What did Shuler get at Civitas?

Smacked around by Grover Norquist.

North Carolina Republicans Roundtable.

As Grover said about Heath's so-called conservatism, "He voted for the budget which raises taxes, but... he's a Blue Dog, he goes to church occasionally, he likes his mother, and he doesn't like naughty language. So that should make up for it."

Was it worth it, Congressman Shuler?

Morning Ex

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The key thing to remember about Michael Decker selling his vote is that it wasn't just a vote for a bill, but a vote that determined control of the House and the upper hand in redistricting. It makes the actions yesterday of Judge Dever a little more clear.

Meanwhile, let's think happy thoughts:

NPR (finally) covers OLF fight

NPR, at long last, has picked up the OLF controversy with a decent story that will undoubtedly bring more pressure to bear on the Navy's crazy scheme to train fighter pilots to dodge tundra swans and snow geese.

The U.S. Navy has been trying for several years to build a practice landing strip for F-18 Hornet fighting jets in coastal North Carolina. But there's already a lot of flying going on in the area—not by planes, but by birds. Hundreds of thousands of tundra swans and snow geese spend their winters in the area, feeding on farmers' fields and resting at the Pocosin National Wildlife Refuge.


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From a comment on another thread:

At a 2006 Civitas workshop, subjects included how to recruit Republican candidates, how to run Republican campaigns, as well as talking points against the current North Carolina Democratic administration. Civitas President Jack Hawke said he hoped the training would give Republicans "a better understanding of what we're up against." He then joked, "But, of course, we're a nonpartisan organization. Wink. Wink."

What's a little partisan hackery among tax-exempt friends? Happy Conservative Leadership Conference Weekend, everyone. Watch out for thunder and lightning over Raleigh tomorrow.

The debate sucked.

As I had a chance to sleep on it, think about it, drive the kids to work and think more about it, ride the bus and think about it, I've just come to the conclusion that I might not even watch the next debate. Because last night's fiasco just sucked.


  1. 8 candidates in 90 minutes.

Seriously, every other problem stems from that simple fact. Raise your hand questions? What will be next? "Please fill out this bubble sheet on your beliefs related to choice, guns, religion, and prayer in school; where 5 is 'I appreciate the opportunity to talk about this important subject. Throughout my career I have fought on the right side of {insert issue}, and will continue to lead that fight as President.' and where 1 is 'Thank you for the opportunity to address this important question, but first I would like to clarify that I think this war in Iraq is a tragedy.'".

Wanted: Transparency

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I've mostly stopped reading the real Under the Dome in favor of their new blog, so I missed an important story on Wednesday. It's a quick overview of how the next shoe might drop on the Navy's ham-handed OLF scheme.

Price, a Chapel Hill Democrat, met with Winter and Rep. Chet Edwards of Texas, chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee that would fund a new airstrip, according to Paul Cox, a spokesman for Price. Price had told Edwards he was interested in blocking the funding for the landing field, and Edwards offered to broker a meeting.

"The secretary of the Navy seems to be willing to compromise with the state of North Carolina," Cox said.


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