does something right?

Does the phrase "stopped clock" come to mind? This just in from the Dome.

The Banner Elk Republican is one of 34 cosponsors of the Blogger Protection Act, a bill that would protect bloggers from Federal Election Commission regulations.

I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if this legislation is really necessary or well-crafted, but on its face it seems like a good idea. I wonder why no other NC Congressmen have signed on to this?

Democratic Senatorial Debate Podcast

The debate between the five Democratic candidates running to take on Elizabeth Dole in the general election is available as a podcast from Public Radio East. Those participating were Duskin Lassiter of Lexington, Marcus Williams of Lumberton, Jim Neal of Chapel Hill, Howard Staley of Moncure and Kay Hagan of Greensboro. Megen George, News Director for PRE moderated the debate. A very generous grant from Chestnut, Clemmons & Peacock, P.A. made the live broadcast possible.

The Wright Sentence?

Much has been written about the Thomas Wright controversy around these parts. Many, including me, called on him early to resign. Most (not including me) were pleased with the legislature's swift and certain action to expel him. I argued, perhaps wrongly, that the undertone of racism tainted the entire process.

So now let's move to sentencing, where Radio Girl does her typically excellent job on the analysis.

An open letter to the people "represented" by Pat McHenry

I confess, I'm at a loss about what to say when it comes to the extraordinary incompetence of Pat McHenry. So I thought I'd invite BlueNC readers to help me write a letter to the people he's supposedly representing.

My first instinct was a letter filled with condolences. But then I remembered that these folks actually voted for the clown, so I figured a harder edge might be better. And then I remembered many of his supporters are extremist Republicans, and I considered a pictograph. Then I thought that most of them are probably really nice people, though somewhat misguided, so I decided I needed help.

Please join in with your thoughts, prayers, wishes, worries and whatever in this open letter to the people of the 10th District. When the thread is full, I'll send this to every newspaper in the district, as well as to Pat himself.



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