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There has been much anguish and gnashing of teeth about whether the owners of BlueNC (that would include me) fear a full-throttled discussion of LGBT issues. Anyone who knows me at all understands such fears are unfounded. This is a critical civil rights and equity issue that any serious candidate for state or federal office should want to address.

Dick and Dole: Quit your damn whining

You have to hand it to Dick and Dole, they are shameless hypocrites of the highest order. And whiners to boot. After joining their Republican colleagues in obstructing almost every decent piece of legislation to cross their paths in the Senate, now they're complaining because the mean old Democrats won't give a reactionary corporate judge a cushy job for life.

Plus they're threatening to shut down the Senate if they don't get their way. That would be fine by me - because there are few things more important than keeping extremists like Robert Conrad off the bench.

In this last year, President Bush has nominated several persons who are extremely controversial when it comes to civil and consumer rights. For the Fourth Circuit—already the most conservative court in the country—Bush has nominated Robert Conrad, who has never ruled for a plaintiff in an employment discrimination case ...

And by email from NARAL:

Robert Conrad has called Planned Parenthood a "radical, pro-abortion fringe group" that "promotes a radical abortion agenda." What's more, from 1983 to 1986, Conrad served on the board of directors for a so-called "crisis pregnancy center" that provided medically inaccurate information about pregnancy, contraception and abortion.

Just in case you had any confusion about supporting Kay Hagan in November, this should put that to rest. We need Kay to take Dole out.

"All candidates' flaw is they support private health insurance, an obsolete model"

Don McCanne writes the Quote of the Day over at PHNP, which one of the best quick reads on single-payer and its opponents. It is sent as a almost-daily email update if you are interested. This short video features Dr. McCanne talking about what is wrong with the Presidential Candidates' health care plans, and a Harvard business school professor talking about why she likes them (choice). Dr. McCanne's written comment is available after the break.


I didn't like much about the primary wars, but one thing I did enjoy was the chance to get to know Bob Orr. He declined to post or comment publicly at BlueNC (he had his own busy blog), but we did exchange emails from time to time. He has always been gracious and thoughtful. Now that we're heading on toward the general, I'm hoping Bob and some of his colleagues across the aisle will drop by for discussion.

It's not likely Republicans will win a lot of converts among our hard core bloggers, but there are thousands of lurkers hanging out who lean in all sorts of directions. This could be a good place to test out new anti-government talking points, as we see here. Or maybe even pick up some media attention by boldly going where no Republican has ever gone before?


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