Building a New North Carolina

Today I am launching a new webpage called Building a New North Carolina. I wanted y’all to be the first to hear about it. The page is going to be dedicated to highlighting new initiatives that I will pursue as Governor as well as some I have already been working on as Lt. Governor.

Check it often because I will continue to release installments throughout the campaign. You should also visit my new Flickr and YouTube pages.

First up is Rural HOPE. It’s an initiative I helped create as Chair of the Health and Wellness Trust Fund. It will help our state’s 56 rural hospitals be better equipped to provide quality health care to patients without forcing them to travel hundreds of miles.

I look forward to your thoughts and questions.

Take care,

Facts on HR 4156

Fact Sheet on H.R. 4156, Orderly and Responsible Iraq Redeployment Appropriations Act

As The War Continues in its Fifth Year, Congress Has a Critical Choice:

  • Endorse the President’s 10-Year War With No End in Sight, or
  • Hold the President Accountable, Requiring Redeployment of Our Troops to Start within 30 Days of Enactment with a Goal for Completion in One Year

Congress Won’t Provide A Blank Check; Instead Is Holding the President Accountable

Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor formally announced yesterday that he is running for Congress in the 9th District. He'll compete against Ross Overby for the honor of sending Sue home. The Charlotte Observer has the story.

Democrat Harry Taylor, hoping to tap into the international notoriety he won after scolding President Bush in Charlotte last year, launched a campaign for Congress on Tuesday.


Open Thread: Repent!

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In other news,

State Baptist Convention delegates voted overwhelming to oust a Charlotte congregation, Myers Park Baptist Church, that has said it welcomes gays as they are. That stance goes against the convention's rules requiring churches to encourage homosexuals to repent.

Wow. That's like asking short people to repent for not measuring up, so to speak. Or redheads to repent for having too many freckles.

What a bunch of idiots.


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