Save Our Buses!

You may have heard about an effort to repeal Mecklenburg County's half-cent sales tax, which funds the Charlotte Area Transportation System, aka CATS. And you may have heard that the arguments coming from groups like "Sensible Charlotte Area Transportation" (SCAT) are almost as bad as their graphics. I mean, they're not a threat to transit, right?

While the main man behind the signature campaign to get the transit tax repeal on the ballot has been discredited (so much so that he dropped out of the at-large race for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board of Education), the Charlotte Chamber and the "official" group pushing to keep the transit tax has been making its own mistakes. They've been in trouble for influencing a UNCC study, and they've operated within the frame that the transit tax is all about light rail. There's just one small problem:

Repealing the Transit Tax will dismember our bus system.

That's why, this Thursday, a grassroots group is coming together to Save Our Buses!

Save Our Buses Rally
Time: Thursday, August 9, 5:30 p.m. (please arrive early)
Location: Rosa Parks Place Community Transit Center
Corner of Beatties Ford Road AND Rosa Parks Place
Charlotte, NC 28216 (Google Maps)
Signs: Please Support the Transit Tax with your homemade signs!
Dress: Casual, Business, Bike Clothes, School Uniform, Work Clothes ... you get the idea
Contact: Sam Spencer ... um, PM me?

Letter to no one in particular

As I said on Ex, here's A few thoughts on the press and the legislature aimed at no one person or entity. Honest.

Letter to no one in particular

This year there proved to be at least one great advantage to having been denied membership to the 2007 edition of the Capital Press Corps: I didn’t have to write about what a regular guy Don Beason is and how I was either shocked or knew all along that he was the one who “loaned” Jim Black half-a-mil’. Unlike some of the pros up in Raleigh, I’m not used to explaining how it’s important I get cozy with lobbyists and insiders and how I’m completely immune to their charms.

Joe McLaughlin’s Monday Morning Memo

This post is cross-posted from the Brock Log.

Onslow Commissioner, and Republican Congressional candidate, Joe McLaughlin writes a "Monday Morning Memo" each week. This week, McLaughlin takes aim at Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr.'s vote on the "Protect America Act" or Senate Bill 1927.

Says McLaughlin in his Monday Morning Memo:

Treasurer trove redux

It's official. Michael Weisel has joined the chase to fill the job Richard Moore will be leaving.

Raleigh attorney Michael Weisel has added his name to the growing list of candidates to succeed Richard Moore as state treasurer. Weisel announced his campaign for the Democratic nomination over the weekend. If elected, Weisel said, he would retain the state’s top credit rating while protecting the $75 billion government employee pension funds and promote financial literacy among children.

Impeachment redux

I've had more calls and emails on this issue than anything I've posted in the past year. Which only serves to underscore the passion people feel about the criminals in the White House. What to do about those criminals, however, is where the Democratic Party diverges from itself.

More below the fold . . .

Puppets & Paving

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The Stage Manager at the John Locke Puppetshow is in rare form today, exhorting leaders in the Old North State to not only build more highways, but to privatize them as well. There's some merit to his suggestions, which I'll leave you to discern for yourself, but I have to point out yet another dash of irony in Mr. Hood's rhetoric.

Fairly early in the deliberations, expect some opportunistic politician or interest group to play the xenophobia card. Because most of the companies with expertise in public-private tollway projects are overseas, the argument will be made that North Carolina should not let “its” roadways be “taken over” by “foreigners.” It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, if you’re reading the how-to manual for economic stagnation, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work on the gullible – of which North Carolina has, I fear, no shortage.


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