Gay Porn Blogger Denounces McHenry Disinformation Campaign

I really thought this story couldn't get any weirder. Well, it has. Apparently, we at Pat Go Bye bye have struck a nerve. A big one. At this post and this one.

And now Pat Go Bye Bye is officially the target of a McHenry-related disinformation campaign to discredit, of all people, a gay porn blogger. Damon Kruezer.

If you have friends in Oregon: Stop Gordon Smith

Front-paged at the request of a friend of a friend who's working hard on this initiative. A

Marc Siegal, who I believe used to work for the NCDP, asked us to help spread the word about an initiative of the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO).

If you're like me, you have an only sister living in Oregon, so here goes:

DPO's vehicle for educating people about Gordon Smith and spurring action is the Stop Gordon Smith website, and for this Labor Day week they are asking you to "Be the Voice:"

Let's work together this Labor Day Week to put U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith out of a job.

Things you won't hear from General Petraeus

The Global War on Terror includes Afghanistan:
* Afghanistan has produced another record poppy harvest.
* Afghanistan is responsible for 90% of the world's heroin now, since the fall of the Taliban.
* The Taliban has now embraced the poppy as a way of funding Osama bin Laden.
* Osama still lives in Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

1250 vs. 1110

If you're following the NC governor's race at all, you know that on the Democratic side, Richard Moore has picked up the intensity a lot. And with good reason, when candidates feed stuff to the mainstream media, reporters eat it up.

McHenry deputy field director arrested for driving while impaired.

From The Observer:

McHenry suspends deputy field director after DWI charge

The deputy field director for U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., was charged early Sunday with driving while impaired by Gaston County police, his office said Tuesday.

Brett Keeter was suspended for two weeks without pay, McHenry's chief of staff Jon Causey said Wednesday, and he will be required to successfully complete alcohol education classes. He also has been ordered to perform community service with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Causey said.

"I am disappointed in Brett's actions, which do not adhere to the principles and high standards of our office," Causey said. "I am confident he will learn from this mistake and turn it into a constructive, positive influence in his life going forward."

Keeter's attorney, Craig Collins of Gastonia, declined to provide more details. He said Keeter was released at the scene and that a court appearance is scheduled in October. -- Lisa Zagaroli

More trouble for McHenry and his staff... One question I have (that isn't snarky, anyway ;) )... Aren't you innocent until proven guilty? Shouldn't they wait until he's convicted to punish him? I don't know, I guess its just me.


I really admire the way Joe Sinsheimer does what he does. It'll be interesting to watch Mr. Merritt squirm and backpedal in the face of this new challenge.

But, what about Munger?

I was just reading in the N&O that THREE candidates agreed with Governor Easley about not giving Goodyear money to stay in the state. I don't know where I stand on this proposal, certainly I don't want to see government largess going ONLY to high-tech business and leaving behind blue-collar workers. But, I'm not sure business should be getting this kind of money at any time. How about, instead, they spend the money making us the best-ranked school system in the country? That might attract some businesses. Or, the best community college system in the country? Or, the "most healthy"?


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