Care about having a sane energy policy?

Richard Harkrader is one of (if not THE most) knowledgeable people on renewable energy in North Carolina. I received this email from him today:

As everyone is well aware, this is an important election. With all the attention on the national race, the governor's race has been in the background. I want to make sure everyone concerned about energy knows how important it is for NC to elect Bev Perdue.

North Carolina newspapers slam Dole for "Godless" ad

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Two of North Carolina's three biggest newspapers--the Charlotte Observer and (Greensboro) News & Record gave their verdict on Liddy Dole's disgusting ad implying that Kay Hagan doesn't believe in God. And in both cases, it's a massive fail.

Elizabeth Dole One of Keith O's Worst Persons in the World

I didn't get to see it, but I found an email in my in box. Soooo, I'm offering the first person to post the video in the comment section or to add it to this diary post their choice of my homemade peach, strawberry or blackberry jam as a reward for their speedy posting of the video.

Elizabeth Dole Attacks Sunday School Teacher and Church Elder, Kay Hagan's Faith

It wasn't enough for Elizabeth Dole to claim that "our love of God" is at stake in this election, implying that sending Democrats to Washington puts love of family and God at risk. Dole now has an ad out showing a picture of Kay Hagan with a woman's voice saying, "there is no God." The ad is creating the confusion the Dole campaign wanted. We received one call today from a woman who said, "Kay Hagan said there is no God." We fortunately were able to help her with correct information.

Those who know him best

Pat McCrory is an unknown outside of Charlotte. So what do hometown folks think? What do people who have to actually work with hizzoner have to say? Read for yourself:

As Charlotte's mayor pro tem, many people have asked me who I support for governor. My answer is clear -- Bev Perdue.

In fact, the majority of the Charlotte City Council supports Perdue for governor. I know both candidates personally. I served with Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory on the City Council for seven years, and I've seen first-hand Perdue's work as lt. governor. She is the leader we need during these difficult times.


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